Calzuro Vs. Crocs: An In-Depth Comparison of Top Clog Brands

Clogs have made a major comeback in footwear fashion recently. Known for their comfort and ease to slip on, clog styles from brands like Calzuro and Crocs have surged in popularity across demographics.

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose between these two top clog brands?

This comprehensive guide will analyze key differences between Calzuro and Crocs. We’ll dive into the materials, styling, sizing, breathability, customization, price points, and more to help you decide which brand’s clogs are the best fit for your needs and preferences.

Read on for the complete clog brand breakdown.

A Brief Comparison Table

StyleClassic clog design with a more streamlined and tapered silhouetteSignature chunky clog style
MaterialsProprietary, matte plastic material called CalzgelCroslite foam resin material
Comfort FeaturesAnatomically molded footbeds, massage nubsContoured footbeds, massage nubs
VentilationVentilation ports on sidesSignature ventilation ports on tops
TractionNon-slip solesNon-slip soles
CustomizationSome printed designs availableExtensive customization options with charms and prints
Made inItalyChina

Materials Comparison

Calzuro Classic Clogs
Calzuro Classic Clogs

One of the biggest differences between Calzuro and Crocs lies in the materials used to construct their iconic clogs.

  • Calzuro

Calzuro clogs are made from a proprietary plastic compound called Calzgel developed and patented by the company in Italy. Calzgel is composed of polyurethane resins that make it soft, flexible, and breathable. It is free of phthalates and BPA as well.

Calzuro touts Calzgel as an innovative material that is ultra lightweight, comfortable, durable, and odor resistant. It is crafted to provide arch support and grip the foot gently without pain points.

Calzgel has anti-bacterial properties to prevent germs and odors from accumulating. Many customers praise the comfort and foot-cradling feel of Calzuro’s Calzgel clogs.

  • Crocs

Crocs clogs are constructed using Croslite foam resin. Croslite is a closed cell resin that makes the clogs soft, lightweight, non-marking, and odor resistant. The buoyant material conforms to the shape of the foot and includes heel strap pods for a secure fit.


The main benefits of Croslite are its featherlight feel and cushioning comfort.

Drawbacks are that it can hold heat on hot days, take on odors over time, and show wear more quickly than rubber materials.

The holes dotted across Crocs clogs also allow dirt and debris to collect inside.

But overall, customers find Croslite foam to be extremely comfortable for all-day wear.

When it comes to materials, Calzuro’s Calzgel has an edge for providing lasting comfort without heat retention or odor issues. But Crocs remain fantastically lightweight and easy on the feet.

Comparing the Styles and Silhouettes

Beyond materials, Calzuro and Crocs clogs have very different style aesthetics and silhouettes.

  • Calzuro

Calzuro clogs have a more refined, tapered, and foot-hugging silhouette. Their clogs blend the comfort of a slipper with a stable, contoured base. The shape is slimmed through the toe box and heel with subtle massaging nubs along the footbed. Ventilation ports line the sides rather than the top.

Standard Calzuro clogs run the gambit from minimalist sandal-like styles to covered toes and heels. Prints and patterns give some added flair but overall, the look stays streamlined. For those wanting something dressier, Calzuro offers clog boots and heeled options.

The tapered Italian-crafted shape gives Calzuro clogs a slimmer, more sophisticated look than chunky Crocs. The covered toe styles are handsome enough to wear to the office or out to dinner in some contexts.

  • Crocs

If Calzuro has a sleek Italian sports car silhouette, Crocs have the boxy, playful vibe of a VW Beetle. With its signature chunky shape, pronounced treads, and dot matrix ventilation ports, Crocs clogs have an unmistakable look.

The roomy round-toed design provides ample space for the foot to spread out. The heel strap aids security while still allowing for easy slip on wear. From solid colors to swirling prints and Jibbitz charms, Crocs embrace personalization and fun.

Crocs clogs may not be elegant, but their instantly recognizable style has its own quirky charm. The variety of patterns and add-on decorations allow people to show their personalities. For better or worse, Crocs clogs command attention.

For shoppers wanting a more refined clog, Calzuro is the clear choice. But those who prioritize self-expression and playful style will prefer the Crocs aesthetic.

