Simpson Hybrid S Vs. Hybrid Sport Devices: An In-Depth Review

Motor racing is a high-adrenaline sport, but it also comes with high stakes. To keep drivers safe, top-notch protective equipment like the Simpson Hybrid S and Hybrid Sport devices is essential.

These devices, which integrate with racing harness systems, play a critical role in safeguarding drivers in the event of high-speed impacts and crashes. Today, we’re diving deep into the features and benefits of the Simpson Hybrid S and Hybrid Sport devices.

A Brief Comparison Table

FactorsSimpson Hybrid SSimpson Hybrid Sport
MaterialsDuPont carbon polymerHigh-quality composite materials
Design and FitFeatures D3 buckles for easy adjustmentsOffers reinforced design for strong lateral support
Safety FeaturesSlide and Slip technology for reduced neck strainSlide and Slip technology, offering excellent protection
PriceHigher price due to advanced features and materialMore affordable, offering excellent value for the cost
SuitabilityPreferred by professional driversIdeal for drivers on a tighter budget, but still demanding high-quality protection

The High-Performing Simpson Hybrid S

Simpson Hybrid S

The Simpson Hybrid S is the choice for many professional racing drivers.

Known for its exceptional design, the Hybrid S is certified to the highest motorsport safety standards.

The device boasts Simpson’s patented Slide and Slip technology.

This mechanism allows the tether to slide smoothly across the collar during an impact, reducing stress on the neck.

It also incorporates D3 buckles for secure and easy adjustments, ensuring a snug fit.

The Simpson Hybrid S is constructed from DuPont carbon polymer, making it lightweight yet extremely durable, an excellent feature for intense races.

The Versatile Simpson Hybrid Sport

The Hybrid Sport, on the other hand, is the more affordable version. Although less pricey, it doesn’t skimp on safety or performance. Constructed from high-quality composite materials, it offers robust protection for drivers.

The Simpson Hybrid Sport provides great lateral support due to its reinforced design, ensuring the driver’s neck and head movement is adequately controlled during an impact. This device also uses the Slide and Slip technology for efficient energy absorption.

And to cater to different racing conditions and personal preferences, it’s available in both quick-release and D-ring versions.

Key Differences Between Simpson Hybrid S And Hybrid Sport

Despite both being excellent safety devices, there are several crucial differences between the Simpson Hybrid S and Hybrid Sport that prospective users need to consider. Here are the key differences:

  • Materials
Simpson Hybrid Sport
Simpson Hybrid Sport

Hybrid S: This device is constructed from a DuPont carbon polymer.

The use of this high-quality, lightweight material makes the Hybrid S both durable and comfortable to wear, especially during long races.

Hybrid Sport: The Hybrid Sport, on the other hand, is made from robust composite materials.

While not as light as the Hybrid S, it still offers substantial protection and comfort.

  • Design and Fit

Hybrid S: The Simpson Hybrid S is lauded for its exceptional design. It’s outfitted with D3 buckles, providing secure and easy adjustments for a tailored fit.

Hybrid Sport: The Simpson Hybrid Sport features a reinforced design that offers strong lateral support, limiting neck and head movement during an impact. Its fit can be customized via the D-ring or quick-release versions.

  • Safety Features

Both devices use Simpson’s patented Slide and Slip technology, which helps to reduce the strain on the neck during high-impact crashes. This technology ensures that the tether slides smoothly across the collar, enhancing the safety level offered by both devices.

  • Price

Hybrid S: Given its advanced features, high-quality material, and intricate design, the Hybrid S comes with a higher price tag compared to the Hybrid Sport.

Hybrid Sport: The Hybrid Sport offers excellent safety and protection at a more affordable price, making it a popular choice among drivers on a tighter budget.

In summary, while both devices provide outstanding safety measures, your c

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Simpson Hybrid?

The Simpson Hybrid is a type of head and neck restraint system designed to enhance driver safety in motorsports. It combines the features of a traditional HANS (Head and Neck Support) device with additional features such as a helmet restraint system and load-distributing shoulder pads.

Do you need a HANS device with a harness?

Yes, it is recommended to use a HANS device in conjunction with a harness for optimal safety. While a harness provides restraint for the body, a HANS device specifically protects the head and neck from potential injuries during high-speed impacts or collisions.

How much is the Simpson Hybrid?

The price of the Simpson Hybrid can vary depending on the specific model and any additional accessories. It is advisable to check with authorized retailers or Simpson’s official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

What is a hybrid HANS device?

A hybrid HANS device refers to a head and neck restraint system that combines elements of different designs or technologies to provide enhanced protection for drivers. The Simpson Hybrid is an example of a hybrid HANS device as it incorporates features beyond the traditional HANS design, such as helmet restraints and shoulder pads, to improve overall safety.

Final Thoughts

The Simpson Hybrid S and Hybrid Sport devices are undoubtedly top-of-the-line equipment for safeguarding motorsport drivers. Both provide stellar protection and comfort, although they appeal to different user needs and budgets.

Choosing between them involves considering your specific requirements, racing conditions, and budget. But remember, investing in safety is never a waste. Buckle up, keep your head safe, and let the thrill of racing fill your veins!

Remember, safety is not a luxury in motorsports—it’s a necessity. Whether you’re a novice hobbyist or a seasoned professional, you owe it to yourself to invest in top-tier protection like the Simpson Hybrid S and Hybrid Sport devices.

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