Kyrgies Vs. Glerups: Which Wool Slippers Are Best?

When it comes to keeping your feet warm and cozy around the house, wool slippers are a must-have. Two of the most popular brands of wool slippers are Kyrgies and Glerups.

But with so many styles and options to choose from, how do you know which brand is right for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Kyrgies and Glerups slippers side-by-side, going over the key features, pros and cons, and frequently asked questions to help you decide which of these wooly wonders best fits your needs and budget.

At A Glance Comparison Table

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, here’s a quick overview of how Kyrgies and Glerups stack up:

Materials100% wool felt upper, 100% wool lining, suede or rubber sole100% felted wool upper, 100% wool lining, suede or rubber sole
ConstructionHandcrafted in NepalHandcrafted in Europe
StyleSlip-on clogSlip-on or slide-on clog
FitRoomy, flexible fitSnugger contoured fit
Color Selection16 colors19 colors
Price Range$$ ($79-$99)$$$ ($135-$160)
Best For– Casual everyday wear<br>- Travel<br>- Wide feet– Keeping feet toasty<br>- Stylish indoor and outdoor wear<br>- Narrow/average width feet

Now let’s explore each of these wool slipper brands in more detail.

Kyrgies Slippers: The Basics

Kyrgies Slippers
Kyrgies Slippers

Kyrgies slippers are handmade in Nepal using traditional craftsmanship passed down for generations.

The uppers are constructed from dense wool felt, with a soft 100% wool lining.

Kyrgies come in a flexible unisex design, available in both clog and slide-on mule styles.

Their roomy fit works well for wide feet or slipping on socks for extra warmth.

The outsoles are made of durable suede or all-weather rubber, so you can wear them both indoors around the house or outdoors running quick errands.

Some key features and benefits of Kyrgies wool slippers include:

  • Dense, durable wool felt upper – Stands up well to everyday wear and tear
  • Cozy wool lining – Warm and moisture-wicking against bare feet
  • Roomy fit – Accommodates wide feet or wearing with socks
  • Flexible clog design – Easy to slip on and off, backless for breathability
  • Suede or rubber sole – Provides traction indoors and out
  • Vibrant color selection – 16 color choices from neutrals to bold hues
  • Handcrafted quality – Traditional Nepalese craftsmanship
  • Affordable price – Typically $79-$99 per pair

If you have wide feet and want a comfortable, casual slipper to wear around home or running errands, Kyrgies check all the boxes. Their flexible fit, wooly warmth, and budget-friendly price make them a popular choice.

Glerups: What Makes Them Stand Out

Glerups Slippers

Glerups have earned a reputation for being some of the warmest, highest quality wool slippers around. Handcrafted in Europe using natural materials and special shoe-making techniques, Glerups aim to cradle your feet in luxurious comfort.

Glerups have a slimmer, contoured fit than the roomier Kyrgies. Their snug fit works well for those with narrow or average width feet.

They have a thicker wool upper and lining than most brands, trapping in heat and keeping feet toasty. The rubber sole provides excellent traction and durability for indoor/outdoor wear.

Here are some of the key highlights of Glerups slippers:

  • Thick felted wool upper – Provides insulation and warmth
  • Plush wool lining – Soft and breathable against skin
  • Snug contoured fit – Conforms closely to feet
  • Lightweight foam sole – Durable grip and cushioning
  • Flexible clog or slide design – Easy slip-on wear
  • Premium materials – Natural wool, suede/rubber sole
  • Broader heel – Offers stability and support
  • Stylish colors and patterns – 19 options from solids to tweeds
  • Handcrafted quality – Made in Europe
  • Higher price – $135-$160

For those seeking a molded, glove-like fit with ultimate warmth and comfort, Glerups deliver on all counts. The premium craftsmanship and materials come at a higher cost, but devotees say it’s worth it for the quality.

Comparing Key Features of Kyrgies And Glerups Slippers

Now that we’ve outlined the basics, let’s do a deeper dive into how Kyrgies and Glerups compare across some of the most important features.

  • Materials

Both brands use premium natural materials like wool felt uppers, wool linings, and suede/rubber soles. Glerups use slightly thicker wool, but Kyrgies still provides robust warmth and comfort at a lower price point.

  • Construction

Kyrgies are handcrafted in Nepal using generations-old techniques, while Glerups are made in Europe. Both exhibit quality craftsmanship.

  • Style

Kyrgies offer both backless slip-on clogs and mules. Glerups have the classic clog plus a strappy slide-on mule. More style and sizing options are available from Glerups.

