Why Is Jomashop So Cheap? A Closer Look At The Retailer

Jomashop is an online retailer that has made a name for itself by selling luxury watches, handbags, sunglasses, fragrances, and other high-end goods at surprisingly affordable prices.

Their consistently low prices compared to other retailers often leave shoppers wondering – how does Jomashop manage to sell luxury items so cheaply?

Upon closer inspection, there are a number of factors that enable Jomashop to offer authentic luxury goods at heavily discounted prices. Understanding these key pillars of their business model reveals how Jomashop is able to pass on such exceptional savings to their customers.

Reasons For Jomashop Being So Inexpensive


This is why it’s so cheap:

  • Jomashop Sells Gray Market Luxury Goods
  • Minimal Brick-and-Mortar Overhead Reduces Expenses
  • Massive Buying Power Means Deeper Wholesale Discounts
  • Lower Profit Margins Relative to Luxury Boutiques
  • Minimal Marketing and Advertising Costs
  • Limited Customer Service Infrastructure
  • Luxury Selection With Some Inventory Limitations
  • Warranty Coverage Varies for Gray Market Items
  • Returns and Exchanges Are Limited
  • Packaging May Be Plain to Save Costs
  • Deep Discounts Come With Minor Trade-offs

Let’s talk about them in detail!

Jomashop Sells Gray Market Luxury Goods

One of the main reasons Jomashop can price luxury goods so low is because many items they sell are gray market products. Gray market refers to goods that are produced by an authorized manufacturer, but are sold outside of the manufacturer’s approved distribution channels.

For example, Rolex produces a certain number of watches each year. They carefully allocate these to authorized dealers and retailers. However, the demand for Rolex far exceeds the limited supply.

This creates an opening for unauthorized dealers to acquire watches through back channels. They then sell them to companies like Jomashop.

Since these gray market watches completely bypass Rolex’s official distribution system, Jomashop is not bound by the manufacturer’s pricing guidelines. This allows them to set their own prices and offer substantial discounts.

Many luxury brands try to deter this type of unauthorized distribution in order to preserve their branding and market positioning. But excess inventory always finds its way to gray market sellers, enabling companies like Jomashop to flourish.

While the term “gray market” may sound sketchy, rest assured Jomashop sells 100% authentic, brand new luxury goods, not counterfeits or used products. The items simply reach Jomashop through unofficial distribution pathways before being resold.

Minimal Brick-and-Mortar Overhead Reduces Expenses

Another factor that enables Jomashop’s discounts is their highly streamlined, online-only business structure. Selling luxury goods typically requires major investments in lavish retail stores, high-rent real estate, on-site staffing, and other brick-and-mortar expenses.

Jomashop has forgone cost-inflating retail stores altogether by operating entirely online. This significantly reduces their overhead costs related to retail space, staffing, utilities, and other expenses needed to run physical storefronts.

Without the financial burden of extravagant physical stores, Jomashop is able to greatly minimize their operating costs. These massive overhead savings can then be directly passed onto the consumer through reduced retail prices.

Massive Buying Power Means Deeper Wholesale Discounts

Jomashop Collection

Over the past decade, Jomashop has grown into one of the largest online discount luxury watch retailers. Their sales volume and buying power gives them tremendous leverage to acquire inventory at substantially reduced wholesale prices.

The company is able to negotiate bargain-bin pricing by purchasing surplus watches and other overstock luxury products in bulk quantities. Brands looking to discretely offload excess inventory offer major discounts to move these products quickly.

Jomashop also benefits from long-standing relationships with distributors who provide access to gray market luxury goods at high volumes and low prices. The more watches and handbags Jomashop buys, the better discounts they can extract from distributors.

This high-volume, low-cost inventory flow ultimately allows Jomashop to sell luxury products online at remarkably lower prices compared to small retailers with less purchasing power.

Lower Profit Margins Relative to Luxury Boutiques

Luxury retailers are notorious for inflating prices significantly above wholesale rates in order to reap large profit margins. Markups of 2-3X the wholesale cost are commonplace. This contributes heavily to the stereotypically high prices across the luxury market.

However, Jomashop flips the script on profit margins for luxury goods. Instead of aiming for large margins on small volumes, Jomashop prefers tiny margins on massive volumes of inventory.

Rather than seek 40-50% profit on each watch, Jomashop likely makes a mere 15-20% margin per item. But by selling high quantities at slim margins, their overall revenue and profitability stays strong.

