Perennials Fabric Vs. Sunbrella: An In-Depth Comparison

When it comes to choosing outdoor fabric, two names always emerge: Perennials Fabric and Sunbrella. Both are renowned for their durability, design, and weather resistance. But how do you know which one is best for your needs? 

Let’s delve into the characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of each to give you a more informed perspective.

A Brief Comparison Table

CharacteristicPerennials FabricSunbrella
MaterialSolution-dyed acrylicSolution-dyed acrylic
DurabilityExceptional, designed for harsh weather conditionsExceptional, designed for harsh weather conditions
Fade ResistanceHigh, maintains vibrant colors over timeHigh, good colorfastness under sun exposure
Stain ResistanceHigh, easy to cleanHigh, easy to clean
Design VarietyWide range of high-end designsWide variety, but fewer high-end designs
Price PointGenerally more expensiveGenerally more affordable
AvailabilityLess widely availableBroad availability

Exploring Perennials Fabric

Perennials Fabric
Perennials Fabric

Perennials fabric, a luxury performance textile brand, has been making waves in the outdoor furniture industry for years. Made from solution-dyed acrylic fibers, this fabric stands out due to its resistance to fading, ease of cleaning, and robust durability.

Pros of Perennials Fabric

  • Exceptional Durability

Perennials fabrics are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them an excellent choice for outdoor settings.

  • Stain and Fade Resistant

They’re imbued with inherent stain and fade resistance, ensuring your furniture maintains its vibrant color even after prolonged exposure to the elements.

  • Wide Design Selection

Perennials offers a broad range of sophisticated, high-end designs, satisfying even the most discerning of tastes.

Cons of Perennials Fabric

  • Pricey

The downside to Perennials fabric is the cost. Given its premium status, it tends to be pricier than other outdoor fabrics.

  • Limited Availability

Perennials fabric is also not as readily available as Sunbrella, potentially limiting your options depending on your location.

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Unraveling the Sunbrella Mystique

Sunbrella Mystique
Sunbrella Mystique

Sunbrella, on the other hand, is a household name in the world of performance fabrics. It’s also made of solution-dyed acrylic but is known for its longevity and broad range of applications.

Pros of Sunbrella Fabric

  • Outstanding Durability

Like Perennials, Sunbrella offers exceptional durability. It is designed to resist harsh climates, maintaining its appearance and functionality over time.

  • UV and Stain Resistance

Sunbrella fabrics are well-loved for their excellent UV and stain resistance, keeping your outdoor spaces looking fresh and inviting.

  • More Accessible

Compared to Perennials, Sunbrella tends to be more widely available and affordable, making it a more accessible choice for many homeowners.

Cons of Sunbrella Fabric

  • Limited High-End Designs

Although Sunbrella offers a variety of styles and colors, it may not satisfy those seeking truly high-end, unique designs.

  • Slightly Stiffer

Sunbrella fabric tends to be a bit stiffer than Perennials, which may impact comfort for some users.

Perennials Fabric Vs Sunbrella: Which is Better?

Determining whether Perennials fabric or Sunbrella is better ultimately boils down to personal preference and specific needs. If you’re looking for a luxury, high-end aesthetic and don’t mind a higher price point, Perennials might be your best bet. Conversely, for a more cost-effective, easily accessible, and durable solution, Sunbrella could be the ideal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What fabrics compare to Sunbrella?

Perennials Fabric is the most notable contender to Sunbrella. Other comparable brands include Outdura and Bella-Dura, all made from solution-dyed acrylic, boasting similar durability and weather resistance.

What is perennial fabrics?

Perennials Fabric is a luxury performance textile brand renowned for its durable, easy-to-clean, and high-end designs ideal for outdoor settings.

Is Sunbrella fabric better?

Whether Sunbrella fabric is “better” depends on your specific needs. If you’re after wide availability, affordability, and great durability, Sunbrella is a solid choice. However, if you prioritize high-end designs and don’t mind paying a premium, Perennials may be more appealing.

What does Sunbrella mean in fabric?

Sunbrella is a brand of performance fabric known for its durability, UV resistance, and easy maintenance. The name is often synonymous with quality outdoor fabrics that can withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining their color and structural integrity.

Is Sunbrella better than polyester?

Sunbrella, made from solution-dyed acrylic, typically outperforms polyester in terms of UV resistance and colorfastness. While polyester fabrics can be durable and water-resistant, they are generally more susceptible to fading and wear under constant sun exposure.

Is Sunbrella fabric better than polyester?

Yes, in most cases, Sunbrella fabric is considered better than polyester for outdoor use due to its superior resistance to UV rays, fading, and staining. However, polyester might be a more economical choice, even if it may not last as long under harsh outdoor conditions.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you choose Perennials Fabric or Sunbrella for your outdoor furnishing needs, you’re selecting quality and resilience. Each fabric offers its own set of advantages, and your choice should align with your unique preferences, aesthetic goals, and budget constraints.

Remember, the best outdoor fabric for you is the one that ticks most of your boxes – whether that’s affordability, design variety, luxury appeal, or exceptional durability. With either Perennials or Sunbrella, you’re bound to enjoy many seasons of comfort and style in your outdoor living space.

As you move forward in creating your perfect outdoor oasis, let the information you’ve gleaned from this comparison guide your decision-making process. Happy decorating!

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    Hi Clayton,

    Do you know anything about carbon fibers in Sunbrella and Perennials? I live in Arizona and was told that both of these brands have some colors that have carbon fibers, which will burn in Arizona – curious why carbon fibers would be in outdoor cushions if that’s the case. I’m needed to replace some cushions and trying to make the right decision, as my last Sunbrella canvas in natural were sunburnt over time. Thanks in advance!

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