Why Is Predire Paris So Cheap On Gilt? – A Closer Look!

Predire Paris skincare and cosmetics have become a huge hit on Gilt. This French beauty brand offers high-quality products at surprisingly affordable prices on the popular flash sale site.

But why are Predire Paris products so much cheaper on Gilt compared to other retailers?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the potential reasons.

Reasons For Predire Paris Being So Cheap On Gilt

Here is a list of those reasons:

  • Brand Awareness and Discovery
  • Direct-to-Consumer Model
  • Special Deals with Gilt
  • Made in France Cachet
  • Hedging Currency Exchange Rates
  • Sales Help Fund Growth
  • Attract Younger Shoppers
  • Competitive Pricing Strategy
  • Recoup Production Costs
  • Test New Products
  • Encourage Stocking Up
  • Allure of French Beauty
  • Streaming Their Own Content

Let’s talk about them in detail.

  • Brand Awareness and Discovery
Predire Paris Snail Skin Rejuvenating Serum

One of the major reasons Predire Paris is able to offer lower prices on Gilt is that it’s still a relatively young brand building awareness in the US market.

Being featured on Gilt gives Predire Paris products incredible exposure to millions of deal-seeking shoppers.

While other retailers have to spend heavily on marketing and advertising costs, Gilt provides built-in promotion to Predire Paris through featured sales events and email campaigns.

This allows the brand to forgo major marketing expenses and pass the savings directly to customers.

In essence, Gilt helps new or lesser-known brands like Predire Paris get discovered. And lower prices are one effective way to generate buzz and try the products risk-free.

  • Direct-to-Consumer Model

Predire Paris uses a direct-to-consumer model, selling predominantly through its own website and select online retailers like Gilt. This allows the brand to cut out middlemen like department stores, reducing markup and keeping costs low.

Without all the additional wholesale and distribution expenses, Predire Paris can afford to offer significant discounts on Gilt flash sales, while still earning revenue and building their customer base. It’s a win-win for both the brand and savvy shoppers.

  • Special Deals with Gilt

As a premier flash sale site, Gilt has plenty of buying power and leverage with brands. It’s very likely they’ve negotiated special bulk pricing or exclusive deals with Predire Paris to be able to offer certain products at lower price points.

Gilt can purchase inventory in large quantities and pass along the bulk savings. Or perhaps they’ve arranged for Gilt customers to get introductory pricing on new Predire Paris product launches.

Either way, the close partnership provides added value for Gilt members looking to try the buzzy French skincare line.

  • Made in France Cachet
Predire Paris Black Orchid Peptide Amino Acid Cream

Predire Paris products have that luxurious Made in France cachet that typically commands a premium.

But focusing sales online through Gilt allows them to bypass major retailer markups while still capitalizing on the Parisian branding.

Being a newer brand, Predire Paris is likely trying to balance building prestige with keeping prices reasonable.

Discounting on Gilt helps introduce the skincare line to US shoppers who may not pay full price, yet.

Once the brand awareness develops, Predire Paris can slowly raise prices. But for now, lower price points paired with the French elegance makes for affordable luxury.

  • Hedging Currency Exchange Rates

With Predire Paris being a French company selling to the US market, currency exchange rates also come into play. The dollar is currently very strong against the Euro.

By offering discounts on Gilt, Predire Paris can hedge fluctuations in exchange rates to ensure their profit margins. It allows them to keep prices competitive if the dollar weakens.

Essentially, the favorable exchange rate allows Predire Paris to offer US customers great prices, while offsetting any losses if rates change. It’s a strategic move on their part.

  • Sales Help Fund Growth

Another strategic reason Predire Paris likely offers discounts on Gilt is to fuel expansion plans. The brand has stated goals of rapidly growing globally, including increasing US distribution.

Offering introductory sales prices helps generate the revenue needed to support growth. As more customers try and love Predire Paris on Gilt, brand awareness spreads. This allows Predire Paris to attract more retailers and enter department stores with an established customer base.

The growth possibilities supported by the sales revenue then allows Predire Paris to lower prices further. It becomes a positive cycle benefitting the brand and customers alike.

  • Attract Younger Shoppers

Part of Predire Paris’s growth strategy relies on attracting younger, millennial and Gen Z skincare enthusiasts. These savvy shoppers care about quality, but also expect affordable prices from newer or indie brands.

Discounted prices on Gilt help entice younger audiences to try Predire Paris products. Once the products earn their loyalty, these shoppers turn into lifelong customers willing to pay higher prices over time.

It’s a long-term approach that sacrifices short-term profits to build a devoted customer base. And according to reviews, Predire Paris’s stellar products have earned rave fans.

