Nootkas Vs. Glerups Slippers: In-depth Differences

When it comes to staying cozy and comfortable at home, few things beat slipping your feet into a pair of warm, cushy slippers. Two popular brands known for their high-quality slippers are Nootkas and Glerups.

Both offer slippers made from natural materials like wool and leather, with a focus on comfort and durability.

But with so many slipper options out there, how do you choose between Nootkas and Glerups?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare and contrast key features of these two slipper brands. We’ll look at materials, design, sizing, care recommendations, and more.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect house slippers or a stylish pair to wear out and about, read on to learn which brand may be best for your needs and preferences.

A Brief Comparison Table

Upper materialWool-polyester blend100% felted wool
Sole materialSynthetic rubberNatural rubber and leather
ConstructionBootie styleMule style
FitSnugRoomy toe box
StyleContemporary casualSimple Scandinavian
Price range$60-$100 USD$100-$150 USD
CareMachine washableHand wash only
StrengthsSupportive fit, easy careSuperior warmth and comfort

Key Differences Between Nootkas And Glerups Slippers

When it comes to materials and construction, there are some clear distinctions between Nootkas and Glerups slippers.

  • Materials
Glerups Slippers
Glerups Slippers

Nootkas uses a blend of wool and polyester for the uppers, along with synthetic rubber soles.

The wool is sourced from Australia and New Zealand. The polyester adds durability while the wool makes the slippers breathable and moisture-wicking.

Glerups uses 100% natural wool for the uppers, sourced from Gotland sheep in Sweden.

The wool is felted for density and comfort. The soles are made from natural rubber with a leather reinforcement.

Glerups products are free from chemical additives.

So in terms of materials, Glerups uses higher-end natural components while Nootkas incorporates some synthetic materials. This gives Glerups the edge for those wanting purely natural materials.

  • Construction

The Nootkas slipper uppers are made from knitted wool-polyester, giving them a sweater-like texture. The slippers have a bootie construction with the upper folded over and stitched to the sole.

Glerups felts the wool for a dense, soft upper material. The slippers have a mule-style construction, with the upper and sole connected by a single strap across the foot. This style leaves the back open.

For those wanting a fully enclosed slipper, Nootkas would be the better choice. The felted wool of Glerups makes for a warmer and more breathable slipper upper.

  • Sole

Nootkas use a rubber sole with traction dots on the bottom. This makes them suitable for quick trips outdoors.

The Glerups sole is natural rubber with a leather bottom. The leather helps the sole mold to your foot over time. But the leather also means less traction, so Glerups are better suited for indoor use only.

  • Sizing
Nootkas Slippers
Nootkas Slipper

Both brands offer unisex sizing, but the fit differs slightly.

Nootkas run slightly small, so it’s best to size up if you are between sizes.

They are available in whole sizes only.

Glerups have a roomier toe box and should be ordered in your normal EU shoe size.

They come in whole and half sizes.

Glerups’ roomier toe box makes them a good choice for those needing a wider slipper.

For those with narrow feet, Nootkas provide a more snug fit.

  • Style

Nootkas offers a range of men’s and women’s specific styles. You’ll find options like moccasins, clogs, booties, and sneaker-inspired designs. They come in both neutral and colorful options.

The Glerups collections are more streamlined, focusing on their classic slipper and boot styles. They offer more muted neutral colors like grey, tan, brown and black.

So for contemporary and casual designs in a variety of colors, Nootkas has the advantage. Those who prefer a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic may prefer Glerups.

  • Price

Nootkas slippers cost between $60-$100 USD depending on the style.

Glerups are priced between $100-$150 USD.

Glerups cost more due to their higher-end natural materials and simple, classic style. Nootkas offer more budget-friendly options.

Comparing Key Features of Nootkas And Glerups Slippers

Glerups Slippers
Glerups Slippers

Now that we’ve looked at how Nootkas and Glerups differ, let’s directly compare some of the most important factors for choosing a pair of slippers.

  • Warmth

The felted wool upper of Glerups makes them among the warmest slippers around. The molded soles also prevent drafts.

