YesStyle Vs. Shein: Key Comparison of Asian Fashion Retailers

If you love Asian fashion trends, chances are you’ve come across YesStyle and Shein. These two e-commerce retailers have taken the online shopping world by storm, becoming go-to destinations for stylish and affordable clothing, accessories, and beauty products directly from Asia.

But how exactly do YesStyle and Shein compare? While they may seem similar at first glance, there are some key differences between these two retailers that are good to know about.

This comprehensive guide will break down everything you need to know about YesStyle and Shein – from their histories and reputations to their product ranges, quality, sizing, shipping, and more.

A Brief Comparison Table

HeadquartersHong KongChina
Product RangeClothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, homewareMostly clothing and accessories
BrandsThousands of third-party brandsOwn private label brands
Manufacturing SpeedSlower paceUltra-fast – new items daily
PricingMid-range, frequent sales/promo codesExtremely affordable, always on sale
QualityMixed but tends to be better than SheinVery low, cheap materials
SizingRuns small, size up suggestedRuns extremely small, size up multiple times
ShippingFree worldwide, 10-20 daysFree over $49, 15-20 days
Returns14 days free returns45 days free returns
Mobile ExperienceFunctional but clutteredStreamlined, highly rated
SustainabilityMaking some effortsVery little transparency or initiatives
Popularity10 million users100 million+ users
ReputationOverall positivePlagued by controversies

Now let’s dive into the details…

Product Range & Categories Comparison of YesStyle And Shein


Both YesStyle and Shein market themselves as go-to sites for the latest Asian fashion trends at affordable prices. But when you look closer, there are some differences in their product ranges:

  • Clothing

YesStyle and Shein both offer a wide array of clothing for women, men, and kids. This includes tops, dresses, bottoms, outerwear, swimwear, intimates, and more.

Shein’s clothing selection skews more casual – you’ll find lots of trendy, going-out looks. YesStyle has casual options but also includes more formal and business-casual pieces.

Shein’s catalogue refreshes at an incredibly fast rate, with over 500 new clothing items added daily. YesStyle adds new arrivals more steadily.

  • Shoes & Accessories

You can shop for shoes, bags, jewelry, hats, belts, and more at both retailers. YesStyle has a noticeably wider range of accessories overall compared to Shein. The accessories at YesStyle pull inspiration from across Asia, while Shein’s accessories are largely Chinese-style.

  • Beauty

Both sites offer Korean skincare, cosmetics, hair products, nail products, and more. However, YesStyle has a much larger beauty selection with over 2,000 brands. Shein’s beauty range is quite small in comparison.

  • Home & Lifestyle

YesStyle also delves into lifestyle products with a sizable homeware, stationery, and gifting section. Shein does not sell homewares or gifts.

So in summary, while the core focus is fashion for both, YesStyle covers a broader range of products and categories overall.

Comparison of Brands & Manufacturing

Shein online store

When it comes to brands, YesStyle predominantly carries third-party brands from across Asia. This includes both established and up-and-coming labels from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

Shein, on the other hand, manufactures and distributes its own in-house brands. They produce such massive volumes that there are now over 8000 private label Shein brands churning out new styles daily.

Both companies work directly with manufacturers, avoiding middlemen markup to keep costs down. However, Shein takes it a step further with its sophisticated supply chain that allows hyper-fast production.

By the time a design is created, approved, and manufactured, it can be ready to ship out in as little as 3 days. YesStyle’s supply chain moves at a comparatively slower pace.

Pricing & Sales Comparison

When it comes to pricing, Shein is generally cheaper than YesStyle across all product categories. Here’s an overview:

  • Clothing – Shein clothing starts at just a few dollars for basic tees and goes up to $50 for more elaborate dresses. YesStyle’s clothing pricing is more in the $15-$60 range.
  • Shoes – Shein shoes are mostly in the $15-$40 range. YesStyle footwear is typically $20-$100.
  • Accessories – You can find small accessories and jewelry on Shein starting at $1-$5. YesStyle accessories range from $5 for basic pieces up to $50+ for higher end bags, watches, etc.
  • Beauty – Shein’s beauty selection is pretty limited but very affordable, with most products under $10. YesStyle’s huge beauty offering spans from $5 Korean sheet masks to higher end skincare costing $50+.

