GR86 Premium Vs. Base: An Analytical Dive

The Toyota GR86, a sporty coupe admired by car enthusiasts, comes in various trims. But today, we’ll be dissecting the two most popular options – the GR86 Base and the GR86 Premium. 

So, let’s gear up and dive straight into the detailed comparison!

A Brief Comparison Table

Feature CategoryGR86 BaseGR86 Premium
Engine2.4-liter Boxer four engineSame as Base
WheelsStandard alloyLarger, luxury design
LightingStandard LEDAdaptive LED
UpholsteryCloth seatsSuede-like premium feel
InfotainmentBasicAdvanced with superior audio
ComfortStandard A/C, ergonomic designHeated seats, advanced A/C
SafetyStandard safety featuresAdded driver assistance tech
TechnologyEssential tech suiteEnhanced smartphone integration & tech features
PriceMore affordableHigher due to luxury features

Features Overview: GR86 Base

The GR86 Base model serves as the entry point for many looking to get their hands on this sporty vehicle. At its heart, it’s a driver-focused machine with the core essentials:

  • A 2.4-liter naturally aspirated Boxer four engine.
  • Rear-wheel drive.
  • A balanced chassis ensuring an engaging drive.

Features Overview: GR86 Premium

The GR86 Premium, as the name implies, ups the ante with some enhanced features:

  • Enhanced audio system.
  • Heated seats.
  • Suede-like upholstery for a touch of luxury.
  • Bigger wheels and better-performing brakes.
GR86 Base
GR86 Base

GR86 Base: Pros and Cons


  • Value for Money: 

The Base model offers a more attractive price point.

  • Pure Driving Experience: 

With fewer bells and whistles, it keeps the driving pure and distraction-free.

  • Lightweight: 

Fewer amenities mean it’s slightly lighter than the Premium version.


  • Fewer Amenities: 

It lacks the refined touches the Premium variant boasts.

  • Basic Infotainment System: 

The base model doesn’t have the high-end audio system of its counterpart.

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GR86 Premium: Pros and Cons

GR86 Premium
GR86 Premium


  • Luxury Touches: 

The Premium model feels a tad more luxurious with its enhanced upholstery and seat warming feature.

  • Better Braking: 

With better brakes, it provides slightly enhanced stopping power.

  • Advanced Audio: 

For those who value their tunes, the audio system here is superior.


  • Heavier: 

Those luxury touches add a bit of weight.

  • Cost: 

Naturally, it’s pricier than the Base model.

So, What Sets Them Apart?

With the two models dissected, it’s clear that choosing between them boils down to personal preferences. If you’re an audiophile or crave a hint of luxury, the Premium beckons. 

However, if you’re after a pure driving experience and are budget-conscious, the Base model might be your ride.

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FAQ Section

What is the difference between base and premium GR86?

The primary difference lies in the amenities. The Premium variant boasts an upgraded audio system, heated seats, improved upholstery, bigger wheels, and better brakes compared to the Base model.

Does Toyota 86 need premium?

Toyota 86, the predecessor to GR86, performs well on regular unleaded gasoline. However, for optimal performance, some suggest using premium fuel.

Is GR86 better than 86?

The GR86 offers improvements over the older Toyota 86, including a bigger engine and refined design elements. In essence, it’s a more modern and evolved version of the 86.

How fast is a Toyota GR86 premium?

The GR86 Premium, equipped with the 2.4-liter Boxer engine, can reach 0-60 mph in around 6.1 seconds.

What is the most expensive GR86?

The most expensive variant is typically the Premium trim, especially when equipped with all available options and packages.

Is the GR86 a good daily driver?

Absolutely! The GR86 strikes a balance between sportiness and practicality, making it a great choice for daily commuting and weekend drives.

Whether you’re eyeing the GR86 Base or the Premium variant, it’s hard to go wrong. Both trims offer a commendable blend of performance and aesthetics. It all boils down to what suits your pocket and your lifestyle. Happy driving!

Detailed Differences Between GR86 Premium and Base

When you’re in the market for a Toyota GR86, it can be challenging to choose between the Premium and Base versions. These two siblings, while sharing a lineage, are distinct in numerous aspects. Let’s dive deep into their key differences.

Power and Performance

GR86 Base:
  • Engine: The heart of the GR86 Base is its 2.4-liter naturally aspirated Boxer four engine. This engine ensures a robust performance tailored for daily drives as well as those exciting weekend cruises.
  • Transmission: Standard manual transmission with an optional automatic version is available, ensuring every kind of driver finds their fit.

GR86 Premium:

  • Engine: The engine remains consistent with the Base version. That means the Premium doesn’t provide extra power but rather embellishes in other aspects.
  • Transmission: Just like the Base, both manual and automatic transmissions are available.

Exterior Styling

GR86 Base:
  • Wheels: Standard alloy wheels that are stylish but more functional than flashy.
  • Lighting: LED lights that provide good visibility and aesthetics without the frills.
  • Body: The body design is sporty, sleek, and functional without added aesthetic enhancements.
GR86 Premium:
  • Wheels: Larger, more intricately designed alloy wheels that add a touch of class and luxury.
  • Lighting: Upgraded adaptive LED lighting system that adjusts based on driving conditions.
  • Body: Includes subtle aerodynamic enhancements that not only boost the car’s performance but also its visual appeal.

Interior and Comfort

GR86 Base:
  • Upholstery: Standard cloth seats that are designed to offer comfort and durability.
  • Infotainment: A basic infotainment system that covers the necessities without additional features.
  • Comfort: Standard air conditioning and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable drive.
GR86 Premium:
  • Upholstery: Suede-like upholstery giving it a more premium feel and look.
  • Infotainment: An advanced audio system and infotainment experience, better suited for those who spend a lot of time in their car.
  • Comfort: Features like heated seats ensure that luxury and comfort are heightened in the Premium variant.

Safety and Technology

GR86 Base:
  • Safety: Standard safety features include airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control.
  • Technology: The technology suite in the Base model covers the essentials, ensuring a safe and efficient drive without any high-end tech frills.
GR86 Premium:
  • Safety: Along with the standard safety features, the Premium model introduces additional driver assistance technologies.
  • Technology: Enhanced technological features, including a superior sound system and better integration with smartphones and other devices.

Price Point

GR86 Base: 

Offers a more budget-friendly entry point. Ideal for those who want the GR86 experience without the added cost of luxury features.

GR86 Premium: 

Naturally, with all its additional features and enhancements, comes with a higher price tag.


Your choice between the GR86 Base and Premium largely depends on personal preferences and budget considerations. If you prioritize advanced features, luxury, and comfort, the Premium is your go-to. 

But, if you’re looking for a sporty experience without the frills, the Base model will serve you well. Either way, you’re in for a treat with the GR86 experience!

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