Popvil Vs. Cupshe Swimsuits: Which Brand Is Right For You?

As summer approaches, our thoughts turn to spending time poolside or seaside. To fully enjoy those fun summertime activities, you’ll need a great swimsuit. Two popular swimsuit brands for women are Popvil and Cupshe, but is one better than the other?

Let’s compare them head-to-head so you can decide which brand best fits your needs and style.

Swimsuit Comparison Table

Size rangeXS-XLXS-3XL
Styles offeredSexy & stylish mixTrendy & sexy focus
MaterialsMostly nylon / spandex mixNylon / spandex / polyester mix
CompressionMedium compressionLight compression
Support levelMedium supportLight-to-medium support
Coverage levelModerate to cheeky coverageModerate to very cheeky coverage
Number of patterns/colors250+500+
Care instructionsHand wash cold; line dryHand wash cold; line dry
Social responsibilityUnknownBCI cotton program member
Shipping fromChinaChina
Return policy30 days30 days
Average customer rating4/5 stars4/5 stars

As you can see from the table, while Popvil and Cupshe share some similarities, there are also some key differences that may sway you towards one brand over the other. Now let’s dive deeper into the features and benefits of each.

Popvil Swimsuits

Founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, Popvil has become a favorite among beachgoers and poolside loungers for offering a range of stylish mix-and-match bikinis, tankinis, and one-piece swimsuits.

  • Price

Pricewise, Popvil lands in the middle ground with most swimsuits ranging from $30-$60 per piece. The exact cost depends on the fabric and complexity of construction, but overall they provide a decent value for budget-conscious shoppers.

  • Size & Fit
Popvil Swimsuits
Popvil Swimsuits

This brand caters to straight sizes XS to XL.

Their collection offers a nice assortment of sexy silhouettes balanced out by sportier athletic styles.

Most reviewers say their swimsuits tend to run true-to-size in both tops and bottoms.

The level of compression and support falls into the medium range.

So Popvil suits work well for light water activities like paddle boarding or lounging poolside, but may not provide enough control for vigorous laps.

  • Style Selection

With over 250 patterns and colors available, Popvil brings lots of variety. Mixing solids, florals, and tropical motifs, their palette changes each season to stay on-trend. Yet certain classic color combos get carried over year to year as well.

They design multiple swimsuit styles in each print, allowing further customization. As examples, the Flamingo Sisters print shown below comes available as a triangle bikini top paired with either cheeky tie bottoms or ruched bottoms. Or as halter bikini or tankini instead.

  • Fabrics

Most Popvil swimsuits contain a nylon/spandex blend for that flexible stretchy feel. Some collections may incorporate polyester or other eco-friendly fibers too, like regenerated nylon made from fishing nets.

These fabrics are chlorine-resistant and provide decent shape retention against the pull of water. Reviewers comment the colors stay vibrant even after repeated wear and washing.

Yet the overall feel leans more towards fashion than hardcore performance swimwear. So if you’re looking for a competition suit, you may want to keep looking.

  • Care & Durability

To extend their lifespan, Popvil advises handwashing suits in cold water and allowing to line dry instead of machine drying. This helps preserve elasticity.

Following those care instructions, most consumers report getting multiple seasons of wear from their Popvil purchases before signs of pilling, fading, or loosening elastic appear.

  • Social Responsibility

One drawback is the company does not publish any information about ethical manufacturing or sustainable practices. So it’s unknown whether Popvil monitors for fair worker treatment or safe environmental protocols in their supply chain.

Given most apparel production remains in China, shoppers would need to dig deeper with direct inquiries to satisfy any concerns here.

  • Shipping & Returns

Orders over $99 qualify for free standard shipping which takes 10-20 days from Popvil’s fulfillment centers in China. Faster delivery options are available for an added fee.

Popvil allows returns or exchanges within 30 days of original purchase date. You would be responsible for return shipping costs.

The Popvil Difference

  • Trend-focused mix of sexy and athletic styles
  • Medium compression suits with moderate-to-cheeky coverage
  • Collection changes frequently
  • Social responsibility commitments unknown

Cupshe Swimsuits

Founded just a year after Popvil in 2015, Cupshe likewise fills the need for trend-driven and travel-friendly swimwear at wallet-friendly pricing.

Let’s break down Cupshe’s key details below.

  • Price

Without compromising style, Cupshe keeps their entire line exceptionally affordable with most bikinis and one-pieces ranging $15-$30 per piece. Even their most detailed suits with unique hardware or construction rarely exceed $50.

  • Size & Fit
Cupshe Swimsuits
Cupshe Swimsuits

Cupshe impresses with an extended size range that accommodates women XS through 3XL.

Reviewers across the size spectrum praise both the fit and quality relative to low costs.

The overall aesthetic leans playful and flattering.

