Haflinger Vs. Glerups: Which Felt Slipper Is Best?

When it comes to comfortable house slippers, two brands stand out from the crowd: Haflinger and Glerups. Both companies specialize in high-quality wool felt slippers that are loved for their warmth, durability, and comfort.

But with so many similarities, how do you choose between Haflinger and Glerups?

In this in-depth comparison, we’ll examine the key differences between these popular slipper brands. We’ll look at factors like design, fit, comfort, materials, care, and price so you can decide which felt slipper is right for your needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking to replace your old slippers or buy your first pair, this guide will help you choose between Haflinger and Glerups.

Key Differences Between Haflinger And Glerups Slippers

Haflinger and Glerups have more similarities than differences, but here are some of the key factors that set them apart:

Haflinger Wool Novelty Slipper
Haflinger Wool Novelty Slipper
  • Style: Haflinger focuses on classic designs like clogs, while Glerups offers more modern styles like boots. Glerups also comes in more colors.
  • Fit: Haflinger runs wider, while Glerups runs true to size. Glerups’ slimmer fit adds more shape.
  • Comfort features: Glerups has more padded soles and some styles have added arch support. Haflinger’s comfort comes from the wool’s breathability.
  • Wear: Haflinger’s soles are more durable for outdoor wear. Glerups are better for indoor-only use.
  • Care: Glerups felt requires more careful washing by hand. Haflinger is machine washable.
  • Price: Haflinger is more affordable overall, with Glerups being pricier for their premium features.

Now let’s take an in-depth look at how these slippers compare across the major factors you should consider when choosing a pair of wool felt slippers.

Comparison of Slipper Design and Style

When it comes to style, there are noticeable differences in how Haflinger and Glerups approach designing their slippers.

Haflinger sticks to classic silhouettes like clogs, with some styles featuring strap backs or lace-up fronts. The shape is simple and uncomplicated. Most designs are unisex. The patterns tend to be traditional boiled wool motifs like stripes, dots, and solid colors across the range.

Glerups has more fashion-forward shaping in their slippers, with slimmer, tailored outlines and feminine or masculine styling in different models. The patterns and colors are modern as well, with muted solids and ombré detailing.

The variety of silhouettes includes boots, rustic Danish clogs, and contemporary loafers.

For traditionalists, Haflinger’s classic looks have broader appeal. For those wanting more modern or trendy styles, Glerups has sleeker options in bolder colors. Both brands offer quality craftsmanship, just with different design aesthetics.

Fit and Sizing Comparison

Glerups Slippers
Glerups Slippers

Since getting the right fit is crucial for slipper comfort, understanding the sizing and shape differences between Haflinger and Glerups is important.

Haflinger slippers have a wider, more generous shape and run about a half size larger than normal shoe sizing. There is extra room in both the length and width to allow your feet to relax and spread out. Even the slimmer lace-up Haflinger styles are cut wider.

Glerups run true to size but have a tailored shape that conforms closely to the foot. Their slim silhouette adds structure and shape to the slipper, with less room for your feet to spread out. The snug fit ensures a secure feel when walking around.

Those with wider feet may find Haflinger more accommodating, while Glerups’ slimmer fit works better for narrow or petite feet. Trying both brands in person is recommended to find your best fit. Keep in mind your intended use too – Glerups’ closer fit offers more stability for wearing outdoors.

Comfort Features and Feel Comparison

Since the primary purpose of slippers is keeping your feet comfortable at home, comparing the comfort levels of Haflinger and Glerups is essential. They actually have similar comfort, but achieve it through different features and materials.

Haflinger’s comfort comes from the breathable boiled wool upper that regulates temperature and wicks away moisture to prevent overheating or sweating.

The wool interior lined with soft cotton conforms to your foot for a cozy feel. The latex arch support offers moderate stability. The carry-strap back makes them easy to slip on and off.

