MeUndies Vs. Duluth Boxer Briefs: In-Depth Comparison

Underwear plays a critical role in every man’s wardrobe, even if it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Your choice of boxer briefs impacts comfort, performance, style, and budget on a daily basis.

So it’s worth investing time to find the best option for your needs.

In the men’s underwear market, two brands stand at the top for quality, features, and customer satisfaction: MeUndies and Duluth Trading Company. Both companies make excellent boxer briefs using soft, technical fabrics and performance-driven designs.

However, MeUndies and Duluth take markedly different approaches when crafting their flagship underwear lines.

To help gents decide whether to pledge allegiance to fun-loving MeUndies or rugged Duluth boxer briefs, we evaluated the brands across five key criteria:

  • Fabric and materials
  • Fit, sizing, and comfort
  • Style and design
  • Best uses
  • Value and pricing

Read on for an in-depth comparison of how MeUndies and Duluth underwear models stack up. We’ll declare an overall winner in each category and describe real customer experiences with both brands. Let’s dig in!

Key Differences At A Glance

AspectsMeUndiesDuluth Trading Co.
Main FabricLenzing Modal or MicroModalBuck NakedTM Performance Fabric (polyester/spandex blend)
StyleLow rise, contour pouchHigher rise, horizontal fly
FitTailored slim fitRelaxed fit
Prints & ColorsBold, colorful prints + solidsMostly solid colors/patterns

Comparing Fabrics: MeUndies Lenzing Modal Vs. Duluth Buck NakedTM

The fabric that touches your most sensitive areas all day long definitely matters. So we’ll kick off by analyzing the different textiles used by MeUndies and Duluth for crafting boxer briefs.

  • MeUndies Fabric: Lenzing Modal
MeUndies Boxer Brief

MeUndies constructs the majority of their undershorts from a branded fabric called Lenzing MicroModal® or Modal.

This textile comes from ecologically-responsible European pulp beech wood sources.

It gets transformed using non-toxic processing into luxe lyocell modal fibers.

What does all of that mean for men’s underwear?

It translates to an unbelievably soft, lightweight fabric that feels smooth as butter against your skin.

MeUndies’ modal fabric matches cotton in terms of breathability while offering silk-like thinness and sheen. Yet it comes with the strength and durability absent in delicate silk skivvies.

Men enthuse that Lenzing modal has an almost weightless quality when worn, with pleasant temperature control for warm weather yet enough gentle compression for support. Forever a hot topic on Reddit threads for good reason, MeUndies’ modal presents the pinnacle of comfort for your package.

No wonder it lands tons of rave reviews from fans.

But is modal simply too decadent of a fabric for men’s boxer briefs? Read on to see how Duluth’s approach compares.

  • Duluth Trading’s Buck NakedTM Performance Fabric

Taking a more pragmatic tactic, Minnesota-based Duluth Trading Co. developed their patented Buck NakedTM performance fabric for underwear. This textile features a blend of lightweight polyester and spandex specially woven to support movement.

Instead of aiming for opulent softness like MeUndies modal, the Buck NakedTM fabric targets moisture wicking and breathability first and foremost. The material transports sweat away from skin and dries rapidly to prevent swampiness or chafing during activity.

Yet it retains a reasonable amount of stretch and give to prevent restrictive binding and bunching.

Buck NakedTM checks off key performance attributes like flatlocked seams to curb rubbing along with an ample gusseted crotch for extra space. At the same time, Duluth maintains decent comfort through the infusion of spandex which supplies a gentle, resilient hug.

So is the Buck NakedTM fabric a bit clinical and unsexy compared to otherworldly modal material?

Perhaps to some gentlemen. But for dudes needing primary support for athletic, outdoor and rugged pursuits, Duluth clearly has functionality top of mind. Read on for fabric conclusions!

MeUndies vs Duluth Fabrics: The Verdict

When comparing MeUndies’ Lenzing MicroModal/Modal fabrics versus Duluth Trading’s Buck NakedTM poly-spandex blend on fabric alone:

MeUndies wins for:

Duluth Boxer Brief
  • Sensuality: Ultra-luxe next-to-nothing softness that envelopes skin gorgeously
  • Lightness: More sheer and ethereal feel than any cotton
  • Durability: Surprisingly substantial weave for barely-there fabric
  • Visual appeal: Beautiful luster and drape

Duluth wins for:

  • High performance: Moisture wicking and fast drying
  • Breathability: Promotes airflow to cut sweatiness
  • Structure: More substantial hand/compression for support
  • Practicality: Built to withstand rugged use

For gents wanting to cocoon their boys in featherlight luxury: MeUndies. Seeking a technical workhorse that powers through activity without swamp crotch? Duluth’s your dude.

