Proper Cloth Vs. Suitsupply Suits: A Comprehensive Review

In the bustling world of men’s fashion, two names stand out when it comes to well-tailored, stylish suits: Proper Cloth and Suitsupply.

This article aims to dissect and compare these two giants, providing you with an in-depth analysis of Proper Cloth and Suitsupply suits.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureProper ClothSuitsupply
CustomizationExtensive customization options, with the ability to tailor nearly every aspect of the suit.Limited customization options, primarily concerning size and fit.
RangeSpecializes in a more curated selection of styles, emphasizing quality over quantity.Offers a wide variety of styles and fabrics to suit different tastes and occasions.
PricingPricing can be high due to the custom nature of the suits.Pricing is more standardized and typically lower, depending on the chosen line and style.
AccessibilityMostly online, with showrooms in select locations.Extensive network of physical stores globally and a user-friendly online platform.
ManufacturingSuits are primarily made in the United States.Suits are made in China and Europe.
Wait TimeLonger due to the custom tailoring process.Typically shorter as suits are pre-made.
Customer ServiceExcellent digital customer service.Good in-store service, but some inconsistencies with online customer service.
Women’s LineNot available at the moment.Yes, through Suistudio, the female equivalent to Suitsupply.

The Lowdown on Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth Suit
Proper Cloth Suit

Proper Cloth, a renowned name in the custom shirt industry, has extended its wings into the realm of suits, and boy, have they made an impression!

For those of you who prize individuality and customizability, Proper Cloth is a name you’ll want to remember.

Pros of Proper Cloth Suits

  • Customizability: At Proper Cloth, every detail, from fabric choice to pocket style, is in your hands. They also offer a broad range of sizes, perfect for those who struggle to find a suit that fits just right.
  • Quality: The craftsmanship of Proper Cloth suits is outstanding. They feature premium materials, well-structured design, and intricate detailing that highlight the meticulous attention to detail.

Cons of Proper Cloth Suits

  • Price: Customizability comes at a cost. Proper Cloth suits can be a bit pricey compared to off-the-rack options.
  • Wait Time: Given the customization, prepare yourself for a waiting period before your suit arrives.

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Diving Into Suitsupply

On the other side of the ring, we have Suitsupply – a brand that has successfully established a global presence. Suitsupply combines modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship to produce eye-catching suits.

Pros of Suitsupply Suits

  • Variety: Whether you’re looking for a timeless black suit or something more adventurous, Suitsupply has got you covered.
  • Accessibility: With physical stores scattered worldwide and an efficient online shop, Suitsupply is easily accessible.

Cons of Suitsupply Suits

  • Fit: Suitsupply offers a range of standard sizes, but if you’re not a perfect fit into these categories, you may need further adjustments.
  • Inconsistent Online Experience: While the brand’s physical stores offer excellent service, some customers have noted inconsistencies when purchasing online.

Main Differences Between Proper Cloth and Suitsupply

When you’re deciding between Proper Cloth and Suitsupply, understanding their main differences can help you make an informed choice. Here, we break down those differences in detail.

  • Customization: Where Proper Cloth Shines

One of the defining features of Proper Cloth is its extensive customization options. From fabric, lining, lapel style to button stance and pocket style, you can design your suit from scratch to fit your personal style and measurements.

The digital design interface allows you to see your choices come to life, making the selection process easy and enjoyable. This level of customization is truly unique to Proper Cloth and a big part of its appeal.

  • Accessibility and Range: Suitsupply’s Forte
Suitsupply Suit
Suitsupply Suit

Suitsupply’s strength lies in its accessibility and range.

With physical stores across the globe and a user-friendly website, buying a suit from Suitsupply is a seamless experience.

In addition to its accessibility, Suitsupply offers a vast array of suits to choose from.

You can find suits for every occasion, whether it’s for work, a wedding, or a casual event.

Their designs reflect modern trends while still honoring the classic elements of suit design.

  • Pricing Structure

Proper Cloth and Suitsupply also differ significantly in their pricing structures. With Proper Cloth, you pay for customization. The more personal touches and higher quality fabrics you add, the more the price increases.

In contrast, Suitsupply has a more straightforward pricing model, with set prices for their different lines and styles. While customization will incur additional costs, the initial price tag is typically lower than that of a customized Proper Cloth suit.

  • Customer Experience

Finally, the customer experience differs between these two brands. Proper Cloth’s business model is mostly online, and while they offer excellent digital customer service, the experience is more self-directed.

On the other hand, Suitsupply offers in-person service at their stores. You can touch the fabrics, try on different sizes and styles, and get personal styling advice, making it a more interactive experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Proper Cloth made in China?

No, Proper Cloth is not made in China. The company prides itself on its global network of premium fabric suppliers and skilled tailors, with manufacturing facilities located in the United States and Malaysia.

Where are Proper Cloth suits made?

Proper Cloth suits are primarily made in the United States. They source fabrics from some of the most esteemed mills globally, but the crafting and tailoring happen in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

Are Suitsupply suits made in China?

Not all Suitsupply suits are made in China. Suitsupply sources their fabrics mainly from Italy and completes the manufacturing process in both China and Europe.

What is the women’s equivalent to Suitsupply?

SuitSupply launched a women’s line called Suistudio in 2017. Similar to the men’s line, Suistudio offers high-quality, well-designed suits for women, positioning it as the female equivalent to Suitsupply.

Wrapping Up

Deciding between Proper Cloth and Suitsupply is no easy feat. Both offer quality products and unique selling propositions.

So, whether you choose a suit from Proper Cloth, with its unmatched customization, or go with the variety and accessibility of Suitsupply, you’ll be making a statement in the boardroom or at the bar. In the world of suits, you are indeed spoilt for choice!

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