SAXX Ultra Vs. Daytripper: Battle of The Boxer Briefs

When it comes to men’s underwear, SAXX has become a go-to brand for many, with its signature BallPark Pouch that keeps everything in place. Two of SAXX’s most popular styles are the Ultra and Daytripper boxer briefs.

But what’s the difference between them and which is better?

As a long-time SAXX wearer and self-proclaimed underwear enthusiast, I’ve tested out both the Ultra and Daytripper extensively. While they share some similarities, there are some key distinctions that may make one a better choice over the other depending on your needs and preferences.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureSAXX UltraSAXX Daytripper
Inseam Length9 inches (coverage to mid-thigh)6 inches (higher cut on thighs)
Pouch StyleSignature BallPark PouchContour ergonomic pouch
Ideal Use CasesEveryday wear, leisure, loungingAthletic activity, sports, working out
FitStandard loose fitCompressive fit hugs body
BreathabilityExcellent airflow, most ventilatedDecent, quick-dry material
Style OptionsOver 30 changing prints and colorsAround 12 core colorways
CareHand wash or delicate machine wash/air dryMachine wash, can safely tumble dry
Price$32 MSRP per pair$32 MSRP per pair

SAXX Ultra Overview

The SAXX Ultra lives up to its name with an ultra-soft, lightweight, and breathable fabric blend. The Ultras have a body-hugging fit without feeling restrictive. The smooth fabric and flat seams prevent any irritation or chafing, making them undeniably comfortable for all-day wear.

Other SAXX Ultra features:

SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief
  • BallPark Pouch for support
  • 9-inch inseam hits at mid-thigh
  • Smooth, tagless waistband
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Stretch retention band around legs

The Ultras arguably have SAXX’s most comfortable waistband—you barely notice it’s there.

While the stretchy fabric provides a stay-put fit during activity, it’s also relaxed enough for casual everyday use.

The Ultras are offered in classic and modern patterns and colors, providing something for just about any guy’s personal style.

SAXX Daytripper Overview

The SAXX Daytripper is also crafted with a soft, lightweight blend of fabrics designed to keep you cool and dry. This style provides a body-hugging contour fit from hip to thigh. The smooth waistband lies completely flat under clothing.

Additional Daytripper features:

  • Contoured pouch for ergonomic support
  • 6-inch inseam and higher thigh cut
  • Tagless waistband
  • Odor control technology
  • Retention band to prevent ride-up

The Daytripper’s higher leg cut gives it more of that boxer brief styling compared to the Ultras. This allows you to wear them under shorts, pants, and other slim-fit bottoms without bunching. The contour pouch offers an ergonomic shape without extra space to keep your package secure during physical activities.

For guys that prefer shorter inseams and a sporty fit, the Daytrippers are an excellent choice. They also work great for daily wear, with moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties that keep you dry through sweaty and humid days.

Comparing Key Features and Benefits

Now let’s dive deeper into some of the key similarities and differences between the SAXX Ultra and Daytripper. Exploring the pros and cons of each style’s unique features and design will help determine which boxer brief truly performs best for your needs.

Style and Coverage

While both claim a “body-hugging” fit, there are some clear distinctions:

  • The Ultra’s longer 9-inch inseam provides more coverage with its boxer brief styling. Sitting just above the mid-thigh area, the Ultras offer leg coverage similar to briefs but with the leg freedom of boxers.
  • The Daytripper’s 6-inch inseam and higher cut on the thighs give it more of a true boxer brief aesthetic. The shorter inseam allows them to be worn discreetly under slim pants and shorts without bunching.

For modesty, the Ultra wins out with its additional lower body and thigh coverage. But the Daytripper’s shorter cut offers greater wearing versatility for athletic activities and modern slim-fit attire.

Pouch and Support Technology

Both models contain SAXX’s signature BallPark Pouch, but the Daytripper uses a more contoured, ergonomic shape:

 SAXX Daytripper Boxer
SAXX Daytripper Boxer
  • The Ultra’s standard BallPark Pouch provides frontal support and lift in its wide hammock-shaped design. There’s ample pouch space to keep the boys separate without a restricting fit.
  • The Daytripper’s contour pouch conforms tightly to the body, keeping the package secure and stable during physical activities with no excess space.

Guys who desire max space and airflow should look to the Ultra’s roomier pouch, while the Daytripper offers next-to-skin security for sports and exercise.

Fabric and Materials

Despite differences in style, the Ultra and Daytripper share extremely similar fabric technologies:

  • Made of 95% modal and 5% spandex blends, respectively. This creates a stretchy, lightweight feel.
  • Both feature moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics to stay dry.
  • Odor-controlling properties help reduce smells even during sweating.
  • The buttery-soft modal fabric blend provides premium comfort.