On materials alone, it comes down to personal preferences. But MeUndies modal likely seduces the majority of men with its tantalizing softness and sensual feel during wear. We have to give this round solidly to the MeUndies camp!

Comparing Fit and Sizing

Of course boxer briefs need to fit correctly and feel great during movement to earn their keep. Next we’ll explore how MeUndies and Duluth compare on cut, sizing, tailoring and overall comfort.

  • MeUndies Boxer Brief Fit and Sizing

All of MeUndies boxer briefs incorporate a tailored fit through the hips and thighs for a streamlined shape. They sit at a low rise height just below the navel, with shorter inseams topping out around 5.5 inches.

Instead of the horizontal fly used on most men’s underwear, MeUndies employs a Contour PouchTM design. This curved front panel gently supports the package while keeping the visual profile clean and compact.

For sizing, the brand offers a broad range from XS to 4XL. MeUndies includes very specific size charts with exact garment measurements on their website and packaging. Gentlemen can input their waist size and preferred level of compression to identify the recommended fit.

Do these close-fitting, hip-hugging undershorts from MeUndies supply sufficient flexibility and comfort long term?

According to legions of MeUndie devotees online: a resounding yes! Guys report the slim tailoring moving fluidly with the body without ever pinching, binding or bunching uncomfortably. The contoured pouch keeps gear neatly contained without smashage issues.

Yet the barely-there modal fabric prevents sagging, helping the boxer briefs retain their sporty shape all day long without requiring frequent adjustments. For performance and comfort combined with a flattering silhouette, MeUndies earns rave reviews.

  • Duluth Boxer Brief Fit and Sizing

As you might expect, Duluth Trading Company takes a different approach to cut and tailoring for their Buck NakedTM boxer brief line. This brand prioritizes maximum flexibility and mobility to enable working, bending, squatting and reaching without restriction.

To allow that full natural movement, Duluth boxer briefs have an easy relaxed fit through the hips and thighs. They incorporate wide waistbands plus extra fabric allowance in the rear and crotch to reduce binding while bending. A gusseted horizontal fly style leaves space for maneuvering.

These boxer briefs sit at mid rise on the waist for additional coverage. Inseams run slightly longer around a 6 inch length on average to prevent ride up.

Duluth carries sizes from small through XXXL in the Buck NakedTM underwear, with detailed size charts based on waist/hip measurement. They suggest choosing one size up from your typical waist size if between measurements, for extra ease.

Do Duluth’s roomy boxer briefs manage to still support the boys properly while promoting free movement?

According to Buck NakedTM reviews, the answer is an emphatic “yes!” Multiple rugged laborers, tradesmen, and outdoorsmen praise the flexibility of Duluth’s cut. They report this brand standing up to long days of physical activity without leaving them sore, overheated or constrained.

Comparing Fit and Sizing: The Verdict

When rating MeUndies versus Duluth Trading on cut, fit, sizing and comfort:

MeUndies wins for:

  • Body-skimming fit: Super sleek and sporty visual silhouette
  • Contour support: Lightly hugging without smashage
  • Precision sizing: Exact garment measurements for all sizes
  • All-day comfort: No ride up, binding or bunching

Duluth wins for:

  • Unrestricted mobility: Complete flexibility for movement
  • Roomy coverage: Added width and length prevents pinching
  • Relaxed cut: Way more generous through hips and rear
  • Durable comfort: Stands up to long hours of activity

Here we declare a relative toss-up between brands, pending personal preferences. Gentlemen wanting a tailored body-conscious look and light support pick MeUndies. Guys who rate mobility above all else prefer Duluth’s roomy construction. Both earn excellent ratings for day-long comfort from fans.

This round ends in a draw – but with an edge to MeUndies for their sensual fit. Let’s move onto styling!

Comparing Style and Design Elements

Even fellas need options to express personal flair below the belt. Do MeUndies and Duluth deliver choice in their boxer brief lines? Let’s compare and contrast style factors like colors, prints, accents and visual appeal.

  • MeUndies Style and Prints

Without question MeUndies pushes the boundaries on men’s underwear styling – in the best possible way! This brand delivers an absolutely massive array of colors, joyful prints, and limited edition patterns across their catalog.

Gone are the days of sticking to staid blacks, whites and grays down below. Now gentlemen can infuse their underwear rotation with everything from food motifs to pop culture characters, animals and rainbow tie dye.

Some current standout MeUndies prints include Disney cats, NHL team logos, cosmic cats in space, breakfast foods, and artistic Tokyo street scenes. Truly something for every taste! Even afraid of commitment phobes can find simple stripes and color blocking.

Beyond prints, MeUndies offers a rainbow of vibrant solid shades too like cherry red, gold mustard and royal purple. Their seasonal collections shift continually so browse often. And definitely peruse their clearance section for deals on retiring prints.

