GMC Elevation Package Vs. AT4: A Complete Breakdown

Looking to revamp your driving experience with a GMC? You’ve probably heard about the GMC Elevation Package and AT4, but what do they entail? 

In this analysis, we’re diving deep into both these options, highlighting their pros, cons, and what sets them apart. Buckle up, and let’s hit the road!

A Brief Comparison Table

Here’s a comparison table that outlines the key differences between the GMC Elevation Package and the AT4:

FeatureGMC Elevation PackageGMC AT4
DesignMonochromatic, UrbanRugged, Adventurous
Standard Engine2.7L Turbo5.3L V8
Optional Engines5.3L V86.2L V8, 3.0L Turbo-Diesel
InteriorStandard ComfortPremium Leather, Luxury
Off-Road CapabilitiesOptional X31 Off-RoadStandard 2-inch lift, Rancho shocks

GMC Elevation Package: Embrace the High Ground

GMC Elevation Package
GMC Elevation Package

The GMC Elevation package brings a sense of style and personality to your truck. It’s more than just a design package; it offers tangible features that enhance the driving experience.

Pros of the GMC Elevation Package

  • Style and Design

The Elevation package redefines your GMC’s look with a monochromatic exterior and black accents. This includes body-color bumpers, grille surround, and door handles, as well as black recovery hooks and a black exhaust tip.

  • Performance

The GMC Elevation doesn’t skimp on performance. It features a powerful 5.3L V8 engine. With the available X31 Off-Road package, you’ll also get a two-speed transfer case, off-road suspension, and skid plates.

  • Connectivity

With a standard 8-inch touchscreen, you’ll have seamless integration with your digital life. Enjoy easy-to-use navigation, music streaming, and hands-free calling.

Cons of the GMC Elevation Package

  • Lack of Luxury

Despite its style, the Elevation trim level doesn’t offer as many luxury features as some other GMC packages.

  • No Standard 4WD

While the Elevation package is available with four-wheel drive, it’s not standard and will cost extra.

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GMC AT4: Blaze New Trails


If your journeys often take you off the beaten path, the GMC AT4 might be your perfect companion. The AT4 takes what’s great about GMC trucks and elevates them with enhanced off-road capabilities.

Pros of the GMC AT4

  • Off-Road Capabilities

The AT4 is designed for those who like to explore. With a standard two-inch lift, Rancho shocks, and skid plates, it’s ready to handle rough terrain.

  • Stylish Interior

nside, you’ll find a premium, leather-appointed interior with distinct AT4 branding. It’s a comfortable haven even when you’re in the wild.

  • Powerful Performance

GMC equips the AT4 with a standard 5.3L V8 engine. However, you also have the option for a 6.2L V8 or a 3.0L Turbo-Diesel, providing an excellent mix of power and fuel efficiency.

Cons of the GMC AT4

  • Cost

The AT4 is more expensive than the Elevation package, largely due to its specialized features and off-road hardware.

  • Limited Appeal

Its focus on off-road abilities may not appeal to all drivers, especially those who primarily use their vehicle for city driving.

Key Differences Between GMC Elevation Package and AT4

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

GMC Elevation Package

The GMC Elevation is known for its sleek monochromatic exterior with black accents, providing a modern and stylish appearance. It appeals to those looking for an urban and sophisticated design without the need for rugged off-road features.


On the other hand, the AT4’s design speaks of ruggedness and adventure. With red recovery hooks, a bold grille, and off-road tires, it’s built for those who are not afraid to venture off the beaten path.

Performance and Engine Options

GMC Elevation Package

The Elevation comes with a standard 2.7L Turbo engine or an optional 5.3L V8, offering a fine balance between performance and fuel efficiency. While capable, the Elevation’s performance focus is more on everyday driving rather than off-roading.


The AT4 is a beast with its 5.3L V8 standard engine. For those craving even more power, there’s the optional 6.2L V8 or the fuel-efficient 3.0L Turbo-Diesel. With standard four-wheel drive, the AT4 is ready to tackle tough terrains, thanks to its off-road suspension and skid plates.

Interior Comfort and Features

GMC Elevation Package

Inside the Elevation, the focus is on modern convenience with an 8-inch touchscreen and smartphone integration. While comfortable, it doesn’t feature the high-end materials found in the AT4.


The AT4’s interior is more luxurious, with premium leather seating and specific AT4 branding. It provides additional features such as ventilated front seats and a premium sound system, making it more suitable for those seeking a high-end experience.

Off-Road Capabilities

GMC Elevation Package

While the Elevation does offer the optional X31 Off-Road package, it is not specifically designed for challenging terrains. Its off-road capabilities are limited compared to the AT4.


The AT4’s off-road prowess is where it shines. With a standard two-inch lift, Rancho shocks, and protective skid plates, it’s designed to conquer any trail. It’s a true off-road machine for the adventure enthusiasts.


GMC Elevation Package

Generally more affordable, the Elevation package offers a balance between style and performance without breaking the bank.


With its specialized features and off-road equipment, the AT4 comes at a higher price point. It’s a premium choice for those willing to invest in more adventurous capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between GMC AT4 and Elevation?

The major difference lies in their specialized features. The Elevation package focuses on style and urban appeal, while the AT4 is designed with off-road capabilities in mind.

What does the GMC Elevation package include?

The Elevation package provides a unique monochromatic exterior, black accents, and an 8-inch touchscreen, among other features.

What is different on the GMC Elevation?

The Elevation package differentiates itself with its distinct design, offering a striking aesthetic and enhanced connectivity for a more modern driving experience.

What is the GMC Elevation trim?

The Elevation trim is a package that adds a unique monochromatic style, black accents, and an optional off-road package to GMC trucks.

Does GMC Elevation have a lift?

The GMC Elevation does not have a standard lift, unlike the AT4. However, a lift can be added as part of the optional X31 Off-Road package.

What is equivalent to GMC AT4?

While it’s unique in its off-road focus, the AT4’s equivalent in terms of luxury and features could be the GMC Denali trim, which offers a high-end interior and advanced technologies.

Both the GMC Elevation and AT4 packages offer unique benefits. If style and city-friendly features are your priorities, the Elevation package could be the one for you. If you’re more adventure-focused and require a vehicle that can handle rough terrains, the AT4 is worth considering. 

Your choice ultimately depends on your needs, driving habits, and personal taste. Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or scaling mountains, GMC has a package tailored just for you.


When it comes to the GMC Elevation Package and the AT4, the choice will depend on your individual needs and preferences. The Elevation offers a more urban and sleek experience, while the AT4 is designed for those seeking adventure and off-road thrills. 

By understanding the key differences, you’ll be better equipped to make the right choice for your lifestyle, whether that’s conquering city streets or exploring uncharted terrains.

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