Levi’s 504 Vs. 505 Straight Leg Denim Jeans: In-depth Differences

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of straight leg jeans, Levi’s 504 and 505 are two of the most popular options. As two of Levi’s Original Fits, both the 504 and 505 are crafted with comfort and style in mind.

But with similarities in fit and finish, it can be tricky choosing between the 504 and 505 jeans.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the key differences between Levi’s 504 and 505 jeans. We’ll compare the fit, style, feel and price so you can decide which straight leg denim is the perfect match for you.

Let’s start with a quick overview of how 504 and 505 jeans compare:

Levi’s 504Levi’s 505
Sits below waistSits below waist
Straight legStraight leg
Roomier top blockSlimmer top block
Wider leg openingTapered leg opening
100% cotton99% cotton, 1% elastane
Slight stretchAdded stretch

Now let’s dive into the details on fit, fabric, price and more.

Levi’s 504 Vs. 505 Jeans: Fit Comparison

The main difference between the 504 and 505 is in the fit. Both have a straight leg silhouette from thigh to hem. But the 504 has a roomier top block while the 505 is more fitted up top.

  • 504 Fit
Levi's 504 Jeans
Levi’s 504 Jeans

The Levi’s 504 sit below the waist and have a straight leg cut.

The 504 is roomy through the seat and thigh with a leg opening of 17.25 inches.

This creates a relaxed straight fit.

With ample room in the hips and thighs, the 504 is a comfortable jean perfect for guys with athletic builds.

  • 505 Fit

Meanwhile, the 505 have a slimmer fit through the top block. The 505 still sit below the waist in a straight leg cut. But from the hip and thigh downward, the 505 tapers slightly for a 14.5 inch leg opening. This creates a leaner straight fit compared to the 504.

So in summary:

  • 504 is roomier through seat and thigh
  • 505 is more fitted through seat and thigh
  • Both have straight leg cut
  • 504 has wider leg opening
  • 505 has slight taper and narrower leg opening

Levi’s 504 And 505: Fabric and Finish Comparison

In addition to fit, the fabrics used for 504 and 505 jeans also differ slightly.

  • 504 Fabric

The Levi’s 504 is made from 100% cotton denim. It features a 10 oz. medium stonewash denim that provides a moderate level of stretch and comfort. The 100% cotton construction also lends to its casual, laidback vibe.

  • 505 Fabric
Levi’s 505 Jeans
Levi’s 505 Jeans

Meanwhile, the 505 jeans feature a 99% cotton, 1% elastane fabric blend.

The elastane fibers woven into the cotton denim provide elasticity and create added stretch.

This boost in flexibility allows the 505 to have a slimmer, straighter fit through the hip and thigh while still being comfy.

The dark indigo 505 wash is also a more formal, versatile color than the 504’s medium stonewash.

In summary:

  • 504 = 100% cotton with slight stretch
  • 505 = 99% cotton, 1% elastane for added flex
  • 504 has medium stonewash finish
  • 505 has rich dark indigo finish

Pros and Cons of Levi’s 504 And 505

Now that we’ve compared fit and fabric, let’s explore the general pros and cons of each jean. Finding the right pair involves identifying which advantages matter most for your needs.

504 Pros

  • Roomy top block is comfortable for athletic body types
  • 100% cotton construction is soft and casual
  • Relaxed fit through seat and thigh allows freedom of movement
  • Wider leg opening creates laidback, chilled out look
  • Medium stonewash finish gives a relaxed vibe

504 Cons

  • Roomier fit may appear baggy or sloppy if sized incorrectly
  • 100% cotton lacks stretch that some prefer
  • Stonewash finish limits pairing options compared to dark wash

505 Pros

  • Fitted but not skinny through hips and thighs for lean look
  • Added stretch from 1% elastane creates flexibility
  • Slight taper offers tailored look compared to 504
  • Dark indigo wash looks sharp and polished
  • More versatile and dressed up than stonewash

505 Cons

  • Tighter fit may feel restrictive for some body types
  • Less comfortable than roomier 504 due to more fitted top block
  • Not as casual and laidback as classic 100% cotton 504
  • Dark wash creases more noticeably than stonewashed 505

Levi’s 504 Vs. 505 Prices: Which Jean Offers More Value?

Levi's 505 Jeans
Levi’s 505 Jeans

When it comes to prices, the 504 and 505 are similarly priced.

