Physiclo Vs. AGOGIE Resistance Leggings: Which One To Pick?

Resistance leggings have become increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts looking to amp up their workouts. Two of the most popular brands of resistance leggings are Physiclo and AGOGIE.

But with so many options on the market, how do you know which resistant leggings are right for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Physiclo and AGOGIE resistance leggings to help you decide which brand best fits your needs and budget. We’ll look at factors like:

  • Features and technology
  • Fit and comfort
  • Durability and quality
  • Price and value

We’ll also overview pros and cons of each brand and provide a detailed features comparison table so you can see the key differences at a glance. Read on for the ultimate showdown of Physiclo vs. AGOGIE resistant leggings!

A Brief Comparison Table

Resistance TechnologyStrategically placed elastic bandsAll-over resistant weave
Targeted ToningHamstrings, glutes, thighsFull body
CompressionVery compressiveModerate compression
Price Range$84-$110 per pair$68-$98 per pair
SizingRuns smallMore true to size
DurabilityGood, bands integratedGood, resistant weave blends in
DiscountsMulti-pair purchasesRewards program, bundles

Now that you know the basics on both brands, let’s take a deeper look at how Physiclo and AGOGIE leggings compare across the key factors shoppers care about.

Features and Technology Comparison of Physiclo And AGOGIE Leggings

The proprietary resistance technologies are what set Physiclo and AGOGIE leggings apart from normal activewear. Let’s explore the unique features and tech behind each brand.

  • Physiclo’s Patent-Pending Resistance Bands
Physiclo Resistance Legging
Physiclo Resistance Legging

The core of Physiclo’s resistance leggings is their Physiclo Tension Tech bands.

These elastic resistance bands are integrated directly into the fabric of the leggings.

The bands add lateral resistance as you move, placing extra resistance and tension on your muscles.

This challenges your muscles more to help strengthen, tone and sculpt your legs and booty.

Physiclo strategically places the resistance bands along the legs and glutes where you want to target toning.

For example, full-length leggings have bands in the hamstrings, quads, inner/outer thighs, and glutes. Capri-length leggings focus on the upper legs and glutes.

You can adjust the intensity of the resistance bands by choosing leggings with light, medium or strong resistance levels. This lets you tailor the leggings to your fitness level and workout needs.

  • AGOGIE’s Eco-Friendly Resistance Weave

AGOGIE resistant leggings use a special resistant weave technology rather than elastic bands.

They weave recycled Spanish Eco-lastic yarn into the fabric vertically and horizontally. This creates a resistant weave that adds extra resistance to your movements from all directions.

Rather than specific placement, the all-over resistant weave targets your muscles for a full-body toning effect. The resistant weave is also seamless for next-to-skin comfort.

AGOGIE offers light, medium and strong resistance levels so you can choose the right resistance for your needs. The resistant weave is also integrated into biker shorts, tees, and other styles beyond leggings.

Quick Comparison

Resistance TechnologyStrategically placed Patent-Pending elastic Tension Tech bandsAll-over resistant Eco-lastic weave
Resistance LevelsLight, medium, strongLight, medium, strong
Targeted Toning ZonesHamstrings, quads, glutes, inner/outer thighsFull-body resistant toning
Product RangeLeggings onlyLeggings, shorts, tees, more

Both Physiclo and AGOGIE offer resistant technology to engage your muscles more during workouts. Physiclo uses targeted elastic bands, while AGOGIE uses a full-body resistant weave.

Fit, Feel and Comfort Comparison

Resistant leggings need to be comfortable with a flattering, stay-put fit. Here’s how Physiclo and AGOGIE compare when it comes to fit and feel:

  • Physiclo Fit and Feel

Physiclo leggings are designed for compression and performance. They hug your body tightly to keep the resistance bands in place as you move.

The leggings are made from a blend of nylon and spandex for stretch and compression. They have a thick, supportive waistband and are available in capri and full-length inseams.

The compression fit and elastic resistance bands provide light support and stability as you move. But some may find the compression too tight for all-day wear.

Physiclo leggings are sweat-wicking, quick-drying and boast four-way stretch. The waistband is also designed to stay put during workouts.

  • AGOGIE Fit and Feel
AGOGIE Resistance Legging

AGOGIE leggings offer compression but with a bit more stretch and give than Physiclo.

They are crafted from a blend of recycled nylon and spandex.

The resistant weave replaces thick elastic bands, so the leggings have some compression without feeling overly tight and restrictive.

The material is lightweight and stretchy for freedom of movement.

AGOGIE leggings also come in both full-length and crops lengths with a wide, stay-put waistband.

The fabric is sweat-wicking, quick-drying and offers four-way stretch as well.

Quick Comparison

Compression and FeelVery compressive and tightCompressive with more stretch
WaistbandThick, supportiveWide, stay-put
LengthsCrops and fullCrops and full
StretchFour-way stretchFour-way stretch

Physiclo offers a tighter, more compressive fit to keep bands in place, while AGOGIE prioritizes some compression with greater comfort and stretch. Both have sweat-wicking, quick-dry fabric with four-way stretch.

Durability and Quality Comparison

You want resistant leggings made of high-quality materials that can withstand sweaty workouts and frequent wears. Here’s how Physiclo and AGOGIE stack up when it comes to durability:

  • Physiclo Durability

Physiclo constructs their leggings from quality nylon and Lycra spandex blends. They hold up well to regular gym use and machine washing.

The elastic resistance bands are integrated directly into the fabric itself. This helps minimize issues with wear and tear over time.

Some users note the thick waistband can lose some elasticity and get loose over time. But overall, Physiclo leggings are comparable in durability to other premium athletic brands.