Do these youthful prints and colors seem a bit too bold for respectable grown men? MeUndies fans argue underwear should be fun and uplifting. We agree – this brand nails playful personality.

  • Duluth Trading Style and Design

Compared to explosion of exuberant patterns from MeUndies, Duluth Trading Company unsurprisingly takes a more conservative approach to styling their Buck NakedTM boxer briefs.

This practical heritage workwear company sticks mostly to basic solids and occasional micro-prints across their range. You’ll find largely traditional colorways of black, navy, gray, brown and military green. Pops of color enter primarily through their unique camo sub-brands.

Duluth’s Buck NakedTM Camo mesh boxer brief line proves especially popular, blending woodland camo patterning with neon pink/green accents. Their patriotic Freedom Flex Camo marries stars n’ stripes with similar camo prints.

So Duluth provides options for personal flair – just in a more rugged, outdoorsy vein.

Do Duluth’s muted colorways and very limited print choices make their underwear line seem dull? Some gentlemen definitely crave more variety up the visual interest. But many men prefer a simple, fuss-free approach to their undershorts styling day to day. Fair enough!

Comparing Style: The Verdict

For men’s underwear styling and design elements, a crystal clear winner emerges:

MeUndies crushes Duluth for:

  • Insane range of prints: Foods, animals, pop culture and more
  • Vibrant colors: Electric brights to moody jewel tones
  • Limited editions: New patterns launching all the time
  • Eye-catching aesthetic: Youthful zing and personality

Duluth wins for:

  • Practicality: More expected colors and simple micro-patterns
  • Manly vibe: Outdoorsy ruggedness over playfulness
  • Patriotic options: Flag-adjacent Freedom camo collection
  • Laidback styling: Fades into the background by design

This round goes decisively to MeUndies! They completely outpace Duluth for providing exciting prints, colors and styling options season after season. MeUndies helps fellas put together a diverse underwear collection full of self-expression. Duluth offers back-to-basics staples instead.

But now let’s evaluate which brand of boxer briefs truly best fits different activities and lifestyles. Read on!

Comparing Ideal Use Cases

To help gentlemen select either MeUndies or Duluth boxer briefs aligned to their individual needs, we’ll outline ideal use cases below. Which brand suits office pros versus rugged outdoor adventurers? Let’s parse out recommendations by lifestyle.

Best Uses for MeUndies

With their silky-soft modal fabrics and body-conscious tailoring, MeUndies boxer briefs feel essentially weightless during wear. So they excel in these scenarios:

  • All-day office or indoor wear when seated for long hours
  • Lounging around the house in total comfort
  • Light exercise like yoga, pilates, weight training
  • Nighttime sleep for their cool, featherlight properties
  • Wanting luxe everyday luxury in an affordable package
  • Self-expression through fun, colorful prints and patterns

Best Uses for Duluth Trading Buck NakedTM

Flipping attributes on their head, Duluth’s poly-spandex Buck NakedTM boxer briefs shine by wicking sweat, controlling odor, and promoting unrestricted movement. Consider Duluth for:

  • Manual jobs requiring deep knee bends, crouching, etc.
  • High activity like hiking, camping, contact sports
  • Hunting/fishing with potential dirt, moisture, brush
  • Travel that involves shifting climates and activities
  • Men seeking practicality and performance
  • Laidback fellas who prefer darks and muted prints

Comparing Ideal Uses: The Verdict

Tallying up recommendations for MeUndies versus Duluth boxer briefs:

MeUndies excels for:

  • Everyday wear (work, home lounging)
  • Nighttime sleeping comfort
  • Low/medium activity needing flexibility
  • Guys wanting luxuriously soft modal
  • Expressing personality through underwear

Duluth excels for:

  • Heavy activity requiring sweat/odor control
  • Outdoor pursuits with dirt, moisture, etc.
  • Jobs demanding frequent mobility
  • Travel across contexts and climates
  • Fans of practical performance and value

Here we declareshared strengths by lifestyle. MeUndies provides exceptional comfort for indoor life while Duluth equips men for dynamic, rugged uses. Determine your daily habits and style drive to select accordingly.

But which brand ultimately provides better overall value? Let’s run the final pricing numbers.

Comparing Pricing and Value

With performance, features and ideal applications weighed, we’ll end our underwear showdown by evaluating MeUndies versus Duluth Trading on pricing and overall value delivered at cost.

MeUndies Pricing and Packages

MeUndies sells their boxer briefs both as one-time individual purchases plus via subscription packages for bigger savings. Currently MeUndies offers these purchasing options:

  • One-time individual pairs: $24 each
  • 2-pairs multipack: $42
  • Monthly subscription: $16 per month/pair

Subscription pricing includes flexibility like customizing mix n’ match colors plus skipping any month. Significant discounts apply if pre-paying for 3, 6 or 12 month plans upfront.

