Why Are Hammitt Bags So Expensive? – A Closer Look!

With price tags ranging from $125 to over $600, Hammitt bags are considered an investment purchase. The Los Angeles-based brand has cultivated a devoted following for its premium designs crafted from Italian leather and other luxe materials.

But what exactly accounts for the elevated pricing Hammitt commands versus standard handbags?

This article will explore the key factors like quality materials, handcrafted production, brand reputation, and social responsibility initiatives that justify why Hammitt bags cost significantly more than the average accessories brand.

By examining the roots of Hammitt’s premium pricing, we can understand the value proposition behind the investment.

Reasons For Hammitt Bags Being So Expensive

Here is a list of those reasons:

  • High Quality Materials
  • Handcrafted Manufacturing
  • Smart Designs
  • Ethically Made
  • Brand Reputation
  • Retail Experience
  • Low Inventory Business Model
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Innovation
  • Limited Distribution

Let’s analyze those reasons in detail.

  • High Quality Materials
Hammitt Handbags

One of the biggest reasons Hammitt bags command premium pricing is the use of luxe materials like Italian leather, suede, and nylon. Unlike cheaper bags, Hammitt uses thick, full-grain leather that is durable and ages beautifully over time.

The hardware is also custom-made from premium metal alloys with attention to detail and comfort in the design. For example, the custom zipper pulls are designed to fit nicely in the hand.

The nylon used in certain Hammitt styles like the Andy Sling and Los Angeles Backpack is also high-end 1680D ballistic nylon. This military-grade material is water resistant and incredibly durable to withstand daily use.

Hammitt even uses top-grain, Saffiano-embossed leather for lining and trim details in certain bags for added durability and luxury feel.

  • Handcrafted Manufacturing

Producing the high quality materials is just the start – careful handcrafting and attention to detail is part of the Hammitt advantage. The brand uses experienced craftsmen and women to cut, prep, assemble, and finish each bag by hand.

The handcrafted process allows the artisans to take pride in their work and ensure consistently high standards.

In contrast, mass-produced bags are made very quickly using automated machines. The handcrafted approach is more time consuming but results in carefully constructed bags built to last.

Even the shoulder straps are hand-cut, edge-painted, glazed, and attached securely by hand.

  • Smart Designs
Hammitt handbags

Hammitt bags feature thoughtful designs that are both fashionable and highly functional.

The styles are classics but with clever details like custom hardware, hidden pockets, padded tech sleeves, and quick access zippers that enhance convenience.

For example, the Leo backpack has a rapid access bottom zip pocket designed to quickly grab your keys or headphones without taking off the bag.

The Los Angeles backpack has a trolley sleeve on the back to slide over luggage handles for easy mobility.

The attention to intuitive design provides value to match the premium pricing.

  • Ethically Made

Hammitt aims to produce bags ethically in small batches through facilities in China and Vietnam. The brand focuses on fostering community at their facilities, providing fair wages and reasonable hours for artisans.

The smaller scale production allows for oversight to ensure good working conditions.

Many designer brands produce bags unethically in factories with poor conditions and labor practices. Ethically made products made in a worker-friendly environment incur more costs than mass outsourced production.

So consumers are not just paying for the bag but the values and ethics behind it.

  • Brand Reputation

Over the past decade, Hammitt has built a reputation as a premium designer of bags that fuse California laidback style with luxury. The brand has cultivated a devoted following of celebrities, influencers, and professionals that love the bags for their craftsmanship and versatility.

As an emerging luxury brand, Hammitt can command higher prices based on reputation and brand cache just like established fashion houses. Part of the pricing comes from the desirability and status associated with carrying the Hammitt name.

  • Retail Experience

Hammitt operates stores in major cities like Los Angeles and New York City as well as an engaging online store. The retail stores allow customers to experience and test the quality firsthand before purchasing.

This hands-on experience leads many to understand and appreciate the value Hammitt provides.

The knowledgeable staff also provide styling advice to find the perfect bag for your needs. The premium in-store experience paired with great service helps justify the higher prices.

  • Low Inventory Business Model
Hammitt handbags

Unlike fast fashion brands, Hammitt maintains relatively low inventory levels and produces small batches.