  • Competitive Pricing Strategy
 Predire Paris Vitamin Booster Facial Mask

The skincare market is incredibly competitive, with both drugstore and high-end options.

As a relatively new player, Predire Paris has to ensure their products seem like a good value compared to rivals.

Strategic pricing and discounts on Gilt help position Predire Paris next to comparable brands.

Shoppers feel like they’re getting amazing French formulations for prices rivaling mass brands.

This can help overcome hesitations about trying an unknown company. Once customers see the actual product performance exceeds the low prices, it’s a big win.

  • Recoup Production Costs

Another aspect to consider is that discounts on Gilt allow Predire Paris to recoup production costs faster. The initial investment in research, ingredients, packaging and formulas is substantial.

Being able to sell inventory right away through flash sales gets products into customer hands promptly. That quick turnover helps fund continued production and innovation for new items.

It’s quite possible Predire Paris strategically offers introductory pricing on Gilt to sell product faster while rapidly growing the brand. This allows them to recoup costs quicker.

  • Test New Products

When Predire Paris develops new products, offering introductory prices on Gilt provides a perfect way to test market appeal. They can solicit feedback and reviews before a wider launch.

If a product doesn’t resonate with customers at the discounted price point, Predire Paris can reformulate or discontinue it without losing too much. On the flip side, viral buzz and glowing reviews build major hype.

This strategy allows Predire Paris to experiment with new products and innovations with less risk. Customer response on Gilt informs decisions about which products deserve more marketing support for mass distribution.

  • Encourage Stocking Up
 Predire Paris Vitamin Booster Facial Mask

Finally, the tempting discounts on multiple Predire Paris products enables shoppers to stock up and save.

This incentive encourages larger purchases and bigger hauls.

Not only does this increase order values and sales volume for Predire Paris, but it also locks in future sales.

Once customers have replenished their skincare routine with the French products, they won’t switch routines quickly.

Encouraging customers to buy 3-6 month supplies ensures return visits to repurchase once they run low. It’s a customer acquisition strategy that Predire Paris employs well on Gilt flash sales.

  • Allure of French Beauty

Predire Paris taps into the timeless allure of French beauty and skincare. By emphasizing their Parisian roots and luxury image, Predire products seem high-end.

Discounting on Gilt helps them live up to this prestige while keeping prices relatively affordable. For customers, it feels like getting an amazing deal on a coveted French brand.

  • Streaming Their Own Content

As a newer brand, Predire Paris creates a lot of original content to educate customers about products and how to incorporate them into a skincare routine. This content costs money to produce, particularly video tutorials and tutorials.

Offering discounted prices on Gilt provides the funds to keep content production flowing. Streaming unique content is crucial for building Predire Paris’s image and engaging modern customers online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Predire Paris a good brand?

Predire Paris is quickly becoming known as an excellent French skincare brand. Their products feature high-quality ingredients and elegant formulations inspired by Parisian pharmacies and cosmetic labs. Reviews consistently praise Predire Paris for being very effective yet gentle on skin. If you have sensitive skin or just appreciate good value for money, Predire Paris is absolutely worth trying.

Where is Predire Paris made?

Predire Paris products are developed and produced in France. The brand uses many botanical ingredients sourced in France along with French water. Being made in France allows Predire Paris to capitalize on the sense of luxury and expertise associated with French skincare.

What is Predire snail serum used for?

The Predire Paris Peptide Snail Repair Serum contains snail mucin extract which is known for skin regeneration properties. This serum helps repair visible skin damage, improve elasticity and firmness, even out skin tone and deeply hydrate. It’s especially great for mature, dry or troubled skin but can be used by all skin types.

How do you use a Predire face mask?

Predire Paris has several face mask options like gels, creams and sheet masks. Gel and cream masks should be applied to clean, dry skin avoiding eye area. Leave on 5-10 minutes then rinse off. Sheet masks can be applied to clean skin and left on 15-20 minutes before removing the sheet. Use Predire Paris masks 1-2 times a week after cleansing for hydration and skin nourishment. Adjust duration based on your skin’s sensitivity.

Wrapping Up

From brand awareness and direct sales to strategic pricing, there are many factors that allow Predire Paris to offer their quality French skincare at affordable prices on Gilt flash sales.

For deal-seeking shoppers, it’s an opportunity to try luxurious products before the prices inevitably rise with Predire Paris’s growth. Skincare enthusiasts can stock up on well-formulated serums, moisturizers and masks while supporting an up-and-coming brand.

And as Predire Paris’s cult following continues to grow, expect to see their products commanding higher price points soon enough. So next time you see another tempting Gilt sale, it may be wise to take advantage of the deals while you can!

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