Comfy Original Vs. Comfy Dream: Which Blanket Hoodie Is Better?

The Comfy and the Comfy Dream blanket hoodies have become incredibly popular ever since their debut on Shark Tank. With their oversized, ultra plush fabrics and hoodie design, they offer superior comfort and warmth compared to regular blankets.

But which Comfy blanket hoodie is right for you – the original or the Dream version?

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureComfy OriginalComfy Dream
FabricUltra-soft microfiber outside, sherpa fleece liningUltra-soft microfiber outside, thicker sherpa fleece lining
WarmthWarmer for mild tempsWarmer for cold temps
SleevesRibbed cuffs, regular lengthRibbed cuffs, extended length
PocketsTwo large pocketsNo pockets
HoodExtended hood for more coverageShorter hood
FitAvailable in S/M and L/XLOne size fits all

Key Differences Between Comfy Original And Comfy Dream Blanket Hoodie

  • Comfort
Comfy Original
Comfy Original

When it comes to comfort, both the original Comfy and Comfy Dream deliver.

They share the same ultra-soft and plush microfiber outer shell that feels great against the skin.

However, the Comfy Dream ups the ante with its thicker, plusher sherpa lining that makes it feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud.

The oversized one-size-fits-all design envelops you from head to toe in a blanket hoodie that’s perfect for curling up on the couch.

While the original Comfy offers great comfort from its soft fabrics, the Dream version is ultimately more plush, luxurious and cozy.

  • Warmth

If you live in a colder climate or want to use your blanket hoodie outdoors, the Comfy Dream is undoubtedly warmer. Its thicker sherpa lining does a better job conserving body heat to keep you toasty.

The Comfy Original is a mid-weight blanket hoodie that provides warmth in offices, air conditioned environments and milder temperatures.

But when it comes to true winter-worthy warmth, the Comfy Dream is the clear winner. Its cocoon-like silhouette locks in heat better thanks to the floor-length oversized design and thick cushy lining.

  • Sleeve Design

Both options will keep your arms warm with their long, cozy sleeves outfitted with ribbed cuffs. However the Comfy Dream features slightly longer sleeves for more coverage and protection against drafts.

The sleeves on the original Comfy hit around mid-forearm which may leave wrists more exposed. If you want ultimate sleeve coverage, the extra long sleeves on the Dream Comfy are preferable.

But both provide great arm warmth overall.

  • Pockets

One of the signature features of the original Comfy is its two oversized front pockets, ideal for keeping hands warm or stashing snacks, phones and remotes. Unfortunately, the Comfy Dream does not include these useful pockets. If pockets are a priority, the original Comfy is the way to go.

But some people prefer the smoother, uninterrupted look of the pocket-less Comfy Dream. Just keep in mind you’ll have to find another way to keep your hands cozy and stash necessities if you opt for the Dream version.

  • Hood Design
Comfy Dream Blanket Hoodie
Comfy Dream Blanket Hoodie

The hoods differ slightly on the two blankets hoodies.

The original Comfy features an extra roomy hood that extends further down to cover the neck for additional warmth.

The Comfy Dream’s hood is styled more like a standard hoodie that fits closer to the head without the extended coverage.

If you want the ultimate warm cocoon for your head and neck, go for the original.

But the Comfy Dream’s hood still gets the job done for head warmth.

  • Length

One of the biggest differences is the length. The aptly named “Dream” version is meant to truly cocoon you from head to toe in plush fabric. At 52 inches long, it pools on the floor around you when standing.

Meanwhile, the original Comfy hits around mid-calf or right above the ankles on most adults. The Dream is better at fully enveloping you from the chin down. But the slightly shorter original can be easier to walk around in and manage.

  • Fit

Due to its longer, plus-sized silhouette, the Comfy Dream only comes in a one-size-fits-all style. This can be great for enveloping people of all shapes and sizes in its oversized comfort.

However, the original Comfy offers a bit more tailored fit with Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large sizing. If you want a roomier, true blanket-style fit, the Dream Comfy is best.

But for a more adjustable hoodie-like fit, the original in sized options may be preferable.

  • Price

When it comes to price, the original Comfy definitely wins at just $44.99 (and often discounted). The ultra-plush Comfy Dream version retails for $54.99, a $10 premium.

They are both great values for the quality and comfort. But if budget is the priority, the more affordable original model is likely the best pick. For serious plushness and warmth, the Dream is worth the upgrade.

Now that we’ve done a detailed comparison, let’s recap the key differences:

  • The Comfy Original is more affordably priced, offers better fit with sizing, includes handy pockets and an extended neck hood for superior value and utility.
  • The Comfy Dream features ultra-thick sherpa, floor-length cut and oversized one-size-fit for maximum comfort and warmth. It’s the ultimate blanket hoodie for curling up indoors.

