Rimowa Trunk Vs. Trunk Plus: A Battle of Luxury Luggage

In the world of luxury luggage, few brands stand out as much as Rimowa. With their iconic grooved aluminum cases and top-of-the-line engineering, Rimowa has been the go-to choice for discerning travelers for over a century.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of Rimowa and compare their two flagship products: the Rimowa Trunk and Trunk Plus. Let’s embark on a journey through the ins and outs of these exquisite travel companions and find out which one best suits your needs!

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureRimowa TrunkRimowa Trunk Plus
DesignIconic grooved aluminumIconic grooved aluminum
TSA-Approved LocksYesYes
Customizable InteriorAdjustable dividersFlex divider system
Size VarietyMultiple sizesAdditional size options
WeightHeavierSlightly heavier
PriceExpensiveMore expensive
ColorsLimited selectionLimited selection
Retractable HandleStandardRedesigned
Add-a-Bag Holder & TagNot includedIncluded

The Story of Rimowa

Rimowa Trunk
Rimowa Trunk

Before we dive into the details of the Trunk and Trunk Plus, let’s take a moment to understand the history and craftsmanship that sets Rimowa apart.

Founded in 1898 by Paul Morszeck in Cologne, Germany, Rimowa started as a family-owned business specializing in handmade wooden trunks.

In 1937, they pioneered the use of lightweight aluminum in luggage production, creating the first-ever aluminum suitcase.

This marked the beginning of Rimowa’s iconic grooved design, which not only looks stunning but also adds strength and durability to their cases.

Fast-forward to today, and Rimowa has become a synonym for luxury and quality in the world of luggage.

With a focus on innovation and craftsmanship, they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in luggage design.

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The Classic: Rimowa Trunk

The Rimowa Trunk is the brand’s classic offering, a piece of luggage that has stood the test of time and still remains a favorite among seasoned travelers. Let’s explore the pros and cons of this timeless masterpiece.

Pros of the Rimowa Trunk

  1. Iconic Design: With its grooved aluminum exterior, the Rimowa Trunk is instantly recognizable and exudes an air of sophistication and luxury.
  2. Durability: The Trunk’s aluminum construction and reinforced corners make it highly durable, ensuring your belongings stay protected throughout your travels.
  3. TSA-Approved Locks: The Trunk is equipped with two TSA-approved combination locks, allowing for hassle-free security checks at airports.
  4. Customizable Interior: The Trunk’s interior features adjustable dividers, allowing you to customize the layout to suit your packing needs.
  5. 360-Degree Wheels: Four smooth-rolling wheels make maneuvering the Trunk a breeze, even when it’s fully packed.
  6. Size Variety: The Trunk is available in multiple sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your travel needs.

Cons of the Rimowa Trunk

  1. Weight: The Trunk’s aluminum construction, while sturdy, does make it heavier than some other luggage options on the market.
  2. Price: As a luxury product, the Rimowa Trunk comes with a hefty price tag that may not suit everyone’s budget.
  3. Limited Colors: The Trunk is available in a limited selection of colors, which may be a downside for those looking for more unique or vibrant options.

The Upgraded Experience: Rimowa Trunk Plus

The Rimowa Trunk Plus is the brand’s answer to those looking for an elevated luggage experience. Building on the classic Trunk’s foundation, the Trunk Plus introduces a series of enhancements designed to make your travels even more seamless. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this upgraded luggage option.

Pros of the Rimowa Trunk Plus

Rimowa Trunk Plus
Rimowa Trunk Plus
  1. Enhanced Durability: The Trunk Plus features an even more robust aluminum construction, making it stronger and more resilient to the rigors of travel.
  2. Increased Capacity: The Trunk Plus boasts a larger interior space, giving you more room to pack your belongings without sacrificing style or functionality.
  3. Innovative Flex Divider System: The Trunk Plus introduces Rimowa’s innovative flex divider system, which allows for even greater customization of the interior layout.
  1. Retractable Handle: A redesigned retractable handle provides improved ergonomics and ease of use when maneuvering the Trunk Plus.
  2. Extra Security Features: In addition to the TSA-approved locks found on the Trunk, the Trunk Plus also features a discreet add-a-bag holder and a luggage tag for added security and convenience.
  3. Additional Size Options: The Trunk Plus comes in a wider range of sizes, making it even easier to find the perfect luggage solution for your travels.

Cons of the Rimowa Trunk Plus

  1. Higher Price Tag: As an upgraded version of the Trunk, the Trunk Plus comes with an even heftier price tag.
  2. Increased Weight: The additional features and enhanced durability of the Trunk Plus also result in a slightly higher overall weight.
  3. Limited Color Choices: Like the Trunk, the Trunk Plus is available in a limited selection of colors, which may not appeal to travelers seeking more unique or vibrant options.

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Rimowa Trunk Or Trunk Plus: The Verdict

Now that we’ve explored the pros and cons of both the Rimowa Trunk and Trunk Plus, it’s time to decide which one is the better fit for your needs. The choice ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and priorities when it comes to luxury luggage.

If you value the iconic design and timeless elegance of the original Rimowa Trunk, and don’t mind sacrificing some of the additional features and enhancements found in the Trunk Plus, then the classic Trunk may be the perfect choice for you. It offers exceptional durability and style, with a customizable interior that’s sure to meet your packing needs.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an even more elevated luggage experience, the Rimowa Trunk Plus is a worthy investment. With its enhanced durability, increased capacity, and innovative flex divider system, the Trunk Plus offers a truly premium travel experience.

However, it’s important to consider the higher price tag and increased weight when making your decision.

Ultimately, both the Rimowa Trunk and Trunk Plus are exceptional pieces of luggage that offer unparalleled style, durability, and functionality. Whichever option you choose, you can be confident that you’re investing in a travel companion that’s built to last and will turn heads wherever your journey takes you.

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