PAIGE Federal Vs. Lennox Jeans: In-depth Differences

When it comes to premium denim, two brands stand out from the pack – PAIGE Federal and Lennox. Both are known for making high-quality, fashionable jeans using the latest techniques and fabrics.

But which brand comes out on top when put head-to-head?

This comprehensive guide breaks down the key differences between PAIGE and Lennox jeans across a number of categories. We’ll provide pros and cons for each brand and style to help you determine which is the better fit for you.

Read on to become a denim expert!

A Brief Comparison Table

OriginsFounded in LA in 2004 by Adams and YangLaunched under Levi’s umbrella in 2019 by Paul Dillinger
Style InspirationModern vintage with runway edgeClassic vintage revived for today
Typical FabricsProprietary blends with TENCEL and modalCotton/rayon blends with mechanical stretch
Wash StylingHand sanding, destruction, edgySimplistic washes, some raw selvedge
Fit/CutsUltra slim with stretch built inClassic straight/slim straight with roomier fit
Size Ranges32″-34″ waists, 32″ and 34″ inseams28″-36″ waists, 30″-36″ inseams
Price Range$219-$239 for most core styles$128-$198 for main fits
ManufacturingLA-based facilitiesTurkey, Tunisia, Mexico facilities
SustainabilityEco-fibers, renewable energyWater reduction technology, recycling

Brand Backgrounds

First, let’s get to know each brand’s origins and aesthetic. This background will help inform the comparisons to come.

PAIGE Federal Jeans

Paige was launched in 2004 by founders Page Adams and Jeanne Yang, two women passionate about fabrics and design.

They pioneered using the latest in technical fabrics to create vintage-inspired jeans crafted for a flawless fit.

The result was a line focused on detail and comfort in a modern yet timeless silhouette.

Signature fabrics like Transcend and Hoxton add stretch and recovery, moving with you flawlessly from day to night.

In essence, Paige bridges the gap between fashion-forward and everyday wearability.

The brand brings LA edge grounded in quality craftsmanship.

  • Lennox

The brainchild of industry veteran Paul Dillinger, Lennox landed on the denim scene in 2019 under the Levi’s umbrella. Inspired by the Golden Age of denim in New York City, the collection revived vintage cuts with innovative techniques.

Lennox marries fashion and function through thoughtful design invisible to the eye. For instance, removing unnecessary belt loops and buttons reduces excess hardware.

Adding a bit of stretch boosts wearability while invisible tummy panels provide added smoothing.

At its core, Lennox embraces quality craftsmanship and attention to detail reminiscent of the good ole days. The brand takes iconic silhouettes to the next level through a modern lens.

Comparing Women’s Federal Jeans

Now that we understand the ethos behind each label, let’s compare two staple women’s jeans head-to-head – the Paige Federal jeans and Lennox High Waist Stovepipe jeans.

  • Fit & Cut
Lennox Jeans
Lennox Jeans

Both styles offer a high-rise waist combined with a stovepipe straight leg cut through the hips and thighs.

This creates an elongating silhouette. However, there are some subtle differences.

The Paige Federal boasts an ultraslim fit with slimmer legs compared to the Lennox.

So if you prefer a closer cut, the Federal fits the bill. The Lennox runs slightly roomier in the hip and thigh for added comfort, suiting curvier figures.

For lengths, Paige comes in a 32” inseam best for taller frames.

Lennox offers a few more options, with inseams spanning 30” to 34”. So Lennox accommodates more body types.

Winner: Tie – Paige offers a slimmer fitted look while Lennox has more inclusive sizing.

  • Fabric & Stretch

Now let’s compare fabric technology and stretch. Both labels use cotton-rich blends with a touch of modern performance fibers woven in.

The Paige Federal uses Transcend fabric made of 52% cotton, 44% TENCEL T400, and 4% elastane. The result is super soft stretch denim that contours the body. Lennox features a premium 52% cotton blended with rayon and a hint of stretch.

This creates a lightweight, breathable feel reminiscent of true vintage jeans.

For stretch, The Paige federal includes 4% elastane for flexible wearability. Lennox has less stretch in the fabric itself but makes up for it with about 1% added mechanical stretch. So both provide mobility albeit through different methods.