Glerups opts for added padding in many of their styles, with layered felt and soft wool lining for plush cushioning. Some designs have an orthopedic arch support insole and shaped footbed for enhanced comfort.

The rubber sole adds bounce and insulation. The snugger fit improves stability when worn as house shoes.

Ultimately, Haflinger focuses on the natural comfort of boiled wool, while Glerups adds more cushioning features. Those needing arch support or wearing their slippers frequently may prefer Glerups’ padding, but Haflinger’s lighter design also prevents overheating. It comes down to personal preference.

Upper Materials and Quality Comparison

The famously comfortable uppers of both Haflinger and Glerups are made from premium boiled wool with quality construction:

  • Haflinger uses 100% virgin boiled wool, with some styles featuring a boiled wool exterior and soft wool interior. The felting process shrinks and hardens the wool into a dense, durable material.
  • Glerups uses a blend of 60% boiled wool and 40% cotton, with merino and Gotland wool options for the exterior. This gives their slippers a lighter feel while retaining warmth. The felting process allows the wool to mold to your feet.

Both brands offer great wool quality – Haflinger uses thicker boiled wool, while Glerups blends in cotton for softness. Those prone to sweating may prefer the cotton-wool blend. But Haflinger’s 100% wool makes the slippers completely natural and breathable.

The upper construction is similarly excellent between brands, with neatly finished edges and sturdy seams shaped to cradle your feet in comfort. The wool uppers will last for years of wear when cared for properly.

Outsole and Wear Comparison

Glerups Slippers
Glerups Slippers

The outsoles differ noticeably between Haflinger and Glerups in both materials and intended use.

This affects durability and wear over time.

Haflinger uses durable latex or rubber outsoles that provide reliable traction indoors or outdoors.

The grippy soles hold up well to outdoor use for running errands, taking out the trash, gardening, or wearing around the yard.

The latex also offers supportive arch comfort.

Glerups focuses on a soft wool footbed with a thin rubber sole added solely for slip resistance. The emphasis is on flexibility and unrestricted foot motion.

The wool footbed quickly conforms to the shape of your foot for supreme comfort. But the thin sole has limited life span and wears out faster than Haflinger’s. Glerups are designed for indoor use only.

So Haflinger is the better choice for wearing outside the house routinely, thanks to their rugged outsoles. Glerups prioritize supreme indoor comfort over longevity of the sole. Pick Haflinger if you’ll be on your feet more.

Care and Maintenance Comparison

To get the longest wear from your wool slippers, proper care and cleaning are a must. Here’s how the maintenance needs compare:

  • Haflinger slippers are machine washable for easy care. Use gentle wash cycles in cold water, then air dry away from direct heat to preserve the wool.
  • Glerups require hand washing to avoid shrinkage and maintain their shape. Use cold water and a mild detergent, gently squeezing suds through the wool. Lay flat or stuff with paper to dry.

Thanks to their machine washability, Haflinger is much lower maintenance. The wool is treated to resist major shrinkage in the wash. Glerups’ blend of wool and cotton makes the slippers more prone to shrinking if machine washed, so hand washing is mandatory.

Proper storage can maximize the lifespan of both brands. Make sure to let them fully dry between wears and store in a breathable area away from direct heat or sunlight. With occasional cleaning and airing out, felted wool slippers can stay fresh for many seasons.

Cost and Value Comparison

When it comes to price, Haflinger slippers are generally the more affordable choice, while Glerups fetch a higher price:

  • Haflinger slippers range from $75-$130. The classic clog styles and lace-ups make up their core collection in this price range.
  • Glerups slippers range from $95-$145. Their tailored wool boot and contemporary Danish styles hit the higher end. Simpler designs like the Classic and Bold are more affordable.
Haflinger Slippers

Given their comparable quality and materials, Haflinger offers better value for the price, delivering great comfort and durability at $20-$ 50 less than most Glerups styles.