Both typically retail around $60-$70 per pair.

However, they do go on sale frequently.

On average, you can find the Levi’s 504 jeans for sale around $40-$50 per pair. The 505 also goes for $40-$50 on sale.

So in terms of MSRP and sale prices, the 504 and 505 offer comparable value.

Levi’s run frequent promotions on these jeans, so deals can be found throughout the year.

In summary for pricing:

  • 504 and 505 similar retail prices around $60-$70
  • Sale prices average $40-$50 for both 504 and 505
  • Both offer exceptional value when found on discount
  • Stock up when Levi’s offers sitewide promos for best value

Which Jean Should You Choose – 504 or 505?

So when considering the Levi’s 504 vs 505, which jean is right for you? Here are some general guidelines:

Choose the Levi’s 504 if you:

  • Prefer relaxed fits and roomier cuts
  • Have athletic body type or fuller seat/thighs
  • Seek that classic 100% cotton feel
  • Like a laidback medium stonewash over dark indigo
  • Need freedom of movement through hips and legs

Opt for the Levi’s 505 if you:

  • Want a straight leg jean with some taper
  • Prefer a slimmer fit up top without being skinny
  • Like the added stretch from 1% elastane
  • Want a dark versatile wash in rich indigo
  • Seek the iconic Levi’s look in a leaner cut

Both the 504 and 505 are high quality, durable denim made by Levi’s. It just comes down to the right fit and finish for your personal style. Hopefully this detailed comparison helps you decide whether the roomy 504 or more tailored 505 is the best choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still deciding between the Levi’s 504 and 505? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about choosing between the two jeans.

What replaced Levis 504?

The Levi’s 504 skinny jeans were phased out and replaced with the 502 taper fit in 2019. However, the classic Levi’s 504 straight fit jeans with the roomier top block are still in production. The 502 has a more drastic tapered leg, while the original 504 remains a straight cut.

What is the difference between Levi’s 501 and 504?

The main difference between the 501 and 504 is the fit. 501s have a straight leg cut with a high rise that sits at waist level. 504s sit below the waist with a roomy seat and thigh. 501s are also 100% cotton with a button fly while 504s have a zipper fly and slight stretch. Overall, the classic 501 is designed for a vintage straight leg feel while the 504 provides a modern straight with more comfort.

What is the difference between 501 and 505?

The 505 jeans differ from 501s in that they have around 1% elastane woven into the mostly cotton denim. This provides stretch and flexibility to the 505 that the rigid 100% cotton 501 does not have. 505s also have a lower rise and a taper through the leg compared to 501’s straight leg silhouette. The 505 creates a contemporary straight jean look compared to the 501’s classic straight fit.

Do they still make Levis 504?

Yes, Levi’s still makes the classic 504 straight fit jeans as of 2023. The 504 style sits below the waist with a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh. It remains one of Levi’s Original Fits along with 501, 505, 550 and 517 jeans. The 504 provides a looser modern straight jean while the skinny 504 taper variant has been discontinued. But the original 504 lives on for its comfort and roomy cut.

Final Thoughts

Levi’s 504 and 505 jeans share many similarities – from great quality, durability and value to their iconic straight leg silhouettes. But small differences in fit and fabric make each one suited to different needs.

In the 504 vs 505 debate, the roomier, laidback 504 works well for guys wanting a relaxed straight jean with total comfort. Meanwhile, the 505 offers a leaner, more tailored straight fit paired with added stretch.

Hopefully, by comparing the fit, finish, price and style of these two jeans, you now have a clear sense of which Levi’s original straight is best for you.

With the info in this guide, you can confidently choose either the Levi’s 504 or 505 for your wardrobe. Both are stellar options for high quality, durable denim with timeless style.

Whichever you choose out of the 504 and 505, you’ll have a pair of jeans made to last thanks to Levi’s tradition of craftsmanship. Just identify whether you prefer roomier seats and thighs in the 504 or a leaner top block with the 505.

Both jeans can pull off casual relaxed looks or dressier tucked-in shirts with ease. And with an amazing price point, especially when found on sale, you may want to pick up each style to alternate depending on your mood and outfit.

At the end of the day, Levi’s are always a sound investment. Few other jean brands provide such an ideal blend of comfort, quality and affordability. Now that you know how to choose between the 504 and 505, you can start building your rotation with these denim icons.

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