Snuggie Vs. Oodie: The Battle of The Blanket Hoodies

When it comes to staying cozy at home, two blanket hoodies stand out from the crowd – the Snuggie and the Oodie. Both are oversized, wearable blankets with sleeves, but they have some key differences that consumers should understand before making a purchase.

This comprehensive guide will compare and contrast the Snuggie and Oodie in terms of design, materials, sizing, features, warmth, and price to help you decide which option is right for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

SleevesLoose, open cuffsFitted, ribbed cuffs
Fabric100% polyester fleeceFlannel + Sherpa lining
PocketsNoneKangaroo pouch
HoodPart of blanketSeparate
SizingOne sizeXS – XXL

Design and Materials Comparison of Snuggie And Oodie

The overall design and materials of the Snuggie and Oodie have some distinct differences that impact their look, feel, and functionality.

  • Shape and Drape
Snuggie Blanket Hoodies
Snuggie Blanket Hoodies

The Snuggie features a classic blanket silhouette – essentially a big rectangle with sleeves. It drapes loosely over the body. The sleeves are set fairly low, leaving extra fabric to bunch around the waist.

The Oodie uses a more tailored cut for a closer fit.

It has a curved hem that hugs the bottom, rather than hanging straight down.

The sleeves are set higher for a more natural fit.

This shape provides a more put-together, robe-like look compared to the Snuggie’s casual drape.

  • Sleeve Style

Both products have long, oversized sleeves for maximum comfort and coverage. The Oodie sleeves are more fitted, while the Snuggie sleeves drape loosely.

The Snuggie sleeves are open at the ends, while the Oodie features elastic ribbed cuffs at the wrist. This helps the Oodie sleeves stay in place better when moving your arms.

  • Fabric

The original Snuggie uses mid-weight fleece fabric made from 100% polyester. It has a soft, plush feel. The fleece has some natural stretch and give.

The Oodie is made from flannel on the outside with warm sherpa fleece lining the inside. This double layer construction makes it extra thick and insulating. The flannel exterior is breathable and smooth while the sherpa interior mimics soft lambswool. The Oodie fabric contains a spandex blend for stretch.

Many customers feel the Oodie has a more upscale, high-quality feel compared to the basic fleece Snuggie.

  • Length

When properly sized, the Snuggie hits around mid-calf on most people. The Oodie is a bit longer, with an ankle-grazing hem. The Oodie’s extra length helps seal in body heat better.

  • Pockets

One advantage of the Oodie is that it has large kangaroo pockets on the front. The Snuggie does not have any pockets. The Oodie’s pockets are big enough to hold essentials like phones, remotes, snacks, and more. Easy access to pockets is a useful feature.

  • Hood
Oodie Blanket Hoodie
Oodie Blanket Hoodie

Both models come with an oversized hood for added warmth.

The Snuggie hood is part of the same piece of fleece as the rest of the blanket.

Users pull it over their heads for extra insulation.

The Oodie has a separate hood attached at the back with a ribbed band.

You can flip the hood up to cover the head when needed.

The Oodie’s hood is also designed to fit looser around the head and resist falling back, while the Snuggie hood tends to hug the head more closely.

Sizing Comparison of Snuggie And Oodie

The sizing and fit of these two blanket hoodies differ quite a bit. The Snuggie comes in one universal size meant to fit most people. The Oodie offers a wider range of sizes for a more customized fit.

Snuggie Sizing

The Snuggie is 54 inches wide x 72 inches long. It’s designed to drape over an adult body ranging from about 4’2″ to 6′ in height.

Smaller or larger people may find the one-size-fits-all Snuggie too big or too small. Excess fabric can feel overwhelming for petite wearers. Taller users might find the sleeves and hem length too short.

Oodie Sizing

The Oodie comes in six sizes:

  • Extra Small (fits below 5’0″)
  • Small (fits 5’0″ – 5’3″)
  • Medium (fits 5’3″ – 5’7″)
  • Large (fits 5’7″ – 6’1″)
  • Extra Large (fits 6’1″ – 6’7″)
  • Extra Extra Large (fits above 6’7″)

With multiple sizes, it’s easier to get an Oodie with sleeves and a hem length proportional to your height. The fitted shape and ribbed cuffs help contain excess fabric for each body size as well.

In general, the Oodie offers a more tailored fit for short and tall people who may not be served well by the Snuggie’s universal one-size design.

Warmth Comparison

Wearable blankets promise superior warmth by surrounding you in soft fabric. But which option truly delivers on the maximum coziness factor?

  • Snuggie Warmth
Snuggie Blanket Hoodies
Snuggie Blanket Hoodies

The plush polyester fleece of the Snuggie provides effective insulation.

The roomy fit with extra fabric allows you to wrap yourself up fully.

