Why Are Pikolinos Shoes So Expensive? – A Deeper Insight

Pikolinos shoes range in price from $100 to $250 per pair, considered expensive compared to average footwear. Several key factors contribute to their premium pricing:

  • Use of high quality leathers and materials
  • Handcrafted construction and custom comfort technologies
  • Orthopedic design for foot support and health
  • Ethical production standards and practices
  • Long-standing reputation for Spanish shoemaking excellence
  • Unique styles you can’t find from other brands
  • Providing exceptional customer service and experience

The combination of these value-adding elements helps justify the elevated costs and position Pikolinos as a high-end footwear brand relative to competitors. Read on for an in-depth look at each reason their shoes come at a premium.

Reasons For Pikolinos Shoes Being So Expensive

Pikolinos Berna Shoes
  • Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

The main reason behind the high prices is the superior materials and construction methods used by Pikolinos. Their shoes feature full-grain leathers, suedes, and exotic skins like ostrich that feel luxuriously soft and supple.

Pikolinos leathers are specially treated to be more flexible and reduce break-in time.

The company uses techniques like hand-dyeing and wax finishing for unique styles and detailing. The leather quality is simply in a different league compared to cheaper synthetic materials.

In terms of construction, Pikolinos employs artisan craftsmanship like Blake-stitching and traditional Goodyear welting. Both methods involve stitching the upper directly to the sole for a flexible, natural feel and dramatically increased durability.

The soles themselves tend to be top-quality too, made from durable rubbers or lightweight cork for exceptional comfort. All of this adds up to a level of quality that justifies the higher costs.

  • Custom Comfort Technologies

In addition to premium materials, Pikolinos incorporates numerous comfort technologies into their shoe designs. These custom features improve the fit, support, and feel of the shoes during wear.

For example, their famous gel-cushioned insoles and heel pads absorb impact and relieve pressure for all-day comfort. Flexible anatomical designs and padded collars prevent blisters and chafing.

Some models also have a patented dual-density midsole called PikFoam. This provides remarkable cushioning while still being firm enough for proper foot support.

For those needing extra orthopedic support, there are even Pikolinos designs with removable orthotic insoles. The attention to comfort-enhancing details really makes a noticeable difference.

  • Specialized Construction for Foot Health

Orthopedic-focused construction is another reason for Pikolinos’ higher costs. Their shoes are designed to properly support and align the feet during walking and standing.

Pikolinos York Shoes

Features like arch-hugging curvatures, elevated toe boxes, and pronounced heel cups all help to distribute weight optimally.

This minimizes stress on joints and problem areas like the back, knees, and ankles.

Those with plantar fasciitis and other conditions especially appreciate this.

Some collections like the Pikolinos Madrid line are podiatrist-certified asfoot-friendly.

This medical focus on correct anatomical design requires specialized engineering expertise that doesn’t come cheap. But it provides concrete health benefits that are worth paying extra for.

  • Ethical Production Standards

Pikolinos adheres to higher ethical production standards as well, unlike many budget shoe brands. All their leather and suede comes from tanneries with strict environmental protocols. These materials are by-products of the food industry too.

On the labor side, Pikolinos factories adhere to fair wage policies and safe working conditions. While outsourcing some production to places like India and Vietnam to save costs, they closely monitor their suppliers abroad too.

Their footwear is also RFID chipped for complete transparency and traceability from raw materials to finished product. Ensuring no exploitation occurs at any point in their supply chain means slightly higher costs passed onto the consumer. But many feel it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

  • Brand Credibility & Reputation

As a family-run Spanish company with over 75 years of shoemaking history, Pikolinos enjoys tremendous brand clout. Consumers pay a premium knowing they’re purchasing shoes backed by generations of expertise.

Handcrafting since 1946 has allowed Pikolinos to perfect their leatherworks and designs over decades. Their shoes have graced famous catwalks and feet around the world. That brand legacy and story adds intangible value.

Of course, word-of-mouth praise throughout the years also contributes to consumers’ willingness to pay top dollar. Once you develop a reputation for outstanding quality and comfort, prices can rise accordingly.

  • Unique Style Offerings
Pikolinos Berna Shoes

Having cornered the market on premium Spanish-crafted footwear, Pikolinos enjoys scarce supply and high demand for their products. Doing what no one else does allows them to charge accordingly.

The unique styling offers fashion-forward shoppers distinctive shoes they can’t find elsewhere. Exclusivity and limited production of croco-embossed boots or hand-painted loafers enables top pricing.

Certain flows and detailing you expect from Pikolinos simply don’t exist outside their catalog. So for those desiring that specific aesthetic in top-tier materials, there are no alternatives beyond paying their price.

  • Customer Service Investments

Providing exceptional customer service is central to the Pikolinos brand as well. From meticulous quality control and operability testing before products ship, to seamless returns/exchanges, your satisfaction is their priority.

