Glerups Vs. Giesswein Slippers For Cozy Feet

When it comes to keeping your feet warm and comfortable at home, few things beat a nice pair of wool slippers. Two top brands known for their quality sheepskin slippers are the Danish company Glerups and the Austrian brand Giesswein.

But with so many cozy slipper options out there, how do you decide between Glerups and Giesswein?

I’ve tested slippers from both brands extensively and compared the pros and cons of Glerups vs Giesswein across a number of factors. Here’s an overview of how the two brands stack up:

A Brief Comparison Table

Sole TypeRubber soleWool felt sole
Wool Type100% natural woolWool and shearling blend
Lining100% natural woolShearling wool
DurabilityVery durableLess durable
Style OptionsFewerMore variety
FitRun largeRun true to size

Now, let’s dive deeper into the specifics on each of these wool slipper brands and how they differ.

Overview of Glerups Slippers

Glerups Slippers

Glerups has been handcrafting slippers and shoes from natural wool in Denmark since 1970. Their slippers feature a simple Scandinavian style with a focus first and foremost on exceptional comfort and warmth.

The wool upper stands out right away—it molds perfectly to your feet and allows lots of airflow. Underneath is a moisture-wicking lining and a durable rubber sole so you can wear them both inside and outdoors. The soles have great traction even in snow or rain.

Every pair takes over 140 production steps to create. The craftsmanship and materials are superb, easily making Glerups the Mercedes-Benz of slippers in terms of quality construction. And they back that with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Some of the pros for Glerups wool slippers include:

  • 100% natural wool upper, lining, and insole
  • Extremely soft yet durable
  • Excellent moisture-wicking abilities
  • Rubber sole for indoor/outdoor wear
  • Made in EU with ethical production standards
  • Outstanding warmth and comfort

In terms of cons, Glerups slippers only come in a few colors and styles. The open back may feel loose for some wearers. And the price tags are definitely on the expensive end, with most pairs over $100.

Overview of Giesswein Slippers

Giesswein is a leading Austrian brand that’s been making wool slippers, shoes, and boots using traditional techniques since 1856. They have a wider range of slipper styles than Glerups, from clogs to boots and full shoe models.

Their Pembroke and Gregor house shoes stand out as favorites. The upper wool has a soft shearling interior and felted multi-colored wool exterior. Instead of rubber, the sole is made entirely of molded wool felt. This makes them extremely lightweight and flexible.

Giesswein has an eye for style with colorful patterned designs. They use a wool and shearling blend sourced from Merino sheep in Australia and New Zealand that wicks moisture and insulates heat effectively. The slippers have a breezy, loose fit that adjusts as you wear them.

In terms of pros:

  • High-quality Merino wool blend upper
  • Comfortable shearling lining
  • Felt sole is super lightweight
  • More style and color options
  • Raw wool production for sustainability
  • Fair trade practices promoted

For cons, the Giesswein slippers tend to run big and may stretch excessively over time.

The wool sole offers less traction than rubber. There are some complaints over durability with seams splitting or the felt sole wearing thin quicker than expected given their price range of $90 to $150 per pair. They also shouldn’t get wet.

Direct Comparison of Glerups And Giesswein Slippers

Giesswein Shoes

Now that we’ve covered the basics on each brand, let’s do a deeper dive into some key factors to consider when choosing between brands and models.

  • Sole Construction

The main difference here is Glerups uses a rubber sole while Giesswein models have an all-wool felt sole. Rubber soles offer more versatility since you can safely wear them outdoors without immediately ruining or staining them. They have better traction too in rain, snow, or ice.

The wool sole is extremely flexible and lightweight in comparison though. So if easy flex and less structure underfoot is your priority, wool has the advantage. I found both options comfortable depending on the situation. Leisurely puttering around the house? Go felt. Quick jaunt to grab the mail? Rubber reigns.

  • Wool Types

This is a matter of personal preference in terms of softness and whether you want multi-tone coloring or a solid shade. Both brands use high-quality wool. Glerups features 100% natural wool inside and out. Giesswein blends merino wool with soft Australian shearling in theirs.

I can’t say one felt markedly softer or warmer during testing. The shearling lining gives Giesswein a fluffy, luxe feel immediately while the Glerups wool conforms to your feet over time. And Glerups now offers patterned styles too.

  • Craftsmanship
Glerups Slippers
Glerups Slippers

For build quality and attention to detail, Glerups is in a league above.

Their slippers still look brand new after a year of heavy rotation. Every pair takes days to handmake.