Keeping profit margins low allows Jomashop to retail luxury goods at prices much closer to wholesale costs. This cost advantage gets transferred directly to shoppers who enjoy luxury products at minimally marked up prices.

Minimal Marketing and Advertising Costs

Luxury brands must spend enormous amounts on advertising, celebrity endorsements, and branding initiatives to maintain their air of exclusivity and prestige. These astronomical marketing budgets result in higher retail costs.

Jomashop takes a very different approach. Since they are not concerned with maintaining a luxury brand image, Jomashop spends virtually nothing on advertising or other conventional marketing tactics.

Their new customer acquisition occurs primarily organically through word-of-mouth referrals and SEO. Avoiding costly marketing and advertising allows Jomashop to retain their advantage of selling luxury goods far cheaper than brand-name retailers.

Limited Customer Service Infrastructure

Providing personalized, white-glove service is integral to the luxury retail experience. But delivering exceptional customer service requires significant investments in staffing, training, and retail infrastructure.

As an online-only store, Jomashop does not provide the same level of high-touch customer service common among premium luxury boutiques. Their limited service capabilities help reduce expenses that would otherwise be passed onto buyers.

Jomashop provides basic phone and online chat support. But beyond that, customers cannot expect special concierge treatment or hand-holding that comes with the territory at luxury retailers.

By limiting customer service, Jomashop reduces their overhead while still providing consumers with access to authentic luxury products at discount pricing. For many buyers, sacrificing top-tier service is worthwhile to enjoy major savings.

Luxury Selection With Some Inventory Limitations

The vast selection of luxury timepieces and other products available at Jomashop provide shoppers with tremendous choices at affordable price points. However, their gray market status does impose some limitations around inventory variability and availability.

Luxury manufacturers carefully control the supply and distribution of their newest or most in-demand products to avoid diluting their brand image. This means Jomashop may lack consistent access to hot new luxury product releases.

Shoppers will also find that some brands are represented better than others within Jomashop’s catalog. The most popular brands like Rolex and Omega tend to have a strong presence. But smaller luxury brands may be absent or have very limited product listings.

Despite these sporadic inventory constraints, Jomashop still grants shoppers access to a wider range of authentic luxury products than nearly any other discount retailer. Monitoring newly added inventory frequently can help buyers take advantage of hard-to-find products appearing in limited quantities.

Warranty Coverage Varies for Gray Market Items


When luxury goods change hands multiple times before reaching the end consumer, warranty coverage can become a bit muddied. This holds true for gray market items purchased through Jomashop.

The manufacturer will typically still honor a factory warranty on gray market products, however warranty restrictions often apply. For example, warranty coverage may only be valid in certain regions or may exclude damage from normal wear-and-tear.

Jomashop provides their own basic 1-2 year warranty on most items. But this is not equivalent to the comprehensive manufacturer coverage obtained through authorized dealers. Understanding these nuanced warranty details is important for buyers.

In most cases, gray market luxury products from Jomashop still carry basic warranty safeguards to protect against defects. But certain exclusions or limits may apply compared to authorized dealer warranties.

Returns and Exchanges Are Limited

Jomashop’s rock-bottom pricing model does not allow much flexibility for customer returns or exchanges. They operate on incredibly tight margins, so accepting returns cuts significantly into potential profit.

For this reason, Jomashop very rarely allows returns or exchanges. Virtually all sales are final. Defective or damaged goods can sometimes be returned after review, but consistently swapping sizes or colors until you find the perfect fit is not an option.

This strict return policy enables Jomashop to keep their overhead low without building in major losses from returns and reverse logistics costs. But it means that customers bear full responsibility for confirming sizing, styling, functionality and other details before placing an order.

Packaging May Be Plain to Save Costs

Unboxing a luxurious gift box with perfectly folded ribbon is part of the thrill of splurging on a high-end item. However, Jomashop often takes a minimalist approach to packaging to reduce expenses whenever possible.

Many orders arrive in generic boxes with basic packaging and none of the opulent extras that luxury brands use to elevate the unboxing experience.

For some buyers who enjoy the small delights of luxury wrapping, the no-frills packaging can dampen the excitement of their new Jomashop purchase. But others find it a perfectly acceptable trade-off to get steep discounts on the actual products.

Just be aware that packaging is one area where Jomashop avoids going above-and-be yond the basics to keep their costs down. The minimal packaging allows them to maintain the all-important discounted pricing that shoppers love.

Deep Discounts Come With Minor Trade-offs

Given the major differences in Jomashop’s business model compared to authorized luxury retailers, it’s only natural that some conveniences get sacrificed in order to offer such deep discounts.