  • AGOGIE Durability

AGOGIE also uses quality nylon-spandex blends for good durability and performance. The addition of recycled Eco-lastic yarn helps reduce waste while still making a durable product.

The resistant weave holds up well to workouts and washes without loosening or wearing down quickly. It tends to be more durable than exposed elastic bands.

Some users note occasional loose threads around seams. But overall, AGOGIE leggings deliver solid durability for regular gym and athleisure wear.

Quick Comparison

MaterialsNylon/Lycra® spandex blendsNylon/spandex + recycled Eco-lastic yarn
ConstructionBands integrated into fabricResistant weave built into fabric
DurabilityHolds up well to regular useGood durability for workout wear

Both brands use stretchy, quality fabrics and integrate resistance technology directly into the legging fabric for good durability.

Pricing and Value Comparison of of Physiclo And AGOGIE Leggings

Resistance leggings tend to come at a higher price point than basic activewear. Here’s how pricing shakes out for Physiclo and AGOGIE:

  • Physiclo Pricing
Physiclo Resistance Legging

Physiclo leggings retail for $84-$110 per pair depending on the style and resistance level.

This puts them at the higher end of pricing for workout leggings.

The patented resistance band technology does add more value than basic leggings.

But some shoppers may find the price-point prohibitively expensive, especially if buying multiple pairs.

Discounts are available directly from Physiclo by signing up for emails or buying 2+ pairs.

This can help lower the costs somewhat.

  • AGOGIE Pricing

AGOGIE resistant leggings retail for $68-$98 per pair. This makes them slightly more affordable than the Physiclo options.

The use of recycled fabrics and eco-friendly materials helps offset costs while still delivering quality. The pricing is moderate compared to other resistance-based leggings.

AGOGIE also offers customers rewards points and discounts for signing up for their mailing list. Bundling packs of leggings or shorts can further reduce costs as well.

Quick Comparison

BrandPrice RangeValue for CostDiscounts Available
Physiclo$84-$110 per pairModerate-HighFor multi-pair purchases
AGOGIE$68-$98 per pairGoodRewards program + bundles

Physiclo leggings come at a higher price point, while AGOGIE is a bit more budget-friendly. Both offer resistant technology for adding value compared to basic leggings.

Which One To Pick From Physiclo And AGOGIE?

Now that we’ve compared key factors like features, fit, quality, and cost, let’s summarize the key pros and cons of Physiclo and AGOGIE resistant leggings:

Physiclo Pros:

  • Targeted resistance band placement
  • Very compressive, stay-put fit
  • Sweat-wicking, quick-drying fabric
  • Innovative resistance technology

Physiclo Cons:

  • Runs small, less stretchy
  • More expensive price point
  • Sizing and fit can be tricky


  • All-over resistant weave targets all muscles
  • More budget-friendly pricing
  • Eco-friendly, recycled materials
  • Quality construction and performance


  • Less targeted toning than band placement
  • Slightly less compressive than Physiclo
  • Occasional quality issues like loose threads

Best For Targeted Toning – Physiclo

The strategic placement of Physiclo’s resistance bands makes them your best option if you want to target tone specific areas like glutes, thighs, etc. The extra compression keeps the bands in place as you move. But the sizing does run small.

Best Budget Buy – AGOGIE

Agogie Resistance Band Pants
Agogie Resistance Band Pants

AGOGIE resistant leggings offer quality and performance at a more affordable price-point.

The eco-friendly materials are also a nice bonus.

All-over resistant weave provides a great muscle challenge for full body toning.

Both Physiclo and AGOGIE make excellent resistant leggings with unique pros and cons.

Assess your budget, toning goals, and style preferences to decide which brand is right for you!

And be sure to take care of your leggings properly so they last – machine wash cold, air dry, and avoid harsh detergents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which company resistance band is best?

For resistance bands specifically built into leggings, Physiclo and AGOGIE are two top options. Physiclo’s resistance bands allow for targeted toning of specific muscle groups like glutes and thighs. AGOGIE’s all-over resistant weave provides a more full-body toning effect. The choice comes down to your specific toning goals and budget.

Which Pilates band is best?

Some top Pilates resistance band brands to consider are Balanced Body, Merrithew, Physeo, and Allegro. Key factors are comfortable padded handles, multiple resistance levels, and loops/anchors for attaching the bands to equipment or your body. Balanced Body and Merrithew bands are professional-grade for studios, while Physeo and Allegro offer quality bands for home use.

Do resistance band leggings actually work?

Yes, resistance band leggings can provide tangible benefits when worn during workouts. The resistance bands activate muscles more throughout your movement. This enhances muscle activation, leading to more toned and defined legs and glutes over time. Just make sure you are still incorporating targeted moves like squats, lunges, etc.

What do Agogie pants do?

AGOGIE leggings feature an all-over resistant weave in the fabric rather than specific bands. This weave creates resistance from all directions, challenging your muscles from every angle. As you move, the resistant weave activates your muscles more to promote full body toning and definition. The resistant weave makes moves like squats, lounges and walking more challenging.

Wrapping Up

Resistance leggings can provide great benefits for amping up your workouts and toning your legs and glutes. Both Physiclo and AGOGIE make quality resistant leggings using different technologies.

Physiclo’s targeted resistance bands are ideal for focused toning of specific muscle groups. AGOGIE’s all-over resistant weave promotes full body toning.

When choosing between the two brands, consider your budget, desired compression fit, and overall toning goals. Both Physiclo and AGOGIE resistant leggings will challenge your muscles more than basic activewear.

Select the option that best matches your needs for a great workout boost.

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