Why Are King Will Rings So Cheap? – A Closer Look!

King Will rings have become incredibly popular in recent years for men’s wedding bands and other ring styles. When you first see the prices for King Will rings, which often start under $20, it’s natural to wonder – how can these rings be so inexpensive?

The low prices of King Will rings are primarily due to two main factors: the materials used and streamlined business practices. Let’s take a closer look at why King Will is able to offer such affordable ring options.

Reasons For King Will Rings Being So Cheap

Here is a list of these reasons:

  • The Materials Keep Costs Down
  • Direct-to-Consumer Business Model
  • Focus on High Volumes
  • Minimal Customer Support Needs
  • Durability Justifies the Price
  • Simple Ring Designs
  • Cost-Effective Packaging

Let’s talk about them in detail.

The Materials Keep Costs Down

One of the biggest reasons King Will rings are inexpensive compared to traditional precious metal rings is the materials used. King Will specializes in alternative metal rings rather than traditional gold or platinum. Here are some of the most common materials they use:

  • Tungsten Carbide
King Will Ring

Tungsten carbide is one of the most popular metals for King Will wedding bands. It’s an incredibly durable metal alloy containing tungsten and carbon.

Pure tungsten is relatively soft, but when combined with carbon, it becomes extremely hard and scratch-resistant.

Tungsten carbide rings are very affordable to produce. Tungsten itself is not rare or precious, so the material costs are low.

The main costs come from manufacturing the rings, not the raw materials. This keeps the prices down compared to precious metals like gold or platinum.

  • Titanium

Titanium is another metal commonly used by King Will. Like tungsten carbide, titanium is durable, scratch-resistant, and affordable. Pure titanium is stronger and lighter than steel. When alloyed, which King Will does, it becomes even more durable.

Titanium is also far less expensive than gold or platinum. It’s an abundant element found throughout the earth’s crust, so material costs are minimal. The lightweight nature of titanium also reduces manufacturing costs. All of this allows King Will to price titanium rings very competitively.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is sometimes used for King Will’s more budget-friendly ring options. Stainless steel is an alloy of steel made by adding chromium to improve strength and corrosion resistance. It offers an excellent balance of durability, affordability, and style.

Raw stainless steel costs a fraction of what gold or platinum do. It’s also extremely easy to manufacture into rings compared to precious metals. These factors enable King Will to produce stainless steel rings very economically.

Direct-to-Consumer Business Model

In addition to the affordable materials used, King Will is also able to offer lower prices by utilizing a direct-to-consumer business model. This streamlined approach cuts out middlemen and unnecessary costs.

  • No Retail Markups

Traditional jewelry companies sell their products wholesale to retail stores, who then mark up the price to make a profit. This adds a retail markup of 100% or more in many cases.

King Will sells directly to consumers through their own website and Amazon storefront. By not selling wholesale to retailers, they completely cut out the retail markup. This allows them to sell their rings for much closer to the manufacturing cost.

  • Online Efficiency
King Will 8mm Black Tungsten Carbide Ring

Selling directly online also streamlines operations for King Will in other ways.

They don’t have the overhead costs associated with operating brick-and-mortar stores.

Managing logistics and sales online cuts out a lot of those expenses.

Online sales also simplify the ordering, manufacturing, and shipping process.

Customers order directly from King Will’s site or Amazon.

Those orders go straight to their manufacturing facilities, where the rings are produced on demand. The rings ship directly to the customers. This efficient process reduces costs.

  • Lower Advertising Costs

King Will relies heavily on online advertising, social media, influencer campaigns, and word-of-mouth rather than expensive television or print ads. These online promotions have high return on investment and help attract customers at a lower cost.

All of these streamlined business practices allow King Will to operate with less overhead and waste. Those savings can be passed on to customers through lower prices.

There are so many other reasons. Let’s talk about them in brief.

  • Focus on High Volumes

Another strategic choice that allows King Will’s low pricing is their focus on high-volume sales. Rather than catering to a luxury market, they aim to provide affordable ring options for the average consumer.

This high-volume approach means they manufacture and sell rings in large quantities. Producing at a larger scale brings down the per unit manufacturing costs. Those savings get passed on through the low retail prices.

Additionally, the focus on volume means that King Will doesn’t spend resources on excessive packaging, branding, or other expensive promotions. The savings from minimalistic branding and packaging also contribute to the affordable pricing.

