Hi There!

I am Clayton S. Johnson and my friends and buddies call me Clayton. I live near-by Stone Mountain, Georgia with my beloved family. I have one beautiful daughter! 

I had to quit my full-time job because I want to live freely. Trust me I was not before!

I used to sit idly doing nothing and one day I just decided to write about stuff I care about. That’s where this website comes from.

You will find this website full of useful information on cars and other vehicles, home improvement tips, and useful tools that makes life easier

Now, I should probably clear something up for you. You will find that I have left so much feedback on lots of tools and stuff that I have used.

I can assure you that no manufacturers paid me anything to do that.

Yes, I do get a lot of emails containing offers and reviewing their product, but I have never done that. So, don’t get me wrong if I leave negative feedback on certain products.

And lastly, I love to interact with people. My preferable way of communication is Email. Yes, I know I am old school! But you can connect with me socially as well:

Leave me a message and I will be happy to get back to you!