The wool molds to your feet and they somehow feel like sturdy shoes yet gloves for your soles simultaneously.

Truly outstanding.

Meanwhile, Giesswein uses more automated production.

Most models hold up decently but you may experience loosening seams or wear in the sole after a few seasons. For longevity, Glerups has a clear craftsmanship advantage.

  • Comfort

Here’s the million dollar question: Which brand is more comfortable? In my testing, Glerups won out ever so slightly.

The custom molded shape, quality wool, and exact distribution of weight across the whole footbed make them disappear on your feet.

Giesswein offers excellent comfort too but can have some break-in time until the shearling lining takes full shape.

Both capture that sought-after feeling of standing on clouds though once worn in. You might forget you have slippers on altogether wandering around home.

  • Durability

As covered above, Glerups invests loads of hands-on effort into making slippers stand the test of time. And it shows in everyday use.

The wool upper almost seems to strengthen and tighten pleasantly as it continually adapts to match your footprint.

I found no areas of loosening or bagginess even after extensive wear.

Giesswein makes some fine slippers too but minor issues emerge more frequently. The wool lining may overstretch or seams start to split first. For pure durability and longevity per dollar spent, go with Glerups.

  • Style Variety
Giesswein Wool Slippers
Giesswein Wool Slippers

For a simple, classic Danish look in neutral colors, Glerups fits the bill.

They’ve expanded lately into more patters and colorful options but the selection still feels limited—maybe 8-10 styles total to pick from.

Meanwhile Giesswein carries over two dozen wool slipper designs across various categories.

It almost feels overwhelming deciding between patterns, materials, heights and more. If you value lots of styling choice, Giesswein is the clear winner.

  • Pricing

Expect to spend over $100 for most Glerups and around $100 for Giesswein pairs too. The handcrafted nature of Glerups demands a premium price tag that is hard to stomach for some. But rest assured you are paying for prime materials and workmanship, not just a brand name. For shoppers on a budget, I recommend watching for sales on Giesswein to grab their slippers under $100 when possible. Because pricing often overlaps, let features and comfort dictate more than price alone when choosing.

  • Sizing

Glerups runs quite large based on the last molding process used during production. Nearly everyone needs to size down, especially for closed back styles. I went down a full size and they fit perfectly.

For Giesswein, stick with your regular shoe size in most cases. The wool lining forms to your feet. Those with wider feet might bump up half a size.

FAQ About Sheepskin and Wool Slippers

Do giesswein slippers have arch support?

Many Giesswein slipper styles contain light arch support from the molded wool footbed. However, models like the popular Gregor clog have a totally flat insole without built-in arch support. So check the specifications of each model to confirm. Adding your own orthotic insole can help customize the arch height too.

Is Giesswein a German company?

No, Giesswein was founded in Austria and maintains headquarters there today. Their workshops lie at the foothills of the Austrian Alps. They source wool locally plus from select merino sheep farms across New Zealand and Australia.

What kind of slippers do podiatrists recommend?

Podiatrists typically recommend looking for slippers made of natural materials that breathe, wick moisture away, and have sturdy rubber soles. Features like arch support, toe caps, metatarsal support, and deep heels may also be recommended for certain foot conditions. Both Giesswein and Glerups can make good options that podiatrists would approve of thanks to their high-quality wool construction.

Which brand slippers are most comfortable?

As tested extensively above, Glerups and Giesswein both rank among the most comfortable slipper brands available today. That plush feeling underfoot comes from the premium natural wool used paired with custom molding or shearling lining across each flat. For the best walking comfort however, go with Glerups for the rubber sole. Around the house, I would call it a draw—you really can’t go wrong between these two brands when comparing pure comfort.

The Right Slippers Can Be Life Changing

Whether you choose Glerups or Giesswein for your indoor wool footwear needs, taking good care of your feet starts with choosing natural materials that breathe and provide support.

Slippers get put through a lot of wear and tear too, so durability should factor highly into any buying decision.

Ultimately there is no universally “best” option between Glerups and Giesswein. Both exemplify quality craftsmanship and comfort that your feet will appreciate over countless hours of lazy Sunday mornings or hectic weekday schedules alike.

Identify whether wool type, sole preference, longevity, or style matters most then let that guide your personal choice. Any model you pick from either brand will envelop your feet in cozy warmth for years—just be sure to order the right size!

Have more questions about choosing Glerups, Giesswein or comparing other top slipper brands? Drop a comment below!

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