Zebra G-750 Refill Alternatives: A Comprehensive Overview

The Zebra G-750 is a popular retractable gel pen that is known for its smooth, skip-free writing. It features a durable stainless steel tip and uses Zebra’s patented Smooth Writing ink that dries quickly.

While the G-750 itself is refillable, replacing the refills can get expensive over time. Fortunately, there are a number of great alternatives that will fit the Zebra G-750 while costing less.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the leading options to consider when you need to refill your Zebra pen.

Alternatives To Zebra G-750 Refill

Here is a list of those alternatives:

  • Zebra JLV11 Refill
  • Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 Hybrid Refill
  • Monteverde Soft Roll Refill
  • Pentel EnerGel XM Refill
  • Pilot G2 Gel Refill
  • Parker QuinkFlow Gel Refill
  • Uni SXR-600 Gel Pen Refill
  • Zebra Sarasa Gel Pen Refills

Let’s talk about them in detail.

Zebra JLV11 Refill

The JLV11 is Zebra’s own brand of refill designed specifically for the G-750. It replaces Zebra’s older JF style refill and represents an upgrade in performance. Here are the key details on the JLV11:

  • Comes in 3 tip sizes – 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1.0mm
  • Formulated for smooth, skip-free writing
  • Quick drying ink
  • Long-lasting tip
  • Tube design prevents leaks
  • Easy pop-in, pop-out installation
  • Refill comes with spring attached

The JLV11 refills are a great option if you want to stick with Zebra’s own ink formula. The tip sizes allow you to maintain the same line width or experiment with bolder or finer writing.

The quick drying ink and leak-resistant design make it a very user-friendly option. On the downside, the JLV11 refills tend to cost a bit more than third party options. But for those who want consistency with the original Zebra refill, the JLV11 is a top choice.

Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 Hybrid Refill

The Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 has become one of the most popular third party rollerball refills thanks to its super smooth writing performance. The Hybrid ink version combines the best qualities of gel and rollerball ink. Here are the key benefits:

Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 Hybrid Refill
  • Ultra smooth ink flow
  • Vibrant, gel-like ink colors
  • Quick drying time
  • Skipping reduced by lubricated rollerball tip
  • Long-lasting D1 style refill
  • Easy to insert into G750 barrel
  • Available in multiple tip sizes (0.5mm, 0.7mm)

The EasyFlow 9000 Hybrid refill is excellent if you want an upgrade in writing performance over the original Zebra refill. The silky smoothness rivals premium gel pens thanks to Schmidt’s proprietary ink formulation.

It also delivers noticeably bolder, more vivid ink colors compared to the Zebra brand. The only potential downside is the higher cost per refill, but for many, the enhanced writing experience is well worth it.

Monteverde Soft Roll Refill

Monteverde’s Soft Roll refills offer a top-tier gel ink formula while fitting perfectly into the Zebra G-750. Here are the key benefits:

  • Proprietary gel ink recipe
  • Extremely smooth writing
  • Virtually no skipping
  • Quick dry time
  • Long-lasting I-Gel D1 refill size
  • Fits Zebra G-750 with ease
  • 0.7mm tip size for versatile everyday writing
  • Affordable price per refill

The Monteverde Soft Roll checks all the boxes if you want a smooth, rich gel ink without the higher price of the Schmidt refill. Reviewers consistently praise the Monteverde gel formula for its vibrant colors and cushiony feel during writing.

The leak-resistant design also prevents any messes inside your pen barrel. For those seeking an affordable upgrade from their Zebra OEM refill, the Soft Roll is an excellent choice.

Pentel EnerGel XM Refill

Pentel’s EnerGel ink has earned a following of loyal fans for its ultra-smooth gel formula. The XM line of refills offers excellent performance in the Zebra G750:

  • Proprietary silky smooth gel ink
  • Vivid, saturated ink colors
  • Quick 1-second dry time
  • Virtually skip-free writing
  • Long-lasting D1 gel refill
  • Easy drop-in fit into Zebra barrel
  • 0.7mm needle point tip
  • Affordable price point

With its needle-fine tip, the EnerGel XM lays down extremely fine, consistent lines. The ink itself has an almost liquid-like consistency for a velvety smooth feel. Pentel also optimized the ink chemistry to eliminate frustrating skipping.

If you want a top performing gel ink at a very affordable price, the EnerGel XM is an excellent option for the Zebra G750.

