GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Vs. Elevation: The Ultimate Showdown

When diving into the world of trucks, GMC’s Sierra series stands tall. Two particular models that often pit truck enthusiasts in debate are the GMC Sierra 1500 SLT and Elevation. 

What are their strengths? Their weaknesses? Let’s dive in!

The Brief Comparison Table

Feature/AspectGMC Sierra 1500 SLTGMC Sierra 1500 Elevation
AestheticsChrome accents, polished aluminum wheelsMonochromatic theme, 20-inch black wheels
InteriorPremium leather seats, top-tier infotainmentCloth seats, optional upgrades available
Engine OptionsMultiple, including V8Base engine, optional upgrades available
Transmission10-speed automaticDepending on engine choice
Standard Safety FeaturesProGrade Trailering, lane alerts, blind-spot monitoring, HD surround-view cameraBasic with optional advanced features add-ons
PricePremiumMore economical

In essence, both the GMC Sierra 1500 SLT and Elevation have their merits. The SLT is the truck for those who want no compromise on luxury, power, and features. Meanwhile, the Elevation caters to those who desire a blend of sportiness and value for money, with the option to upscale as desired.

GMC Sierra 1500 SLT: The Luxe Life on Four Wheels

GMC Sierra 1500 SLT
GMC Sierra 1500 SLT

The SLT, in many ways, is the luxury version within the Sierra lineup.


  • Interior Quality

Leather seats and a premium infotainment system make the SLT stand out. Whether you’re on a cross-country trip or a short drive, comfort meets class in this truck.

  • Advanced Safety Features

Features like blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warnings provide added safety, ensuring you and your family’s protection.

  • Engine Options

With multiple engine options, including a beefy V8, you’re never left wanting more power.


  • Price

All these premium features come with a premium price tag. The SLT is costlier compared to the Elevation.

  • Fuel Efficiency

The beefier engines, especially the V8, can be a bit more thirsty at the pump.

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GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation: Sporty and Functional

GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation
GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation

The Elevation is GMC’s answer to those looking for a mix of sportiness and functionality.


  • Bold Design

With its monochromatic door handles, bumpers, and grille surround, the Elevation is a head-turner.

  • Standard Features

Comes equipped with a solid list of standard features, ensuring you get value for your money.

  • Economical

Compared to the SLT, the Elevation is more budget-friendly.


  • Engine

The base engine might feel underpowered to some, especially when compared to SLT’s V8 options.

  • Luxury

While it has a solid list of features, it doesn’t quite match the luxury feeling of the SLT.

Choosing between the Sierra 1500 SLT and Elevation boils down to what you prioritize more. If luxury and safety are your top priorities, SLT might be your pick. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a sporty design and an economical choice, Elevation could be the way to go.

Diving Deeper: Key Differences Between GMC Sierra 1500 SLT and Elevation

When you’re debating between two top-tier trucks, it’s essential to understand their nuances. Both the GMC Sierra 1500 SLT and Elevation have their strengths, but what really sets them apart? Let’s dissect the differences in more detail.

Aesthetics and Design


The SLT, as GMC’s luxury offering, boasts chrome accents, including chrome door handles, mirror caps, and window trim. The SLT silhouette screams sophistication with its polished aluminum wheels and signature LED headlamps.


Elevation’s design philosophy is starkly contrasting. Its monochromatic theme is captivating with body-colored door handles, bumpers, and a black grille. The Elevation also sports 20-inch black wheels, giving it a sportier, more aggressive look.

Interior Comfort and Features


Step inside an SLT, and it’s evident where your money goes. Premium leather seats, a top-of-the-line infotainment system, and an array of convenience features like dual-zone climate control and a heated steering wheel make the SLT’s interior second to none.


The Elevation doesn’t skimp on comfort, but it’s more basic than the SLT. Cloth seats replace leather, but you still get a user-friendly infotainment system, and most of the comfort features seen in the SLT can be added as options.

Power and Performance


One of the SLT’s significant advantages is the engine range. The available V8 engine options offer robust performance, ensuring that the truck isn’t just about luxury but also about sheer power. This is coupled with a smooth 10-speed automatic transmission, making drives seamless.


Elevation’s base engine might be seen as its Achilles heel, especially when pitted against the SLT’s V8. However, for those who don’t require that extra power punch and are looking for decent fuel efficiency, Elevation’s engine suffices.

Safety and Technology


As the higher-end model, the SLT comes standard with several advanced safety features. This includes the ProGrade Trailering system, which aids drivers during towing, lane change alerts, blind-spot monitoring, and a high-definition surround-view camera.


While the Elevation starts with fewer standard safety features than the SLT, many of the advanced safety features in the SLT are available as add-ons for the Elevation.

Price Point


With luxury and power comes a steeper price point. The SLT’s plethora of features, coupled with its engine options, place it on the pricier end of the GMC Sierra lineup.


Positioned as a more budget-friendly option, the Elevation offers a balanced mix of design, features, and power, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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FAQ Section

What is the difference between SLT and Elevation?

SLT is more of a luxury variant with premium features and engine options, while the Elevation offers a sportier design and is more economical.

What is the difference between GMC Sierra and GMC Elevation?

This is a common misconception. “Elevation” is a trim level of the GMC Sierra, not a separate model. So, it’s more accurate to compare GMC Sierra’s SLT trim to its Elevation trim.

What does elevation mean on GMC Sierra?

“Elevation” in the context of the GMC Sierra refers to a specific trim level that offers a combination of sporty design elements and practical features.

What does SLT stand for on GMC Sierra?

SLT stands for “Special Luxury Trim.” It signifies a higher-end variant with more luxurious features and amenities.

What does the SLT package include?

The SLT package typically includes leather seats, advanced safety features, a premium infotainment system, and more potent engine options.

What is the SLT package on a GMC?

The SLT package on a GMC, like the Sierra, indicates that it comes with premium features. This includes better interior materials, more advanced safety and technology features, and often more powerful engine choices.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re leaning towards the luxury-focused SLT or the sporty Elevation, one thing’s for sure: GMC’s Sierra lineup doesn’t disappoint. 

So, think about what suits your lifestyle and budget, and hit the road with confidence!

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