Spier & Mackay Vs. Oliver Wicks: A Showdown of Suit Superiority

Finding the perfect suit is a bit like finding the perfect partner: it requires patience, a keen eye, and a willingness to explore your options. In the world of men’s formal attire, Spier & Mackay and Oliver Wicks are two such options, each promising to be your ultimate match.

Let’s take a closer look at these brands, analyzing their offerings, and ultimately help you make a more informed choice.

A Brief Comparison Table

Comparison AspectSpier & MackayOliver Wicks
Price PointAffordable, offers a good balance of quality and costHigher, due to personalization and fabric quality
Tailoring ApproachOffers both ready-to-wear and custom suit optionsSpecializes in made-to-measure suits, ensuring a custom fit
Fabric SourceFabrics sourced globally, including Italy and EnglandExclusively uses Italian and English fabrics
ManufacturingProduced in China with strict quality controlHandcrafted in Europe, specifically Bulgaria
Customer ServiceOffers a hassle-free return policy for ready-to-wear suitsOffers an alterations credit for minor fitting adjustments due to its custom nature
Design and VarietyWide variety of styles, colors, and patternsCustomizable suit design, from lapel style to number of buttons
AvailabilityPrimarily based in Canada, which may affect shipping times/costs to other locationsBased in Europe, with international shipping available

The Suit Masters: Spier & Mackay and Oliver Wicks

Spier & Mackay Suit

Spier & Mackay is a Canadian brand renowned for its exceptional menswear, with a particular focus on suits.

The brand’s approach leans towards traditional tailoring, albeit with a modern twist, presenting an array of options that can cater to various tastes.

Meanwhile, Oliver Wicks is a Bulgaria-based brand known for its made-to-measure suits.

The company is committed to providing personalized service, ensuring that each suit matches your measurements and style preferences perfectly.

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Pros and Cons: Spier & Mackay


  • Affordability: One of Spier & Mackay’s biggest appeals is its pricing. Offering a great balance between quality and cost, it caters to those who desire high-end fashion without breaking the bank.
  • Design and Variety: The brand offers an impressive range of styles, colors, and patterns, allowing customers to find a suit that truly represents their personality.
  • Customer Service: Spier & Mackay’s dedication to customer satisfaction is commendable, with a return policy that reassures first-time buyers.


  • Fit: While the brand offers a comprehensive size chart, some customers have reported issues with fit, particularly in their ready-to-wear line.
  • Availability: As a Canadian brand, Spier & Mackay may have limited availability or increased shipping costs for customers outside of North America.

Pros and Cons: Oliver Wicks


  • Custom Fit: Oliver Wicks’ suits are made-to-measure, ensuring a precise fit based on your measurements.
  • Quality of Fabric: The company sources its fabrics from reputable Italian mills, ensuring top-notch quality and durability.
  • Detailed Customization: From the lapel style to the number of buttons, Oliver Wicks allows customers to personalize almost every aspect of their suit.


  • Price: While the quality is evident, Oliver Wicks’ suits may be on the pricier side, potentially deterring budget-conscious buyers.
  • Waiting Period: The made-to-measure process involves a waiting period for tailoring and shipping, which can be inconvenient for those needing a suit in a hurry.

Main Differences Between Spier & Mackay and Oliver Wicks

To guide you further in your suit-shopping journey, let’s compare Spier & Mackay and Oliver Wicks more closely. Although both brands offer top-tier menswear, several key differences set them apart.

  • Price Point
oliver wicks suit
Oliver Wicks Suit

One of the most significant differences lies in their pricing. Spier & Mackay, while offering quality suits, aims to provide value for money.

The brand maintains an excellent balance between style, quality, and affordability, making it accessible to a wider demographic.

On the other hand, Oliver Wicks operates at a higher price point.

However, it’s essential to note that with this higher price comes a level of personalization and quality that justifies the cost for many customers.

  • Tailoring Approach

Spier & Mackay offers both ready-to-wear and custom suit options, with the former providing immediate availability for those who need a suit in a hurry. Their custom suit option also offers personalization, but not quite to the same extent as Oliver Wicks.

Oliver Wicks specializes in made-to-measure suits, which means every suit is tailored to the customer’s specific measurements and preferences. This meticulous tailoring process can take a few weeks, which might not suit those on a tight schedule.

However, it does promise a unique garment that fits perfectly.

  • Fabric and Manufacturing

Spier & Mackay sources fabrics from around the world, including renowned mills in Italy and England, and their suits are produced in their factory in China under strict quality control standards.

In contrast, Oliver Wicks prides itself on exclusively using Italian and English fabrics for its suits, which are then handcrafted in Europe, specifically Bulgaria.

  • Customer Service

Both brands are committed to excellent customer service, but their return policies differ slightly. Spier & Mackay offers a hassle-free return policy for their ready-to-wear suits.

Oliver Wicks, due to the customized nature of their suits, offers a $125 alteration credit for any minor fitting issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is Oliver Wicks made?

Oliver Wicks suits are handcrafted in Europe, specifically in Bulgaria. They pride themselves on their European tailoring heritage, which ensures high quality and attention to detail.

Which country has the best suits?

 This is subjective and largely depends on personal preferences. However, Italy is renowned worldwide for its exceptional suit-making tradition, using high-quality materials and showcasing exceptional craftsmanship.

Is Canali a good brand?

Yes, Canali is considered a high-end brand in the world of men’s suits. Known for their Italian craftsmanship, Canali suits are a combination of quality materials, attention to detail, and timeless design. However, this does come with a higher price tag compared to other brands.

Final Thoughts

In the end, suit shopping is a personal journey. As you navigate through the sartorial landscape, remember that the perfect suit should not only look good but also make you feel confident and comfortable.

Whether it’s Spier & Mackay or Oliver Wicks, choose the brand that best aligns with your style, needs, and budget.

Happy shopping!

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