Nootkas are reasonably warm thanks to the wool-polyester blend upper, but the synthetic sole may feel cooler.

For the ultimate in cozy warmth, Glerups are the winner. But Nootkas still provide good insulation for most climates.

  • Comfort

Glerups are known for their instant comfort right out of the box. The soft wool upper and molded sole provide cushioning without pressure points. The roomy toe box prevents any pinching.

Nootkas have a snugger fit that some may find less luxuriously comfortable, especially around the toe area. But the knit uppers are still pleasantly soft.

If your top priority is a plush, cloud-like feel, Glerups deliver superior comfort. Nootkas offer medium comfort with a more fitted feel.

  • Support

With their snug bootie fit, Nootkas provide more all-around support and stability for the foot. This can benefit those who need arch support or have foot issues.

The mule-style Glerups have an open back, so they provide less overall support. But their molded sole and wool upper relieve pressure on the foot.

For support while standing or walking, Nootkas better keep the foot stable and aligned. Glerups cradle the foot well at rest.

  • Durability
Nootkas Wool House Slippers
Nootkas Wool House Slippers

The felted wool of Glerups will resist wear and shrinkage over years of use.

The natural rubber and leather sole also hold up well over time.

The knit wool blend of Nootkas is prone to some pilling and stretching out eventually.

And the synthetic soles wear down more quickly.

Glerups stand the test of time better and should last for many seasons of wear.

Nootkas work well for 2-3 years with care.

  • Care

Nootkas can be machine washed on cold and laid flat to dry. The wool-polyester blend makes them easy to care for.

Glerups need to be hand washed only. The natural materials require more delicate care. But the felted wool resists stains well.

For easy care and machine washing, Nootkas are certainly simpler to maintain. Glerups require more attentive cleaning by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are Nootkas slippers made?

Nootkas are designed in Canada and made in China. The wool is sourced from Australia and New Zealand.

Which brand slippers are most comfortable?

Overall, Glerups are considered the more luxuriously comfortable option. Their felted wool upper and molded soles offer instant comfort and cushioning. Nootkas provide medium comfort with a more fitted feel.

What is the best supportive slipper?

The close bootie fit of Nootkas makes them a great choice for support. They better stabilize the foot while standing compared to the open back of the Glerups mule style.

Which slippers are best for foot pain?

Glerups excel at cradling the foot and relieving pressure points, making them ideal for aching feet. Their felted wool upper and molded soles provide soothing comfort.

Can I put Glerups in the washing machine?

No, Glerups should always be hand washed only. The all-natural materials and construction require more delicate cleaning. Machine washing risks shrinking or damaging Glerups slippers.

Do you wear socks with Glerups?

Glerups are designed to be worn without socks. The wool interior forms to your bare feet, providing insulation and absorbing moisture. Wearing socks fills out the slipper, reducing the comfort.

Can you wear Glerups slippers outside?

Glerups are intended for indoor use only. The leather sole lacks traction and will wear down quickly outdoors. The open back of the Glerups mule style also makes them unsuitable for outdoor walking and activity. It’s best to swap Glerups for weather-appropriate outdoor shoes when heading out.

Wrapping Up

When you’re deciding between Nootkas and Glerups slippers, consider your priorities in terms of style, intended use, fit and comfort.

Nootkas offer contemporary casual designs and provide a snug, supportive fit. Their knit wool blend makes them reasonably warm and easy to care for. With a mid-range price point, Nootkas make a good everyday house slipper.

For superior comfort and warmth, Glerups stand out. Their felted wool and molded soles deliver a blissfully cushy feel. With their simple styling and mule-style, they excel as a lounging and relaxation slipper. Those seeking natural materials will also appreciate Glerups’ commitment to sustainably sourced and chemical-free components.

Ultimately, the slipper that’s right for you depends on your needs and preferences. Do you want maximum support or cloud-like softness? Contemporary style or minimalist aesthetic?

Easy care or natural materials?

Keep these factors in mind as you choose between these two top slipper brands. Whichever you select, both Nootkas and Glerups will keep your feet cozy in style.

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