  • Minimal Customer Support Needs

King Will also saves on operational costs by minimizing customer support needs. Their rings come with lifetime warranty policies that are easy for customers to use.

The warranty covers resizing, defects, damage, loss, or other issues. Customers can quickly submit claims through King Will’s website or Amazon storefront to get a free replacement ring shipped out.

This efficient warranty system reduces demands on direct customer support staffing. Automating much of the process through the website and Amazon leads to savings that allow King Will to maintain such low pricing.

  • Durability Justifies the Price
King Will Rings Dragon Collection

While King Will rings are inexpensive compared to traditional jewelry retailers, their exceptional durability helps justify the low prices.

You still get great value for what you pay.

The hard metals like tungsten carbide and titanium hold up extremely well to daily wear and tear.

They resist scratches, dents, and deformation far better than gold, silver, or platinum could.

Many customers comment that their King Will rings look brand new years later.

So while the upfront cost is low, you aren’t sacrificing quality or longevity. The impressive durability of the materials makes these affordable rings a worthwhile investment.

  • Simple Ring Designs

King Will focuses on simple, minimalist ring designs without a lot of intricate detailing or embellishments. This allows them to streamline the manufacturing process and reduce production costs.

Many of their tungsten carbide bands are just simple, rounded dome shapes. Their titanium and stainless steel rings also tend to use basic, masculine designs. There are no elaborate engravings, inlays, or unique shaping that would slow down machining time.

The simple polished or brushed finishes also don’t require extensive grinding, polishing, or plating work. This simplicity of design contributes to the fast, efficient production of the rings. There is less hands-on labor involved, so costs are lower.

  • Cost-Effective Packaging

Another small area where King Will saves on costs is with their no-frills packaging. The rings come in simple cardboard boxes with just the basics needed to protect the ring and display it.

There are no elegant ring boxes, pillows, or other extras as you’d find from premium ring brands. Just straightforward, functional packaging that gets the job done. This small detail reduces materials and production costs associated with packaging.

When you add up all of these little cost savings from the packaging to production, it contributes to the overall value pricing. The focus is purely on the ring itself rather than all the decorative extras and frills you pay for with luxury jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions About King Will Rings

Why are tungsten rings so cheap?

Tungsten rings are inexpensive compared to precious metal rings mainly because tungsten itself is an affordable metal. Tungsten is abundant in nature and has a relatively low raw material cost. It’s also very easy and cost-effective to manufacture tungsten into rings compared to precious metals. The durability of tungsten alloy makes it a practical and affordable alternative to pricier metals for rings.

Why are tungsten carbide rings so cheap on Amazon?

Many tungsten carbide ring brands like King Will sell their rings directly to consumers through Amazon at very low prices. The direct sales model cuts out retail markups, allowing the rings to be priced much closer to manufacturing costs. Tungsten carbide itself is also an inexpensive material. Selling high volumes on Amazon brings costs down further through economies of scale. The end result is durable tungsten carbide rings available at very budget-friendly prices.

Why are some titanium rings so cheap?

Like tungsten, titanium is an abundant metal that costs a fraction of what gold or platinum do. It’s also highly efficient to machine into rings with modern manufacturing processes. The combination of low material costs and efficient production lets manufacturers price titanium rings affordably. Selling directly to consumers online through Amazon avoids retail markups that would drive prices higher. The end result is surprisingly inexpensive titanium rings that offer great value.

Is King Will a brand?

Yes, King Will is an established jewelry brand that specializes in affordable tungsten, titanium, and stainless steel rings. They manufacture their own rings and sell them directly to consumers online through their website and Amazon storefront. By controlling the entire design, production, and sales process, King Will is able to price their rings much lower than traditional jewelry retailers. Their large catalog of rings has made King Will a popular and reputable brand among online shoppers looking for durable and affordable ring options.

Wrapping Up

King Will is able to disrupt the typical jewelry pricing model by utilizing affordable alternative metals, streamlined online sales, high-volume manufacturing, and excellent warranty policies.

This innovative direct-to-consumer approach cuts out retail markups and other unnecessary costs that drive up prices.

The combination of competitive pricing and durable quality has made King Will a popular option for cost-conscious ring shoppers.

Their success demonstrates that it’s possible to deliver amazing value at affordable prices by rethinking traditional jewelry retail models. So for shoppers on a budget, King Will provides an appealing option to consider.

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