However, the open sleeve ends and thigh-length hem can allow cold air to sneak in.

The loose shape is also prone to gapping in the front, letting warmth escape.

  • Oodie Warmth

The Oodie’s combo of flannel and sherpa fleece lining makes it extra thick, trapping body heat effectively. The ribbed cuffs prevent heat loss through the sleeves. The ankle-length hem better seals in warmth. The hood adds another layer to hold in heat around the head and neck.

Overall, the Oodie’s snugger fit, dual fabric layers, and additional features like a hood and long hem make it superior at retaining warmth.

Features and Extras of of Snuggie And Oodie

Beyond design and warmth, a few other extra features set the Snuggie and Oodie apart:

  • Color Options

The Snuggie is available in a wide range of solid colors and patterns. The Oodie comes in fewer colors, but the options are on-trend, like sage green, coral pink, and navy blue.

  • Machine Washable

Both items can be machine washed and dried for easy care.

  • Price

The Snuggie retails between $10-$30 depending on the retailer.

The Oodie ranges from $84 for a kids size up to $129 for an adult XXL.

The Oodie’s higher price point reflects its thicker double-layer construction and trendy styling. For budget-conscious buyers, the Snuggie is more affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between comfy hoodie and snuggie?

The main difference is that a Snuggie is designed to be worn backwards like a robe, with the opening in the back, while a comfy hoodie is a regular front-opening sweatshirt. The Snuggie also has sleeves cut in one piece with the blanket body for a very loose, roomy fit. A comfy hoodie has fitted sleeves and hems for a more tailored look. A Snuggie is positioned as a wearable blanket while a comfy hoodie is more of a conventional garment.

Who are the competitors of Oodie?

Some top competitors and alternative brands to Oodie include:
1. The Comfy: Very similar oversized hoodie blanket made from sherpa and microfiber.
2. Lazy One: Offers fun printed hooded blankets.
3. Selk’bag: Wearable sleeping bag style blankets.
4. Comfy Originals: Another brand making hoodie blankets.
5. BlanQuil: Heavyweight quilted blanket hoodie.
6. Cozy Earth: Bamboo viscose hoodies.
7. Calia by Carrie Underwood: Patterned blankets with sleeves.

What is the difference between Snuddie and Oodie?

The Snuddie is a low cost alternative to the Oodie that is similar in design. The main differences are:
1. Materials: The Snuddie uses brushed polyester while the Oodie uses sherpa and flannel. The Oodie tends to be thicker and warmer.
2. Construction: The Oodie is better made with more structure while the Snuddie drapes looser.
3. Hood: The Oodie has a roomier hood for better coverage.
4. Cuffs: The Oodie has ribbed cuffs to seal in warmth while the Snuddie has open sleeves.
5. Price: The Snuddie costs around $25 while the Oodie starts around $80.
Overall, the Oodie has an edge in terms of quality, construction, and materials compared to the budget Snuddie. But for the price, the Snuddie can be a decent lower cost substitute.

Is Oodie the warmest?

The Oodie is one of the warmest wearable blankets due to its plush sherpa and flannel lining, ribbed cuffs, and oversized hood. But there are comparable competitors when it comes to insulation:
1. The Comfy boasts deep sherpa material for similar warmth to the Oodie.
2. Selk’bags are made for outdoor use so they can be extremely warm and weather resistant.
3. BlanQuils use thick quilted construction that may surpass an Oodie for heat retention.
4. Some premium materials like alpaca wool or cashmere could potentially be warmer than an Oodie depending on layering and construction.
While Oodie is exceptionally warm for its blend of fabrics and cosy style, a few competitor products may edge it out when it comes to true insulation power. But the Oodie remains top-tier in terms of balancing comfort, design and warmth.

Wrapping Up

When choosing between the Snuggie and the Oodie, consider your budget, sizing needs, and preferences for design and warmth.

The Oodie’s superior insulation, trendy colors, and fitted silhouette justify its higher price for many customers. The oversized hood, roomy kangaroo pocket, and ribbed cuffs offer great functionality. With extra sizes, it can provide a better slim or tall fit.

The Snuggie delivers an affordable, casual, universally sized wearable blanket. For the lower price point, the Snuggie can be a great budget-friendly alternative to the Oodie. The soft fleece and familiar cut have nostalgic appeal. Open sleeves allow for quick arm mobility.

In the battle of the blankets, both the Snuggie and the Oodie have their pros and cons. The model you choose depends on your priorities. Seek out the Oodie if you want a thick, plush, fitted hoodie with extra features like pockets. Opt for the Snuggie for affordability and laidback comfort.

Whichever you choose, both allow you to stay cozy at home while remaining active, representing a novel advancement for loungewear.

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