Both are incredibly popular and highly rated for good reason – they are comfortable, stylish and fun to wear. The original Comfy works well year-round thanks to its lightweight warmth and accessories like pockets.

But for maximum hygge-factor, the ultra-plush Comfy Dream might just be our winter dream blanket for serious warmth. At the end of the day, choosing between the the original Comfy and Comfy Dream comes down to your specific needs and preferences.

Do you want something affordable and versatile with handy pockets?

Go for the original. Are you willing to pay more for that cloud-like, enveloping warmth? The Dream is made for you. You really can’t go wrong with either of these popular Shark Tank sensations.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to relax and lounge in total comfort thanks to the soft, high-quality materials. They are perfect for working at home, unwinding after a long day, or keeping cozy in chilly environments. And they add a touch of fun and flair to ordinary loungewear.

If you’re stuck deciding between the two, think about when and where you plan to use your wearable blanket most. If it’s for casual everyday use in moderate temperatures, the affordable original makes a great choice. But if you want the ultimate cold weather cocooning experience, spring for the ultra-plush Dream version. You’ll be happy staying toasty in your very own personalized nest.

Adding a wearable blanket hoodie like the Comfy or Comfy Dream to your life is a great way to treat yourself to extra comfort and warmth. Whichever style you choose, wearing it makes any activity instantly more relaxing and fun.

Instead of reaching for a regular blanket that can slip and slide, just put on your cozy hoodie blanket for the kind of warmth and softness that will make you smile.

They are great for keeping comfortable in your home office during work, unwinding in the evenings watching TV, camping out on the couch with a good book, or just finding much-needed stress relief after a long day.

Here are some of the top ways to enjoy your Comfy:

Comfy Original Blanket Hoodie
Comfy Original Blanket Hoodie
  • Working from home on chilly mornings
  • Lounging with a movie or tv show
  • Reading a book or playing video games
  • Making crafts and art projects
  • Snuggling up with pets
  • Staying cozy while recovering from an illness
  • Camping out by the fireplace
  • Tree trimming and holiday celebrations
  • Sleepovers and movie nights
  • Traveling on airplanes, trains, road trips
  • Attending outdoor events like sports games
  • Blocking out light and distractions for naps
  • Curling up in bed for extra warmth

As you can see, having a Comfy of your own unlocks so many possibilities for comfort, fun and relaxation either on your own or sharing with friends and family. It’s the ideal item for indulging in guilt-free rest and leisure – you deserve it!

Pros And Cons of Comfy Original And Comfy Dream Blanket Hoodie

Now that we’ve looked at the key similarities and differences, let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of each blanket hoodie.

Comfy Original Pros

  • More affordable price point
  • Available in sizes for better fit
  • Extended hood keeps head and neck extra warm
  • Two large, convenient pockets
  • Ideal for lounging and moderate climates

Comfy Original Cons

  • Less thick and plush than Dream version
  • Not as oversized and enveloping
  • Only mid-calf length
  • Not ideal for very cold temperatures

Comfy Dream Pros

  • Super thick, ultra plush sherpa lining
  • Extra long for more coverage
  • Oversized one size fits all
  • Great for cold weather and winter
  • More stylish, fashionable oversized silhouette

Comfy Dream Cons

  • More expensive
  • No pockets
  • Hood doesn’t cover neck
  • Can be too big and long for some people

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Comfy Original or Comfy Dream better?

It depends on your priorities. For maximum value, versatility and utility, the Original is best. But for ultimate plushness and warmth, splurge on the Comfy Dream.

What’s the difference between a Comfy and a snuggie?

The Comfy features a more stylish oversized hoodie design while the Snuggie has sleeves but no hood. The Comfy is also made from luxe ultra-soft microfibers rather than fleece.

What is the original Comfy Shark Tank?

The Original Comfy blanket sweatshirt with pockets was created by brothers Brian and Michael Speciale. It first appeared on Shark Tank in season 9 in 2017 and got an investment from Barbara Corcoran.

How did Comfy do after Shark Tank?

The Comfy was a breakout success after its Shark Tank debut with over $1 million in sales in the first month. It remains a top selling As Seen on TV and internet product with seasonal releases.

Wrapping UP

The Comfy Original and Comfy Dream both offer ultra-soft, comfortable fabrics to relax in. The main differences are that the Original is more affordable, offers pockets and sizing, while the Dream is plus-sized for maximum warmth.

The Original works well year-round thanks to its lighter weight and versatility. The thick, oversized Dream is ideal for curling up in colder weather.

Whichever blanket hoodie you choose, it’s sure to become your new favorite way to lounge and unwind in total comfort! The Comfy allows you to wrap yourself in softness and warmth anywhere.

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