UGG Scuffette Vs. Coquette Slippers: Which Is Better?

UGG Australia is known for their super soft and cozy sheepskin boots and slippers. Two of their most popular slipper styles are the Scuffette and Coquette. But what’s the difference between these two models, and which one is better?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the UGG Scuffette and Coquette slippers side-by-side, looking at key factors like fit, style, comfort, warmth, durability, and price.

We’ll highlight the pros and cons of each model to help you decide which UGG slipper is the right choice for you.

UGG Slipper Comparison Chart

Before diving into the details, here is a high-level overview comparing the UGG Scuffette and Coquette slippers:

FeatureUGG ScuffetteUGG Coquette
StyleSlide-on slipper with open backSlip-on slipper with enclosed heel
UpperTwinface sheepskinTwinface sheepskin
OutsoleMolded rubber podsTreadlite by UGG pure wool with rubber sole
HeelOpen back heelEnclosed heel
HeightAnkle heightAnkle height
WarmthVery warmVery warm
ComfortMedium softness footbedSoft and plush footbed
Water ResistanceNot waterproofNot waterproof
UseIndoor, outdoorPrimary indoor, can wear outside

As you can see, these slippers share many similarities being made by UGG with twinface sheepskin uppers and pure wool lining. But there are some key differences in terms of style, outsole, and price point. Keep reading for more details!

Detailed Comparison of the UGG Scuffette And Coquette Slippers

Here is an in-depth look at how the UGG Scuffette and Coquette slippers stack up:

  • Style and Design
UGG Women's Scuffette II Slippers
UGG Women’s Scuffette II Slippers

The most noticeable difference between the Scuffette and Coquette is the style and silhouette.

The Scuffette has an open back slide-on design with two elastic gores on the sides for easy on and off access.

This gives it a relaxed, casual look that’s perfect for popping outside quickly.

The Scuffette comes in both solid sheepskin colors as well as fun prints like leopard and plaid.

The Coquette has a more enclosed traditional slipper style with a snug heel cup and decorative bow at the back. There are elastic side gores for stretch, but the Coquette has a more polished, feminine aesthetic.

The Coquette mainly comes in classic neutral sheepskin shades.

For fit, both slippers run true to size but the Coquette fits a little slimmer through the heel while the Scuffette has a more relaxed slide-on fit.

The Coquette is better for narrow or petite feet while the Scuffette will fit medium to wide feet better. Both come in whole sizes only.

If you’ll be wearing your slippers outside frequently, the Scuffette is the way to go. The open back makes it perfect for popping outdoors to grab the mail or let the dog out.

But the Coquette is cuter for indoor lounging and feels more like a traditional slipper with its closed heel.

  • Upper Material

When it comes to uppers, both styles are crafted from UGG’s signature twinface sheepskin that is famously soft and plush.

This quality sheepskin is pre-treated to be water-resistant but neither style is fully waterproof for heavy rain or snow. The uppers will repel light moisture but can get saturated with very wet conditions.

The sheepskin upper material is equally high quality and comfortable on both the Scuffette and Coquette. The Coquette often features decorative touches like a contrast sheepskin collar or bow.

  • Outsoles
UGG Coquette Slippers

Looking at the bottom of these slippers reveals bigger differences in their soles.

The Scuffette is equipped with a molded rubber outsole with traction pods on the forefoot and heel. This makes the Scuffette suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear.

The Coquette has a wool blend outsole made from UGG’s Treadlite wool material. While the wool soles are comfortable and flexible, they provide less traction and durability than the Scuffette’s rubber sole.

The Coquette outsole is ideal for wearing exclusively indoors to maximize the life of the slipper. The Scuffette can better handle pavement and outdoor surfaces while keeping your feet protected.

  • Lining

Inside, both slippers feature a plush genuine shearling wool lining for warmth and comfort. This cozy lining helps wick moisture to keep your feet dry.

The Scuffette has a medium density foam footbed that provides decent arch support. The Coquette is more luxurious with a softer, plusher wool footbed for that walking-on-clouds feeling.

The Coquette footbed compresses down a bit more than the Scuffette over time. But it offers superior cushiness and comfort underfoot.

  • Warmth

With their genuine shearling wool lining, both the Scuffette and Coquette deliver exceptional warmth right out of the box. The wool naturally helps insulate your feet and the moisture-wicking properties keep you comfortable.

The Coquette may provide marginally more warmth thanks to its fully enclosed design. But both function as ultra-cozy slippers for winter wear or year-round use in chilly environments.

Even with the open back, the Scuffette keeps feet remarkably warm indoors thanks to the lush lining.

  • Water Resistance
UGG Women's Scuffette II Slippers
UGG Women’s Scuffette II Slippers

As mentioned earlier, neither of these styles is fully waterproof due to the sheepskin leather upper. When exposed to heavy rain or snow, the leather will become saturated over time.

That said, the sheepskin does provide decent water resistance for light moisture or quickly running outside. The Scuffette’s rubber sole also gives it a leg up in terms of wear in damp conditions.

For full waterproofing, UGG makes a line of waterproof boots better suited for rain and snow. But the Scuffette and Coquette perform fine in dry weather with light moisture exposure.

  • Durability and Wear

For both slippers, the 100% sheepskin leather upper provides decent durability with proper care. This premium leather upper is fairly thick and resilient.

One of the most common complaints about both styles is the sole wearing down relatively quickly with regular use. The rubber Scuffette sole will likely last longer than the wool Coquette sole with outdoor wear.

But due to the soft nature of the soles, expect to replace either style about every 1-2 years with daily use. Using them exclusively indoors or gently hand washing can extend their lifespan. But the soles tend to show signs of wear faster than the uppers.