When it comes to materials used, the Ultra and Daytripper are practically identical. Choosing between them means focusing more on the differences in fit and coverage.

Sizing and Fit Consistency

One knock against SAXX is that sometimes sizing and fit can be inconsistent across styles. But thankfully both of these models are relatively true-to-size:

  • The Ultra offers a relaxed contour fit adapted to different body types, with pretty consistent sizing.
  • As one of SAXX’s most popular underwear lines, the Daytripper’s sizing has improved to be more accurate.

Make sure to reference the size chart, but you can confidently order your normal SAXX size in either style. Just note that the Daytripper has a more compressive fit built for athletic activity.


When it comes to MSRP, SAXX keeps the prices equal across both models:

  • The Ultra and Daytripper both retail for $32 per pair at full price.
  • Available multi-packs bring down the per-pair cost.

However, the Ultra often goes on sale more frequently compared to the Daytripper. So if scoring a deal is important to you, the Ultra may save you some dollars especially on multi-unit orders.

Performance and Comfort Comparison

At the end of the day, underwear needs to perform where it counts – supporting your package while keeping you comfortable. Let’s compare how these two SAXX styles stack up across different wearing scenarios:

Day-to-Day Wear

For all-day use, the Ultra is hard to beat. The loose fit cradles without squishing while the tagless waistband virtually disappears under clothing. The Ultra really shines for:

  • Desk jobs and long hours sitting – stays ventilated and distraction-free
  • Casual weekends – keeps you cool and collected
  • Lounging and relaxation – maybe the most comfy underwear you’ll own

The Daytripper functions great for daily wearing too, although the higher cut and compressive contour pouch makes it slightly less forgettable coverage. But it works well for:

  • Under slim-fit pants and shorts – avoids visible lines
  • All-around underwear – the quick-dry fabric keeps you fresh

For non-active daily wear, the Ultra is tops for laidback comfort, while Daytripper also holds its own.

Athletic and High Activity

Flip the script when it comes to active use cases – the Daytripper pulls ahead for sports and physical endeavors.

Its ergonomic pouch hugs close to the body with no excess space, eliminating bounce and staying secure as you move. The Daytripper is awesome for:

  • Exercise and training – contains everything tightly
  • Outdoor adventures – sheds moisture and dries fast
  • All sports – compression cradle keeps the boys locked down

The Ultra can certainly work for workouts too. But overall, the Daytripper is purpose-built to handle athletic activity while controlling the package.

Breathability and Staying Cool

You’ll stay chill in either model thanks to the lightweight breathable fabrics that SAXX is known for.

However, the Ultra seems to allow slightly better airflow and temp regulation, likely due to its less compressive fit. For hot and humid environments, Ultra helps:

  • Maximizes air circulation to cut swamp crotch
  • Open fly is accessible for extra ventilation
  • Looser fit distributes heat without trapping it

But the Daytripper promotes cooling as well with its:

  • Moisture-wicking and quick dry properties
  • Ventilated mesh panels integrated into the pouch

For wicked hot weather, the Ultra probably has a slight edge. But both styles should keep the boys breezy in any condition.

Style, Color, and Design Options

Beyond performance factors, having options for different patterns and looks is always important when shopping for underwear.

SAXX gives plenty of choices across the Ultra and Daytripper lines. Let’s explore some of the range in styling:

Ultra Design and Colors

The Ultra shows off SAXX’s more creative side with fun, bold prints spanning from classic stripes to funkadelic florals. On the solid color palette, you’ll find all the staples like black, gray, navy and white. Ultra hits other style notes too:

  • Bright, vibrant colors – electric green, purple, mango and more
  • Modern graphic prints – distorted shapes and digital designs
  • Timeless legacy patterns – ginghams, madras, salt and pepper plaids
  • Seasonal offerings – festive prints for holidays

With over 30 revolving patterns, the Ultra lineup has a kaleidoscope of options for just about any personal taste. Here is a little demo of Ultra boxer for you!

Daytripper Style and Colors

Staying true to its more athletic DNA, the Daytripper delivers most of its diversity through color variations. But there are some complementary styling features too:

  • Classic colorblocking on banded waist and leg openings
  • Contrast side taping on hems for a sporty kick
  • Accent colors used judiciously to enable matching

The Daytrippers utilize a smaller palette focused on staple solids and mixes ideal for layering:

  • No-nonsense basics – black, gray, navy, white
  • Multicolor value packs – contrasting color combos
  • Complementary tones – paired shades like blue with orange; purple with green

Altogether, around a dozen core colorways give a versatile selection.

When it comes to style variety and options, the Ultra certainly outclasses the Daytripper. But both provide enough choice to match different wardrobe needs.

