Cozy Earth Vs. Eberjey Pajamas: Battle of Comfy Loungewear

Few things feel better than slipping into your favorite pair of pajamas after a long day. With so many comfy loungewear options available, how do you choose the best pajamas for optimal relaxation and renewal?

Luxury brands Cozy Earth and Eberjey both offer indulgently soft sets promising the ultimate in relaxation. But which is truly worth splurging on?

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we’ll help you decide if Cozy Earth or Eberjey pajamas better suit your needs and budget. Read on for an in-depth analysis of fabric, fit, style, sizing, and pricing differences to determine the champion of supreme comfort.

A Brief Comparison Chart

AspectsCozy EarthEberjey
FabricButtery soft bamboo viscoseSoft modal or cotton
BreathabilityExcellent, moisture-wickingGood
WarmthGoodVery good
Stretch & Fit5% spandex, form-fitting1-5% spandex, relaxed to fitted
StyleUnderstated, neutral solidsFeminine prints and florals
SizingWomen’s and men’s XS-XLWomen’s XS-XL only
Price$95-$165 per set$60-$120 per set

Cozy Earth and Eberjey Brand Backgrounds

First, let’s get to know each brand’s origins and unique attributes:

Cozy Earth Women's Stretch Knit Long Sleeve Pajama Set
Cozy Earth Women’s Stretch Knit Long Sleeve Pajama Set

Cozy Earth launched in Hawaii in 2014 with a mission to create the softest, most comfortable bedding and loungewear possible.

They fabricate their own textiles utilizing premium natural materials like bamboo viscose, cotton, and eucalyptus.

Prices range from $95-$165 per set.

Eberjey was founded in 1996 by Ali Meja and Mariela Rovito.

Headquartered in Miami, this women-owned business produces feminine lingerie and loungewear with a romantic aesthetic.

Modal and cotton are common fabrications. Pricing runs from $60-$120 per set.

While both companies promise ultra-softness, Cozy Earth uses more high-tech fabrics while Eberjey favors pretty, delicate styling.

Now let’s compare how they stack up across critical factors:

Unbeatable Softness: Bamboo Vs. Modal

The #1 requirement for amazing pajamas is an incredibly plush, soft-to-the-touch fabric. Cozy Earth leverages bamboo viscose for unprecedented softness, while Eberjey often relies on modal. How do these textiles compare?

Bamboo viscose begins life as bamboo pulp which is then spun into sumptuous viscose fibers. The resulting material feels even silkier and smoother than expensive cotton or cashmere. Cozy Earth’s bamboo viscose pajamas are downright addictive, enveloping you in featherlight softness from head to toe.

Modal is a semi-synthetic made from beech wood. Through an intricate process of spinning cellulose from pulp, modal fibers are created and woven into luscious fabrics. Modal feels smooth and luxurious against skin. However, it can pill over time.

For sheer sensual pleasure against the skin, Cozy Earth’s indulgent bamboo viscose fabric cannot be surpassed. Modal feels glorious too, but bamboo viscose is truly the gold standard for sensational softness.

Year-Round Comfort: Breathability Comparison

The best pajamas keep you blissfully comfy in every season. Let’s explore how bamboo viscose and modal compare for temperature and moisture control:

Eberjey Sleepwear
Eberjey Sleepwear

Cozy Earth’s bamboo fabric is naturally more breathable than cotton, wicking moisture away from the body.

Even in warm weather, it maintains a comfortable sleeping climate to prevent overheating.

Bamboo stays smooth when hot and won’t cling to sweaty skin.

Eberjey’s modal fabric also has good breathability and airflow.

However, modal and cotton absorb more moisture than bamboo viscose.

Perspiration can become trapped rather than evaporating. For the hottest, sweatiest sleepers, bamboo has superior temperature regulation.

For winter, both Cozy Earth and Eberjey pajamas provide warmth when needed. The soft fabrics act as insulation to keep you toasty when it’s chilly out. For wicking away moisture and keeping skin cool in summer, Cozy Earth’s bamboo viscose is unparalleled.

Relaxed Vs. Body-Hugging Fit

The most comfortable pajamas move fluidly with your body. Let’s explore fit and stretch comparisons:

Cozy Earth designs their bamboo pajamas with 4-5% spandex for incredible stretch and flexibility. The fabric contours beautifully to every curve for a super flattering silhouette. You’ll never feel restricted in these body-hugging pajamas.

Eberjey pajamas contain 1-5% spandex for stretch too, but some 100% cotton options have no spandex. The fit skews more relaxed and flowy. For those who dislike clingy clothes, Eberjey’s looser styles may appeal.

If you love form-fitting pajamas, Cozy Earth is the clear winner. Their stretch-enhanced bamboo fabric showcases your shape without ever feeling tight or binding. For a less clingy feel, Eberjey offers cute oversized tops and boyfriend fits.

Comparing Style Aesthetics: Simplicity Vs. Frilly Details

Cozy Earth Long Sleeve Pajama
Cozy Earth Long Sleeve Pajama

In addition to fabric and fit, pajama styling and aesthetics differ between these brands:

Cozy Earth favors straightforward solid colors like black, gray blue, and natural ivory for their bamboo pajama sets.

The minimalist palette keeps focus on sumptuous softness.

Their designs utilize simple, neutral silhouettes perfect for every body.

Eberjey pajamas embrace charming prints, vivid colors, and feminine detailing like lace trim, ruffles, and florals. Cropped lengths, camis, and rompers provide flirty options compared to Cozy Earth’s more basic tees and pants.

