SAXX Ultra Vs. Platinum: Which Boxer Brief Is Best?

When it comes to men’s underwear, few brands have achieved the cult status of SAXX. Known for their signature BallPark PouchTM technology designed to reduce chafing and discomfort, SAXX underwear has won over legions of loyal fans.

Two of their most popular styles are the SAXX Ultra and SAXX Platinum boxer briefs. But with similar pouch designs and premium price points, it can be tricky deciding between the two.

In this in-depth comparison review, we break down the key differences between SAXX Ultra and SAXX Platinum, analyzing the fabrics, fit, sizing, and special features of each.

We’ll compare pros and cons to help you determine which high-end SAXX underwear best matches your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureSAXX UltraSAXX Platinum
FabricMicroModal (rayon)TencelTM Lyocell
SizingRuns small; size upTrue to size
Pouch DesignCompact, soft, stretchyFull coverage, structured support
Special FeaturesWide waistband, contrast accentsReinforced stitching, bonded fly, mesh ventilation
CareDelicate wash, line dryGentle wash, line dry
Price$32.95 per pair$36 per pair
Overall Best ForSoftness and mobilityDurability and performance

SAXX Ultra Overview

The SAXX Ultra line was introduced a few years ago as a luxury upgrade to their original Quest collection. Made from ultra-fine, lightweight MicroModal fabric, the SAXX Ultra features their signature BallPark Pouch along with an athletic and body-hugging fit.

SAXX Ultra Pros

SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief
  • Soft fabric – The MicroModal material is stretchy, breathable, and extremely soft, almost like silk against your skin.
  • Comfortable pouch – The BallPark Pouch design provides breathable support and anti-chafing protection.
  • Great fit – With a body-hugging fit, these move seamlessly with your body.
  • Moisture-wicking – The quick-drying fabric keeps you cool and sweat-free.
  • Tagless – No itchy tags or labels.
  • Panty line-free – The fitted design won’t give you panty lines under clothes.

SAXX Ultra Cons

  • Delicate material – The ultra-fine MicroModal requires gentle wash cycles.
  • Runs small – These tend to fit snugly; ordering a size up is recommended.
  • Expensive – With prices over $30 for one pair, the cost could add up.
  • Pouch takes adjusting – The BallPark Pouch takes some getting used to.

SAXX Platinum Overview

The SAXX Platinum collection represents the pinnacle of the SAXX underwear line. Made from eco-friendly TencelTM Lyocell fabric, the Platinums feature special tension-resistant stitching and bonded seams for enhanced durability and luxury comfort.

SAXX Platinum Pros

 SAXX Platinum Boxer
  • Durable – With reinforced stitching and bonded seams, these are built to last years of regular wear.
  • Antimicrobial fabric – The Tencel Lyocell material has antibacterial properties and moisture wicking.
  • Super soft – The underwear feels buttery smooth and silky.
  • Roomy pouch – The larger contoured pouch design allows for more space and support.
  • Expanding waistband – Stretches to provide the perfect custom fit.

SAXX Platinum Cons

  • Rigid pouch – The structured pouch takes adjusting for some men.
  • Tight thighs – Can feel too tight and constricting in thigh area.
  • Costly – At $36 per pair, not a budget option.
  • Delicate fabric – Requires gentle wash cycles and air drying.

Detailed SAXX Ultra And Platinum Comparison

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive deeper into how the SAXX Ultra and SAXX Platinum compare in key categories:

  • Fit and Sizing

Both the SAXX Ultra and SAXX Platinum feature a snug, athletic fit that contours the lines of your body. However, the SAXX Platinums do run about a half size larger than the Ultras.

For most men, the SAXX Ultra fits a full size small – so if you usually wear a medium, size up to a large. Meanwhile, the SAXX Platinums fit true to size, so your normal size should suffice unless you prefer a very roomy fit.

  • Fabric and Materials

The SAXX Ultra is made from lightweight, breathable MicroModal material – a silky soft form of rayon that feels luxurious against bare skin. It’s a relatively delicate fabric that requires gentle wash cycles.

The SAXX Platinum utilizes eco-friendly Tencel Lyocell fabric derived from sustainable wood cellulose. While still exceptionally smooth and soft, the Tencel Lyocell is more durable, antimicrobial, and wrinkle-resistant compared to MicroModal. It’s also specially treated to enhance moisture wicking performance.

So while both fabrics feel silky and luxe, the Platinum offers some extra functionality for odor control and quick-drying wear.

  • Pouch Design

SAXX underwear stands out for their innovative BallPark Pouch – designed to keep the boys separate and supported while eliminating skin-on-skin contact and sweat buildup. Both the Ultra and Platinum collections incorporate this fan-favorite contour pouch.

