SAXX Ultra Vs. Vibe: Picking The Best Boxer Brief

As a guy who likes quality underwear that keeps everything in place, I’ve tested out several brands of boxer briefs over the years. Two options from SAXX continuously rise to the top for me – the Ultra and Vibe models.

I know many guys have trouble deciding between the two, so I wanted to share an in-depth comparison after extensive first-hand testing.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureSAXX UltraSAXX Vibe
FabricMicro modal (ultra soft stretch fabric)Modal + Spandex (soft with light compression)
Feel & ComfortSilky soft, lightweight, breathable, moves seamlesslySoft, breathable & substantial compression
Athletic SupportContour pouch provides support without compressionAdded spandex provides more compression & shape retention
Long Term DurabilityProne to pilling and thinning over timeBetter longevity, keeps shape and compression
Style & Color SelectionFocused on solids and simple patternsMore bold prints and color blocking options
Best ForMen wanting zero compression with barely-there feelMost guys – great all-around comfort & support

SAXX Ultra Overview

SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief

The SAXX Ultra lives up to its name, featuring an ultra-soft, lightweight, and durable micro modal material.

Of all SAXX fabrics, the Ultra is the stretchiest, moving seamlessly with the body.

It hugs the legs and butt without ever bunching up.

The smooth micro modal is noticeably softer and silkier than any cotton underwear I’ve owned.

It feels amazing against the skin all day long, making you forget you’re even wearing underwear.

In addition to the luxuriously soft fabric, the Ultra wicks moisture extremely well and dries very fast after activity or sweat. It resists odor better than regular cotton due to the lightweight material and antimicrobial treatment.

With a 6.5” inseam, the leg openings on the Ultra hit at just the right spot to prevent chafing for most guys. And there is minimal bulk or seams around the legs.

The Ultra features a large fly opening, making bathroom breaks simpler. SAXX’s Comfort Flex pouch contour keeps everything in place while allowing lots of stretch and movement.

Overall, the exceptional softness and comfort are what set the Ultra apart. If you want an ultra-comfortable boxer brief that feels like a second skin, the Ultra is an outstanding choice.

SAXX Vibe Overview

The SAXX Vibe differentiates itself through the use of a premium modal fabric that contains spandex, giving it a hint more compression, shape retention, and bounce back from stretching compared to the Ultra.

The modal fabric still feels incredibly soft and smooth against the skin.

There’s noticeable compression that keeps everything tucked in place through lots of movement.

The material is highly breathable and moisture-wicking as well, keeping you drier during workouts or on hot summer days.

The Vibe features a BallPark Pouch, leg openings, rear seams, and fly opening similar to the Ultra.

The contour pouch works effectively at keeping skin-on-skin contact to a minimum while allowing stretch and airflow.

If you prefer boxer briefs with a bit more compression and shape retention, the Vibe is an excellent choice that remains just as comfortable as the Ultra.

Direct Fabric Comparison

To reiterate the core fabric differences:

  • SAXX Ultra: Micro modal material that feels extremely soft, lightweight, breathable and is the stretchiest SAXX fabric.
  • SAXX Vibe: Modal with spandex that has a hint more compression and shape retention while remaining very soft and breathable.

You really cannot go wrong with either fabric when it comes to comfort. It comes down to your personal preference for compression vs. ultra-light stretch.

Style, Fit & Color Options

Both the Ultra and Vibe share an active boxer brief style and fit intended for athletic guys. The contour pouch keeps everything stable during sports and workouts without compression discomfort.

In my experience testing size large in both models, they offer nearly identical fits with minimal leg bulk and moderate rear compression without feeling too tight.

SAXX offers an impressive range of colors and patterns with new options introduced each year. The Vibe tends to have more adventurous camo prints and color-blocking choices compared to the Ultra’s focus on solids and simple patterns. But overall the style selection is diverse across both models.

Long Term Durability Differences

SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief
SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief

An area where I notice some differentiation between the Ultra and Vibe is long term durability, especially for active guys.

The Ultra’s incredibly lightweight micro modal fabric is softer and more breathable out of the box.

However, the Vibe’s modal-spandex blend holds up better over time.

After a year or so, I find the Ultra boxer briefs start to pill and thin in areas like the inner thighs with repetitive friction.

The fabric also starts to lose its original stretch and softness.

The Vibe offers greater longevity, maintaining its compression, shape and softness for over 2 years in my testing. The spandex blended into the modal gives it better resilience against pilling and thinning over repetitive wear and washes.

