Cariuma IBI Vs. OCA: Which Sneaker Is Right For You?

Cariuma has become one of the most popular sneaker brands for environmentally conscious shoppers. With a focus on using earth-friendly materials like bamboo and recycled plastics, Cariuma aims to provide quality, comfortable kicks that don’t come at the expense of the planet.

Two of Cariuma’s most popular shoe styles are the IBI and the OCA low tops. Both demonstrate Cariuma’s commitment to comfort, style, and sustainability. But with different fits, looks, and purposes, which Cariuma sneaker is best for you?

In this in-depth comparison, we’ll look at the key features of Cariuma’s IBI and OCA shoes. We’ll compare the materials, comfort, sizing, style, intended uses, and prices. Let’s dive in!

A Brief Comparison Table

Intended UseLifestyle, everyday wearSkateboarding
Upper MaterialBamboo canvas + recycled plasticRecycled plastic canvas
InsoleThick memory foamThinner memory foam
OutsoleRubberGrippier skateboarding rubber
FitTrue to size, wideRuns small, slim fit
CushioningMore paddedLess padded
StyleClassic, variety of colors/patternsSimple, skate style

Cariuma IBI Overview

The IBI is one of Cariuma’s original sneaker styles. This low-top shoe was designed as an everyday lifestyle sneaker for men and women.

Some key features of the IBI:

Cariuma IBI Sneaker
  • Materials: The shoe upper uses canvas made from bamboo and recycled plastics. The insole contains memory foam and mamona oil. The outsole uses durable rubber.
  • Style: The IBI has a classic, simple sneaker look. It’s available in both solid colors and fun patterns.
  • Comfort Features: The IBI sneaker contains an insole made with memory foam and mamona oil for cushioning. It has a wider fit that’s comfortable for all-day wear.
  • Intended Uses: The IBI serves as a stylish, comfortable lifestyle sneaker. It works for activities like walking, travel, casual everyday wear, and weekend adventures.
  • Pricing: The IBI normally retails for $98.

Cariuma OCA Overview

The OCA is Cariuma’s low-top sneaker designed specifically for skateboarding. It’s a stylish skate shoe built to withstand days at the skatepark.

Key OCA features:

  • Materials: The OCA uses a durable canvas upper made from recycled plastics. The insole contains memory foam and mamona oil. The outsole uses long-lasting rubber perfect for grip.
  • Style: The OCA has a simple, clean style with skate shoe details like stitching accents. It comes in many colors.
  • Comfort Technologies: Like the IBI, the OCA contains an insole with memory foam and mamona oil. The thinner, less padded design offers flexibility and boardfeel.
  • Intended Uses: The OCA is optimized as a skateboarding shoe. It provides the flexibility, grip, and impact protection needed for skating.
  • Pricing: The OCA normally costs $79.

Key Differences Between Cariuma IBI And OCA Sneakers

Now that we’ve covered the basics of each shoe, let’s compare them across some key factors:

Comfort and Fit Comparison

Comfort is a top priority for Cariuma in all their shoes. But the IBI and OCA do have some differences when it comes to fit and feel.

Cariuma OCA Sneaker
Cariuma OCA Sneaker

The IBI offers a roomier, more spacious fit. It has a wider toe box and more padding around the collar.

The memory foam insole provides plush cushioning.

Overall, it offers a more relaxed fit perfect for all-day wear.

The OCA fits more slender through the toe and midfoot. It has a thinner, less padded collar and tongue.

There is memory foam cushioning in the OCA, but it’s thinner to allow for more boardfeel and flexibility.

The OCA also runs slightly smaller than the IBI.

For walking around or casual, everyday use, the IBI is likely to feel more comfortable for longer periods. The OCA prioritizes boardfeel and flexibility, but it’s still cushioned enough for wearing off the skateboard too.

Sizing and Fit

Both the IBI and OCA run true-to-size for most wearers, but there are some key differences in the fit.

The IBI runs true to size, though some wearers report ordering a half size up for a roomier fit. The IBI has a medium width in the toe box and midfoot. For those with wider feet, sizing up may provide more room.

The OCA fits slender through the toe box and midfoot with less volume than the IBI. Most wearers recommend ordering true-to-size, though wide-footers may want to size up. The OCA also runs around a half-size smaller than comparable styles like the IBI.

For reference, here are the sizing recommendations for each:

  • IBI: Order true-to-size unless you have wide feet, then consider sizing up 0.5.
  • OCA: Order true-to-size unless you have wide feet, then consider sizing up. The OCA also runs 0.5 sizes smaller than the IBI.

Upper Materials Comparison

Both the IBI and OCA use eco-friendly canvas uppers with micro-suede accents. However, there are some differences.

The IBI uses a breathable canvas upper made from renewable bamboo and recycled plastic bottles. It’s smooth and flexible but thick enough for durability.

The OCA uses a thinner, more flexible canvas upper solely made from recycled plastic bottles. It forgoes the bamboo for more flexibility and breathability suited for skating.

Both materials are soft, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. The IBI canvas is a bit thicker and more durable, while the OCA upper offers more flexibility and ventilation.

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Style and Design Differences

While both fall into the minimalist sneaker category, the IBI and OCA have distinct styles.