Both sites run sales, discounts, and promo codes frequently. Shein is almost always running sitewide discounts like 15% off or 20% off. YesStyle runs both sitewide and category sales, with bigger seasonal blowouts like 30% off site-wide.

So if you’re on a super tight budget, Shein will give you the most bang for your buck. But YesStyle’s regular sales and promos help bridge the price gap somewhat.

Quality & Reviews Comparison

YesStyle online store

When it comes to product quality, YesStyle generally scores higher marks than fast-fashion Shein. Reviews from customers repeatedly mention Shein clothing feeling cheap, being prone to shrinkage, and having questionable durability.

YesStyle products certainly aren’t luxury quality, but they tend to be a slight step up from Shein. Because YesStyle carries many established third-party brands, quality can vary – some shoppers are impressed while others are disappointed.

It’s best to read reviews carefully.

Speaking of reviews, YesStyle has a very thorough, detailed review system that gives you a good sense of sizing and quality before you buy. Shein’s reviews are minimal and only allow for an uploader photo or star rating, so it’s hard to gauge specifics.

Sizing & Fit Comparison

Sizing and fit are the big complaints with both retailers. Since most of the clothing is sized and manufactured in Asia, it’s not uncommon to get items that just don’t fit, even if you order your regular size.

Shein’s sizing in particular runs VERY small. Most reviews advise sizing up 1-3 times. Their size chart is also less detailed compared to YesStyle’s. YesStyle apparel also tends to run small, so sizing up is usually recommended.

Using the customer reviews and size charts is crucial to hopefully get the right fit.

For reference, here’s how the sizing compares approximately:


Shipping & Returns Comparison

Both retailers offer free shipping, with some caveats:

  • YesStyle offers free shipping worldwide with no minimum order value. Shipping usually takes 10-20 days.
  • Shein provides free shipping on orders $49+ to the US and Canada. Other regions have higher thresholds. Shipping takes 15-20 days.

For faster shipping, you’ll pay extra fees at both sites. Shein maxes out at 8-day expedited for $26. YesStyle goes up to 3-day air shipping for a hefty $99.

Returns and exchanges are free at both retailers if used within limited time frames. Shein accepts returns on unworn items within 45 days. YesStyle within 14 days.

So YesStyle edges out Shein slightly when it comes to shipping costs. But Shein is faster at fulfilling orders from purchase date.

Comparison of User Experience

From a user experience standpoint, both sites are easy to navigate with a modern, visual layout showcasing products attractively. YesStyle groups its massive catalogue neatly into intuitive categories and subcategories.

Shein utilizes lots of visual banners/imagery on its homepage to highlight certain products or sales.

Shein’s mobile experience is highly rated, making it easy to browse and purchase on-the-go. YesStyle’s mobile site can feel a bit cluttered with its huge inventory, but still functions well.

One difference is YesStyle has a more international vibe, with support for multiple languages and currencies. Shein is focused on the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Ethics & Sustainability Comparison

Here’s where Shein and YesStyle differ significantly. Shein has come under intense scrutiny for its environmentally harmful ultra-fast fashion model.

Producing such massive volumes of clothing so rapidly inevitably leads to unethical labor practices and enormous textile waste.

While not perfect, YesStyle has made greater efforts towards ethical manufacturing and sustainability. The company audits its supply chain regularly to ensure good conditions, and has partnered with organizations like Redress for developing sustainability initiatives.