Winner: Paige gets the edge for using the latest in performance fabrics. The Transcend fabric offers smoothing and recovery superior to traditional cotton.

  • Wash & Hardware

Both labels offer modern washes paired with classic five-pocket styling and hardware. Popular vintage-inspired medium and dark indigo washes look like your classic worn-in jeans off the rack. Light abrasion adds character while avoiding overly distressed looks.

For hardware, some key differences stand out. Paige adds signature elements like an interchangeable belt loop to switch things up. Lennox veers more simplistic, removing any unnecessary accents for a clean finish.

For instance, the Lennox has a signature seamless waistband with no visible topstitching.

The Lennox also features a lower rise back pockets and a scooped hem for a smoothing effect. So while the Paige Federal highlights unique hardware, the Lennox simplifies with smoother lines.

Winner: Tie – The Paige Federal shows off signature elements while the Lennox smoothes lines through invisible design details. Which you prefer depends on your style.

Comparing Men’s Jeans

Shifting gears, let’s see how Paige and Lennox stack up in the men’s category. We’ll use the Paige Federal jeans and Lennox 222 Slim Straight jeans as examples.

  • Fit, Cut & Stretch

Both men’s styles have a low rise coupled with a slim leg opening. However, they differ when it comes to stretch and exact fit.

The Paige men’s Federal uses Transcend fabric like the women’s line for maximum flexibility. It has a solid 4% elastane woven throughout paired with a slimmer leg cut. So you get superior mobility and modern shaping.

On the flip side, the Lennox 222 has an old-school rigid feel with sturdy 14 ounces raw selvedge denim. There’s no elastane in the fabric itself. Instead 1% mechanical stretch boosts flexibility.

And it has a slightly roomier cut through the thigh and leg opening compared to the body-skimming Paige fit. So depending on your build, one may suit you better than the other.

For sizing, both come in standard men’s waist sizes 28” to 38”. Paige offers a 34” inseam while Lennox spans 32” to 36”.

Winner: Paige gets the edge again for unparalleled comfort using high-tech Transcend fabric in a body-conscious cut. The extra stretch and recovery suits athletic builds best. But the authentic Lennox style works better for bigger thigh builds needing more room.

  • Wash & Hardware

The hardware and wash options also cater to different aesthetics. Both share the iconic five-pocket styling with contrast stitching. But Paige makes more of a statement while Lennox veers subtle.

For instance, the Federal line features unique belt loops and exposed buttons making the hardware an accent. Signature hand sanding and carved destruction give character to dark washes.

The Lennox goes more understated and minimalist by removing any excess hardware like belt loops. Plus raw selvedge denim and lighter washes keep things simple and clean. No heavy sanding or distressing in sight.

So if you like to showcase unique caracture, Paige has your name all over it. But Lennox wins for guys wanting a versatile pair in rich dark indigo.

Winner: Tie again. Paige makes the hardware an accent while Lennox removes anything excessive. Personal style preference determines the victor here.

Price Differences Between PAIGE Federal And Lennox Jeans

Of course, price plays a pivotal role in purchasing decisions as well. So how do Paige and Lennox compare cost-wise?

Overall Paige runs $50-$100+ more expensive depending on the exact style. Flagship skinny and straight leg jeans run $219-$239 retail. Lenox prices span $128-$198 for core fits.

Several factors contribute to Paige having elevated price points across the board:

  • Proprietary fabrics like Transcend and Silvastretch add expenses most brands don’t incur. These innovative, high-performance textiles cost more to make.
  • Signature hardware elements and detailed craftsmanship mean more intricate manufacturing. Unique touches like custom rivets and stitching require extra production effort.
  • Made in Los Angeles manufacturing has higher labor costs compared to oversees production common for cheaper jeans.
  • Exclusive boutique distribution also contributes to pricing. Paige retails primarily through specialty boutiques vs larger chains.

Comparatively, Lennox keeps costs lower through:

Lennox Tall Skinny Jean
Lennox Tall Skinny Jean
  • Economies of scale via Levi’s, who can negotiate down suppliers across brands.
  • Overseas manufacturing with cheaper labor rates. Most Lennox jeans are Made in Tunisia, Turkey, and Mexico.
  • Wider market distribution across major chains and online retailers like Amazon in addition to Levi’s stores.

