Bogg Bag Vs. Simply Southern: Which Tote Bag Is Better?

Oversized tote bags have become a popular accessory for women looking to carry their daily essentials in style. Two of the most recognized oversized tote brands are Bogg Bag and Simply Southern. This comprehensive article provides an in-depth comparison of the key features, pros and cons of Bogg Bag and Simply Southern bags.

It analyzes similarities and differences in quality, size, design, organization, price point and other factors to help readers determine which oversized tote brand is the better option for their needs and preferences.

Tables, pros and cons lists, a conclusion summarizing which bag is ideal for different priorities, and a FAQ section provide a complete analysis from multiple angles to help readers make an informed decision when choosing between Bogg Bag and Simply Southern oversized totes.

Comparison Table of Bogg Bag And Simply Southern

To help illustrate the key similarities and differences between Bogg Bag vs Simply Southern tote bags, here is a helpful comparison table:

FeatureBogg BagSimply Southern
Sizes AvailableOne size – 25″ x 21″ x 7″Three sizes – Mini (14”W x 5”H x 11”L), Midi (18”W x 8”H x 14”L), Maxi (25”W x 10”H x 20”L)
MaterialHeavy duty cotton canvasCotton canvas or polyester poplin
Prints and ColorsSolid colors and limited novelty prints/patternsWide variety of floral prints, monograms, words/phrases
Price Range$80-$100$48-$68
Made InUSAChina
DurabilityVery durable, high qualityLess durable than Bogg
PocketsNo interior pocketsInterior and exterior pockets on some bags
StrapFixed non-adjustable strapadjustable/detachable strap
Key DifferencesVery basic design but high quality materials and construction; only one large size optionMore pattern and size options though lower quality; pockets and adjustable strap

As you can see from the table, there are some noteworthy differences between Bogg Bag and Simply Southern when it comes to size options, design choices, quality and price. Now let’s dive into a more detailed comparison of the pros and cons of each brand.

Bogg Bag Pros and Cons


Bogg Bag
  • Extremely durable and high quality: Bogg Bags are made from thick, heavy duty 12oz cotton canvas that is meant to last for years and hold up to heavy loads and daily use. Their simple design with reinforced seams and strong handles/straps make them highly durable.
  • Roomy large capacity: The Bogg Bag only comes in one oversized 25” x 21” x 7” option that can fit multiple laptops, books, beach towels, toys, and more. The huge capacity makes it a workhorse tote.
  • Machine washable: Despite the high quality thick canvas, Bogg Bags can be tossed right in the washing machine when dirty.
  • Made in USA: Bogg bags are designed and constructed in the USA from domestically sourced materials. So buyers can feel good about supporting American manufacturing.
  • Basic timeless look: With the Bogg Bag’s focus on function over fashion, they have a simple, classic tote bag look that suits most occasions and won’t go out of style. Good for those not into loud prints.
  • Good value for price: Given the large size, durable materials, and quality construction, Bogg Bags are a decent value at around $80-100. Comparable bags of this quality can cost much more.


  • Limited size and design options: Bogg only makes their signature 25” oversized tote in a handful of basic colors/prints. No alternate sizes or ability to customize.
  • No interior organization: There are no interior or exterior pockets on the basic Bogg Bag design, so keeping items organized can be a struggle.
  • Non adjustable strap: The thick shoulder strap is durable but not adjustable or removable. This can be an issue for particularly short/tall people.
  • Not as fashionable: Those looking for cute patterns, trendy details and more style options may find the basic Bogg Bag a bit boring. They are purely functional.
  • Only available online: Bogg Bags can only be purchased directly through their website, not in stores. So customers can’t see them in person before buying.

Simply Southern Pros and Cons


Simply Southern Tote Bag
  • Lots of cute designs and prints: Simply Southern offers their oversized totes in a huge array of floral prints, monograms, phrases, and colors/patterns so customers can find a look they love. Great for personalization.
  • Multiple size options: Shoppers can choose from three sizes – Mini, Midi and Maxi – to find the ideal oversized tote bag for their needs. Good for versatility.
  • Interior and exterior pockets: Many of the Simply Southern bag designs include handy pockets both inside and outside the bag for organization.
  • Adjustable/removable strap: The shoulder strap can be adjusted to different lengths or detached completely. Helpful for comfort and fitting different body types.
  • Lower price point: Simply Southern bags range from $48-$68, so they are more budget friendly than many competitors. Good option if you don’t want to spend over $100.