Pilot G2 Gel Refill

The Pilot G2 is one of the world’s most popular and top-selling gel pens, and for good reason. The gel ink refills will work nicely in the Zebra G750:

  • World renowned smooth gel ink
  • Vivid color tones
  • Quick drying time
  • Very affordable
  • Reliable quality from a top brand
  • Long-lasting D1 style refill
  • 0.7mm tip good for most writing tasks
  • Easy drop-in installation

As Pilot’s #1 selling pen, the G2 refill benefits from decades of ink chemistry research and refinement by the Japanese pen giant. The oil-based gel ink flows with a smoothness Pilot is known for.

It may not be quite as velvety as the Pentel EnerGel, but Pilot fans will appreciate its recognizable cushiony feel. If keeping costs down is a priority, the Pilot G2 refills are tough to beat.

Parker QuinkFlow Gel Refill

Parker’s Quink line of gel ink has also emerged as a great option for the Zebra G750:

  • Smooth writing proprietary gel ink
  • Skipping-free flow
  • Fast drying time
  • Vibrant, consistent colors
  • Durable tip
  • Economical D1 refill size
  • 0.7mm versatile line width
  • Easy installation into Zebra barrel

The Parker brand may be better known for luxury ballpoints, but their QuinkFlow gel formula performs admirably in the Zebra pen.

The zirconia-coated ball tip is exceptionally durable and designed for skipping-free writing. If you enjoy Parker’s distinctive gel ink but want to use it in the G750 barrel, the QuinkFlow refills are an excellent match.

Uni SXR-600 Gel Pen Refill

Japanese stationery brand Uni makes the popular SXR-600 gel pens, and the refills will also work perfectly in the Zebra G750. Features include:

  • Smooth-writing gel ink
  • Quick-drying
  • Vivid tones
  • Skip-free performance
  • Metal tip for durability
  • Leak-resistant design
  • 0.7mm line width
  • Economical price per refill

The SXR-600 fills are a great option for those who like the smooth gel formula Uni is known for. The gel is thick but not overly viscous, giving it a controlled, consistent flow. For a basic gel ink that gets the job done, the Uni SXR-600 is a reliable and affordable choice.

Zebra Sarasa Gel Pen Refills

While Zebra doesn’t make a Sarasa refill specifically for the G750, you can purchase the refills sold for the Zebra Sarasa Clip gel pens. They will fit into the G750 barrel with ease. Pros include:

  • Zebra’s famously smooth gel ink
  • Quick drying time
  • Vivid, opaque colors
  • 0.7mm needle point tip
  • Metal tip resists wear
  • Reasonably priced
  • Reliable quality control

The Sarasa gel ink is a dye-based formula that produces rich, opaque color tones. As a Zebra brand it also offers trusted consistency in flow and drying time. For Zebra loyalists who want to use Sarasa ink in a G750 body, picking up the clip refills is a simple solution.

Other Options To Consider

Beyond the major brands above, there are a few other options that will work well:

  • OHTO Flash Dry Gel Refill – Features quick drying ink and durable tip. Smooth writing performance.
  • Monteverde Capless Gel Refill – Skip-free gel ink and retractable tip. Convenient twist design.
  • Schmidt 888 Porous Point Refill – Unique free-flowing porous tip for smooth writing.
  • Ohto Ceramic Rollerball Refill – Borrows ceramic rollerball technology for slick ink flow.

Trying out a variety of brands allows you to experience the different ink formulas each has perfected. And with widely available D1 refills, it is easy to switch between options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you get refills for zebra pens?

Yes, Zebra makes their own OEM refills such as the JLV11 that are designed for models like the G750. There are also many compatible third party refills available from top brands like Schmidt, Pentel, Pilot and more.

How do you refill a zebra pen?

Refilling a Zebra pen like the G750 is very easy. Simply pull the plunger out of the back of the barrel, which will draw out the old refill. Drop in the new refill until it clicks into place, then push the plunger back on. Make sure the refill tip extends beyond the barrel.

Is zebra sarasa clip refillable?

The Zebra Sarasa Clip gel pens themselves are not designed to be refilled. However, you can purchase replacement Sarasa gel refills and use them in other compatible pens like the Zebra G750. Just make sure to get the 0.7mm tip Sarasa refills.

The Takeaway

The Zebra G-750 is a great retractable pen, but replacing the refills repeatedly can take a toll on your wallet. With so many quality gel ink options available in the same D1 size, you can enjoy significant cost savings without sacrificing performance.

Brands like Schmidt, Pentel EnerGel, and Monteverde offer excellent writing quality at a more affordable price point. Trying different brands also lets you experience a variety of smooth gel ink formulas.

So don’t be afraid to experiment and find your favorite!

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