So in essence, you pay more for Paige’s LA-based production, niche distribution, and exclusive fabric development costs.

But get faster production and responsiveness to market trends as a result.

With Lennox, you pay for the premium heritage and quality associated with the Levi’s name at a more accessible price point.

Winner: Lennox wins based on price accessibility to a wider audience. But Paige devotees feel the premium details and quality warrant the splurge.

Social Consciousness

Lastly, those eyeing feels-good fashion will appreciate each brand’s commitments to social consciousness. Both focus initiatives around sustainability and ethical production.

Paige takes steps like:

  • Using TENCEL branded lyocell fibers from sustainable tree farms rather than current forests
  • Working towards 100% renewable energy in their LA design studio and warehouses.
  • Sourcing raw materials from eco-conscious vendors when possible

Lennox initiatives include:

  • Using Water<Less technology to reduce water usage by 96% during finishing.
  • Launching denim recycling programs where customers can trade-in old pairs.
  • Piloting plant-based dyes made from food waste rather than synthetic versions.

So both put serious effort towards eco-friendly supply streams and manufacturing. Ultimately there’s room for improvement across the entire fashion industry. But conscientious consumers can feel good supporting either brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For quickfire questions about Paige jeans, see the answers below.

Is PAIGE a luxury brand?

Yes, Paige is considered a luxury-level denim brand based on exclusive distribution, premium craftsmanship, and elevated fabric technology. Unique touches like custom hardware and hand-finished distressing add artisanal value as well. And being made in LA while using eco-friendly textiles contribute to an elevated positioning beyond mainstream jeans.

Why are PAIGE jeans so expensive?

Several reasons make Paige jeans pricier than average, including:
1. Patented fabrics woven with TENCEL lyocell and other technical yarns for increased performance and recovery. These innovative textiles cost more to make than basic cotton.
2. Signatures like hand-sanded distressing and unique hardware that add labour expenses compared to more simplistic washes.
3. Made in Los Angeles production. This gives Paige better quality control than overseas manufacturing but has higher worker wages factored in.
4. Exclusive boutique distribution limits volume discounts from large chain retailers.
So essentially you pay for patented textiles, trend-driven finishing, ethical LA production, and a premium boutique experience. These value-adds add up at checkout but deliver superior craftsmanship.

Is PAIGE an American brand?

Yes, Paige is an American denim label through and through. The brand was founded in Los Angeles by Page Adams and Jeanne Yang in 2004. And Paige still headquarter their design, washing, and production facilities in LA.
A focused effort on local manufacturing sets Paige apart from most jeans today made oversees. It allows them greater quality control and the “Made in USA” cache. Though some select styles are produced internationally as well.
So while growth took Paige into global distribution and foreign manufacturing partnerships, the brand still prides itself on LA roots.

Who founded PAIGE denim?

Page Adams and Jeanne Yang founded Paige Premium Denim in 2004.
The pair identified a demand for premium denim combining fashion-forward style with everyday wearability. But the options at the time skewed in either a high-fashion or basic direction.
So Adams and Young bridged the gap by fusing customized washes, edgy distressing and modern hardware with approachable fits. The result delivered fashion runway details grounded in jeans designed to live in.
From day one, Paige committed to local LA production as well. By leveraging proximity to Hollywood trendsetters, they could respond faster to rising aesthetics than overseas facilities.
Today Paige continues expanding with core styles focused on quality finishes and exclusive custom fabric blends. But Adams and Yang’s founding ethos stays at the core.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Paige and Lennox both make stellar jeans focused on setting trends based in timeless style. Key differences come down to:



  • Innovative fabric technology and performance
  • Trend-driven washes and distressing
  • Edgy signatures from hardware to sanding


  • Runs $50+ more per pair
  • Slimmer fits don’t work for all body types



  • Premium heritage from the Levi’s name
  • Vintage-inspired washes and simplicity
  • More size inclusive with up to size 34” waists


  • Less stretch woven into fabric
  • Limited boutique distribution

If staying on trend with modern details is most important, Paige takes the lead. But if you want accessible vintage style backed by a denim legend, Lennox checks the boxes.

Hopefully breaking down key comparisons across cuts, fabrics, price points and more helps you pick your perfect pair! Both labels embody quality craftsmanship that looks good while doing good for the world.

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