Indochino Vs. Bonobos For The Best Custom Men’s Suit?

With the rise of online made-to-measure suit companies like Indochino and Bonobos, getting a custom tailored suit has never been easier or more affordable. But with so many options to choose from, how do you decide which company to go with?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Indochino and Bonobos on a variety of factors including quality, fit, customization options, pricing, and more to help you determine the best option for your custom suit needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

QualityMid-tier imported wools, “half canvassed” constructionPremium Italian wool, fully canvassed construction
FitSlim, skinny, or athletic fits. Precise customization available.Slim and standard fits. Good OTR but can customize.
CustomizationUnlimited detail customization at no extra costForward customization available for add’l cost
Shopping Experience100% onlineOnline or in-store fitting
Alterations Needed?Likely 1-2 rounds at $75 per suitProvides 2 rounds of free alterations
ManufacturingChina, some Italy for premiumItaly, USA, Portugal, China
Try-at-Home Period10 days45 days

Overview of Indochino and Bonobos

indochino suits

Indochino is one of the original made-to-measure suit companies, launching in 2007.

They sell suits, shirts, chinos and other menswear basics completely online by taking your measurements and custom tailoring each item.

Everything is made to order in their factories and ship directly to your door.

Bonobos started in 2007 as an ecommerce pants brand known for their signature curved waistband. They have since expanded into full suits, shirts, chinos, denim, outerwear and other menswear essentials.

In 2016 Bonobos was acquired by Walmart and have retail Guideshops across the US where you can try on items and get measured for custom clothing that is then made to order.

Key Differences Between Indochino And Bonobos Suits

Both companies aim to provide affordable, quality custom-tailored menswear with an easy online shopping experience, prompt fulfillment, and free returns. So how do you choose between them? Let’s dive into the details.

Quality and Construction

When it comes to suit quality, materials and construction are key. For the best longevity, look for fully canvassed or hybrid suits made with high-end super fine wool fabrics from Italy or Japan. Both Indochino and Bonobos offer suits across a range of quality levels:


  • Entry level suits are “partially canvassed” with fused front jacket lining. Mid-tier suits are “half canvassed”.
  • Fabrics are imported wools and cotton blends. “Premium” suits feature super fine merino wool & cashmere.
  • Suits are made in China. They also have a premium “black lapel” capsule collection made in USA with Italian wool.


  • Entry suits are “partially canvassed” with some fused lining. Mid-tier are “half canvassed”.
  • Fabrics are Italian & Australian wool blends, cotton, linen & performance fabrics.
  • Suits are made in USA, Italy, Portugal and China. Italian wool suits made in Italy offer highest quality.

For the best construction and fabrics, the Bonobos Italian wool suits made in Italy are superior. But both brands offer quality suits – Indochino uses nice imported wools at affordable prices while Made in USA Bonobos suits are great quality with American craftsmanship.

Fit & Sizing

A proper trim fit is essential for looking sharp in a suit. Both companies aim to offer a slim tailored fit and emphasize fit guarantees:


  • Known for trim, precise tailoring and “tech-forward” approach using algorithms to adjust patterns digitally.
  • Offer “slim”, “skinny” and “athletic” fits plus standard sizes. Exact customization available.
  • Provide measurement guides & fit tools to capture nuances remotely.
  • Alterations needed 50% of the time so expect to pay $75-150 per suit to perfect the fit.

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  • Focus on delivering great fit right out of the box. Guideshops provide in-person measurement and fitting.
  • Slim and standard fit available. Customization improves standard specs.
  • Average 2 rounds of alterations to dial-in fit. Free at Guideshops, $75 each way for online orders.

For the easiest path to great fit without alterations, shop Bonobos. But Indochino has more fit options and hyper-precise customization for that tailored bespoke feel. Expect to pay extra and wait for alterations either way.

Customization Options

Full customization allows you to personalize the details to create a one-of-a-kind suit:


  • Own manufacturing enables high customization – choose jacket lining, lapels, buttons, stitching, monogramming at no extra cost.
  • Customize suit lining with name or phrase for a personal touch.
  • Add working sleeve/chest pockets, double vents, pant cuff options.


Bonobos Suits
Bonobos Suits
  • Offers “forward” customization – modify jacket lining, lapels, pant pleats, cuffs, pocket style.
  • No monogramming. Less flexible than Indochino but solid range of options.
  • Additional customization comes at extra cost.

Indochino provides unparalleled customization to create a truly personalized suit at no extra charge.

Bonobos offers popular custom options for a more unique suit, but charges more for detailed personalization.