Limited inventory, variable warranties, no returns, and plain packaging represent minor frustrations that Jomashop customers must occasionally endure. But these smart trade-offs are what enable luxury goods to be sold at a fraction of traditional retail prices.

For savvy shoppers fixated on scoring legitimate luxury products at the lowest possible cost, the trade-offs are a small price to pay for deals that are simply unmatched. Jomashop delivers huge savings, even if certain aspects of a high-end shopping experience must be forfeited.

Key Considerations When Buying From Jomashop

Jomashop’s discounted pricing model may not suit all luxury shoppers. Here are some important factors to consider before purchasing:

  • Review warranty details closely since gray market coverage can vary
  • Note that returns or exchanges are only allowed for defective items
  • Expect shipping delays around holidays when order volume spikes
  • Act fast because hot items sell out quick due to limited inventory
  • Inspect orders immediately upon delivery before removing tags
  • Generic packaging is common, so expect a basic unboxing experience
  • Seek guidance if unsure about appropriate sizing for items like watches
  • Be aware of potential import taxes which may be charged for overseas orders

Savvy shoppers who understand Jomashop’s policies and limitations can reap huge rewards. But those expecting a traditional luxury buying experience may be disappointed with aspects like warranty coverage, packaging, or the inability to easily exchange items.

Is Jomashop Right For You?

Jomashop delivers outstanding value for shoppers focused strictly on price. But their limitations around selection, service, and the overall shopping experience may not work for some luxury buyers. Consider whether Jomashop best suits your needs and expectations as a luxury goods shopper.

Best Suited For:

  • Bargain hunters who prioritize price above all else
  • Watch enthusiasts interested in buying multiple timepieces
  • Shoppers comfortable buying online with limited customer service
  • Those who enjoy finding hidden gems and rare deals

May Not Suit:

  • Buyers who expect white glove concierge service
  • Shoppers who want extensive warranty coverage
  • Those seeking the ultimate luxury experience
  • Brand loyalists who only buy from boutiques
  • People buying gifts who expect lavish packaging

The bottom line is that Jomashop provides legitimate luxury goods at prices that simply can’t be matched. For deal seekers who can adapt to some trade-offs in policies and shopping experience, the value is unmatched. But expectations must be set accordingly around limitations.

Jomashop stretches your dollar much further when buying watches, handbags, sunglasses and other luxury products. Just be an informed shopper who understands the nuances of how their discounted model differs from luxury retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Jomashop real or fake?

Jomashop is 100% real and sells authentic products, not fakes or counterfeits. However, many items are considered “gray market” inventory that comes from unauthorized dealer networks, not directly from brands.

How come Jomashop is so cheap?

Jomashop is able to offer low prices by selling gray market inventory, having minimal overhead costs, large buying power, lower profit margins, limited customer service, and a focus on pricing above all else. This discounted model allows them to pass on huge savings to customers.

Is Jomashop second hand?

No, Jomashop does not sell used or second hand products. The items are brand new and authentic. Jomashop acquires inventory through unauthorized distributor networks, then sells it brand new at a discount.

Is it safe to buy a watch from Jomashop?

Yes, Jomashop is a reputable and established retailer selling authentic brand name watches. However, pay close attention to the warranty details, as gray market watch warranties differ. Inspect items upon delivery before removing tags. As long as you know the limitations, Jomashop is safe for luxury watch purchases.

The Verdict on Jomashop for Discount Luxury

For all the ways Jomashop breaks the traditional luxury retail mold through gray market goods, no frills service, and strict policies, they still deliver an unmatched capability to buy legitimate luxury products at dramatically lower prices.

The limitations and trade-offs are abundantly worth it for savvy shoppers laser-focused on price above all else. While the experience differs from a high-end boutique, the core value of getting luxury goods at a fraction of standard pricing remains.

Jomashop provides a luxury buying experience tailored specifically to the needs of bargain shoppers. The deep discounts on watches, handbags and more create a thrill of the hunt for shoppers who enjoy finding hidden gems and extreme deals.

For those overwhelmed with the selection, Jomashop also simplifies luxury buying by bringing together a huge assortment of discounted luxury goods in one place. The curated offerings remove the legwork of having to hunt for deals across the web.

Luxury buying is not one-size-fits-all. Jomashop fills the perfect niche for shoppers who prioritize substantial savings over aspects like concierge service and lavish packaging when making luxury purchases. Their business model cuts the fluff while still delivering the core value of amazing deals on authentic luxury products.

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