Purex 2 Vs. Clorox 2: Which Laundry Brightener To Choose?

Doing laundry is a never-ending chore. No matter how many loads you do, the basket always seems full again in no time. And even though you may get your clothes clean, they don’t always come out looking bright and new.

This is where laundry brighteners like Purex 2 and Clorox 2 come in. They help boost your detergent’s cleaning power to get rid of tough stains and dinginess, leaving your clothes looking like new again.

But which brightener is right for you – Purex 2 or Clorox 2? Both products promise whiter, brighter laundry, but they have some key differences.

In this article, we’ll compare Purex 2 and Clorox 2 head-to-head so you can decide which is the best laundry brightener for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturePurex 2Clorox 2
Whitening AbilityGoodExcellent
Stain RemovalExcellentExcellent
Color CareGentle on colorsGentle on colors
Formulas AvailableLiquid onlyLiquid and powder
Pre-treatingNot recommendedPowder good for pre-treating
Travel PacksNoYes
Cost Per LoadLowerSlightly higher
AvailabilityLess widely availableSold at major retailers

Overview of Purex 2 and Clorox 2

First, let’s start with a quick rundown of each product:

Purex 2 Laundry Brightener

Purex 2: This liquid laundry brightener and stain remover is designed to be added along with your regular laundry detergent.

It helps remove tough stains, whitens whites, and brightens colors.

The active ingredient is sodium percarbonate, which releases hydrogen peroxide to boost cleaning power.

Clorox 2: This popular brightener comes in both liquid and powder forms.

It also releases hydrogen peroxide to help remove stains and whiten clothes. The active ingredient in Clorox 2 is sodium percarbonate as well.

So at first glance, Purex 2 and Clorox 2 seem pretty similar. But let’s take a closer look at how they compare across some key factors:

Key Differences Between Purex 2 And Clorox 2 Laundry Brighteners

  • Whitening Ability

The main reason people use brighteners is to get their white clothes looking crisp and bright again. So how do Purex 2 and Clorox 2 stack up when it comes to whitening power?

Several side-by-side tests have found that Clorox 2 beats out Purex 2 at whitening and brightening clothes. Consumer Reports gave Clorox 2 an “excellent” rating for whitening, while Purex 2 scored just “good.” Other reviewers have noted that Clorox 2 made whites look brighter than Purex 2.

Clorox 2’s whitening advantage likely comes down to its higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide. With more whitening power packed into each dose, it can outperform Purex 2 at removing dinginess and yellowing from white clothes.

  • Stain Removal
Clorox 2 Laundry Brightener

Brighteners don’t just work on dingy clothes – they also help remove tough set-in stains.

From food and grass stains to grease, coffee, and more, brighteners break down stains so they wash out more easily.

For stain removal, Purex 2 and Clorox 2 are neck-and-neck. In Consumer Reports testing, both scored an “excellent” rating at tackling stains.

Anecdotal evidence from real-world users shows similar results – both products are highly effective at stain removal when added to your detergent.

Purex 2 seems to have a slight edge at lifting out grease stains in particular.

But overall, you can count on either product to significantly boost your detergent’s stain-fighting performance.

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  • Color Care

While whitening is important, you also want to make sure your brightener won’t fade or damage colored clothes. So how gentle are Purex 2 and Clorox 2 on colors?

The hydrogen peroxide in brighteners can potentially cause fading or discoloration over time. However, both Purex 2 and Clorox 2 are designed to be color-safe when used as directed.

Consumer Reports found that neither product caused significant color loss or damage, even with repeated use. Just make sure to avoid using too much, as higher concentrations of peroxide can lead to fading.

Following the dosage directions on the bottle will ensure bright, colorfast results.

  • Laundry Uses

You can use both Purex 2 and Clorox 2 in either top-loading or high-efficiency washing machines. Both can be added along with your regular detergent to every load if desired. They are formulated to be safe for all water temperatures as well.

However, Clorox 2 offers a bit more flexibility for different laundry situations. The powder formula can be useful for pretreating heavily stained items before washing. You can make a paste and rub it directly on stains to help lift them.

