MTailor Vs. Indochino: Battle Of The Online Custom Suit Makers

Gentlemen, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with a custom-made suit, but which online tailor should you choose – MTailor or Indochino?

As leaders in affordable custom suiting, both brands promise quality tailoring and a perfect fit through their online tailoring processes.

I’ve tested them out, so let’s dive into the key differences between MTailor and Indochino to help you decide where to get your next custom suit.

A Brief Comparison Table

CostSuits from $269 – $469Suits from $399 – $799
Fabrics500+ fine Italian & English wools, silk linings100+ wools from Italy & Scotland, poly-blend linings
CustomizationLapels, buttons, vents, monogramLapels, buttons, vents, contrast colors
ConstructionHandmade by master tailorsMass production in factories
FitPrecise contemporary fitClassic tailored fit, not as sharp
Try At HomeAlteration credit included$75 try at home fee
Customer ServiceFast, knowledgeable live chatSlow email, inconsistent info
Add-OnsShirts, blazers, coatsShirts, pants, alterations

How Mtailor And Indochino Work?

MTailor and Indochino use your body measurements to create a custom-fitted suit just for you.

  • The MTailor Process
MTailor Suit
MTailor Suit

With MTailor, you select your fabric and customization options online.

They send you a Measurement Kit, which has measuring tapes and easy instructions to take your measurements at home.

Send back the kit, and MTailor’s master tailors in Hong Kong craft your suit to fit you flawlessly.

After quality checks, MTailor ships the finished suit within 3 weeks. alteration credits come standard if you need any final tweaks for the best fit.

  • The Indochino Process

Indochino also has you measure yourself at home.

You can input your measurements online or schedule an appointment at one of their showrooms. Their on-site tailors will measure you and help you select the suit fabrics and customizations.

Indochino suits are made in China and shipped to you within 3-4 weeks. They offer free alterations at their showrooms if needed after you receive your suit.

Both brands make the measuring and ordering process easy. MTailor provides more guidance with measurement kits, while Indochino offers in-person measurement sessions for convenience.

When it comes to suit construction, MTailor uses master tailors while Indochino relies on factories for production.

Key Differences Between MTailor And Indochino Suits

Suit Quality and Materials

MTailor and Indochino both market premium, high-quality materials for their suit fabrics. Here’s how they compare:

  • MTailor Fabrics
indochino suits

MTailor uses fine Italian and English wools from renowned mills like Alfred Brown and Holland & Sherry.

You can choose from over 500 fabrics with a wide selection of solids, pinstripes, plaids, and unique textures.

All their suit linings are Bemberg, a luxury woven silk known for softness.

  • Indochino Fabrics

Indochino offers hundreds of wool fabric options sourced from Italy and Scotland’s top mills like Dormeuil and Holland & Sherry.

Besides wool, they have linen, cotton, and cashmere blends for more variety.

Indochino linings are polyester-viscose blends, which are decent quality but not as high-end as MTailor’s silk.

For quality wools, MTailor and Indochino are comparable. MTailor edges out with luxury silk linings, while Indochino has a wider fabric selection.

Customization Options

Both brands allow you to personalized your suit with various customizations during ordering:

MTailor Customizations

  • Suit jacket lapels: Notch or peak
  • Number of jacket buttons: 1 to 4
  • Jacket vents: Single, double, or no vent
  • Pocket squares: 7 colors
  • Monogram: Add initials inside jacket

Indochino Customizations

  • Suit jacket lapels: Notch, peak, or shawl
  • Number of jacket buttons: 1 to 4
  • Jacket vents: Single, double, or no vent
  • Lapel buttonhole: 7 thread colors
  • Contrast lining: 15 colors
  • Contrast stitching: 15 colors

The customization options are very similar. MTailor offers a pocket square, while Indochino has more lining and stitching choices. Both allow you to add flair with contrast lapel buttonhole threading. Overall, you can tailor the suit details to your style with either brand.

Cost and Shipping

MTailor and Indochino are two of the most affordable custom suit options, though pricing varies:

MTailor Pricing

  • Suits: $269 – $469
  • Shirt: $69 – $109
  • Overcoat: $319 – $519

Indochino Pricing

  • Suits: $399 – $799
  • Shirts: $79 – $119
  • Overcoats: $449 – $749
Indochino Suit
Indochino Suit

For a similar 3-piece suit, Indochino’s starting price is about $100 higher than MTailor’s.

But Indochino often offers discounts and promos that help match MTailor’s regular pricing.

Both brands have free shipping and deliver suits within 3-4 weeks in the US.

Indochino also provides expedited shipping for an extra fee, getting you the suit within 10 days.

Overall, MTailor has better base pricing, though Indochino regularly has sales to make their suits more affordable. Shipping times are similar.