The IBI has a classic, simple low-top sneaker look. It comes in both subdued colors and fun vibrant patterns. The bamboo canvas upper provides subtle texture. With its low-key style, the IBI works with jeans, shorts, dresses, and more.

The OCA has the clean, no-fuss style of a skate shoe. It lacks heavy overlays or textures. The OCA comes in a wide color selection but sticks to solid shades. Branding and accents are subtle. The simple design works great both on and off the board.

The IBI leans more lifestyle, while the OCA has that cool skater style. Both look great with casual outfits. The IBI offers more variety in patterns and colors for those who want to make a statement.

Cost Comparison

Both the IBI and OCA deliver premium materials and craftsmanship at reasonable price points, especially compared to big sneaker brands. However, there is a price difference between the two styles.

The IBI normally retails at $98 per pair.

The OCA hits a lower $79 price point.

The cost reflects the different materials and construction of each shoe. The IBI uses more premium materials with its bamboo canvas upper, which raises costs. The OCA has a simpler design focused solely on skating performance, allowing for the lower price.

Both deliver lasting value at their price points thanks to quality materials and timeless styles. For buyers on a budget, the OCA saves nearly $20. But the IBI still provides excellent value for an everyday lifestyle sneaker.

Usage Comparison

While both shoes work great in casual settings, the IBI and OCA differ in their intended uses.

The IBI functions wonderfully as an everyday lifestyle shoe. It provides both style and comfort for:

Cariuma IBI Sneaker
Cariuma IBI Sneaker
  • Walking
  • Travel
  • Work/school
  • Weekends and adventures
  • Going out
  • Casual everyday wear

With its cushioning and roomy fit, the IBI works well for extended wear and activities.

The OCA shines when used for skateboarding. It has features tailored specifically for skating:

  • Flexible upper material and sturdy construction withstand wear and tear.
  • Grippy rubber outsole grips your board.
  • Thinner padding allows better boardfeel.
  • Streamlined profile and flexibility make tricks and flips easy.
  • Cushioned insole absorbs impact from landings.

The OCA performs off the board too, but the IBI offers a better experience for pure lifestyle use.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is more comfortable allbirds or Cariuma?

Both Allbirds and Cariuma are known for making comfortable, eco-friendly shoes. However, most wearers find Cariuma shoes to be slightly more comfortable for a few reasons:
1. Cariuma uses memory foam insoles while Allbirds has a simpler foam insole. The memory foam offers more cushioning and support.
2. Cariuma shoes have a roomier toe box area for your feet to splay naturally. Allbirds runs narrow.
3. Cariuma’s knit uppers stretch and move with your feet. Allbirds wool can feel restricting at times.
4. Cariuma’s soles tend to be thicker with more shock absorption. Allbirds soles are thin.
For long term wear, Cariuma seems to edge out Allbirds in overall comfort according to user reviews. But Allbirds are still very comfortable for casual wear.

Do Cariuma sneakers run large or small?

The general consensus is that Cariuma sneakers fit true-to-size for most foot shapes. However, some styles do seem to run small.
Reviews indicate the OCA and CATIBA models run around a half size smaller than comparable sneakers. Most wearers of these shoes recommend ordering a half size up from your normal size.
Cariuma’s other styles like the IBI tend to fit true-to-size. Those with wider feet may want to size up for a roomier fit.
If you are between sizes or have wide feet, consider ordering a half size larger than your normal shoe size in Cariuma sneakers for the best fit.

Do Cariuma sneakers have arch support?

Yes, Cariuma sneakers provide arch support in a few ways:
1. The removable insole includes raised arch support to keep your foot aligned and supported.
2. Cariuma uses memory foam in the insole which lightly cradles the arches.
3. The thicker rubber outsole helps stabilize and support the arches.
Reviews indicate the arch support is noticeable, but gentle enough to accommodate most foot types. Those with high arches may want to use custom orthotics for maximum support.

Are Cariumas comfortable for walking?

Yes, Cariuma sneakers are very comfortable for walking thanks to these features:
1. The memory foam insole provides soft, shock-absorbing cushioning.
2. They offer good arch support to reduce foot fatigue.
3. The flexible knit upper and rounder toe box allow natural foot movement.
4. The grippy rubber sole maintains traction for walking.
5. Most styles have decent thickness for impact protection.
Cariumas are designed to be lifestyle, everyday shoes suitable for extended wear. Reviewers love them for travel, walking around town sightseeing, and other activities with lots of walking. They provide both cushioning and support.

The Verdict

So which Cariuma sneaker is better, the IBI or OCA? In the end, it depends on your needs.

For a super comfortable, stylish lifestyle sneaker, choose the IBI. With its relaxed fit, cushioned insole, and variety of colors, it works beautifully for everyday wear.

For those who skate and desire a high-quality skate shoe, go for the OCA. Its durable upper, thin flexibility, and grippy sole make it perfect for skating while still retaining understated good looks.

Both shoes deliver on comfort, sustainability, and value. The right pick comes down to your personal plans for the shoe. Lifestyle and walking? Get the IBI. Skating your top activity? The OCA is your sneaker.

Whichever model you select, you can feel good knowing Cariuma shoes care for both comfort and the environment. And with timeless low-top looks, you can rest assured your IBI or OCA will pair perfectly with your wardrobe.

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