However, there are some notable design differences:

  • Pouch coverage – The Ultra pouch is more compact while the Platinum pouch runs slightly longer with a bit more coverage in front.
  • Pouch structure – The Ultra has a soft modal pouch that moves with you. The Platinum sports a firmer structured pouch reinforced with stitching to retain shape.
  • Pouch opening – The Ultra’s pouch entry is stretchy while the Platinum has a bonded fly opening for stability.

So in summary – the Ultra prioritizes lightweight comfort with some mobility while the Platinum emphasizes stable shaping and support held firmly in place. Which you prefer depends largely on your personal needs and preferences down below.

  • Special Features

Beyond the standard SAXX features like no tags, seamless edges, and anti-roll waistbands, each collection brings its own special touches:

The SAXX Ultra offers:

  • Wide comfort waistband – A thicker waistband enhances stretch.
  • Contrast color accents – Piping details on the pouch opening and leg bands.
  • Invisible support – Printed logos and subtle design accents.

The SAXX Platinum provides:

  • Tension resistant stitching – Reinforced seams stand up to repeated wear.
  • Bonded fly opening – The fused pouch entry retains structure and openings.
  • Expanding waistband – Custom supportive stretch across the waist.
  • Strategic ventilation – Mesh panels promote airflow to keep cool and dry.

So while the Ultra focuses more on showcasing its luxuriously soft fabric, the Platinum incorporates extra engineering features for enhanced durability and performance.

  • Usage and Care

Both the SAXX Ultra and SAXX Platinum require some extra care to maintain their premium fabric quality:

SAXX Ultra care:

SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief
SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief
  • Machine wash cold, delicate cycle
  • Do not bleach
  • Line dry or tumble dry low
  • Avoid fabric softener (reduces wicking ability)

SAXX Platinum care:

  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle
  • Do not bleach
  • Line dry or tumble dry low
  • Avoid fabric softener
  • Cool iron if needed

So when it comes to cleaning, the two are very comparable – erring on the side of gentle, low-heat treatment to preserve longevity.

In terms of usage, both SAXX collections work great as everyday underwear, athletic underwear, travel underwear, or leisure underwear. The lightweight, breathable fabrics and stay-put pouch make them suitable for everything from working out to working remotely.

  • Price Comparison

When it comes to cost per wear, both the SAXX Ultra and SAXX Platinum deliver premium quality and comfort over years of use. But there’s no denying they have luxury price tags, especially compared to cheaper mass-market underwear options.

CollectionPrice (USD)
SAXX Ultra$32.95 per pair
SAXX Platinum$36 per pair

So while the Platinum does cost a little more upfront, its reinforced design could translate to more years of wear overall – making the price difference less substantial in the bigger picture.

SAXX Underwear: Frequently Asked Questions

Still trying to decide between SAXX collections? Here we answer some common questions men have about this popular underwear brand.

Which SAXX model is best?

While it depends on your priorities and preferences, the SAXX Platinum, SAXX Black Ops Air Mesh, and SAXX Ultra consistently rate among the best SAXX underwear overall based on durability, innovative features, comfort and performance.

What is the difference between SAXX Vibe and Ultra?

The key differences come down to fabric and fit. The SAXX Vibe uses a nylon/spandex blend for a sportier feel and comes in fun colorblock designs. The SAXX Ultra is crafted from smoother MicroModal with more luxurious drape and subtle style accents. The Vibe fits tighter while the Ultra runs smaller.

What is SAXX Platinum?

SAXX Platinum represents the most premium underwear in the SAXX lineup. Made from antimicrobial, quick-dry Tencel Lyocell and reinforced with resilient stitching, the Platinums provide lasting comfort and support thanks to special features like a bonded fly, expanding waistband and ventilated mesh.

Why are SAXX so comfortable?

Several key innovations make SAXX men’s underwear stand out for comfort:
BallPark PouchTM – This ergonomic dual pouch design keeps everything separate, supported, ventilated and chafe-free.
Soft fabrics – Luxurious MicroModal or Tencel Lyocell feel exceptionally smooth against skin.
Athletic fit – Contouring without constriction.
No tags/seams – Eliminating irritation so you can focus on the friction that matters!
Anti-roll waistbands – Stay perfectly in place.
With focus on frictionless fabrics and supportive fit innovations, SAXX has engineered underwear optimized for comfort and confidence.

Final Verdict: SAXX Platinum Wins

If we had to choose just one, the SAXX Platinum gets the nod for best boxer brief by a slim margin over the stellar SAXX Ultra. While the Ultra prioritizes unmatched softness and lightweight mobility, the Platinum offers some key performance advantages:

  • More durable stitching and fabric
  • Antimicrobial and moisture control properties
  • Extra design features like bonded fly and ventilation
  • Roomier contour pouch with firm support

Don’t get us wrong – you really can’t go wrong with either luxurious underwear pick here. But the Platinum represents the pinnacle of SAXX innovation – albeit at a somewhat higher cost.

For the man who settles for nothing less than the best, SAXX Platinum takes the prize.

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