Parade Vs. Meundies Underwear: In-depth Differences

Underwear shopping has come a long way from the days of basic white multipacks. Now, brands like Parade and Meundies have made waves by selling colorful, comfortable undies directly to consumers online.

These two millennial and Gen Z-loved companies have a lot of similarities – seamless materials, wide size ranges, and an emphasis on self-expression and sustainability. But with so many options to choose from, which brand reigns supreme?

I’ve tested them both to compare the fit, feel, and features of these trendy underwear subscriptions. Keep reading for an in-depth face-off!

A Brief Comparison Table

Sizing rangeXS-3XLXS-4XL
Fabric optionsRecycled nylon/elastaneMicroModal, Modal, EcoSoft blends
Price per pair$9-12$14-18
Style selectionTrendy prints/colorsClassics plus loungewear
Membership modelNoYes, up to 50% off
Sustainability practices78% recycled nylonEthically manufactured
Overall best forBudget/fashion-forwardLuxury/lifestyle

Overview of Brand Histories and Reputations

  • Parade
Parade Underwear

Founded in 2019 by a team including viral TikTok star Hailey Bieber, Parade is one of the newest players in underwear.

However, the brand has made quite the splash already with its mission of “underwear for every body.”

Parade features an expansive size range from XS-3XL, along with low prices uncommon for such high quality materials.

One of the main draws is their fabric made of recycled materials – 78% recycled polyamide and 22% elastane.

Plus, bold designs and campaigns celebrate fearlessly embracing your body.

  • Meundies

Meundies got its start a bit earlier in 2011 with its funny and eye-catching subway advertisements.

They pioneered the underwear subscription box model, though you can purchase pairs individually as well.

Just like Parade, Meundies features sustainable fabrics like Lenzing MicroModal and recycled materials.

They focus heavily on softness and comfort while providing a wide array of sizes up to 4XL.

Their offering of loungewear like onesies and rompers sets them apart as well.

Both brands have an emphasis on radical body positivity and inclusivity. But with so many similarities, keep reading to see how they compare head to head!

judging Comfort and Fit

Comfort is priority #1 when it comes to our unders. So how do Parade and Meundies stack up? I tried multiple styles from both to compare.

Fabrics Face-Off

  • Parade: As mentioned, Parade uses lightweight, breathable recycled nylon along with stretchy elastane. The material feels silky smooth and molds perfectly to your shape.
  • Meundies: Meundies has a range of fabric options like soft Modal and MicroModal, as well as EcoSoft blend made of bamboo viscose and cotton. I find the MicroModal to be the coziest. The Lenzing MicroModal is ultralight and very breathable.

Both brands nail comfort and softness. While Meundies may have a slight edge for those who prefer natural fabrics, Parade’s recycled nylon is sublimely smooth and just as nice for all-day wear.

Sizing Showdown

  • Parade: Sizes from XS-3XL; choose from numerical sizing or size chart
  • Meundies: Sizes from XS-4XL based on hip measurement

With expansive size offerings and detailed size charts, both Meundies and Parade are extremely size inclusive and able to accommodate most bodies. They take the guesswork out of picking your size while offering enough numeric and measurement detail to get your perfect fit.

I’m between sizes at some stores but the sizing options ensure you’ll feel your best in Parade and Meundies undies. The lightweight, stretchy materials move beautifully with your body as well.

Style and Cut Comparison

I focused my testing on three staple underwear cuts:

  • Bikinis: moderate coverage, best for average-to-curvy figures
  • Thongs: minimal coverage, best for wearing under tight clothes
  • Boyshorts: maximal coverage, best for period days and lounging

Both brands provide flattering takes on all three styles. The elastic bands are gentle without digging in uncomfortably. Seams are minimal and flat for avoiding chafing. Leg openings and gussets are lined with soft material as well – no scratchy labels!

While cuts are designed similarly well across brands, Parade pulls ahead slightly when it comes to statement styles. Along with essential colors, they offer way more bright, bold prints and patterns.

Meundies has some adventurous designs but trends more subtle and classic by comparison. So if you like using underwear to express your playful side, Parade is the winner! But Meundies takes the crown for high quality basics.

Comparing Price and Value

Let’s break down the costs behind these two popular DTC (direct-to-consumer) underwear brands:

Parade Underwear
Parade Underwear
  • Parade Satins (3 pack): $36
  • Parade Mesh (3 pack): $30
  • Parade Recycled (Individual): $9
  • Meundies Bikini (Individual): $16
  • Meundies Thong (Individual): $14
  • Meundies Boyshort (Individual): $18

Both brands are considered affordable compared to department store underwear.

But Parade has the best everyday value for money. The recycled nylon lines are especially budget-friendly at just $9 per pair – almost half the average Meundies price!

Meundies pricing is still reasonable compared to competitors like Lululemon or Calvin Klein. Membership plans offer bundles and discounts as well. But Parade pulls ahead if seeking the lowest cost for amazing quality undies. Their sets are very fairly priced too.

For stylish, ethical underwear that won’t break the bank, Parade is the winner. But avid Meundies fans may think splurging for certain fabrics like the buttery-soft MicroModal is worth it!

How Sustainable Practices Measure Up?

Eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing are clearly priorities for both millennial-centric underwear brands. But how green are they really?

Fabrics and Materials

When it comes to sustainable materials, it’s practically a tie!

