Levi’s 531 Vs. 511 Jeans: Which One Should You Buy?

Levi’s is one of the most iconic denim brands in the world. With over 150 years of history, they’ve become synonymous with high-quality and stylish jeans. Two of Levi’s most popular men’s jeans are the 531 and 511 models.

But what’s the difference between them and which one is better for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the Levi’s 531 and 511 jeans in detail so you can decide which pair best fits your needs and style. We’ll look at the fit, rise, leg opening, wash options, and other key features.

We’ll also highlight the pros and cons of each jean style.

Ready to find your perfect Levi’s jeans? Let’s dive in!

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureLevi’s 531Levi’s 511
FitRelaxed fit through seat and thighSlim fit throughout
RiseSits below waistSits below waist
Leg Opening17 inches14.5 inches
Wash OptionsDark wash, light wash, black, etc.Dark wash, light wash, black, gray, etc.

Levi’s 531 Jeans Overview

Levi’s 531 jeans have a relaxed, loose straight fit through the seat and thigh. The leg opening is wide at 17 inches. The rise sits below the waist to allow for more room in the seat and thigh.

These jeans are designed to be super comfortable while still looking put-together. The generous cut allows for easy movement. Many guys love the 531 for casual everyday wear.

Some of the key features of Levi’s 531 jeans include:

Levi's 531 Jeans
  • Relaxed fit in seat and thigh
  • Loose straight leg
  • Sits below waist
  • Wide leg opening
  • Variety of wash options
  • High-quality denim
  • Signature Levi’s styling

The roomier cut of the 531s makes them a great choice for guys who prefer a looser fit.

They aren’t overly baggy but have more space than slimmer styles. The low rise is also great for adding comfort in the waist.

Pros of Levi’s 531 Jeans

  • Relaxed fit provides comfort and mobility
  • Flattering for muscular or athletic builds
  • Wide leg opening can accommodate boots
  • Sits below waist for lower rise in front
  • Comes in many classic wash options
  • Maintains Levi’s reputation for quality

Cons of Levi’s 531 Jeans

  • May seem baggy on slimmer figures
  • Loser fit isn’t as trendy or stylish
  • Not as tapered at the ankle as other styles

Levi’s 511 Jeans Overview

Levi’s 511 jeans have a slim fit designed to sit close to the body from hips to ankle. They have a narrow leg opening of just 14.5 inches. The low rise sits below the natural waist.

These popular jeans have a snug fit through the seat, thigh, and leg for a sharper, tailored look. They are cut slim but not skinny. The 511 is currently Levi’s slimmest fit for men.

Key features of the Levi’s 511 jeans:

Levi's 511 Denim Dark Wash Jeans
  • Slim fit through seat, thigh, and leg
  • Sits below waist
  • Narrow leg opening
  • Tapered leg
  • Variety of finishes and colors
  • Quality denim fabric
  • Signature Levi’s details

The 511 slim fit is ideal for guys who want a modern, streamlined silhouette.

The close tapered cut provides a clean profile. For many men, the 511 is their go-to jean for both casual settings and nights out.

Pros of Levi’s 511 Jeans

  • Slim fit is fashionable and flattering
  • Tapered leg looks sharp and polished
  • Low rise creates long, lean silhouette
  • Large range of colors and finishes
  • Levi’s reputation for quality denim
  • Works for both casual and dressy looks

Cons of Levi’s 511 Jeans

  • Slim fit may be too tight for some
  • Not much room through seat and thigh
  • Tapered leg isn’t suited for wider shoes
  • Sits lower on hips than other styles

Key Differences Between Levi’s 531 And 511 Jeans

Levi's 531 Jeans
Levi’s 531 Jeans
  • Fits

The main difference between the Levi’s 531 vs. 511 is the fit. The 531 has a classic loose straight fit while the 511 is a modern slim fit.

The 531 provides plenty of room through the seat, thigh, and leg opening for comfort. It has a laidback vibe perfect for weekend wear.

On the other hand, the 511 hugs the body for a sharp, tailored look ideal for both casual and dressy occasions. It has a skinny leg opening and close fit through the hips and thighs.

Consider your own body type and style preferences when deciding between these two fits. The relaxed 531 flatters athletic builds while the 511 complements slender figures.

  • Fabrics and Wash Options

Both the 531 and 511 come in a variety of denim washes from light to dark. The 531 often comes in rugged darker washes while the 511 is available in more modern, stylish finishes.

Some common washes you’ll find are:

  • Classic dark indigo rinse
  • Light stonewash
  • Medium-dark with fading
  • Pure black
  • White
  • Gray

The 511 tends to offer more trendy colors and details like waxed or coated denim. But the core options are similar for both jean styles.

Levi’s uses high quality denim for both the 531 and 511 made mainly from cotton with some elastane added for stretch and recovery. The denim is durable yet comfortable.

  • Sizing, Rise and Length

When it comes to sizing, the 531 and 511 both use standard men’s jean sizing marked by waist and inseam length. Make sure to consult the Levi’s size chart to find your ideal size.

