Levi’s 513 Vs. 514 Jeans: Which Cut Is Best For You?

Levi’s has been making quality jeans since 1853, so they definitely know a thing or two about denim. Two of their most popular straight leg cuts are the 513 and 514 models.

While they share some similarities, there are also key differences between the 513 and 514 fits.

This comprehensive guide will compare Levi’s 513 and 514 jeans in detail so you can decide which cut is best for your body type and style. We’ll cover the fits, fabrics, wash options, and more – plus provide an overview table for easy comparison.

Read on to become a Levi’s jeans expert!

514 Straight Fit Jeans

The 514 is Levi’s signature straight leg jean. It has an easygoing straight fit from the thigh to the leg opening that sits straight over shoes.

This is a relaxed fitting jean designed to move with you – not too baggy and not too tight. The classic straight silhouette looks stylish with tees, button-downs, or blazers.

Here are the highlights of the 514 fit:

Levi’s 514 Jeans
Levi’s 514 Jeans
  • Straight fit through the hip and thigh – not too loose but not clinging to the body
  • Sits at the natural waist
  • Straight leg opening falls naturally over shoes – not flared or tapered
  • Roomy seat and thigh to prevent restriction of motion
  • No stretch in 100% denim fabrics

The 514 is a bestseller for men who like a classic, vintage-inspired straight jean.

The fit provides mobility while maintaining a flattering silhouette.

514 Styles and Fabrics

The 514 fit comes in a wide array of washes and colors from dark to light blue, black, gray, white, and more. The most popular 514 washes are:

  • Rigid – Crisp, raw denim
  • Stonewash – Mid blue with fading and whiskering
  • Black – Single solid black shade
  • White – Bright white denim

Most 514s come in 100% cotton non-stretch denim. The rigid denim option will feel stiff at first but forms to your body over time. If you want a soft, broken-in pair right away, go for a pre-washed stonewash or black 514.

For guys that like a bit of stretch for increased comfort, the 514TM Flex jeans have 1-2% elastane added. There are also 514s available in interesting fabrics like sherpa fleece-lined and corduroy.

513 Slim Straight Jeans

As the name implies, the Levi’s 513 has a slimmer fit through the hip and thigh compared to the 514 straight fit. But it maintains the same straight leg opening.

This modernized straight cut has a bit less room in the seat and thigh but is not a skin-tight skinny jean by any means. There is no taper to the leg opening.

Here’s an overview of the 513 slim straight fit:

Levis 513 Jeans
Levis 513 Jeans
  • Sits below the natural waist
  • Slimmer through the hip and thigh than 514
  • Straight leg opening falls naturally over shoes
  • Tailored but not hugging the body
  • Added stretch for flexibility

The 513 is an ideal compromise between the comfort of a straight leg and a trimmer silhouette.

The leaner thigh and hip prevent excess bagginess but the straight opening keeps the look casual.

513 Styles and Fabrics

The 513 comes in traditional denim washes from mid to dark blue. The most popular are:

  • Rigid Dragon – Dark indigo wash in rigid denim
  • Anniversary Edition – Vintage stonewash with distressing
  • Streamline – Clean dark blue wash

What sets the 513 apart is the added stretch. Most 513s contain around 2% elastane for a flexible fit that moves with you. The stretch offers comfort without losing structure.

There are also 513 jeans in Tencel fabric. Tencel is a soft, breathable fiber that provides an exceptionally smooth feel.

For winter, flannel-lined 513s provide extra warmth and sherpa-lined add cozy fuzziness. There are also 513 styles with cool patterned fabrics.

Levi’s 513 And 514 Jeans Comparison Table

Now that we’ve reviewed the 513 and 514 fits individually, let’s compare them directly side-by-side. Here is an overview chart of the key differences:

Levi’s 513Levi’s 514
Slim straight fitStraight fit
Sits below natural waistSits at natural waist
Slim through hip and thighRoomy through hip and thigh
Straight leg openingStraight leg opening
Added stretch fabrics100% cotton rigid denim

To recap the differences:

  • The 514 has a roomy, relaxed fit while the 513 is more tailored and slim
  • The 514 sits higher at the natural waist vs the 513’s low rise
  • The 513 uses stretch fabrics for mobility while the 514 is old-school rigid denim
  • Both have an easygoing straight leg opening but the 513 is a little more tapered at the thigh

The choice between the two cuts comes down to personal preference on fit. For a loose, vintage fit choose the 514. For a modern slim-straight, go for the 513.

Finding The Right Size

Since the 513 and 514 fits are quite different, you may need to try a different size in each style to get the ideal look.

Make sure to always check the size charts. Do not assume you are the same size across cuts – Levi’s are known to vary!