However, Glerups fans feel the extra investment is worthwhile for the added arch support, plush feel, and fashion-forward styling.

When it comes to sales, both brands offer discounts around the holidays that help offset the initial investment.

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Overall, Haflinger and Glerups cost more than basic fabric slippers, but deliver quality backed by generations of slipper-making expertise. Considering the exceptional comfort and longevity of boiled wool, the higher prices represent good value that pays off over years of wear.

Haflinger Vs. Glerups: Comparing Top Styles

To make the choice easier, here’s an overview comparing some of the most popular slippers from Haflinger and Glerups:

Classic ClogHaflinger AT Wool ClogGlerups Slip-On
Key FeaturesThick boiled wool upper, latex arch support, durable outsoleTailored wool & cotton blend, soft padded insole, indoor/outdoor sole
FitRoomy, wideTrue to size, shaped footbed
Best ForHigh arches, wide feet, active wearNarrow feet, supreme comfort
StyleHaflinger AS Wool SlipperGlerups Boot Slipper
Key FeaturesBoiled wool upper, soft wool lining, indoor/outdoor soleWool upper, soft sole, added arch support
FitRuns wideSnug heel and higher ankle
Best ForEveryday house slipperStylish indoor slipper
StyleHaflinger AT Boiled Wool ClogGlerups Bold
Key FeaturesLatex arch support, breathable upper, durable outsoleModern Danish design, plush footbed, fleece lining
FitRoomy, molded footbedTrue to size
Best ForHigh archesSupreme comfort

Which Slipper Is Better For You?

In the battle between these popular boiled wool slippers, there’s no single winner. The right choice comes down to your needs:

Choose Haflinger for:

  • A classic clog silhouette
  • Roomy fit for wide feet
  • Breathable wool to prevent sweaty feet
  • Long-lasting outsoles for indoor/outdoor use
  • Easy machine washable care
  • Budget-friendly price point

Choose Glerups for:

  • Modern Danish styling
  • Snug tailored fit
  • Plush padding and arch support
  • Meticulous hand-washing care
  • Supreme comfort for indoor wear
  • Premium craftsmanship and materials

Both brands offer excellent comfort, quality, and craftsmanship. Haflinger excels at everyday versatility with their durable design, while Glerups focuses on elevating the slipper’s comfort to new heights.

Hopefully, this detailed comparison gives you a clear sense of which brand better matches your priorities. With either of these wool felt slippers, you’re guaranteed to keep your feet cozy in style for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Haflinger and Glerups

Still trying to choose between Haflinger and Glerups? Here are answers to some common questions to help you decide:

Do Haflingers have good arch support?

Some Haflinger styles do contain latex arch support for moderate stability, but many models just use the wool upper for cushioning. For those needing more enhanced arch support, Glerups is the better choice.

Can you wear Haflingers outside?

Yes, Haflinger’s durable rubber soles hold up well for wearing outdoors around the house and yard. Just avoid excessive dirt or moisture that could stain the wool.

Are Haflinger slippers itchy?

Properly felted virgin wool shouldn’t feel itchy against your skin. Haflinger uses quality boiled wool that reduces scratchiness. Make sure to try on in stores first if you have wool sensitivities.

Do Glerups get smelly?

Like any slipper worn barefoot, Glerups can absorb foot odor over time. Make sure to air them out fully between wears and clean periodically to reduce smells. The wool naturally resists odors better than other materials.

Find Your Perfect Pair of Haflinger or Glerups Slippers

We hope this detailed comparison of these beloved wool slippers brands has helped you choose between Haflinger and Glerups for your ideal pair. Both deliver outstanding comfort and quality.

Now you can confidently shop for the style that best fits your needs and feet.

Once you slip on these felted wool wonders, you may never want to take them off. So go ahead – treat your feet to the wonderful warmth of Haflinger or Glerups this season. Just be prepared to want to wear them long after winter ends. Your toes will thank you.

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