High Lifter Portals Vs. SuperATV Portals: In-depth Differences

There’s a considerable debate among off-road enthusiasts about the choice between High Lifter portals and SuperATV portals. Both promise enhanced performance and better off-road capabilities, but when you’re investing in your ATV, UTV, or side-by-side, you want the best.

The one that delivers exactly what it says. Let’s take a closer look at each of these and understand what they offer.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturesHigh Lifter PortalsSuperATV Portals
Gear Reduction OptionsMultiple options, perfect for a variety of terrainsMultiple options, tailored for different terrains
Heat DispersionUnique Cooling Fins on the gear housingStandard heat dispersion
Increased Track WidthAdds about 4.875″ per side (9.75″ in total)Adds about 5″ per side (10″ in total)
Unique Design FeaturesRobust build, designed for challenging terrainsUnique gear housing geometry and oil flow technology
Terrain SuitabilityExcellent for wet and muddy conditionsGreat versatility for different terrains
Rock ClimbingHigh torque and stability make it suitableImproved ground clearance and torque enhance performance

An Introduction to High Lifter and SuperATV Portals

High Lifter Portal Gear Lifts
High Lifter Portal Gear Lifts

High Lifter, born in the swamps of Louisiana, has been delivering quality and innovative products for the off-roading community for over two decades.

High Lifter portals are known for their unmatched durability and performance in wet and muddy terrain.

On the other hand, SuperATV, a relatively younger player, has rapidly gained popularity.

Renowned for its excellent engineering and design, SuperATV portals are praised for their versatility and outstanding performance across different terrains.

High Lifter Portals: Key Features

  1. Gear Reduction: High Lifter portals offer excellent gear reduction options. This increased torque can make a considerable difference when you’re trying to navigate through tough terrains.
  2. Cooling Fins: The cooling fins on the gear housing are a unique feature of High Lifter portals. These help disperse heat more effectively, providing better performance and longevity, especially in high-stress situations.
  3. Increased Track Width: High Lifter portals provide an increased track width of about 4.875″ per side, which significantly enhances stability during challenging rides.

SuperATV Portals: Standout Features

  1. Gear Housing Geometry: SuperATV portals come with an exclusive gear housing geometry. This innovation provides better strength and performance, setting them apart in the market.
  2. Oil Flow Technology: SuperATV portals are designed with unique oil flow technology. This feature ensures excellent lubrication, which extends the life of the portals and enhances performance.
  3. Additional Width: Like High Lifter, SuperATV portals also provide an additional track width, but they add about 5″ per side. This increase provides improved stability across different terrains.

Digging Deep into High Lifter Portals

High Lifter portal gear lifts are characterized by their sturdy build and unique gear reduction capabilities. A fantastic feature of High Lifter is the Cooling Fins on the gear housing.

These increase surface areas for better heat dispersion, which can make a world of difference in high-stress situations.

With High Lifter portals, you’ll get an increased track width. This wider stance improves stability, making them perfect for tackling challenging terrain. One point to note is that these portals add about 4.875″ of width per side, thus a set of four portals will add a total of around 9.75″.

The Lowdown on SuperATV Portals

SuperATV has made a name for itself by delivering products designed with great attention to detail. Their portal gear lifts are known for their exclusive gear housing geometry and oil flow technology.

Like High Lifter, SuperATV portals also provide a wider stance, adding about 5″ per side. This adds up to a total of 10″ width when you install a set of four. Their robust construction makes them suitable for multiple applications, including rock climbing.

Making the Choice: High Lifter or SuperATV?

SuperATV Portal
SuperATV Portal

Choosing between High Lifter and SuperATV portals primarily depends on your specific needs and preferences.

It’s crucial to consider the terrain you’ll primarily be tackling, your vehicle’s capabilities, and your performance expectations.

For example, if you’re likely to be in a lot of mud or water, High Lifter’s cooling fins might sway your decision in their favor.

Both High Lifter and SuperATV portals perform exceptionally well for rock climbing, thanks to the improved ground clearance and torque.

The wider track width also provides enhanced stability, a significant advantage when you’re navigating uneven terrains.

  • The Portal Gear Reduction Choice

The choice of portal gear reduction depends largely on your typical usage. If you’re fond of mud riding or rock climbing, a higher reduction, like a 45% gear reduction, will provide better torque and control.

If you’re often on trails and do high-speed riding, a lower reduction, like a 15% or 30% gear reduction, might be better suited.

  • Portal Maintenance: The Oil Change

Regular oil changes are essential to keep your portal gear lifts in top shape. Typically, the first oil change should occur after the first 100 miles or 30 hours of use. Following this, a change every 1000 miles or 100 hours of use is a good rule of thumb.

However, this can vary based on riding conditions and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose a portal gear reduction?

Choosing a portal gear reduction largely depends on your usual riding conditions. Higher reductions provide more torque, making them perfect for challenging terrains like mud and rocks. Lower reductions are better suited for trail riding and high-speed conditions.

How much width do 4 portals add?

A set of four High Lifter portals will add about 9.75″ to the width, while SuperATV portals will add around 10″.

Are portals good for rock climbing?

A: Yes, portals are excellent for rock climbing. They provide increased ground clearance and torque, enhancing the vehicle’s rock-climbing ability.

How often do you change portal oil?

The first portal oil change should ideally happen after the first 100 miles or 30 hours of use. Subsequently, you should change the oil every 1000 miles or 100 hours of use.

Final Thoughts

In the end, whether you choose High Lifter or SuperATV portals, it’s about matching your ride to the right gear. Do your homework, consider your needs, and pick the one that best enhances your off-road adventures.

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