For the purchase price, which is similar between both models, the Vibe delivers notably better long term durability. If you want boxer briefs that maintain their form for years, the Vibe is the way to go.

When To Choose The Ultra?

To recap, the SAXX Ultra makes the most sense for guys that:

  • Want an ultra lightweight, breathable feel that moves seamlessly like a second skin
  • Prefer boxer briefs without compression that feel barely there
  • Appreciate exceptional softness against skin from the micro modal fabric
  • Plan to replace their underwear more frequently as the fabric breaks down over time with friction and washes

So if that ultra-soft, zero compression preference resonates – spring for the Ultra. Just know you’ll likely need to replace them more frequently than a typical pair.

When To Choose The Vibe?

The Vibe is likely the better all-around choice for most guys, but specifically consider it if:

  • You prefer boxer briefs with a little compression and shape retention
  • You want exceptional softness but prefer something slightly more substantial than micro modal
  • You plan to machine wash and want boxer briefs durable enough to maintain their form for over 2 years
  • You like fun colors and patterns – the Vibe has greater options!

For me, the Vibe hits the sweet spots of softness, breathability and compression making it my top SAXX recommendation for most men.

SAXX Sizing Guidance

Saxx Vibe Underwears
Saxx Vibe Underwears

Both the Ultra and Vibe boxer briefs from SAXX incorporate spandex and stretch Fabrics intended to move with your body.

They take some getting used to compared to rigid cotton underwear.

When trying SAXX models for the first time, I recommend going with your normal underwear size based on waist measurement.

Give yourself a couple weeks adjusting to the contour pouch design that keeps everything separated and supported.

If you find leg openings too tight or too loose over time, then consider sizing up or down.

I have 32” waist pants and medium fit me well for other underwear brands. But for SAXX I prefer large and it leaves the right amount of leg room without bunching at the waist.

Fabric Care Guidance

To get the longest lifespan from SAXX underwear of either Ultra or Vibe models, take extra care washing them. Here are some best practices:

  • Wash in cold water and avoid hot temperatures that accelerate fabric breakdown
  • Line dry only – tossing them in the dryer can damage fabrics
  • Use a garment bag for washing and select a gentle cycle. The bag protects the fabric through agitation while still allowing detergent and water flow
  • Avoid using fabric softener or dryer sheets as residual chemicals can encourage pilling
  • Wash similar colors together as darker dyes can bleed onto lighter fabrics initially
  • Clean any stains prior to washing with cold water

Following those tips, you should get exceptional longevity even from the delicate Ultra material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between SAXX vibe and ultra?

The key differences come down to fabric and expected longevity:
Ultra uses an ultra-soft micro modal material that feels incredibly lightweight and stretchy but starts to pill after 1-2 years
Vibe uses a modal with spandex blend that provides light compression and better fabric resilience over 2+ years

Which SAXX model is best?

For most guys, I recommend the SAXX Vibe as the best all-around boxer brief. The modal-spandex fabric blends exceptional comfort and support while maintaining its shape excellently over years of wear. The Vibe works well as an everyday underwear for all body types.
The Ultra makes most sense for men that strongly prefer an ultra-lightweight feel without compression. Just know the delicate fabric is more prone to pilling and wear over time.

Do SAXX boxers have a fly?

Yes, all SAXX boxer brief models incorporate an accessible fly with overlapping flap to make bathroom breaks easier while keeping everything supported in their ergonomic pouch design.

What fabric is SAXX made from?

SAXX uses various proprietary fabric blends across their underwear lines, but common materials include:
1. Micro modal – Extremely soft, lightweight & breathable
2. Modal – Soft, breathable, more durable than micro modal
3. Spandex – Provides stretch and compression
4. Nylon – Adds strength & structure to stretch fabrics like spandex
5. Polyester – Lightweight structure and moisture wicking
The Ultra incorporates micro modal solely while the Vibe uses a modal-spandex blend. But all SAXX fabrics leverage various combinations of these materials.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, SAXX offers some of the most innovative men’s underwear designs on the market focused on comfort and support. Both the Ultra and Vibe deliver exceptional softness through premium modal fabrics.

For me, the Vibe hits the ideal balance of softness, compression and long term durability. But guys that want the ultimate lightweight and breathable experience will appreciate the delicate Ultra and its barely-there feel.

Hopefully this detailed fabric comparison gives you the information needed to select your perfect SAXX boxer brief! Let the family jewels enjoy the comfort.

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