  • Parade: 100% recycled elastane, plus nylon made from 78% recycled content
  • Meundies: Several fabric blends integrating sustainable Modal, MicroModal, and EcoSoft along with up to 5% elastane

Clearly, both companies are taking big steps to move away from virgin plastics and reduce textile waste. By using materials made from recycled water bottles and other post-consumer sources, their environmental impact is admirable.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • Parade: Manufactured in ethical factories with fair labor treatment; works with female-owned suppliers
  • Meundies: Manufactured in SA8000 certified ethical factories ensuring fair wages and safe conditions

The two brands have remarkably similar approaches to ensuring ethical working conditions and empowering manufacturers. Both are certified Made in Green factories, guaranteeing sustainability and social responsibility.

When it comes to fair wages and safe, inclusive work cultures, Parade and Meundies are equally admirable.

Giving Back Initiatives

  • Parade: Partners with women’s organizations and LGBTQ+ charities on charitable collections
  • Meundies: Regular donations to charities like Feeding America and American Forests protecting habitats

Through partnerships and capsules supporting good causes, these underwear disruptors use their growing platforms for community aid and positive change. Once again, their hearts are clearly both in the right place!

The Sustainable Verdict

For eco and ethically made underwear you can truly feel good about, Parade and Meundies are as good as it gets. From materials to manufacturing, they make comparable efforts to uplift people and the planet.

For the sustainability-minded shopper, you can’t go wrong with either.

Special Features and Add-Ons Comparison

Beyond fabulously fitting fundamentals, here are some other elements that set each brand apart:

Loungewear and Lifestyle Offerings

  • Parade: Mostly underwear along with some bralettes, sleep sets, and socks
  • Meundies: Massive lifestyle brand including onesies, robes, pants, shirts, hats, accessories, and much more!

If you’re seeking underwear only, Parade has you covered beautifully. But for those wanting to carry softness and comfort into all areas of life, Meundies is unmatched. Their huge array of loungewear and apparel goes far beyond underthings so you can layer the coziness.

Memberships and Bundles

  • Parade: Offers discounted 3-packs of underwear styles
  • Meundies: Subscription box plans that provide monthly underwear discounted up to 50%!

For hardcore Meundies devotees, a subscription is a great way to keep your top drawer stocked on a budget. Boxes like the SoftStarter provide your first set discounted to just $24 then continued savings of up to 50% off monthly deliveries after that. It’s unbeatable for Meundies diehards!

Parade doesn’t do subscriptions, but allows you to bundle undies for a nice little discount compared to single pairs. Great for trying out a few prints or replacing your underwear all at once while saving a few bucks.

Fun Brand Personality Elements

Both labels have memorable brand identities:

  • Parade: Bold, neon-drenched campaigns with industry trailblazers
  • Meundies: Beloved mascot Buffalo-B from ads, along with pops of their signature prints

When it comes to speaking to the Millennial and Gen Z aesthetic, these brands know just how to make boring underwear exciting. pops of color and cheeky personality set them apart from outdated intimates brands of the past.

Both celebrate freedom, self-expression, and not taking yourself too seriously – values that really resonate.

Final Flourishes Differentiators

  • Parade: Trend-forward colors, patterns, and seasonal collections
  • Meundies: Unparalleled lifestyle brand offerings far beyond underwear

Parade pulls off for the funky underwear addict who likes changing up their look. But for matching jammies, slippers, and accessories galore, Meundies can’t be beat as a full lifestyle outfitter.

Both brands ultimately have unique strengths while providing comparable quality. Choose Parade for budget-friendly basics in cutting-edge prints or Meundies for splurging on adorable loungewear extras.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preferences and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is comparable to Meundies?

For feel and fit, Parade is the closest alternative. The two Offer similar fabrics, sizing options, and silhouettes. Parade can also beat Meundies price point while keeping up with its eco-friendly supply chain practices and lifestyle brand aesthetics.
ThirdLove is another popular underwear brand featuring special fabrics, innovative sizing, and a subscription model. They also offer more options for larger bust sizes. But Parade and Meundies are still superior when it comes to price and sustainability.

What is the best thong in 2023?

The best thongs offer minimal coverage and chic design without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. With that in mind, I recommend searching for options made with super soft fabrics like MicroModal from Parade, Meundies or ThirdLove.
Parade’s thong gets extra points for top-notch quality at an affordable price point. The recycled material is silky smooth and the waistband stays put without digging in or rolling during wear.

What are the best undies for tights?

Minimizing panty lines under a tight fit starts with cut – low-rise thongs or laser-cut cheekies work the absolute best. Fabric smoothness helps too so nothing shows through.
Parade’s laser cheeky and Meundies’ low-rise thong are ideal choices for slipping under leggings, yoga pants, and beyond. The ultra-thin edges won’t create awkward outlines or bumps. And sleek recycled nylon and MicroModal fabrics glide beautifully under clingy tights.

Closing Remarks

I hope breaking down the details on these trendy underwear brands helps guide your decision. Just remember the most important thing is finding a comfortable product empowering you to feel your absolute best from the skin out.

Both Parade and Meundies nail the fit, feel, and self-love mission. At the end of the day, you truly can’t make a wrong choice between these industry favorites! Let your budget, style preferences, and loungewear needs guide you to a fave.

Did I miss any burning questions about these popular underwear disruptors? Let me know in the comments – I’m happy to provide more insights from my testing!

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