Pit Viper 2000s Vs. Originals: A Face-Off For The Ages

Before the dawn of Pit Viper 2000s, the Originals were the trendsetters in the realm of protective eyewear. But, with the advent of the 2000s series, the landscape seems to have shifted. 

This article embarks on a captivating journey, exploring the highs and lows of Pit Viper 2000s and Originals, giving you an edge to make an informed choice.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturePit Viper OriginalsPit Viper 2000s
DesignIconic, ClassicModern, Futuristic
BuildRobustRobust, Advanced
FitCustomizableImproved, Anti-slip Inserts
Advanced FeaturesLimitedYes, includes photochromic lenses
Style VariantsLimitedWide Range
UV ProtectionStandardIncreased

This table succinctly captures the critical differences and similarities between the Pit Viper Originals and 2000s. Armed with this knowledge, you can now choose the perfect pair of Pit Vipers to complement your style and needs!

Pit Viper Originals: The Classics

The Originals hold a special place in the heart of the brand’s loyalists. Their design carries a certain nostalgia that takes us back to the era when they first captured the market. They deliver style without compromising on functionality.

Pit Viper Originals
Pit Viper Originals

Pros of Pit Viper Originals

  • Iconic Design

The Originals boast of a unique and iconic design, solidifying their position as fashion-forward protective eyewear.

  • Robust Build

They are constructed with a sturdy material that can withstand various environmental conditions.

  • Customizable Fit

Adjustable arms and nose pieces ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

Cons of Pit Viper Originals

  • Lack of Advanced Features

Unlike their 2000s counterparts, the Originals lack some advanced functionalities.

  • Limited Variants

The Originals come in fewer color and design options compared to the newer series.

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Pit Viper 2000s
Pit Viper 2000s

Pit Viper 2000s: The Game Changers

In contrast, the Pit Viper 2000s represent the evolution of the brand. These shades push the envelope with advanced features, reflecting the futuristic vision of the company.

Pros of Pit Viper 2000s

  • Innovative Features

The 2000s series takes a step further by introducing light-sensitive photochromic lenses and increased UV protection.

  • Variety in Styles

With a wider range of colors and designs, the 2000s series caters to a broader audience.

  • Improved Comfort

The 2000s series offers an improved fit with added features like anti-slip inserts.

Cons of Pit Viper 2000s

  • Higher Price

The advanced features and enhanced functionality come at a higher cost.

  • Complex Adjustments

With added features, the 2000s may require more time for adjustments to achieve the perfect fit.

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The Verdict

Ultimately, the decision between Pit Viper Originals and 2000s boils down to personal preference and budget. If you appreciate classic design and robust build, Originals are the perfect choice. However, if you’re after cutting-edge features and variety, the 2000s series won’t disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Pit Viper Originals more durable than the 2000s?

Although both models are built to last, the Originals have a reputation for their robust construction.

Do the 2000s offer more UV protection than the Originals?

Yes, the 2000s series introduces advanced UV protection compared to the Originals.

Is the higher price of the 2000s series justified?

This primarily depends on your requirement. If you value the added features and improved comfort, it could justify the higher price.

Which model offers more style options?

The 2000s series offers a wider variety of styles and colors compared to the Originals.

Are the Originals and 2000s unisex?

Yes, both the Originals and the 2000s are designed to be unisex.

Are the adjustments complex for the 2000s series?

The 2000s series may require some time for adjustments due to its added features, but it’s nothing a quick read through the manual can’t fix.

As we conclude our intriguing journey through the domains of Pit Viper Originals and 2000s, we see how both spectacles shine in their unique ways. Whether you gravitate towards the timeless Originals or the advanced 2000s, one thing is certain: both offer a blend of style and protection that is hard to overlook.

To keep up with the brand’s growth, it’s fascinating to witness how Pit Viper maintains the charm of their Originals while pushing boundaries with the 2000s. The brand seems to have encapsulated the past, the present, and the future in two distinct models. No matter where your allegiance lies, in the realm of protective eyewear, Pit Viper holds a strong foothold.

Remember, the right pair of Pit Vipers is not just about the style or features, but how well they resonate with your personality and lifestyle. Be it the Pit Viper Originals or the 2000s, each has the power to define your look while offering paramount protection. Let your choice reflect your spirit and embrace the experience that comes with it.


The timeless appeal of the Originals or the innovative panache of the 2000s – whatever be your preference, it’s the Pit Viper quality that binds them together. Let this face-off be your guiding light as you step into the fascinating world of Pit Viper shades. Embrace the style, live the protection, and most importantly, enjoy the ride! 

After all, it’s not just about protective eyewear; it’s about making a statement. So, go ahead, make yours with Pit Viper, where style meets protection!

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