They also cover shipping and duties for international orders. Investing in this level of customer service requires substantial overhead many companies skimp on. But for Pikolinos, going above and beyond is integral to the customer experience.

Knowing you’ll be taken care of if any issues arise gives you greater confidence to buy at higher price points. You know you’re not just paying for the physical product, but the world-class service behind it too.

In the end, paying $200+ for Pikolinos footwear makes sense considering the calibre of materials, construction, comfort, health benefits, brand reputation, uniqueness, and customer service invested in every pair. While certainly a luxury item, few brands offer such an elevated experience earning their elevated prices.

  • Experience Shopping In-Store

One of the luxuries of the Pikolinos brand is the ability to visit their boutique stores for an exceptional shopping experience. There are over 70 company-owned retail locations around the world where you can explore their collections in person.

You can touch and try on multiple pairs with expertise guidance from store associates. This white-glove treatment creates a memorable experience that feels personal and builds brand loyalty.

The overhead costs associated with operating their own stores globally contributes to pricing.

  • Strategic Market Positioning

As a high-end label, Pikolinos strategically positions itself in the market between affordable brands and true luxury shoes costing $500+. This sweet spot of premium but still somewhat attainable footwear creates strong demand.

With prices high enough to feel special but not exorbitantly out of reach, Pikolinos strikes an ideal balance. This conscious market placement drives desirability and pricing power while still feeling grounded in quality fundamentals, not just luxury markups.

  • Responsible Corporate Values

Consumers today care more about corporate values and want to vote with their wallets. Pikolinos’ commitment to responsible business practices makes their shoes covetable for the ethically minded.

Their member-owned factory in Marikina, Philippines uplifts community livelihoods through fair wages and training programs. The Pablo shoes line donates 10% of profits to provide meals for underprivileged children around the world.

These initiatives and others demonstrate Pikolinos isn’t solely profit-driven, justifying higher spend for conscious shoppers.

  • Celebrity Endorsements & Collaborations

Pikolinos has also tapped into celebrity co-branding and designer collaborations to boost prestige and demand. Partnerships with names like Vivienne Westwood, Alejandro Sanz, and Melissa Odabash create buzz and justify higher pricing through their exclusive appeal.

Having famous fashion figures attached, even in limited capacities, gives Pikolinos shoes greater clout beyond just their inherent quality. These marketing tactics enable increased revenues that underpin higher retail costs.

  • Hand-Crafted Production

While Pikolinos leverages some automated production, every pair still requires skilled hand-crafting for that finishing touch. Master artisans hand-stitch the soles, glue components, add edge dyeing effects, and more to elevate quality and uniqueness.

This meticulous handwork takes more time and care, especially for detailed designs. But the human touch results in subtle irregularities that add character. And it enables custom requests for patrons wanting a bespoke experience worthy of the higher costs.

  • Constant Innovation Pipeline

Rather than growing complacent with their success, Pikolinos continually invests in innovation to improve comfort, materials, sustainability, manufacturing techniques, orthopedic support, and overall consumer experience.

Recent examples include a 100% biodegradable vegan sneaker made from corn waste and algae foam or a sandal containing over 50% recycled content. This constant R&D pipeline improves designs to stay competitive and command premium pricing.

While keeping overhead costs in check compared to larger brands, every Pikolinos pair still carries the implicit value of 75+ years of shoemaking expertise, respect for traditional craftsmanship, and ambition to keep perfecting a formula already regarded among the world’s finest.

For loyal devotees and new customers alike, that compelling foundation makes the elevated prices a worthwhile investment in footwear satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Pikolinos high quality?

Yes, Pikolinos are widely considered among the highest quality Spanish leather shoes available. They use superior leathers, advanced construction methods like Goodyear welting, and premium comfort technologies. The result is excellent durability, support, styling, and luxurious feel.

What country are Pikolinos shoes from?

Pikolinos is a Spanish footwear company founded in 1946 in Elche, Spain. Their shoes are proudly handcrafted in Spain using local materials and labor. This rich heritage and Made in Spain authenticity justify the higher costs for many customers.

Do Pikolinos shoes have good arch support?

Many Pikolinos shoes are designed with excellent anatomical arch support. Features like molded footbeds, dual-density midsoles, and podiatrist-certified elements provide exceptional cushioning and stability for high arches. Those with plantar fasciitis and other conditions especially praise their arch-hugging comfort.

Who owns Pikolinos?

Pikolinos remains family-owned by the third generation descendants of founder Juan Perales Pikolinos who started the company over 75 years ago. Keeping their shoemaking legacy independent and focused on quality over quick profits contributes to the uniqueness and care put into every pair.

Wrapping Up

In summary, Pikolinos patrons know they are paying for far more than just the physical components of the shoes. The premium touches like unrivaled leathers, custom comfort technologies, ethical production, orthopedic construction, and top-tier customer service create a luxury footwear experience unavailable at lower price points.

For those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and comfort, Pikolinos shoes are a smart investment valued accordingly.

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