Some of YesStyle’s sustainability practices include:

  • Using recycled packaging materials
  • Sourcing eco-friendly raw materials like organic cotton
  • Working with factories that treat wastewater and recycle fabric scraps
  • Launching awareness campaigns to promote conscious consumption

Shein has not been transparent about sustainability efforts. While they claim to be establishing initiatives, concrete results have yet to be seen. For now, Shein remains firmly in the ultra-fast fashion camp with concerning environmental and labor practices.

So YesStyle has an edge when it comes to operating ethically and reducing fashion’s impact on the planet. Those concerned with sustainability would be better off choosing YesStyle over Shein.

Popularity & Reputation Comparison

Both retailers have exploded in popularity in recent years, becoming leading names in global online fashion shopping. Shein in particular has absolutely exploded, surpassing fast fashion giants like Zara and H&M in app downloads.

Here’s a quick snapshot of where they stand:

  • Shein hit 100 million global users in 2022
  • YesStyle hit 10 million users in 2020
  • Shein app downloaded 160 million times from 2018-2022
  • Shein is searching 3 times more than YesStyle on Google

When it comes to reputation, Shein is plagued by accusations of Very unethical business practices, from labor exploitation to environmentally harmful manufacturing. Backlash is growing louder.

YesStyle has a cleaner reputation thus far. Complaints focus more on sizing and fit inconsistencies rather than ethics. Reviews of YesStyle as a company are generally positive.

So while Shein dominates in pure popularity and reach, YesStyle edges out in terms of brand reputation. YesStyle has so far avoided the heavy backlash aimed at Shein’s controversial practices.

Pros and Cons of YesStyle And Shein



  • Wider range of products and brands
  • Slightly higher quality
  • Better sizing information
  • More ethical and sustainable practices
  • International shipping with no minimum
  • Positive brand reputation


  • Runs small, inconsistent sizing
  • Higher prices compared to Shein
  • Slower shipping and order fulfillment



  • Ultra-fast fashion cycle
  • Rock bottom pricing
  • Faster shipping once order placed
  • Super easy mobile experience


  • Very poor sizing, items run extremely small
  • Low quality materials and manufacturing
  • Minimal product info and reviews
  • Major environmental and labor concerns
  • Controversial reputation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is YesStyle similar to Shein?

YesStyle and Shein are similar in that they both sell affordable, Asian-style women’s fashion, mostly made in China. However, YesStyle carries products from thousands of brands and focuses more on Korean fashion. Shein manufactures everything in-house. Shein is also cheaper and faster when it comes to shipping and order fulfillment.

What is better than YesStyle?

For lower prices on trendy Asian fashion, Shein is better than YesStyle. For curated selections of Asian brands and products and more focus on quality and sustainability, retailers like Stylenanda and Stylekorean could be considered better than YesStyle. For non-Asian style fashion, fast fashion brands like Zara offer faster shipping than YesStyle at accessible prices.

Is it good to order from YesStyle?

YesStyle is generally a good place to order from if you want affordable Asian fashion and beauty products. They have a wide selection and offer free shipping with no minimum order. Just keep in mind sizing can be very inconsistent, so read reviews carefully and size up if needed. Check return policies before ordering.

Is YesStyle a fast fashion brand?

YesStyle is not as fast fashion as Shein, but does carry some fast fashion labels in its inventory from China, Korea, and other parts of Asia. However, YesStyle also sells products from many brands that are mid-range and focus on quality over quantity. So YesStyle has some fast fashion but also many non-fast fashion products.

Verdict: Should You Shop YesStyle or Shein?

So which Asian fashion mega-retailer comes out on top – YesStyle or Shein?

For the cheapest possible prices, huge variety, and lightning-fast fulfillment, Shein is hard to beat. It’s the better pick if you want to buy the latest Asian fashion trends on a tight budget.

However, more discerning shoppers would likely prefer YesStyle. The focus on curation over quantity, commitment to sustainability, and brand reputation give it an edge for quality and ethics.

Casual shoppers that don’t mind inconsistent sizing can enjoy both sites. But for online shoppers that value reputable brands, quality materials, and ethical practices, YesStyle emerges as the winner in this battle.

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