Care and Maintenance

To get the most life from your underwear, proper laundering is key. We’ll compare how you’ll need to treat the Ultra and Daytripper:

Ultra Care

The Ultra’s modal-rich fabric blend requires gentle care for longevity:

SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief
SAXX Ultra Boxer Brief
  • Machine wash cold and hang dry when possible
  • If machine drying, use delicate cycle on low
  • Avoid bleach and fabric softener to prevent breakdown
  • May pill faster with abrasive handling or drying

By nursing the Ultra gently, it will retain its ultra-soft feel and flexibility over repeated wears.

Daytripper Care

The Daytripper’s poly-modal construction makes it slightly more durable:

  • Fully machine washable in cold water
  • Can be safely tumble dried on low
  • Fabric pilling is minimal with aggressive drying
  • Avoid bleach and softener as well for longevity

The Daytripper withstands standard machine cycles fine, although air drying extends lifespan when possible.

For convenience, the Daytripper holds up easier to machine washing and drying. But both styles respond best to cold gentle cycles to maintain quality.

Sizing and Fit Guide

Getting the right underwear size is crucial for all-day comfort. Here’s an overview of Ultra and Daytripper sizing:

SAXX offers its sizing options in even numerical increments. As the underwear stretches, the numbers correspond to relaxed waist measurements in inches:

  • Size 28 = fits waists up to 28 inches
  • Size 32 = fits waists up to 32 inches
  • Size 36 = fits waists up to 36 inches

And so on in 2-inch intervals up to size 46.

When in doubt, size down if you’re between sizes – especially for the Daytripper. The briefs should have a snug fit around the hips and thighs without restricting blood flow.

Make sure to reference the size chart, but sizing is quite TTS for the Ultra and Daytripper compared to other SAXX collections. Returns and exchanges are also free to ensure you get an ideal personalized fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between day tripper and ultra Saxx?

The main differences come down to inseam length and pouch design:
1. The Ultra features a 9-inch inseam for more modest thigh coverage along with SAXX’s standard BallPark Pouch.
2. The Daytripper utilizes a shorter 6-inch inseam for a sportier silhouette. Its pouch design is more contour-shaped and ergonomic to hug the body tightly.
Overall, the Ultra provides a roomier relaxed fit, while the Daytripper has next-to-skin compression and greater athletic activity capabilities.

Which style of Saxx is the best?

When choosing the best SAXX underwear, it depends most on your wearing use cases:
1. For all-day comfort across various activities, most guys prefer the Ultra for its laidback breathable coverage.
2. For athletic pursuits and extra support, the Daytripper’s compressive contour cradle can’t be beaten while active.
3. For enhanced airflow, the wide BallPark Pouch models like the Ultra allow the best ventilation.
4. For inconspicuous wearing under slim-fitting clothing, shorter inseams like the Daytripper help avoid visible lines.
So ultimately there is no singular “best” – it comes down to priorities around coverage, activity levels and climate.

Does the Saxx daytripper have a fly?

No, unfortunately neither the SAXX Daytripper nor Ultra contains a fly opening. Among SAXX underwear, very few styles offer a fly:
1. The SAXX Quest 2.0 is one of the only collections with a fly built in.
2. Options like SAXX Platinum Line also contain an accessible open fly.
But for most SAXX underwear focused on sport and performance, the contour pouches do not include fly access. However, some wearers will carefully trim a DIY fly opening if desired. Just know this isn’t officially recommended and impacts the return policy.

Is SAXX worth the price?

At a $30+ per pair retail cost, SAXX sits at the higher end of men’s underwear pricing tiers. But according to most SAXX loyalists, that premium buys:
1. An extremely comfortable, body-hugging fit most guys love
2. Unique support pouch technology unavailable elsewhere
3. Quick-drying, breathable fabrics ideal for sweat management
4. Head-turning modern styles and designs
Additionally, fans claim SAXX underwear simply lasts longer due to quality materials and durable construction.
For access to SAXX’s patented BallPark Pouch along with innovative fabrics and process, most feel the price justifies itself in comfort, uniqueness and longevity.

Closing Remarks

In the battle between SAXX’s Ultra and Daytripper underwear, both deliver high performance and signature comfort. The Ultra shines for all-day wearing – maximizing breathability and relaxed coverage ideal for everyday use.

For athletic activities, the Daytripper’s compressive ergonomic pouch locks everything in place to conquer sports and training without compromise.

While the Ultra offers laidback styling, and the Daytripper excels for exercise, men seeking the best of both worlds may need to pick up a pair of each. With diverse fabrics and customizable pouches, SAXX innovates underwear that perfectly cradles the male anatomy – making the investment worthwhile for most enthusiasts.

Whichever you choose, both the Ultra and Daytripper stand ready to support the boys in luxurious fashion.

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