  • Fit

Kyrgies have a roomier, oversized fit that allows wide feet to relax. Glerups mold more closely to average/narrow feet for a contoured fit.

  • Comfort

The thick wool linings on both brands cushion feet without pins and pressure points. Kyrgies provide laidback comfort, while Glerups hug feet for plush support.

  • Warmth

With their thicker wool, Glerups tend to be warmer, especially when fitted snugly around the feet. But Kyrgies still insulate very well.

  • Durability

The felted wool and suede/rubber soles on both brands are made to withstand years of wear. Glerups may have a slight edge in longevity.

  • Price

Glerups cost almost twice as much as Kyrgies, from $135-$160 vs $79-$99. So Kyrgies provide great value for money.

  • Aesthetics

Glerups come in more colors/patterns with a handmade European artisan look. Kyrgies offer rich solid hues in a more rustic Nepal aesthetic.

  • Weather-Resistance

The rubber or suede soles allow both brands to be worn outdoors in cold and dry conditions. Glerups also make a water-resistant style.

Kyrgies Vs. Glerups: Which Should You Choose?

With their shared qualities of premium wool construction and comfort, you can’t go wrong with either Kyrgies or Glerups. Which is best comes down to fit, style, and budget preferences.

Glerups Slippers
Glerups Slippers

For a flexible fit on a budget, go with Kyrgies

Kyrgies have a roomier, more forgiving fit that stretches to accommodate wider feet and socks.

Their vibrant colors and laidback styling create a casual look, while their lower $79-$99 price tag offers value for money.

Kyrgies are ideal for padding around the home, travel, and outdoor jaunts.

For a molded contour fit and premium construction, choose Glerups

Glerups mold snugly to average or narrow feet for a bespoke feel that “hugs” your arches and heels. Their European artisan quality and $135-$160 price reflects the meticulous craftsmanship.

With unbeatable warmth and 19 stylish wool patterns, Glerups make both a plush statement slipper and an outdoor cold weather shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still trying to decide between these popular wool brands? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions for additional insight.

Where are Kyrgies slippers made?

Kyrgies are handcrafted in Nepal using traditional techniques passed down for generations. Their production provides fair wage jobs to local artisans.

Where does Kyrgies ship from?

Kyrgies are made in Nepal but ship worldwide from the company’s headquarters in Telluride, Colorado USA.

Do glerup slippers have arch support?

Yes, Glerups are designed with a molded contour insole that provides arch support by cradling the foot’s natural shape. This custom fit hugs your arches for comfort.

Do you wear socks with glerups?

You can wear socks with Glerups, but many choose to wear them barefoot since the wool upper and lining already keeps feet warm and cozy. Here are some tips for sock use:
1. Thin wool or cashmere socks add warmth without overly tightening the fit.
2. If your feet get chilled easily, sock liners can provide an extra layer.
3. When wearing outdoors like shopping or walking, thicker wool hiking socks give cushion.
4. Try them both ways – with and without socks – to see what feels most comfortable for your needs.
The contoured insole is designed to hug feet without socks. But you can still size up or use thin socks if desired. Experiment to find your perfect fit.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to top-notch wool slippers, both Kyrgies and Glerups deliver quality craftsmanship using natural materials. Kyrgies offer laidback comfort at an affordable price point, while Glerups provide molded, bespoke luxury.

Think about your fit preferences, budget, and style sensibilities. For wide feet that need room to relax or travel flexibility, go with Kyrgies. If you have average or narrow feet and want the ultimate tailored warmth, choose Glerups.

Whichever you choose, your feet are sure to be cozy and comfortable. So slip on your perfect pair, then sit back and relax in wooly foot heaven. These top-rated slippers promise to keep your feet feeling pampered for years to come.

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  1. Sean J Sellards

    I’ve had 2 pairs of kyrgies and neither lasted a full year before holes started appearing. I wear them everyday around the house, but I am sitting for the majority of the day, with my feet kicked up. Today I purchased a pair of Glerups that was marked Last Chance for $78 which was cheaper than either pair of kyrgies, also my first pair of kyrgies was the wrong size and needed 2 pairs of their insoles ($10 each) to make them comfortable cause there was no cushioning in the sole of the shoes, but the insoles also helped with the fit. Also used the same insoles for my second pair of kyrgies and if I need to I’ll put them in the glerups too, maybe have to add another pair cause these insoles are wearing out big time after 2 years. I hope my glerups will last multiple years, 2 would make them 2x as durable as kyrgies.

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