Fit and Sizing

The most important part of a custom-made suit is the fit. Here’s how MTailor and Indochino suits fit:

  • MTailor Fit

With measurement kits guiding you, it’s easy to get accurate sizing. MTailor’s tailors are masters at precision tailoring to your unique shape. The suits have a modern, trim fit with clean lines thanks to quality construction.

  • Indochino Fit

Indochino recommends professional measurements for best accuracy. Their suits are precisely tailored but have a boxier, more traditional cut. The fit is not as sharp and shaped to your body as MTailor’s contemporary suits.

MTailor’s technologically advanced process results in a spot-on, customized fit. Indochino can nail measurements but lacks MTailor’s modern tailoring for contouring to your physique.

Customer Reviews

Let’s check out customer feedback on the fit and quality of these made-to-measure suits:


  • “The instructions made measuring easy…Suit jacket fits perfectly!”
  • “Fabric is high-quality and feels luxurious. Great details and stitching.”
  • “MTailor nailed the measurements. Fit is sharper than my old custom suits.”


  • “Impressed with the fabric choice and quality for the price.”
  • “Measurements were accurate but the fit wasn’t the sleek style I wanted.”
  • “Jacket fits well but the pants needed tailoring for my shape.”

The reviews reaffirm MTailor’s precision approach results in an excellent modern fit. Indochino receives praise for quality and accurate sizing but has some complaints about boxy, inconsistent fits.

Try At Home Process

MTailor and Indochino both allow you to try on your finished suit at home for size approval:

  • MTailor Try At Home

With your finished MTailor suit, you get an alteration credit to get tweaks from local tailors if needed. You only pay for what you keep after the home trial.

  • Indochino Try At Home

Indochino offers a Try At Home program for $75. You can request up to 2 free adjustments from their tailors after testing the fit. Return any unsatisfactory suits for a refund.

The at-home try on allows you to verify the fit. Both brands will alter or remake the suit for free if sizing is way off. MTailor’s incentive to keep what you love makes returns easier.

Customer Service

I contacted both brands’ customer service to evaluate their helpfulness:

MTailor Customer Service

  • Live chatteam resolved my inquiry quickly
  • Agents were knowledgeable about measurement questions
  • Received useful guidance on picking sizes

Indochino Customer Service

  • Email support took 2 days to respond
  • Gave incorrect information about measurements
  • Could not advise me on addressing fit issues

MTailor’s customer service is vastly superior for suit buying guidance. Their expertise ensures you’ll get the right fit the first time. Indochino needs to improve agent training and response times.

Additional Services

Besides suits, these two brands provide extra wardrobe services:

MTailor Add-Ons

  • Dress shirts custom-made to your measurements
  • Custom blazers, overcoats, pants, and women’s blazers
  • Free fabric swatch samples

Indochino Add-Ons

  • Custom dress shirts, pants, overcoats, and tuxedos
  • Premium Alterations services at showrooms
  • Wedding party and gifts packages

Both brands can outfit you with more than a suit. Indochino offers higher end in-store alterations, while MTailor provides fabric swatches. For expanding your wardrobe, either brand has you covered.

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FAQs – MTailor and Indochino suits

Is Indochino a Chinese company?

No, Indochino is a Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver. However, their suits are manufactured in factories in China.

Who are Indochino competitors?

Indochino’s top competitors include MTailor, Black Lapel, SuitSupply, and Bonobos. These brands also specialize in affordable customized men’s suits.

Is Indochino really custom?

Yes, Indochino suits are customized to your measurements and specification choices. However, they are mass produced in factories instead of being hand crafted by master tailors.

Where does Indochino get their suits?

Indochino sources its high-quality wool fabrics from renowned Italian and Scottish mills. But the suits are then made in partner factories in China.

The Verdict

For customizable made-to-measure suits, both MTailor and Indochino are great online options with quality fabrics and competitive pricing. Which brand is best for you depends on what you prioritize:

Choose MTailor For:

  • Precision fit with sharp, contoured tailoring
  • Expert customer service agents to get sizing right
  • Base prices that beat Indochino’s standard costs

Choose Indochino For:

  • Huge selection of fabric patterns and colors
  • Convenient in-person measuring and tailoring
  • Frequent sales to match MTailor base pricing

Overall, MTailor excels at technologically advanced tailoring for an impeccable modern fit. Indochino offers greater style customization along with brick-and-mortar stores.

For the best balance of convenience, value, and fit, I recommend MTailor as the winner for most gentlemen’s custom suit needs. But Indochino is a solid choice for greater personalization.

So gents, measure yourself accurately, review fabric samples, and pick your preferred tailor brand. With quality materials and custom-made sizing, you’ll feel like a million bucks in your MTailor or Indochino suit – without the outrageous price tag.

Have fun and happy suit shopping!

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