  • Comfort and Cushioning

In terms of pure comfort underfoot, the Coquette takes the prize with its plush wool footbed. The combination of soft sole and ultra-fluffy lining makes the Coquette like slipping your foot into a cloud.

The Scuffette isn’t far behind, though the denser footbed doesn’t compress quite as easily. But both styles succeed in providing that signature UGG comfort right away.

If you’ll be standing for long periods, the Coquette may make those hours fly by faster! But the Scuffette has decent cushioning as well.

  • Odor Control

The anti-microbial treatment of the wool lining in both pairs helps minimize odor after extended wear. This is a nice benefit compared to synthetic slipper materials that can get quite stinky over time.

Allowing the slippers to fully air out between wears helps keep the wool fresh. Using a sheepskin cleaning spray after heavy use can also combat any lingering scents.

But in general, odor should not be a major issue due to the breathable nature of the real shearling. Just be sure to let your slippers properly dry out before storing.

  • Ease of Cleaning
UGG Coquette Slipper
UGG Coquette Slipper

Both the Scuffette and Coquette feature a pre-treated sheepskin upper designed to repel light dirt and stains.

This makes spot cleaning and light washing at home possible.

It’s recommended to clean them by hand with cold water and let air dry naturally away from direct heat or sunlight.

The wool lining should not get fully submerged or soaked through.

Over time, visible dirt can be gently scrubbed away with a soft brush and sheepskin cleaner.

Neither style is machine washable, so hand washing is best for maintenance.

The Coquette tends to stay cleaner since it’s primarily an indoor slipper. But the maintenance routine is similar for both pairs.

  • Price and Value

The Scuffette is the more affordable choice typically retailing for around $90. Occasionally sales can bring the price closer to $75. At full price, the Scuffette offers a solid value for a genuine UGG sheepskin slipper.

Meanwhile, the Coquette retails for around $110 normally. This places it at the higher end of the price range for UGG slippers. But the plush comfort and feminine silhouette make the Coquette a worthwhile splurge for many.

Considering the premium materials and quality construction, both slippers provide good value at their price points. The Scuffette is the budget-friendly pick while the Coquette is worth the investment for softness and style.

  • Sizing and Fit

Both slippers fit true to size but the Scuffette runs sightly roomier, especially in the heel. If you have narrow feet or want a snugger fit, size down in the Scuffette. The Coquette has a tailored heel and slimmer profile.

Trying both styles on in person can help determine which silhouette and sheepskin footbed feel best. If sizing down, keep in mind the wool will compress and pack out over time so don’t size down more than a half-size in either pair.

While UGG only offers whole sizes, the side gores do allow for some flexibility to accommodate half sizes. Overall, the Coquette accommodates narrow feet better while the Scuffette is ideal for medium to wide feet.

  • Traction

Thanks to the multi-directional tread pattern on the outsole, the Scuffette provides markedly better traction than the Coquette. This makes the Scuffette the safer option if you’ll be wearing your slippers in damp conditions or headed outside.

The Coquette’s wool-blend sole offers minimal traction at best. They are really best-suited for indoor use only to preserve the integrity of the sole over time.

So the Scuffette takes the win for traction, making them the most versatile UGG slipper you can confidently wear indoor and outdoor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can UGG Coquette slippers be worn outside?

UGG does not recommend wearing the Coquette slippers outdoors. The wool blend sole provides traction mainly for indoor use. While you can wear them to run errands or grab the mail, frequent outdoor wear will wear down the soles quicker. The Coquette shines as an indoor-only slipper to maximize longevity.

What is the difference between Scuffette and Scuffette II?

The Scuffette II is the updated version of the original Scuffette. Changes include a strap across the open heel for a more secure fit and decorative grosgrain bows. The Scuffette II also features a mixed-material outsole with added durability in high-wear areas. Aside from minor design tweaks, the overall silhouette and sheepskin construction remain similar.

Are UGG Coquettes indoor or outdoor slippers?

The Coquette is designed as primarily an indoor slipper. The wool sole does not provide enough traction for regular outdoor wear. While you can occasionally wear the Coquette to run quick errands or let the dog out, frequent outdoor use will cause the soles to show signs of wear faster. For indoor relaxation and lounging, the Coquette is the perfect choice. But the Scuffette is better suited for indoor/outdoor versatility.

Does UGG Coquette run small?

The Coquette does run slightly small and narrow, especially in the heel. Those with wide feet may want to consider sizing up. For a good fit, it’s recommended to try the Coquette on in-store if possible. Otherwise, consider ordering a half-size up from your normal size if you have wider feet. But don’t size up more than a half-size since the genuine sheepskin will compress over time. The slim silhouette of the Coquette flatters those with narrow to average width feet.

The Verdict

Based on this in-depth comparison, which UGG slipper ultimately comes out on top – the Scuffette or the Coquette?

For indoor-outdoor versatility and affordability, the Scuffette is the winner overall.

The traction rubber sole, open back, and relaxed fit make the Scuffette the practical choice for popping outdoors while retaining cozy UGG comfort inside.

However, the Coquette can’t be beat for feminine style and plush softness underfoot. If you primarily want an indoor-only slipper to pamper your feet, the Coquette takes the prize.

Those wanting a polished look, cloud-like feel, and narrower fit will adore the Coquette. But the Scuffette is a joy to wear both inside and out.

At the end of the day, choosing between these fantastic UGG slippers comes down to your priorities and how you plan to wear them. Both deliver on warmth, comfort, and quality with minor differences in fit and features.

Hopefully, this detailed comparison helps shed light on all the nuances of UGG’s Scuffette and Coquette slippers. Now the choice is yours – slide into the Scuffette or embrace the cozy Coquette? Whichever you choose, your feet are sure to thank you!

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