Tommy John Vs. SAXX: Which Underwear Brand Is Best For Men?

Underwear. For most men, it’s an afterthought – grab whichever pack is on sale and call it a day. But the right pair can make a big difference in comfort, support, and preventing embarrassment.

The underwear market has exploded in recent years, with brands competing to create the ultimate men’s underwear.

Two of the most popular premium options are Tommy John and SAXX. But which is best?

This comprehensive guide compares the pros, cons, features, and differences between Tommy John and SAXX underwear to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsTommy JohnSAXX
FitTailored and classic fit options. Contoured pouch and legs.Full cut and tailored options. Adaptive BallPark pouch.
FabricLightweight modal or cotton blends. Cooling airflow fabrics.Ultra-soft modal or cotton. Technical fabrics with antimicrobial ions available.
WaistbandStay-put waistband prevents rolling or bunching.Contoured waistband stays in place.
Performance FeaturesHorizontal Quick Draw fly for easy access. Moisture wicking and ventilation.BallPark pouch prevents chafing and sweat. Side vents and anti-odor options.
StyleUnderstated colors and minimalist patterns. Hidden contoured pouch.Vibrant colors and bold prints. Visible BallPark pouch.
Price$25-$30 per pair. Free replacements if unsatisfied.$25-$30 per pair.
Best ForAll day wear. Mature, refined style. Athletic builds.Athletes/active men. Fun patterns. Hot climates. Preventing chafe.

Tommy John Underwear Overview

Founded in 2008, Tommy John prides itself on redesigning men’s underwear from the inside out. Their underwear is focused on innovative fabrics, modern fits, and custom support. Here are some standout features of Tommy John:

Tommy John Underwear
  • Fabrics – Tommy John uses lightweight, breathable fabrics like modal and spandex for maximum comfort. The Cool Cotton and Air blend specifically for optimal temperature control and ventilation.
  • Fit – Tommy John offers both a tailored fit and more relaxed options to suit different body types. The contoured pouch provides extra support.
  • Performance Design – Patented horizontal Quick Draw fly for easy bathroom access. No adjustment needed. Stay-put waistband prevents rolling or bunching.
  • Custom Options – Choose your preferred fabric, length (trunk, boxer brief, or brief), and pack size. Create your own bundles or sets.
  • Warranty – “Best Pair You’ll Ever Wear Or It’s Free” guarantee. One free replacement pair if not completely satisfied.

Overall, Tommy John is a comfortable, customizable underwear option designed for active men. The quick access fly and stay-put waistband make them ideal for sports and activity. And the cooling fabrics help reduce sweat and moisture.

SAXX Underwear Overview

Founded in 2007 in Canada, SAXX prides itself on “ballpark technology” – providing contour support and ventilation for men’s special anatomy. Here are some key features of SAXX underwear:

  • BallPark Pouch – Patented 3D pouch with mesh panels provides breathable contour support. Keeps testicles away from thighs and body.
  • Fabrics – Ultra-soft micro modal or cotton blend. Some technical options like Kinetic+ with moisture wicking silver ions.
  • Fit – Ergonomic and body conforming with no leg bands. Offer both full-cut and tailored options.
  • Performance Design – Angled rear framing seams prevents wedgies. Side vents and bonuses for extra ease.
  • Patterns + Colors – Unique vibrant patterns and color combos, from basic colors to galaxy prints.
  • Features – Anti-odor technology, quick-dry, and temperature regulating options available.

The BallPark pouch is the standout innovation that provides exceptional support and ventilation. Overall, SAXX excels at comfort with fun, eye-catching designs.

Key Differences Between Tommy John And SAXX: Which Underwear

Now let’s compare some key factors head-to-head:

  • Comfort and Feel

For all-day wear, comfort is a top priority.

SAXX Underwear
SAXX Underwear

Tommy John uses ultra-soft, lightweight modal fabric for a barely-there feel.

No pinching, binding, or rubbing irritation from leg bands.

The contoured pouch keeps your anatomy in place without squeezing too tight.

SAXX underwear has a full, loose fit through the legs and rear for comfort.

The BallPark pouch cradles and supports while allowing airflow.

Flat seams and tagless design prevent chafe. The soft micro modal feels silky smooth.

For comfort, it’s a tie. Both Tommy John and SAXX are designed for maximum comfort through innovative pouch support and soft fabrics that feel great against the skin.

  • Fit and Sizing

Underwear needs the right balance of support without feeling too tight.

Tommy John offers both a tailored and classic fit. The tailored has a contoured leg and is held close to the body. The classic fit has more room through the legs and rear. Available waist sizes range from 28” to 46”.