With razorback cuts, strappy details, plunging necklines, and moderate-to-cheeky bottoms, most Cupshe styles cater to showcasing curves rather than modest coverage.

The lightweight fabrics offer stretch with minimal compression.

Great for tanning and sipping poolside cocktails, but probably not the first pick for athletic aquatics.

  • Style Selection

Staying on top of trends, Cupshe drops new patterns almost daily to keep their lineup fresh. Bikini separates and mix-and-match collections make up the majority of their 500+ options each season.

But you can also always find a selection of tankinis, monokinis, and one-piece suits as well.

Floral, tropical, and animal prints dominate the aesthetic with rich jewel tones for pops of color. Metallics add sparkle while neutral solids provide versatility to pull ensembles together.

  • Fabrics

Like Popvil, Cupshe primarily constructs their suits from nylon/spandex blended fabrics. Some collections may incorporate polyester or recycled materials as well.

Reviewers praise the fabrics for keeping shape and compressive power over multiple wears. Plus the colors retain vibrancy even after frequent washing.

One difference is Cupshe holds OEKO-TEX and BCI certifications for safe dyes plus sustainable cotton harvesting on select capsules. So conscious shoppers can focus purchases towards those ethically-sourced options.

  • Care & Durability

For longevity, Cupshe advises similar cold water hand washing and line drying protocols as Popvil. Following those guidelines can yield several seasons of use before needing replacement.

Some reviewers noticed occasional loose threading on embellished styles. But overall construction seems durable given the bargain pricing.

  • Shipping & Returns
Cupshe Swimsuits
Cupshe Swimsuits

Cupshe provides free standard shipping to the US and many other countries on orders over $49.

Or pay extra fees for expedited delivery as fast as 3-6 days.

Returns need submitted within 30 days for either refund or exchange.

The Cupshe Difference

  • Ultra budget-friendly pricing
  • Extended size range up to 3XL
  • Heavy emphasis on trendy, curve-flaunting styles
  • Social responsibility certifications (on some items)
  • Very fast inventory turnover

Which Brand Should You Choose?

Now that we’ve examined the key attributes of both brands, how do you determine which suits your needs better? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s my budget?

If keeping costs down is priority #1, Cupshe wins hands-down for the affordable fashion they deliver. Popvil provides awesome value too but comes in slightly higher overall.

  • How adventurous is my style?

Cupshe experiments more boldly with daring cutouts, metallic shine, and splashy prints. If you prefer showing off over blending in, Cupshe styles make that easy.

For balance between sexy showstopper and sporty staple, Popvil presents a curated collection of must-haves with adventurous accents.

  • How much support do I need?

If you’ll be chasing kids around the pool or swimming laps for hours, lean towards Popvil’s medium compression suits over Cupshe’s relaxed shapes. The stretch retention lasts better under activity and wet conditions.

For leisurely lounging or light water play only, Cupshe offers plenty of cute picks that fit comfortably without pinching, squeezing or sagging.

  • Do social causes matter in my decision?

For eco-minded shoppers, Cupshe’s certified sustainable fabrics provide some relief. We’d recommend asking both brands more questions about safe environmental practices and fair labor treatment to understand how closely values align.

When information remains vague or hidden, that raises red flags about what may occur behind the scenes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Popvil fast fashion?

No, Popvil does not follow an ultra-fast fashion model with daily inventory shifts like Cupshe and other brands. While they add new styles each season to stay fresh, Popvil focuses more on versatile classics and detail upgrades over extremely trendy pieces that sell out instantly.

Is Cupshe a good swimsuit brand?

Yes, Cupshe receives high marks for providing an immense variety of trend-focused and travel-friendly swimwear at ultra affordable pricing. Reviewers praise both the style selections and quality of construction. Just pay attention to fabric mix and sizing charts when ordering.

Which brand is best for swimming costume?

For swimming laps or water sports, lean towards Popvil’s athletic-inspired silhouettes with a bit more control in stretch retention. The medium compression suits withstand activity better with colors staying vibrant over time.

Which swimsuits last the longest?

Follow the care instructions from each brand, as handwashing and line drying help significantly extend lifespan of any swimsuit. Look for fabrics described as chlorine-resistant, shape retaining, quick drying, or UV protective as those typically resist damage over multiple wears. Checking reviews of specific styles can provide input from real customers on durability as well. With proper maintenance, both Popvil and Cupshe suits can last multiple seasons.

The Verdict

While Cupshe and Popvil both supply stylish, quality-made swimwear at reasonable prices, they differ slightly in target customer.

Overall Cupshe suits the free spirit who values trendiness, comfort, affordability and flexibility in size above all.

Popvil favors the fashionable yet active woman looking for swimsuits with more sporty structure balanced by alluring accents and made to last beyond one season.

Either brand lets you express your unique summer goddess energy. So why compromise? Maybe pick up a few pieces from each to mix and match for endless outfit permutations all season long!

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