The Face-Off: Supply Vs. Leaf Razor – Which One Shaves Better?

In the world of traditional shaving, two brands have carved a niche for themselves – Supply and Leaf. But when it comes to choosing the best tool for the perfect shave, which one comes out on top?

Let’s dive into the nuanced world of Supply and Leaf razors and uncover the pros and cons of each.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureSupply RazorLeaf Razor
DesignSolid, weighty build with minimalist aestheticSlim, modern design with pivot-head
Shaving MechanismSingle blade with three adjustable settingsMulti-blade (up to three) with pivoting head
Blade Changing SystemInjector-style blade systemManual loading of one, two, or three blades
MaterialStainless steelAll-metal, plastic-free
Eco-friendlinessSingle-blade reduces waste, durable constructionPlastic-free design, reuses double-edge blades
Learning CurveMay be steep for safety razor newbiesEasier transition for cartridge razor users
PriceHigher price pointMore affordable, depending on the model
Rust ResistanceHigh rust resistanceHigh rust resistance (minor issues reported on blade tray)

Introducing Supply Razor

Supply razors are unique beasts in the shaving universe. These single-blade razors take inspiration from the old school safety razors but marry this ethos with modern design and convenience.

Notably, the Supply Single Edge 2.0 is one of their most popular models.

  • Pros of Supply Razor
Supply SE Razor
Supply SE Razor

The Supply razor is lauded for its solid build quality.

This beast is crafted from stainless steel, giving it durability and heft.

The substantial weight gives it a premium feel and also aids in a smoother shave.

Supply’s three-setting customizable blade exposure also offers an unrivaled personalized shave, catering to sensitive skin and tougher stubble alike.

Additionally, the injector-style blade system provides a safer and more convenient blade changing mechanism.

  • Cons of Supply Razor

On the downside, some users find the Supply razor’s learning curve slightly steep, particularly for those new to safety razors. The razor’s heft, while advantageous in many respects, might be challenging for users with smaller hands or those preferring a lighter razor.

Lastly, while durable and long-lasting, the Supply razors come at a relatively higher price point than other safety razors in the market.

Introducing Leaf Razor

Leaf razors, on the other hand, have a completely different take on the traditional safety razor. The most celebrated offering from the Leaf stable is the Leaf Razor, known for its unique multi-blade pivoting head design.

  • Pros of Leaf Razor

The Leaf Razor’s pivotal selling point is its pivot head, which moves with the contours of the face, resulting in a close and comfortable shave.

Unlike traditional safety razors, the Leaf Razor supports up to three blades, a feature that mimics the functionality of cartridge razors without the unnecessary waste.

This unique approach of the Leaf Razor makes it an excellent choice for those transitioning from cartridge razors. Plus, it’s eco-friendly with its all-metal, plastic-free design, making it a darling for environmentally conscious shavers.

  • Cons of Leaf Razor

The primary concern with Leaf razors is the possible complexity in blade changing, especially with three blades involved. While the razor body is rust-resistant, users have reported occasional rusting on the blade tray.

Moreover, some people argue that the multi-blade design can cause increased skin irritation compared to single-blade razors.

Key Differences Between Supply and Leaf Razors

Understanding the key differences between Supply and Leaf razors can go a long way in helping you make an informed decision. Here, we delve into the distinguishing factors that set these two apart.

  • Design Aesthetics
Leaf Razor
Leaf Razor

Supply and Leaf razors differ greatly in their design approach.

Supply razor, specifically the Single Edge 2.0 model, emulates the classic safety razor with its solid, weighty build and single-blade system.

Its sleek, minimalist aesthetic is favored by traditionalists.

On the contrary, Leaf Razor offers a modern spin on the safety razor, with a unique multi-blade, pivot-head design.

It features a robust yet slim handle, a contoured head, and the ability to hold up to three blades.

The overall aesthetic is contemporary, offering a different kind of appeal.

  • Shaving Mechanism

Another key difference lies in the shaving mechanism. Supply Razor relies on a single blade to provide a clean, close shave. It offers three different settings to control blade exposure, allowing you to customize the shave aggressiveness based on your skin type and facial hair.

The Leaf Razor, with its pivoting head and multi-blade system, takes a different path. It aims to replicate the close shave of cartridge razors while maintaining eco-friendliness.

The pivoting head moves with the contours of your face, ensuring a comfortable and close shave.

  • Blade Changing System

When it comes to changing blades, both razors offer a different experience. Supply uses an injector-style blade system, where a new blade is injected while the old one is ejected. This mechanism is safer and easier compared to traditional double-edged razors.

Leaf Razor, with its multi-blade system, can be slightly more complicated. You will need to load one, two, or three blades manually depending on your preference, which can be a bit fiddly compared to Supply’s injector system.

  • Environmental Consideration

Both razors promote eco-friendly shaving, but they approach it differently. Supply’s focus on single-blade shaving reduces waste from multiple blades, while the durable stainless steel construction ensures the razor lasts for years.

Leaf takes it a step further by eliminating plastic entirely from their design. The multi-blade system uses double-edge blades snapped in half, thereby reducing waste from cartridge blades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Leaf or Twig Razor better?

The Leaf and Twig are both excellent products from Leaf Shave, but they serve different purposes. The Leaf Razor, with its three-blade system, is designed for a closer shave, while the Twig is best for precision work, such as edging and shaving tighter areas.

How long do Supply Razor blades last?

A Supply razor blade usually lasts for 5-7 shaves, although this may vary based on your beard thickness and frequency of shaving.

Does the Leaf Razor rust?

While the Leaf Razor body is made of rust-resistant material, some users have reported rusting on the blade tray. To prevent this, it is recommended to dry it off after each use.

Who owns Leaf razor?

Leaf Shave is a privately owned company founded by Adam Simone and Adam Hahn in 2016.

Final Thoughts

Both Supply and Leaf razors offer unique advantages in the shaving market.

Supply razors appeal to those who appreciate the single-blade, adjustable approach reminiscent of traditional safety razors, while Leaf razors cater to those who enjoy the multi-blade, pivot-head design offering a close shave akin to cartridge razors but in an eco-friendly package.

In the end, it’s about personal preference and shaving habits. Either way, both brands are champions in promoting a sustainable, waste-free shaving culture, and you can’t go wrong with either.

Happy shaving!

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