  • Lower quality: While cute and affordable, Simply Southern bags are not nearly as durable or well-made as the Bogg Bag. The thinner cotton canvas and less reinforced construction means they won’t last as long.
  • Imports from China: Simply Southern bags are designed in the US but manufactured overseas in China. So not supporting American manufacturing like Bogg.
  • Too trendy/kitschy for some: The emphasis on monograms, southern phrases and cutesy prints may be off-putting or feel dated quickly for buyers wanting a classic everyday bag.
  • Lacks structure: The slouchy, unstructured shape of the Simply Southern bags means they can look sloppy/misshapen when not filled.
  • Spot clean only: While the material is generally machine washable, Simply Southern recommends spot cleaning only to preserve the bag’s shape and finish. So bags may get dirty over time.

Bogg Bag Vs. Simply Southern: Which Is Better For You?

Now that we’ve compared the pros and cons of Bogg Bag vs Simply Southern oversized tote bags, let’s summarize which option is best in different situations:

Bogg Bag
  • For durability and everyday use – Bogg Bag is the clear winner if your top priority is a high quality, durable tote bag that will hold up well for years. The thick canvas and reinforced seams make Bogg Bag the more heavy duty choice.
  • For affordability – Simply Southern is more budget friendly, with most bags under $70. So if you want a cute oversized tote that won’t break the bank, Simply Southern bags are ideal. Just don’t expect them to last decades.
  • For maximum carrying capacity – With its huge 25” x 21” x 7” size, Bogg Bag offers a truly enormous tote that can haul a ton of stuff – beach gear, sports equipment, heavy loads of books, etc. Simply Southern’s bags max out at 25” x 10” x 20”, so not as spacious.
  • For organization features – Simply Southern bags often include interior and exterior pockets for storage, while the basic Bogg Bag design lacks pockets. So if pockets are important to you, go with Simply Southern.
  • For style variety – Those looking for a wide selection of colors, monograms, phrases and prints will appreciate Simply Southern’s huge catalog of stylish bags. Bogg only offers their classic tote in a few solid colorways.
  • For adjustable strap and multiple sizes – Simply Southern wins for offering three size options and an adjustable/removable shoulder strap. Bogg only has their signature oversized tote with a fixed strap.

So in summary, if durability, maximum capacity, and American manufacturing are your top concerns – go for the Bogg Bag. But if you prioritize affordability, organization, style options and size versatility – Simply Southern is likely the better oversized tote bag choice for you.

Consider what features matter most to you when deciding between these two popular brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Bogg Bag accessories fit Simply Southern?

No, Bogg Bag accessories like pouches are not interchangeable with Simply Southern bags. The dimensions are different enough that items designed specifically for Bogg Bags will not properly fit Simply Southern totes. The brand designs are not compatible.

What is so special about a Bogg Bag?

Bogg Bags stand out for their extremely durable, high quality heavy cotton canvas construction. They are made to last for years of daily use thanks to reinforced seams, thick shoulder straps, and durable handles. Bogg Bags also have an oversized 25” x 21” capacity ideal for hauling large loads. Made in the USA is another signature feature.

Is Bogg owned by Croc?

No, Bogg Bag is an independent company not affiliated or owned by the brand Crocs known for foam clogs. Bogg is often confused with Croc because of the similar names and the debate about whether Bogg is just an “off brand” Croc bag. But they are completely separate brands started by different companies.

Why are Bogg bags so expensive?

Bogg Bags retail for $80-$100 because they are carefully constructed in the USA from thick 12oz cotton canvas. This heavy duty material and the reinforced design means each bag contains more raw materials than a typical lightweight tote. The Made in USA production and premium materials justify the higher price point for a long-lasting product.

Wrapping Up

In the battle of Bogg Bag vs Simply Southern oversized tote bags, both brands have their pros and cons. While the minimalist Bogg Bag wins for durability and roomy capacity, the patterned Simply Southern bags offer more wallet-friendly prices, style options and organization features.

Think about your priorities – quality vs affordability, basic design vs trendy prints, maximum hauling space vs multiple sizes. This will help determine if the simple and sturdy Bogg Bag or cute and budget-friendly Simply Southern tote is the oversized carryall that best fits your lifestyle.

Whichever you choose, be sure to use and care for your new bag properly so it stays by your side for years to come!

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