Modern Gents Vs. BERRICLE Jewelry: For Trendsetting Ring

In the world of jewelry, two brands have emerged as the leaders of the pack when it comes to affordable, high-quality rings: Modern Gents and BERRICLE. Both of these businesses have gained a devoted following for their fashionable, expensive-looking rings that are of great quality and on budget.

In this article, we’ll explore deeply everything you may know about both brands including the pros and cons, and closely look at what makes them unique and how they compare.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureModern GentsBERRICLE
FoundedRecent years (exact date not available)2006
Main StoneLab-created diamonds and gemstonesHigh-quality cubic zirconia (CZ)
Metals UsedRecycled metals (silver, gold, rose gold)Primarily sterling silver
Eco-Friendly/Conflict-FreeYes, uses recycled metals and lab-created stonesNo specific mention of eco-friendly practices
Price RangeAffordableAffordable
VarietyWide selection of designs, metals, and stonesWide selection of designs, primarily in silver
Physical StoresLimited brick-and-mortar presenceOnline-focused with no physical stores
ReputationNewer brand, growing reputationEstablished brand with a solid reputation

Modern Gents: The New Kids on the Block

Because of its emphasis on reasonably priced, fashionable, and environmentally responsible jewelry, Modern Gents, a relatively new business, has grown in popularity swiftly.

They provide a large selection of rings for both sexes, including fashion rings, wedding bands, and engagement rings.

Pros of Modern Gents

Modern Gents Ring
Modern Gents Ring
  • Eco-Friendly and Conflict-Free

One of the main selling points of Modern Gents is its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

All of their products are made from recycled metals and feature lab-created diamonds or gemstones, ensuring that their jewelry is not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly.

  • Affordability

Modern Gents prides itself on offering high-quality rings at accessible prices.

This makes it possible for customers to find stunning pieces without breaking the bank.

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  • Wide Selection

With a vast array of designs, metals, and stones to choose from, there’s a Modern Gents ring for everyone. From classic solitaires to unique, intricate designs, they offer plenty of options to suit any style.

Cons of Modern Gents

  • Limited Brick-and-Mortar Presence

As an online-focused company, Modern Gents has limited physical locations. This means that customers looking to try on rings in person may have a harder time finding a store near them.

  • Newer Brand

Modern Gents is a new company, thus their reputation isn’t as well-established as some other businesses in the sector.

BERRICLE: The Timeless Trendsetters

BERRICLE is a well-established brand known for its high-quality cubic zirconia (CZ) and sterling silver jewelry. They have a variety of jewelry, but their forte is Rings.

From engagement rings to trendy fashion rings to other jewelry like wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, they have it all.


  • Reputation

It has a long history since 2006 and has established a strong reputation for providing fine jewelry at reasonable rates.

Every item they produce demonstrates their meticulous attention to detail and skilled workmanship.

  • High-Quality Cubic Zirconia

BERRICLE is known for using the highest quality CZ stones in their jewelry, ensuring that their rings offer the same sparkle and brilliance as more expensive diamond rings.

  • Variety

Customers may discover the ideal ring for every occasion thanks to BERRICLE’s extensive selection of designs and styles. Their collection includes everything from classic solitaires to more elaborate, intricate designs.


  • Limited Metal Options

While BERRICLE offers a variety of designs, they primarily use sterling silver in their rings. This may be a drawback for customers who prefer gold, platinum, or other metal options.

  • CZ vs. Diamonds

Some customers may prefer the look and feel of genuine diamonds over CZ stones, even if the price difference is significant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Modern Gents have real diamonds?

Modern Gents does not use real diamonds in their rings. Instead, they use artificial diamonds and gemstones, which give the same sparkle and beauty as natural diamonds while being more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

What are modern gents diamonds?

Modern Gents diamonds are lab-created diamonds, otherwise known as synthetic stones. These diamonds are grown under precise conditions in a laboratory that seeks to replicate the extreme environment found deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Lab-born diamonds have equivalent chemical structures, crystalline structures and physical properties of natural ones – making them impossible to tell apart with just one glance.

What companies are like BERRICLE?

Some companies that offer similar products to BERRICLE include:
1. Jeulia: Known for their affordable sterling silver jewelry and unique designs, Jeulia offers a wide range of CZ and lab-created gemstone rings.
2. Swarovski: While Swarovski is best known for their crystal creations, they also offer a selection of high-quality CZ and crystal rings in various designs.
3. Bling Jewelry: This online retailer offers a large selection of CZ and sterling silver rings at affordable prices, with a variety of styles to choose from.

Where is BERRICLE located?

BERRICLE is based in New York, United States. Their products are available for purchase through their website, which ships internationally.

Do men wear engagement rings?

Yes, it is becoming increasingly more common for men to don engagement rings – often referred to as “mangagement” rings. These stylistic pieces can range from traditional diamonds and gemstones to a simple band depending on the individual’s personal preference. Whether or not one chooses to wear an engagement ring may be influenced by culture, social norms and their own particular preferences. So while historically this piece of jewelry has been mostly associated with women, today men are proudly displaying these symbols of commitment just as much!

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The Verdict

Both Modern Gents and BERRICLE have a lot to offer when it comes to stylish, high-quality, and affordable rings.

While there are some differences in their approaches – such as Modern Gents’ focus on lab-created diamonds and eco-friendly materials and BERRICLE’s use of high-quality CZ stones – both brands provide excellent options for those looking to find the perfect ring without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, the choice between Modern Gents and BERRICLE will come down to personal preferences and priorities. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option with lab-created diamonds, Modern Gents may be the better choice.

The BERRICLE brand, on the other hand, may be more to your liking because of its long history and more emphasis on premium-quality cubic zirconia.

In the end, both Modern Gents and BERRICLE offer a fantastic array of rings that cater to various styles, budgets, and preferences. You may buy jewellery from any of these reputable companies with confidence that you will get a stunning, high-quality item that you will cherish forever.

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