Glerups Vs. Greys: A Comparison of Two Popular Slipper Brands

When it comes to keeping your feet warm and cozy at home, few things beat a nice pair of wool slippers. Two brands that stand out in this category are Glerups and Greys – both are known for their high-quality wool and memorable style.

But with different origins, materials, and fits, which option is better?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare and contrast Glerups and Greys slippers to help you decide which is the right choice for your needs and preferences. We’ll look at key factors like comfort, warmth, durability, style, fit, odor control, care, and value.

Whether you’re looking for a durable indoor/outdoor slipper or want maximum warmth for lounging, this guide has got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Key Differences At A Glance

Before we get into the nitty gritty, here is a high-level overview of how Glerups and Greys stack up:

OriginDenmarkUnited Kingdom
Materials100% natural wool, leather outsolesWool blend, rubber soles
WarmthVery warmWarm
DurabilityDurableVery durable
TractionModerate tractionGood traction
StyleTraditional Danish designModern, trendy colors
FitRuns largeTrue to size
Odor ControlNaturally odor-resistantAdded technologies to reduce odor
CareHand wash onlyMachine washable

Now let’s explore each of these factors in more detail.

Key Differences Between Glerups And Greys Slippers

Glerups Slippers
Glerups Slippers
  • Comfort

When it comes to wool slippers, comfort is king. Both Glerups and Greys aim to pamper your feet, but they achieve this goal in different ways.

Glerups use a single piece of 100% natural wool felt that molds to your feet over time. This creates a custom fit that feels like walking on clouds. The wool interior also regulates temperature and wicks away moisture to prevent overheating.

Underneath, the suede leather sole and insole provide support while still being flexible.

Greys use a merino wool blend interior that feels soft right out of the box. The mix of wool, nylon, and elastic helps the slipper maintain its structure. While not as immediately Customizable as Glerups, Greys offer instant comfort.

The rubber sole has padded insoles for arch support and shock absorption.

When it comes to pure comfort, Glerups edge out Greys thanks to the moldable wool interior. But Greys are no slouch in pampering feet either – the wool blend and padded soles provide plush cushioning. Those looking for arch support may prefer Greys.

  • Warmth

Wool is prized for its natural temperature-regulating properties, keeping feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Both Glerups and Greys leverage wool to deliver cozy warmth, but there are some differences.

Glerups use pure wool, which excels at insulation and moisture wicking. The single piece felt surrounds the feet completely to seal in warmth. The lack of seams also prevents drafts.

Even the suede sole provides a touch of warmth. Many customers report wearing Glerups without socks even in cold weather.

Greys blend wool with nylon and elastic, which compromises some warmth for improved structure and stretch. The slip-on style also has seams at the toe cap which can allow cold air to seep in.

That said, the merino blend still provides excellent warmth for most climates. Socks may be needed for colder environments or outside wear.

For maximum warmth, Glerups are the winner here. The pure wool construction does better at heat retention. But Greys still deliver ample coziness for hanging out around the house.

  • Durability
Greys Slipper
Greys Slipper

To get your money’s worth, wool slippers need to stand the test of time.

How do Glerups and Greys compare when it comes to durability?

Glerups hold up remarkably well considering they are made of wool.

The felted wool molds to feet but still maintains its shape even after years of wear.

The leather soles are quite durable with impressive traction that minimizes slippage inside or outside.

With proper care, many customers wear their Glerups for 5+ years.

Greys may have a slight edge in durability thanks to their rugged rubber soles. The wool blend upper also maintains its structure well. Reinforced seams and heel tabs prevent excessive wear and tear. Users consistently report Greys lasting for multiple years of heavy use.

When properly cared for, both Glerups and Greys have excellent longevity. But if we had to choose a winner, Greys pull ahead slightly thanks to their reinforced construction and rubber soles. Nonetheless, both deliver outstanding durability for the category.

  • Style

Beyond comfort and warmth, a good pair of slippers should also look great. Here’s how Glerups and Greys compare aesthetically:

Glerups have a timeless Danish design that looks tasteful in any setting. They come in an array of classic earth tone colors like grey, brown, and rust. The single piece felt and stitched accents project an artisanal vibe. The minimalist style works well for men or women.

Greys take a more modern approach with contemporary colors like pink, blue, and leopard print. The sleek silhouette has subtle stitching accents and a sporty feel.

This makes them right at home in urban settings and trendy spaces. Those who like flashy footwear may prefer Greys’ eyecatching color palette.

This category comes down purely to personal preference. Glerups’ muted tones and Danish styling have broad appeal. Greys make bolder fashion statement that may appeal more to younger generations.

  • Fit

To get that perfect combination of comfort and warmth, wool slippers need to fit just right. Here’s how Glerups and Greys sizes compare:

Glerups only come in whole sizes that run quite large. It’s recommended to size down 1-2 full sizes from your regular shoe size. This is because the wool will conform to your feet over time for a custom fit.

The break-in period can take weeks as the wool molds and compacts.