Comparing Comfort Features

Both Calzuro and Crocs build comfort into the structure of their clogs to cradle and support feet throughout long days of wear. Here’s how their comfort features compare:


Calzuro Clogs
Calzuro Clogs
  • Anatomically molded EVA footbeds contour to each foot’s shape
  • Arch support and heel cups stabilize and cushion the foot
  • Nubs along footbed provide acupressure-like micro-massage
  • Breathable side ventilation ports help airflow to keep feet drier
  • Textured, non-slip outsoles grip surfaces
  • Low-friction materials prevent friction, blisters, and calluses
  • Made from odor-resistant Calzgel to prevent smells


  • Proprietary Croslite foam conforms to the foot for cushioning
  • Textured, non-slip outsoles provide traction
  • Contoured orthotic footbeds with heel support
  • Nubs massage the bottom of feet as you walk
  • Ventilation ports across the tops allow air circulation
  • Heel strap provides security while still being easy to slip on
  • Water friendly materials shed moisture easily

Both brands configure their clogs to cradle feet comfortably all day. Crocs have the edge for slip-on convenience while Calzuro’s vent placement may reduce sweat better. Overall, the comfort features are comparable using each company’s proprietary materials.

Sizing and Fit Comparison

How Calzuro and Crocs clogs fit on the foot also differs significantly between the brands.

  • Calzuro

With their tapered silhouette, Calzuro clogs fit more narrowly through the toe box than Crocs. They have a snugger contouring to the foot rather than the boxy Crocs shape.

This makes Calzuro clogs better suited for those with narrow to average width feet. However, some customers complain the tapered toe feels restrictive and can pinch after prolonged wear.

Calzuro’s clogs run true to size but the restricted toe box limits sizing up much. Overall, the slim Italian styling suits narrow feet best.

  • Crocs

Crocs have a noticeably wider, more spacious toe box than Calzuro clogs. They are designed to accommodate wider feet comfortably without squeeze points.

The roomy fit allows feet to spread out and move uninhibited. But it can be a downside for those with narrower feet, as Crocs may slip off while walking without sizing down.

Most find Crocs run large and recommend sizing down half to a full size. The loose fit won’t pinch but it can feel awkwardly roomy on narrower feet. The strap also helps lock the heel in place.

For those with wide feet or who dislike constricting shoes, Crocs are a great pick. But Calzuro’s sculpted fit suits slimmer feet better.

Clog Customization and Personalization

Another area where Crocs pulls ahead is customization and personalization options.

  • Calzuro

Beyond some limited edition printed designs, Calzuro clogs come in standard solid colorways. They do not offer any charms, accessories, or other ways to customize the look.

This fits the Calzuro aesthetic of simple, clean designs. But those wanting to add flair to express themselves are out of luck.

  • Crocs

One of Crocs’ biggest draws is the ability to customize your clogs with Jibbitz charms. These snap-in decorations let you accessorize your Crocs any way you like.

Mix and match charms to match your personality and interests. Choose from an ever-growing array of characters, shapes, symbols, animals, foods, hobbies, jobs, and more. Swap out charms for different occasions any time.

Crocs also frequently debut special edition prints and patterns you won’t find anywhere else. Collaborations with other brands like KFC and Peeps offer quirky limited chance customization as well.

Crocs are the clear winner when it comes to personalization and one-of-a-kind looks. Calzuro has not embraced that.

Comparing Breathability

With both brands making non-breathable plastic clogs, ventilation is provided through holes and ports along the shoes. Here is how ventilation in Calzuro and Crocs stacks up:

  • Calzuro
Calzuro Clogs
Calzuro Clogs

Rather than placing holes across the top of the shoe, Calzuro opted to put ventilation ports along the outer sides.

Two oval shaped ports on each side allow airflow across the foot.

This provides breathability without compromising coverage on top to keep out debris.

However, sweat can accumulate more easily without ventilation directly over the toes.

But the anti-odor Calzgel and solid design limits odor issues.

  • Crocs

Crocs have ventilation ports dotted all over the top and sides of their clogs. This allows maximum airflow but also lets in water, sand, dirt, and more that some find annoying.

The holes do help significantly with keeping feet cooler and drier on hot days. However, sweat and odors can be harder to combat since there is less material coverage.

For ventilation, Crocs win out but the tradeoff is letting in unwanted elements. Calzuro’s side vents don’t provide as much circulation but do maintain coverage.