Some general tips on finding your perfect 513 or 514 size:

  • For 514, size up if between sizes for a roomier fit or size down for a trim straight fit
  • For 513, consider sizing down if between sizes for a lean look or stick to your normal size for a bit more room
  • Keep in mind the 514 will loosen up over time while the 513 will retain its shape
  • Try the “pinch test” to make sure there is enough room in the thigh and seat

It may take a few wears and washes for either style to feel perfectly broken-in. Allow for the fabric to stretch a bit or soften up.

Pros and Cons of 513 ANd 514 Fits

To decide which straight leg Levi’s is best for you, it helps to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of each fit:

513 Slim Straight Pros:

  • Tailored hip and thigh for flattering slim silhouette
  • Straight leg opening provides versatile styling
  • Added stretch creates comfortable movement
  • Variety of finishes like sherpa and corduroy

513 Slim Straight Cons:

  • Less room through seat and thigh than 514
  • Needs to be broken in for maximum comfort
  • Fewer rigid, raw denim options

514 Straight Pros:

Levis 514 Straight Fit Mens Jeans
Levis 514 Straight Fit Mens Jeans
  • Relaxed fit through hip and thigh
  • Tradtional non-stretch 100% denim
  • Vintage high rise is universally flattering
  • Wider leg opening for relaxed vibe

514 Straight Cons:

  • Can appear baggy if sized incorrectly
  • Stiff rigid denim needs break-in period
  • Less tapered than modern slim-straight cuts

Overall, the 513 is great for guys who want a modern, clean look. The 514 is ideal for vintage denim lovers who prefer old-school styles. Consider your personal taste, fit needs, and comfort preferences.

Style Tips for 513 and 514 Jeans

Both the 514 and 513 can be styled casually or dressed up. Here are some style tips for each cut:

514 Styling:

  • Cuff the hems for a laidback vibe or leave them long to stack over boots
  • Pair with casual button-downs, henleys, or tee shirts
  • Add a blazer or sports coat for an elevated look
  • Go monochromatic with a matching denim jacket

513 Styling:

  • Show off the slim tapered fit by tucking in button-down shirts
  • Create long lean lines by pairing with chelsea boots
  • Dress up with a tucked-in sweater and chukka boots
  • Contrast the slimness with an oversized casual blazer

The straight leg profile of both cuts looks great with any footwear from sneakers to dress shoes. For shoes that contrast the wide opening, go for sleek low tops or streamlined boots. To complement the leg, try chunky retro sneakers or lug sole boots.

Distressed and ripped washes add a casual, laidback feel. Darker rinses make both cuts appropriate for more formal occasions. Ultimately how you style your 513 or 514 jeans will come down to personal preference.

Finding The Best Deals

Levi’s jeans can be quite an investment, with most pairs costing $60-$120 at full price. Luckily there are always great deals to be found if you know where to look!

Here are tips for getting 513 and 514 jeans for less:

  • Check the sale section on Levi.com and sign up for email alerts on price drops
  • Ask for student, military, or other discounts in Levi’s stores
  • Shop end-of-season sales around January and July
  • Sign up for newsletters from department stores for coupons
  • Check Amazon and discount fashion sites for markdowns
  • Buy second-hand on sites like ThredUp and Poshmark

Also consider buying long-lasting darker washes and more trendy light or destroyed styles on sale. Breaking in a new pair of rigid 514s or stretchy 513s is a rite of passage for any denim lover.

With the right deal, you can get the perfect pair without breaking the bank.

FAQ About 513 And 514 Fits

What’s the difference between 513 and 514 Levis?

The main difference is the 513 has a slimmer fit through the hip and thigh, while the 514 has a roomier straight fit. The 513 sits lower and has stretch fabric, while the 514 has a higher rise and 100% cotton denim. Both have straight legs.

What Levi is similar to 513?

The 501 and 511 Levi’s fits are the most similar to the 513. The 501 has a high rise like the 514 but a slim thigh like the 513. The 511 is a skinny fit, so it is slimmer overall than the 513.

What’s the difference between 511 and 513 Levi jeans?

The 511 is a skinny fit with a tapered leg, while the 513 is a slim straight with no taper. The 513 has more room in the thigh and a straighter leg opening than the 511.

What is the difference between Levi’s 514 and 511?

The 514 is a relaxed straight fit jean with room to move. The 511 is a skinny fit that hugs the body from hip to ankle. The 514 provides comfort and mobility while the 511 has a trendy slim silhouette.

Final Thoughts

Levi’s has designed the 513 and 514 to provide the brand’s classic straight cut in both a modern slim and vintage loose style. Once you determine your preferred rise, thigh room, and leg opening, choosing between the two comes down to personal taste.

Both cuts can be dressed up or down seamlessly. Focus on finding the best fit for your body rather than current fashion trends. Whichever you choose, Levi’s quality construction means you’ll enjoy years of comfort in a pair of 514 or 513 jeans.

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