Greys run true to size and are available in half sizes. The blend of wool, nylon, and elastic allows them to fit snuggly right away without significant stretching. The right fit can be dialed in immediately.

Those with narrow or wide feet appreciate the inclusion of half sizes.

For those willing to invest the time into a proper break-in, Glerups deliver an unparalleled customized fit. But Greys have broader sizing options and nail the fit immediately out of the box.

  • Odor Control
Greys Outdoor Slipper Boot
Greys Outdoor Slipper Boot

Wool has innate odor resistant properties thanks to its moisture wicking capabilities.

However, any heavily used shoe can build up smells over time.

Here is how Glerups and Greys deal with foot odor:

Glerups rely solely on the natural properties of wool to fight odors.

With proper air circulation when not being worn, they resist smells reasonably well.

But without any added technologies, odors may still develop after months of heavy use.

Freezing the slippers can help refresh them.

Greys augment the wool with anti-microbial treatments to prevent bacteria growth. The lightweight EVA soles allow for excellent breathability. Users report Greys resisting odors even with daily use over multiple years.

For those wanting to maximize odor control, Greys have a clear advantage. The antimicrobial treatments do wonders at minimizing smells. But Glerups’ all-natural approach still performs decently.

  • Care

To make your wool slippers last, proper care is essential. Here are the key differences in cleaning and care:

Glerups must be hand washed only. The wool felt can shrink irreparably if machine washed or dried. It’s recommended to spot clean when needed with cold water and mild detergent.

Allowing them to fully air dry is important to prevent mold. Proper storage in open spaces also helps.

Greys are fully machine washable on cool, delicate settings. Tumble dry low is also acceptable if needed. This makes cleaning and revitalizing them much easier. However, hand washing is still recommended when possible to maximize longevity.

Greys’ machine washability gives them a major advantage for easy care. Glerups require more meticulous hand washing and air drying, which many users may find inconvenient.

  • Value

With slippers hovering around the $100 price point, it’s important to evaluate the overall value:

Glerups retail for $135 and up depending on the style. Considering the premium materials and craftsmanship, this price is quite fair and comparable to other high-end wool options.

The investment pays dividends thanks to years of durability and customized comfort.

Greys start around $85 and go up to $120. The modern styling and machine washability make this an excellent value for the features. While still an investment, the lower price makes Greys accessible to more budgets.

The ability to machine wash them also boosts the value proposition.

When it comes to pure value, Greys provide more bang for your buck – especially when factoring in easy care and modern style. But Glerups are a worthwhile investment for those wanting the absolute pinnacle of customized wool comfort.

Pros and Cons of Glerups And Greys Slippers

To summarize the key points, here are the main pros and cons of each slipper brand:



Glerups Slippers
Glerups Slippers
  • Unparalleled comfort from moldable wool interior
  • Excellent warmth and temperature regulation
  • Traditional Danish styling with broad appeal
  • Durable construction with proper care
  • Natural moisture wicking properties


  • Expensive price tag
  • Break-in period required
  • Wool can shrink if improperly cared for
  • Limited sizing options
  • Odor control relies solely on wool
  • Need to hand wash only



  • Immediate comfort from padded soles
  • Great warmth for most climates
  • Trendy modern colors and styling
  • Extremely durable soles and seams
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Antimicrobial treatments resist odors
  • Competitively priced


  • Wool blend doesn’t mold as ideally
  • Seams may allow cold air in
  • Sizing runs true, not oversized
  • Less temperature regulation than pure wool

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about Glerups and Greys:

Which brand slippers are most comfortable?

Glerups are the most comfortable overall thanks to the moldable 100% wool interior that forms to your feet over time. Greys, however, have excellent padded soles for instant comfort.

Do you wear socks with glerups?

Glerups are designed to be worn without socks. The wool interior molds directly to your bare feet for maximum comfort. Wearing socks fills up interior space and prevents the custom molding.

Can glerups be worn outside?

Glerups are durable enough to wear outside for quick trips or errands thanks to their leather sole. However, they are not waterproof so feet may get wet in rain or snow. Greys offer better traction and water resistance for outdoor use.

Do glerup slippers have arch support?

No, Glerups do not have specific arch support. The flat leather insole, however, molds comfortably to your natural arches over time. Those needing more arch support may prefer the padded insoles of Greys.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to premium wool slippers, both Glerups and Greys have outstanding offerings. Glerups lead in customized comfort with their moldable one-piece wool interior. Greys edge out in easy care and modern styling.

There’s no universally “better” option – it depends on your priorities. For a traditional look with the snuggest natural fit, Glerups are hard to beat. If you want fashion-forward colors and maximum convenience, go with Greys.

Both provide incredible warmth, durability, and comfort for their respective materials and constructions.

Hopefully this breakdown gives you a comprehensive overview of how these popular slipper brands compare. No matter which you choose, your feet are sure to thank you!

Just be sure to properly care for your investment, and they’ll be your loyal companions for years to come.

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