This ensures steady sell-through rates rather than needing to mark down excess stock.

The limited supply adds to the brand’s exclusive aura.

Producing at higher volumes could lower costs but would diminish the quality.

By keeping production small, Hammitt can focus on perfecting each bag which in turn allows the elevated pricing.

  • Lifetime Warranty

Hammitt offers an unconditional lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This provides great assurance that your investment will last for decades or can be repaired if any issues arise.

Very few bag brands offer such comprehensive guarantees. If anything does happen to your Hammitt bag, you can ship it back for expert repair work or replacement. The lifetime warranty helps justify the upfront spend.

  • Innovation

As a young brand, Hammitt continues to innovate and improve their bags and designs. For example, the recent Los Angeles Backpack introduced technical outer fabric made from recycled ocean plastics.

They’ve also pioneered clever quick access pockets and modular convertible bag systems.

Unlike some old school leather goods brands that remain stagnant, Hammitt evolves each season to enhance functionality and style. The innovation provides more value for the dollars versus traditional luxury brands.

  • Limited Distribution

Hammitt sells its bags through a limited number of department stores, boutiques, and their own e-commerce channel. They do not widely distribute to every retailer or dilute the brand through outlet stores.

This controlled distribution helps maintain the brand image and scarcity value.

By sticking to premiere retailers and their own stores, Hammitt can provide a high-end shopping experience befitting the pricing. Wider distribution would make the brand seem too commonplace.

The exclusivity adds to the luxury feel and justification for higher prices versus mass market bags.

  • Celebrity Cachet
Hammitt Bag

Hammitt has cultivated a following among celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, and Reese Witherspoon who have been spotted carrying the brand’s bags.

The popularity among influencers, actors, and models provides free advertising and builds prestige.

Photos of stars wearing Hammitt pique consumer interest and make the bags seem ultra-desirable.

The celebrity cachet effect allows the brand to charge luxury pricing as consumers want to emulate the elite crowd sporting Hammitt.

Star power goes a long way in driving aspirational purchases in the premium handbag category.

  • Social Responsibility

Hammitt takes steps to reduce its environmental impact and give back to causes like breast cancer research and animal rescue organizations. The brand uses some recycled and vegan materials in its bags to appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

They also partner with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every order. This emphasis on social responsibility helps attract buyers willing to pay more for an ethically minded brand.

Consumers feel better about splurging on a luxury product from a brand that engages in charitable initiatives and sustainability. Hammitt’s efforts on this front add intangible value that factors into the pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Hammitt a luxury brand?

Hammitt is considered an emerging luxury brand positioned at the lower end of premium pricing. Their bags command higher prices than standard brands but are more accessible than ultra high-end design houses. With quality leathers and hardware, Hammitt provides luxury-level quality and craftsmanship.

Is Hammitt made in China?

While Hammitt operates some manufacturing facilities in China, they also produce bags in Vietnam. The brand maintains ethical working standards and reasonable wages at their factories. Though made abroad, the materials and construction quality match luxury market standards.

Who is the owner of Hammitt handbags?

Hammitt was founded in Los Angeles in 2010 by Tony Drockton, originally under the TSD Brands company. Drockton named the brand after his hometown of Hammitt, Saskatchewan and set out to make affordable luxury bags. He has extensive fashion industry experience from his prior shoe brand, Donald Pliner.

What is the most expensive bag in the world?

The most expensive handbag ever sold at auction is an Hermès Matte Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Birkin with white gold and diamond hardware. The ultra-rare bag fetched over $300,000 at a 2016 Hong Kong auction. Among luxury brands, Hermès bags are generally the most expensive with prices reaching into the hundreds of thousands.

In Conclusion

At first glance, Hammitt bags may seem expensive but upon closer look, the pricing is justified for a premium luxury product. By using top-quality materials, handcrafted manufacturing, carrying a reputation for excellence, and offering lifetime guarantees, Hammitt delivers outstanding value.

While less expensive options exist, Hammitt bags are thoughtfully designed and built to last while also conveying a stylish, aspirational image. For shoppers seeking high-end leather goods backed by craftsmanship and smart design, Hammitt provides a compelling balance of form, function and enduring quality.

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