Those seeking no-frills, ultra-soft luxury will prefer Cozy Earth’s muted, minimalist sets. For delicate details in vibrant hues, Eberjey offers a youthful, girly sensibility.

Sizing and Lengths Available

Finding the perfect pajama fit means ample sizing options are essential. Here’s how Cozy Earth and Eberjey compare:

  • Cozy Earth pajamas come in traditional women’s and men’s sizes from XS to XXL. Their Bamboo Jogger Pants are sold in short, regular, and long lengths for an exact fit.
  • Eberjey pajamas only go up to size XL. They offer some maternity choices but no men’s sizing. Lengths range from crops to ankles in mainly women’s cuts.

For broad size inclusivity in unisex styles ideal for sharing, Cozy Earth excels. Eberjey focuses exclusively on female customers seeking cute, short lengths.

Cost Comparison: Are Designer PJs Worth the Price?

Let’s address the elephant in the room – cost. Here’s how Cozy Earth and Eberjey pajama prices shake out:

  • Cozy Earth pajamas: $95 – $165 per set
  • Eberjey pajamas: $60 – $120 per set
Eberjey Sleepwear

No question, Cozy Earth’s offerings come at a steeper price.

But their pajamas are viewed by many shoppers as a worthwhile investment in restful sleep and lounging luxury.

If cared for properly, Cozy Earth sets should last for years of unparalleled comfort.

Eberjey hits a more accessible price point, especially for budget buyers.

Their cute, quality pajamas don’t come cheap but cost significantly less than Cozy Earth.

Those seeking style on a budget will be very satisfied with Eberjey’s offerings.

For some, Cozy Earth’s heavenly fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship justify the splurge. But Eberjey makes designer pajamas more attainable. Ultimately, your budget and priorities must determine which brand fits the bill.

Direct Fabric Comparisons: Softness, Breathability, and Warmth

Let’s recap how Cozy Earth and Eberjey’s fabrics compare across key performance criteria:


  • Cozy Earth’s bamboo viscose is cloud-like in its sensational softness and friction-free feel. Truly the ultimate in sleeping and lounging luxury.
  • Eberjey’s modal fabric feels very smooth and pleasant against skin, but cannot match the indulgent softness of bamboo viscose.

Breathability & Temperature Regulation

  • Cozy Earth’s bamboo wicks moisture efficiently to keep skin cool and dry. Perfect for hot sleepers.
  • Eberjey’s modal and cotton absorb more moisture. Still breathable, but not ideal for sweat-prone individuals.


  • Both provide insulation against chilly temps. Eberjey’s cotton styles may offer slightly more warmth.

Style, Fit, and Sizing Comparison

Here are the main stylistic differences between each brand:

  • Style: Cozy Earth favors solid neutrals while Eberjey embraces vivid colors, prints, and delicate details.
  • Fit: Cozy Earth’s bamboo viscose hugs every curve thanks to ample stretch. Eberjey’s modal/cotton sets provide a roomier, more relaxed fit.
  • Sizing: Cozy Earth offers more generous sizing up to XXL for women and men. Eberjey only goes up to size XL for women.

FAQ About Comfy Pajamas

What are Oprah’s favorite pajamas?

Oprah is a huge fan of Cozy Earth’s bamboo pajamas, especially their jogger pants. She loves the ultra-soft feel and breathability of their bamboo fabric. Oprah has featured Cozy Earth multiple times on her Favorite Things list.

What are the warmest pajamas for winter?

For staying cozy in cold weather, look for extra thick 100% cotton flannel pajamas. Brands like Angelina and Carhartt make warm winter pajama sets and onesies perfect for frigid temps. For moisture-wicking warmth, wool-rich pajamas are also excellent.

What pajama fabrics feel silky soft against the skin?

The softest pajama fabrics include silk, bamboo viscose, modal, Tencel, and MicroModal. Silk and satin feel luxuriously smooth but require delicate care. Bamboo viscose, modal, and Tencel offer ultra-softness that lasts through repeated washing.

What are the most comfortable pajama materials?

Natural fibers often make the comfiest pajamas. Bamboo viscose, cotton, modal, and Tencel all feel indulgently soft while allowing airflow. For optimal comfort, look for at least 5% spandex to add stretch. Synthetic fabrics can feel hot and irritate sensitive skin. Go natural for ultimate comfort.

What style of pajamas are comfiest for lounging?

For luxurious lounging, choose loose-fitting styles like oversized shirts, drawstring pants, and roomy nightgowns. Avoid restrictive waistbands, tight legs, and clingy fabrics that limit movement. Breathable natural fabrics like bamboo jersey knits, cotton gauze, and soft modal make excellent lounge pajamas.

The Verdict: Which Pajamas Win for Total Comfort?

Now for the big reveal – in a head-to-head battle for comfiest pajamas, who reigns supreme?

If sublime softness and moisture control are paramount, Cozy Earth is the clear victor. Their ingenious bamboo fabric offers an unparalleled sensory experience you have to feel to believe. For the ultimate in luxury relaxation and sleep, Cozy Earth sets are worth every penny.

However, for great quality at lower prices in playful feminine styles, Eberjey fits the bill. Those desiring value, variety, and cute designs will love Eberjey’s modal and cotton offerings.

For most people, the ideal solution may be choosing each brand for different needs. Cozy Earth for that special treat-yourself splurge pajama set. Eberjey for building an affordable collection of chic lounge looks perfect for Netflix bingeing.

Together, these brands provide all the amazingly comfortable pajamas your heart desires!

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