Price Point Comparison

There is a more affordable option and a pricier pick between Calzuro and Crocs clogs.

  • Calzuro

Being made in Italy from proprietary materials, Calzuro clogs come with a higher price tag than Crocs. Standard models typically retail between $50-80. More fashion-forward shapes and collaborations go up to $100-150.

While expensive for plastic clogs, the quality materials and Italian craftsmanship justify the pricing for many loyal Calzuro wearers. Discounts can be found buying direct from Calzuro online or during sales periods to make them more attainable.

  • Crocs

Part of what made Crocs clogs so revolutionary was their affordable pricing. Classic Crocs clogs can readily be found for $20-50 making them an approachable option for the whole family.

While limited edition or fur lined models may go higher, standard Crocs remain an incredibly budget friendly choice. Fans love being able to collect multiple pairs to mix and match.

For shoppers where price is the deciding factor, Crocs deliver excellent value. But Calzuro provide exceptional quality clogs that validate the higher cost.

Which Clog Brand Is Better?

Crocs Shoes
Crocs Shoes

Reaching the end of this comprehensive comparison, is there a clear winner between Calzuro and Crocs clogs? Let’s summarize the key findings:

Calzuro Pros

  • Sleek, tapered Italian styling
  • Made from odor-resistant Calzgel
  • Better suited to narrow feet
  • Can work for professional settings
  • Quality craftsmanship and materials

Calzuro Cons

  • Limited style selection
  • Runs more expensive
  • Minimal customization options

Crocs Pros

  • Roomy fit accommodates wide feet
  • Ventilation ports maximize airflow
  • Fun customization with Jibbitz charms
  • Budget friendly price point
  • Extensive variety of styles

Crocs Cons

  • Chunky “ugly” silhouette per some
  • Holes allow dirt inside
  • Not professional looking
  • Traps odors over time

As you can see, there are convincing reasons to love both clog brands. Calzuro wins for those wanting an elevated, sophisticated clog made to mold to narrower feet. The sleek styling and quality justify the higher cost.

Crocs are ideal for casual everyday wear and maximum comfort on wide feet. The ventilation and customization create a fun experience kids and adults love. Plus you can’t beat the affordable pricing.

While imperfect, both Crocs and Calzuro deliver outstanding comfort in their own right. Which is best comes down to whether you prioritize style, fit, price, or customization. With this thorough comparison, you now have the knowledge to decide which clog brand truly fits you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For more specific questions about how Calzuro and Crocs compare, check out this FAQ.

Are Calzuros actually comfortable for all-day wear?

Yes, Calzuro clogs are beloved for providing exceptional all-day comfort thanks to their contoured footbeds and Calzgel material. The tapered silhouette takes adjustment for some but overall Calzuros cradle feet comfortably for hours of wear, just like Crocs.

Which clog brand is the most equal alternative to Crocs?

No brand is exactly the same as Crocs since their look remains unique. But Calzuro and Birkenstock are two brands that come closest offering similar comfort and functionality but with their own styling and materials.

Is there a higher-end, better quality version of Crocs available?

Subjectively some may consider brands like Calzuro or Birkenstock to be “better quality” than Crocs based on local sourcing, leathers/rubbers, and stylish silhouettes. But no brand perfectly replicates Crocs’ lightweight comfort and customization at its price.

What materials are Calzuro clogs made out of?

Calzuro clogs are made of a proprietary closed-cell plastic compound called Calzgel that is patented by the brand. It provides cushioning and arch support without retention of heat, odors, or moisture like Crocs’ Croslite foam.

Are Crocs or Calzuros better for sweaty feet?

Crocs provide more direct ventilation which helps sweaty feet, but also allows odors to develop more easily. Calzuro’s ventilation is more limited but the solid Calzgel material resists odors better. Ultimately both have moisture wicking advantages.

Wrapping Up

We hope this comprehensive comparison of keystone clog brands Calzuro and Crocs helps you determine the best choice for your needs. Both companies make phenomenally comfortable shoes in their own right.

Calzuro shines for their sleek Italian styling and quality craftsmanship. Crocs win for budget-friendly pricing and personalized fun. There are convincing reasons to love both brands.

With the knowledge provided in this guide, you can confidently choose between these top competitors. Find the option that matches your priorities for fit, ventilation, style, width, and customization. Happy clog shopping!

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