SAXX has options for both a body-conforming tailored fit as well as full cut that’s roomier in the legs and seat. The BallPark pouch adapts to your anatomy. Available in sizes from 28” to 44” waist.

For fit, Tommy John may have an advantage for more athletic builds, while SAXX offers options for bigger guys who need more space. Both cater to a wide range of sizes.

  • Style and Design

Having underwear that matches your personality is the fun part.

Tommy John has a simple, minimalist aesthetic. Solid colors and basic patterns like stripes and polka dots. The contoured pouch is not visible through pants. Overall a refined, mature style.

SAXX has bold colorful designs, from sophisticated classics to galaxy prints and flamingos. The 3D BallPark pouch may show lines under thin pants. More flashy and youthful style.

For style, it depends on your personal taste. SAXX offers more patterns and vibrant options, while Tommy John has a more understated refined look.

  • Performance and Technology

Technical features optimize functionality for active men.

Tommy John has a horizontal Quick Draw fly for fast and easy access. The Cool Cotton and Air fabrics wick moisture and allow ventilation. The waistband stays anchored in place during activity.

SAXX has a BallPark pouch to prevent skin-on-skin contact and chafing. Kinetic and Vibe lines use antimicrobial silver ions to minimize odor. Side vents provide cooling airflow.

Both have quick access fly designs perfect for exercise, sports, or just bathroom breaks. Tommy John seems optimized for all-day wear while SAXX has more athletic-focused tech. For performance, it’s a tie.

  • Price and Value
Tommy John Underwear
Tommy John Underwear

With premium underwear, cost often reflects the quality and materials.

Tommy John starts at $28 for a single pair of trunks, or $25 per pair for packs.

The modal fabric, custom pouch, and stay-put waistband provide excellent value for the price.

SAXX starts at $26 for a single pair or 3-packs for $60-75.

Considering the unique BallPark pouch, bold patterns, and performance tech, they are competitively priced.

Overall for price, both Tommy John and SAXX deliver premium quality and innovations at reasonable prices for high-end underwear. For the features provided, their pricing is justified.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are Saxx competitors?

Some of SAXX’s major competitors in the men’s premium underwear market include: Tommy John, MeUndies, Duluth Trading Company, ExOfficio, Calvin Klein, Pair of Thieves, Mack Weldon, 2UNDR, Hanes Brands, etc. Many of these brands compete by offering innovative fabrics, modern and athletic fits, odor control technologies, and eye-catching designs.

What is so special about Saxx?

SAXX’s standout innovation is the patented BallPark pouch, which provides a unique 3D hammock-shaped pouch to cradle the genitals away from the body. This prevents skin-on-skin contact that can cause discomfort and chafing. The breathable mesh also allows for airflow to keep the area cool and dry.
Other special features include the angled rear-framing to prevent wedgies, bright colorful patterns and designs, stay-put waistbands, and performance fabrics with moisture wicking or antimicrobial properties.

Is SAXX worth it?

For most men who have tried SAXX underwear, it is definitely worth the price. The BallPark pouch lives up to the hype by providing exceptional support and ventilation that keeps you comfortable throughout the day. Men love the relief from chafe and sweaty discomfort they provide.
While the $25-$30 price tag is more than basic cotton underwear, SAXX uses high quality fabrics and innovations you simply won’t find in cheaper pairs. For the comfort and unique benefits, SAXX is worth the investment, especially if you are active or struggle with standard underwear riding up or chafing.

What is the best boxer brief for men?

The “best” boxer brief is highly subjective, as it depends on your body type, style preferences, budget, and intended activities. However, some top options to consider include:
Tommy John – Great for all-day wear and a tailored, refined look.
SAXX – Excellent for sports and preventing skin chafing with the BallPark pouch.
MeUndies – Fun prints and very soft modal fabric. Good for casual daily wear.
ExOfficio – Lightweight and quick-drying material perfect for travel and adventure.
Calvin Klein – A trusted classic brand with great quality cotton/modal blends.
The most important factors are choosing a modern anatomical fit, soft and breathable fabrics, no binding or constriction, and performance features like odor control if needed. Try a few to find your new favorite!

The Verdict

So which brand comes out on top in this Tommy John and SAXX showdown?

For all-day comfort and a refined, mature style, Tommy John is the winner. The lightweight modal fabric and seamless design make you forget you’re wearing them.

But for active guys who want fun patterns and ventilated support, SAXX takes the prize. The BallPark pouch keeps your anatomy feeling fresh during workouts or summer heat.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Both Tommy John and SAXX create high quality, comfortable underwear perfect for modern men on the go. You can’t go wrong with either brand.

Try them both to see which pouch style and fit you prefer. That makes picking your new favorite pair a win-win.

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