Clorox 2 also makes single-use powder packets that are convenient for travel or small loads. Purex 2 comes in liquid form only.

So if you’re looking for an easy-to-use brightener, either product fits the bill. But Clorox 2 gives you a few more options for tackling laundry on the go or pretreating extra-tough stains.

  • Cost

When it comes to price, Clorox 2 tends to be a bit more expensive than Purex 2. A 75-ounce bottle of Purex 2 costs around $5, while a 60-ounce bottle of the Clorox 2 liquid runs closer to $8 depending on where you shop.

However, the higher price of Clorox 2 may be worth it for the superior whitening ability you get. For not much more per load, you can get noticeably brighter whites with Clorox 2. But if you’re on a very tight budget, Purex 2 can still deliver good results for less.

  • Safety
Purex Laundry Detergent

An important consideration with any laundry product is safety, especially if you have sensitive skin.

The good news is that both Purex 2 and Clorox 2 are designed to be gentle on skin.

The Environmental Working Group considers both products to be a “low concern” in terms of skin irritation and other health risks.

As with any chemical, you’ll still want to take basic precautions like wearing gloves during handling and washing immediately if product gets on skin.

But overall, Purex 2 and Clorox 2 get high marks for safety.

They are also safe for septic systems when used as directed. Just be sure to check the bottle instructions, as Clorox 2 recommends a limit on frequency of use with septic tanks.

  • Availability

When it comes to finding these products in stores, Clorox 2 comes out ahead. As one of the most popular brightener brands, Clorox 2 is widely available at major retailers like Walmart, Target, grocery stores, and more.

Purex 2 may be slightly harder to locate, as it tends to be stocked primarily at Walmart. However, you can also purchase it easily online from Amazon and other retailers. So accessibility isn’t really an issue for either product.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Has Clorox 2 been discontinued?

No, Clorox 2 has not been discontinued. It is still being produced and sold by the Clorox company. In 2020, Clorox did temporarily discontinue its scented Clorox 2 variants due to a demand spike during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they resumed production of the scented versions in 2021. Plain Clorox 2 remained available the entire time.

Is Purex and bleach the same thing?

Purex and bleach are not the same. Purex is a brand that makes laundry detergent and additives like Purex 2 brightener. Bleach refers to chemicals like chlorine bleach used for whitening and disinfecting. Purex products do not contain bleach, but rather use alternative whitening ingredients like sodium percarbonate.

Are Clorox 2 and oxiclean the same thing?

Clorox 2 and OxiClean are similar but not identical. Both use sodium percarbonate as the active cleaning ingredient to lift stains and whiten clothes. However, they are made by different companies. OxiClean is made by Church & Dwight while Clorox 2 is a Clorox product. They have different additional ingredients and concentrations of percarbonate.

Is Purex a good cleaner?

Yes, Purex is considered a good and effective laundry cleaner and brightener brand. While not as strong at whitening as Clorox 2, Purex 2 still performs well at stain removal and brightening clothes. Purex detergents and other products generally get positive reviews from both expert testers and everyday users.

The Bottom Line

So in the battle of Purex 2 and Clorox 2, which laundry brightener comes out on top?

Here’s a quick summary of the key differences:

  • Whitening Power: Clorox 2 is stronger at removing dinginess and yellowing from white clothes.
  • Stain Removal: Both are excellent at lifting tough set-in stains. Purex 2 may have a slight edge on grease.
  • Color Care: Both are safe for colors when used properly.
  • Uses: Clorox 2 offers more ways to use with powders and packets.
  • Price: Clorox 2 costs a bit more but provides superior whitening.
  • Availability: Clorox 2 is more widely available at major retailers.

Overall, Clorox 2 beats out Purex 2 in several performance categories and remains the #1 best-selling brightener brand. However, Purex 2 provides very solid results as well, especially for the lower price point.

So choosing between the two comes down to your specific needs and budget. For maximum whitening power, Clorox 2 is the way to go. But Purex 2 is still an effective brightener if you want to spend less per load.

Either way, adding one of these laundry boosters will take your clean to the next level. Your clothes will come out looking and feeling like new again.

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