Considering MeUndies focuses on premium fabrics and fun prints, their pricing sits on the moderate to higher end for men’s underwear. But fans happily pay for expertly crafted modal undershorts, especially via discount subscriptions.

Duluth Trading Pricing and Sales

Compared to MeUndies’ mostly consistent pricing model, Duluth Trading runs frequent discounts and markdowns both online and across retail locations. Right now Duluth lists these deals on Buck NakedTM boxer briefs:

  • Single pairs: $15.50 to $24
  • 3+ multipacks with 15% off: about $14/each
  • 6+ multipacks mixes/matches: around $12/each

Duluth also provides tiered pricing on quantity bundles that keeps going up…right to 36 pairs for $9 each!

Beyond bundling, Duluth’s retail sites offer clearance sections plus special holiday sales and promos. Subscribing to their email list and monitoring your inbox pays off for capturing time-limited deals.

Thanks to heavy discounting paired with very reasonable original pricing, Duluth Trading supplies outstanding value for affordable men’s underwear essentials.

Comparing Pricing and Value: The Verdict

Tallying up wins for pricing and overall value:

MeUndies wins for:

  • Generous subscription discounts
  • Reasonable one-time pair pricing
  • Higher perceived brand prestige
  • Worthwhile upgrades for modal fabric devotees

Duluth wins for:

  • Marked-down simple pricing with max discounts
  • Unparalleled deals for bulk buying
  • Outstanding savings for savvy shoppers
  • Much greater affordability overall

The final verdict goes handily to Duluth here for providing similar quality with far lower everyday pricing and more frequent/generous discounts. Guys wanting modal fabric indulgence pay a premium with MeUndies.

But Duluth delivers performance and comfort that rival top brands at bargain costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is MeUndies worth it?

For some men, paying more for MeUndies’ ultra-soft modal fabric and eye-catching prints is totally worthwhile. Fans swear by their plush comfort and love expressing personal style through underwear. But for those mainly wanting an affordable basic, Duluth likely makes more sense.

Which brief brand is best?

There is no definitive “best brand” as personal preferences vary widely. Both MeUndies and Duluth make excellent boxer briefs. MeUndies stands out for its soft modal fabrics and funky prints, while Duluth wins on athletic performance and value. Brands like Saxx, Tommy John, and Hugo Boss also have loyal followers.

Why is Hanro so expensive?

Hanro focuses on ultra high-end essentials made from luxe materials like merino wool and silk. Their Swiss heritage brand is known for exceptional craftsmanship and detailing. So devotees believe the quality and comfort warrants Hanro’s lofty price tags, similar to luxury vehicle brands. But it’s not practical for most shoppers.

What boxers are the most comfortable?

The most comfortable boxers balance soft, breathable fabrics with precise fits to avoid binding, bunching, or riding up. Top ratedcomfortable boxer brands include MeUndies, Tommy John, Saxx, and Duluth Trading Co. Try different fabrics and cuts to see what works best for your body!

The Final Verdict

Analyzing all elements holistically: fabrics, fit, style, uses and pricing, we award the overall win to Duluth Trading Company for its unbeatable mix of quality, performance and affordable cost. The brand simply gives more guys access to stellar underwear without compromise.

However, gentlemen who prioritize sensual modal fabric feel, body-flattering tailoring, and vibrant artistic prints may justify the added expense of investing in MeUndies instead. This brand nails fit and softness with panache.

No matter which you choose – both MeUndies and Duluth Trading offer outstanding, innovative men’s undershorts that outpace mainstream labels. Either provides excellent comfort plus standout features tailored to different priorities and budgets.

Hopefully this exhaustive head-to-head comparison gave gents ample factors to weigh across critical decision drivers. Evaluate your personal preferences, intended uses, style appetite and budget ceiling. Mix in community reviews and real customer experiences for additional insight too.

Ultimately there’s no unambiguous “right choice” between stellar underwear brands MeUndies and Duluth Trading Co. Identify which attributes hold higher importance to you for informing personalized selection.

With loads of sizing options across both catalogues, all body types can find their match for awesome boxer briefs.

Still on the fence between these worthy contenders?

Consider buying a tester pack from each line to road test live. Both brands offer multi-packs that mix and match patterns, letting fellas trial the fit and comfort firsthand.

Maybe start out with a package exclusively for working out or sleeping, then add more pairs across other categories once you settle on long-term favorites. Building a diverse underwear collection over time often makes more sense budget-wise anyway compared to investing everything upfront in a single brand.

No doubt your underwear drawer deserves attention too, not just stylish clothes covering it up day to day. Find boxer briefs with the fabrics, construction, visual identity and performance abilities that really resonate. Great-fitting skivvies truly form the foundation for confidence and comfort no matter what adventures each day brings.

What underwear questions remain on your mind? Share in the comments – this boxer brief expert will respond!

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