Grand Cherokee L Limited Vs. Altitude: The Face-Off

When diving into the world of Jeep Grand Cherokees, you’ll find there’s an abundance of choices. Among the favorites are the Grand Cherokee L Limited and the Altitude. Both models are known for their blend of ruggedness and luxury, but which one should you park in your driveway? 

Let’s break it down.

The Brief Comparison Table

Feature/AspectGrand Cherokee L LimitedAltitude
DesignChrome details, Larger sizeGloss black exterior accents
InteriorLeather-trimmed seats, wood accents, optional third-rowFunctional and cozy interiors
TechAdvanced Uconnect, larger touchscreen, advanced safety featuresStandard Uconnect, essential tech features
PerformanceSmooth ride quality, more urban-orientedAdventure-ready with standard 4×4
PriceHigher, given the luxury offeringsMore budget-friendly, value for money

Grand Cherokee L Limited: The Sophisticated Beast

Grand Cherokee L Limited
Grand Cherokee L Limited


  • Luxurious Interior: 

The L Limited boasts premium leather-trimmed seats and wood accents, giving it a touch of elegance not typically found in rugged SUVs.

  • Advanced Tech: 

It features the latest Uconnect system, a larger touchscreen, and more safety features, ensuring you’re both entertained and protected.

  • Seating: 

This variant offers an optional third row, making it perfect for larger families or groups.

  • Sunroof: 

The Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof provides an open-air experience, flooding the cabin with natural light.


  • Price Tag: 

All these features come at a cost. The L Limited is on the pricier side compared to the Altitude.

  • Fuel Efficiency: 

Due to its added luxury and size, it might be slightly less fuel-efficient than its counterpart.

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Altitude: The Dark Horse



  • Stylish Design: 

The Altitude stands out with its gloss black accents, from the grille to the wheels, giving it a unique, modern look.

  • Value: 

It provides a perfect blend of essential features without breaking the bank.

  • Performance: 

Equipped with standard 4×4 systems, the Altitude promises adventure-ready performance in various terrains.


  • Lesser Luxury: 

If you’re looking for the utmost comfort and opulence in your interiors, the Altitude might fall a bit short compared to the L Limited.

  • No Third Row: 

The Altitude doesn’t offer a third-row seating option, so it might be less appealing for larger families.

Analytical Perspective

While both models come under the Grand Cherokee umbrella, they cater to different types of users. The Grand Cherokee L Limited, with its luxurious offerings and third-row seating, targets those who want an SUV with the ambiance of a high-end sedan. 

On the other hand, the Altitude, with its stylish design and performance-centric features, is perfect for younger drivers or those who want a balance of style and functionality without a hefty price tag.

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Grand Cherokee L Limited and Altitude: A Detailed Divergence

Jeep has done a fantastic job in creating two striking variants of the Grand Cherokee, the L Limited and the Altitude. Both models come brimming with distinctive features, catering to diverse audiences. 

For anyone entangled in the web of choices, let’s delve deep into the primary differences between the two.

Design Aesthetics

Grand Cherokee L Limited:
  • The L Limited is the embodiment of sophistication and luxury. With chrome details and a well-constructed body, it screams opulence. The larger size, thanks to the optional third row, gives it a commanding presence on the road.
  • Modernity meets style with the Altitude. This variant opts for gloss black exterior accents, which offer it a unique, sleek, and stealthy look. It’s the younger, more hip sibling, demanding attention with its contrast aesthetics.

Interior Luxury

Grand Cherokee L Limited:
  • Step inside the L Limited, and you’re welcomed by plush leather-trimmed seats and genuine wood accents. Ambient lighting and a spacious cabin make the ride experience feel royal. 

The third-row seating, though optional, can make all the difference for larger families or those weekend trips with friends.

  • The Altitude doesn’t skimp on comfort, but it leans more towards functionality. Though it offers cozy seating and essential tech, it doesn’t quite match the luxury aura of the L Limited.

Tech & Infotainment

Grand Cherokee L Limited:
  • Tech lovers will appreciate the L Limited’s offerings. With the latest Uconnect system and a larger touchscreen, it’s all about keeping the driver and passengers entertained and connected. 

Advanced safety features, including blind-spot monitoring and lane-keeping assist, ensure protection.

  • While the Altitude does incorporate Jeep’s Uconnect system, it might not be as advanced as its counterpart. It offers essential tech that’s more than adequate for the everyday user.

Performance & Handling

Grand Cherokee L Limited:
  • Given its luxury alignment, the L Limited ensures a smoother ride quality. While it can handle off-road adventures, it’s more comfortable cruising the highways and city streets.
  • Built with the adventurous in mind, the Altitude comes equipped with standard 4×4 systems. It’s ready to tackle challenging terrains, making it an ideal companion for those camping weekends or mountain escapades.


Grand Cherokee L Limited:
  • All the advanced features and luxury offerings come with a heftier price tag. The L Limited is pricier, targeting those who don’t mind shelling out more for added comforts.
  • The Altitude serves as the middle-ground, offering essential features without making a massive dent in the wallet. It’s for those who desire style, performance, and value, all bundled together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Grand Cherokee Limited and Altitude?

The Grand Cherokee Limited focuses more on luxury with features like leather-trimmed seats and advanced tech, while the Altitude offers a unique design with its gloss black accents and is more value-oriented.

What is the difference between the Grand Cherokee Limited and L Limited?

The primary distinction is the size. The ‘L’ in L Limited stands for ‘Long’, signifying the option for third-row seating, making it a larger model. The L Limited also has some added luxury features not found in the standard Limited.

What is the highest model of Jeep Grand Cherokee L?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve stands at the pinnacle of the lineup, offering the most luxurious features and premium materials of all the Grand Cherokee L models.

What is the difference between Grand Cherokee L Limited and Overland?

While both are luxury-oriented, the Overland has a more off-road emphasis with features like air suspension. The interiors in Overland are also a bit more upscale than the L Limited.

Is a Jeep Altitude better than a Jeep Limited?

It depends on your needs. If you prefer a stylish design and value for money, the Altitude is a great choice. However, if luxury and high-end features are priorities, then the Limited has the edge.

Does Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited have a sunroof?

Yes, the Grand Cherokee L Limited offers a Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof, providing passengers with an immersive open-air experience.


The choice between the Grand Cherokee L Limited and the Altitude boils down to individual preferences and requirements. While one offers lavish luxuries and space, the other provides style, performance, and value. It’s a tight race with no wrong choice!

In conclusion, whether you opt for the Grand Cherokee L Limited or the Altitude, Jeep ensures a reliable and stylish SUV. It boils down to your preferences – luxury and size or style and value. Either way, you’re in for a treat!

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