Price & Value Comparison

Price is often the deciding factor when suit shopping. Here’s how Indochino and Bonobos compare:


  • Full suits from $329
  • Premium suits from $429
  • Shirts from $59
  • Matching suits & shirts from $358


  • Wool suits from $500
  • Premium Italian wool from $750
  • Shirts from $88
  • Matching suits & shirts from $588

Indochino offers exceptional value, with quality suits under $400 and shirt & suit packages under $400. Bonobos commands a premium price for their quality, especially the high-end Italian wool suits.

You pay more upfront with Bonobos but get premium fabrics, construction and fit. Indochino offers unbeatable prices for the customization but may require alterations. Both offer frequent sales and promos too.

Convenience: Shopping Experience & Fulfillment

An easy and convenient shopping experience is key:


  • 100% online made-to-measure process. Measurements input manually.
  • Virtual fit tools & measurement guides provided.
  • Add own notes for fitter on preferences.
  • Items ship in approx. 3 weeks after order.


  • Online or in-store ordering. Get measured in person at Guideshops.
  • Virtual fit tools online. More accurate thanks to in-person fitting.
  • Items ship in approx. 3 weeks after order.

The in-person measuring and fitting at Bonobos’ Guideshops provides convenience and accuracy for the best out-of-box fit. But Indochino is more accessible for online shoppers. Both deliver in about 3 weeks.

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Try At Home & Return Policies

Being able to try on and return items is vital for custom clothing. Here are the policies:


  • Try at home and return for free for any reason within first 10 days.
  • After 10 days, can exchange for remakes at discounted $75 fee per item.
  • Remakes edited for fit issues and tailored to your specs.


  • Free return shipping. Full refund within 45 days of purchase.
  • After 45 days, can exchange for alterations at discounted $75 fee per item.
  • 2 rounds of alterations free when ordering in store.

The companies offer similarly generous try at home periods and remake policies. Bonobos provides more incentive to visit Guideshops with free in-store alterations.

Custom Suit Buying Tips

Here are a few tips for buying a successful custom suit online:

  • Input your measurements carefully. Have someone assist for accuracy.
  • Capture your exact fit preferences – slim, relaxed, precise armhole, etc.
  • Share fit quirks – sloped shoulders, rounded back. Add photos for reference.
  • Order fabric swatches if unsure about color, texture, and drape.
  • Start with just a suit jacket to test sizing and fit before buying full suit.
  • Take advantage of free try at home period and remakes to get the perfect fit.

Indochino Or Bonobos Suits: Which Is Better?

So which brand comes out on top in this battle of custom suit makers? Here’s a quick recap on how they compare:


  • Unparalleled customization options at no extra cost
  • Excellent value and prices, especially for suit packages
  • Precise, dialed-in fit potential with hyper customization
  • Convenient 100% online made-to-measure ordering


  • Superior fabric quality and construction on high-end suits
  • Easier path to great fit with in-person measurement
  • Generous try-on and alteration policies through Guideshops
  • Classic tailored aesthetic and fits

Ultimately there is no definitive “winner” – both companies make excellent suits and offer convenient customization.

Indochino is ideal for maximizing customization at affordable prices. Bonobos provides premium quality and fit guarantee through their service and retail stores.

Choose Indochino for the best budget-friendly customization and value. Go with Bonobos for premium fabrics and construction with the best out-of-box fit experience. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a customized suit that fits you perfectly!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Bonobos suits need to be tailored?

Bonobos suits are designed for great fit right off the rack, so you may not need alterations. But it is still recommended to have a suit tailored for minor tweaks to get the perfect sharp fit. Bonobos offers free in-house alterations at Guideshops on new suits.

Is Indochino made in China?

The majority of Indochino suiting is manufactured in China to allow the low prices and custom options. They do offer some premium suiting made in USA or Italy if you prefer non-Chinese manufacturing.

Is Indochino really custom?

Yes, Indochino suits are fully customized to your measurements and specifications. You can customize everything from jacket lining to sleeve buttons. The fit may still need refinement via alterations but the suits are bespoke made-to-measure.

Where are Indochino fabrics from?

Indochino uses fine imported wools from Australia, Italy, Portugal, and Japan. Their premium line features super 130s-150s grade wool from Italy. Suits are also available in cotton, linen, and blends.

Final Thoughts

So in summary, for a high quality custom-tailored suit shop Bonobos’ premium Italian wool suits. But for unparalleled customization and affordable pricing, choose Indochino. Either way, take advantage of at-home try-on and remake policies until you achieve the perfect fit.

Let us know if you have any other questions in your custom suit journey!

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