Keep in mind the sizing can vary based on the wash and amount of stretch. The slim 511 often runs smaller than the relaxed 531.

In terms of rise, both the 531 and 511 have a low rise design meaning they sit below your natural waistline. This creates a modern, flattering fit.

For inseam length, you can find both jean styles in average (32″), long (34″) and extra long (36″). Make sure to get the right combo of rise and length to suit your build.

  • Price

When it comes to price, Levi’s jeans range on average from $40 – $70 at full retail cost. The 511 slim jeans tend to be at the higher end of that scale, around $60 – $70. The 531 straights cost slightly less, averaging $50 – $60 per pair.

Of course, prices fluctuate depending on the wash and seasonal sales events. Online you can often find both styles discounted down to $30 – $50.

For premium denim that will last, Levi’s jeans provide an excellent value. The higher price of the 511 reflects its popularity as the more stylish, modern fit. But the 531 has appeal for its extreme comfort and classic vibe.

Which One To Pick?

So should you choose the Levi’s 531 or 511? Here are some final tips:

Levi's 511 Men's Denim Dark Wash Jeans
Levi’s 511 Men’s Denim Dark Wash Jeans
  • Go with the 531 for a relaxed, baggy straight fit with room to move. The generous leg opening and loose seat make them super comfortable for casual wear.
  • Choose the 511 for a slim, tapered look tailored close to the legs. The snug profile creates a sharp, streamlined silhouette perfect for both dressing up and everyday wear.
  • Consider your body type and style. The loose 531 flatters thicker builds while the 511 complements lankier figures.
  • Try both on in person if possible to see how they fit your frame. Grab your normal waist size.
  • Look for sales to get either jean style under $50 for a quality wardrobe deal.

Whichever you choose, you really can’t go wrong with iconic Levi’s denim!

Both the 531 straight fit jeans and 511 slim fit jeans will provide you with long-lasting wear in top-notch denim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the meaning of Levi’s 531?

The Levi’s 531 is a men’s jean featuring a loose straight fit through the leg, thigh, and seat. It has a relaxed look and wide 17-inch leg opening. The 531 gets its name from the lot number Levi’s uses for this style. The even sizing in the 500s indicates a straight leg jean.

What is the difference between Levi 541 and 531?

The Levi’s 541 is an athletic taper fit, while the 531 is a loose straight fit. The 541 has more room in the seat and thigh with a gentle taper below the knee. It combines comfort with a bit more style.
The 531 has an overall looser, boxier fit through the hip, thigh and leg. The main differences:
1. The 541 has more tapered legs while the 531 is straight cut
2. The 541 sits at waist level while the 531 sits lower on the hips
3. The 541 is designed for athletic builds while the 531 has a classic loose fit
4. The 541 leg opening is 16 inches while the 531 is wider at 17 inches
So in summary, the Levi’s 541 combines a comfortable loose top block with a subtle bootcut taper. The 531 maintains a constant loose straight fit from top to bottom.

What is the difference between Levi’s 513 and 511?

The Levi’s 513 is a slim straight fit while the 511 is a slim skinny fit. The 513 slims through the hip and thigh but maintains a straight leg. The 511 tapers more aggressively from thigh to ankle for a skinny leg.
1. The 513 is straight cut through the leg and the 511 tapers from knee to hem
2. The 513 has a 16 inch leg opening vs. 14.5 inches on the 511
3. The 511 hugs the body closer while the 513 runs a bit looser in the hips and thighs
4. The 511 appears skinnier while the 513 is klassic slim straight
So in summary, the Levi’s 513 fits slim in the hips and thighs but stays straight down the leg. The 511 fits tight all the way down to the narrow ankle opening.

What is the difference between Levi’s 513 and 531?

The main difference between the Levi’s 513 and 531 jeans is the fit. The 513 has a slim, tailored fit while the 531 has a loose, relaxed straight fit.
More specifically:
1. The 513 slims the hips, thighs, and legs for a sharper silhouette. The 531 has a loose fit through the seat and thigh.
2. The 513 tapers slightly from knee to leg opening. The 531 maintains a consistent loose straight fit from top to bottom.
3. The 513 leg opening is 16 inches. The 531 leg opening is wider at 17 inches.
4. The 513 sits slightly below the waist. The 531 sits lower on the hips.
5. The 513 comes in trendy washes and finishes. The 531 favors classic rugged washes.
In summary, the 513 has a modern slim straight fit while the 531 has a classic loose straight fit. The 513 flatters most body types while the 531 works best for bigger builds needing more room.

Wrapping Up

We’ve now compared the Levi’s 531 and 511 jeans in extensive detail. From fit and sizing to wash options and pricing, you have all the info you need to decide which style is best for you.

The relaxed 531 works great for guys wanting a roomy fit with total comfort. The slim 511 suits those seeking a tailored, trendy silhouette.

Hopefully this breakdown makes it easy to choose which of these iconic Levi’s jeans match your wardrobe needs and style preferences. With quality denim and timeless style, you really can’t go wrong with either option.

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