Calzuro Vs. Birkenstocks Clogs For Your Feet

Clogs have made a major comeback in recent years as a comfortable, supportive, and stylish footwear option. Two of the most popular clog brands are Calzuro and Birkenstock.

But with so many overlapping features, how do you decide which is better for your needs?

This comprehensive guide compares Calzuro and Birkenstock clogs across all factors – from materials and construction to fit, arch support, and overall comfort.

We break down the key pros and cons of each brand and provide a detailed features comparison table so you can easily see which model offers the best match for your feet.

Read on for the complete clog showdown and helpful buying advice to choose the perfect pair!

A Brief Comparison Table

ConstructionMolded polyurethane or EVA foamSuede-lined cork footbed
Outer SoleSlip-resistant rubberEVA or rubber
Toe GripYesNo
Heel StrapYesNo, backless slip-on style
Style VarietyClosed-toe and open-toe optionsMostly open-back clogs
SizingMen’s and women’s whole and half sizesUnisex sizing, narrow and wide widths
Arch SupportRigid contoured shapeMolded raised arch
Footbed DepthShallowDeep heel cup and toe box
WeightUltra lightweightAverage weight
Break-In PeriodNone needed1-2 weeks
Ideal UsesProfessional settings, extended wearCasual wear, moderate activity
Price Range$40-$90$100-$150
Made InChina and ItalyGermany

In-depth Differences Between Calzuro And Birkenstocks Clogs

Calzuro Classic Clogs

Now that we’ve compared the key specifications side-by-side, let’s analyze the pros, cons, features, and real-life performance of Calzuro versus Birkenstock clogs in greater detail.

Now let’s delve into a detailed comparison of how these two top clog brands differ in terms of materials, fit, comfort, and real-world performance.

  • Construction and Materials

The biggest difference here is Calzuro’s use of man-made EVA foam or polyurethane versus Birkenstock’s natural cork and suede footbed.

Cork is considered better at conforming to the foot’s shape and providing warmth and moisture absorption. However, the foam construction of Calzuro clogs makes them more immediately comfortable with no break-in required.

Birkenstocks need a 1-2 week break-in to soften up the cork and mold to your foot’s contours. But once broken in, Birkenstocks develop a customized, glove-like fit.

If choosing Calzuro, go with the polyurethane over EVA foam for better moisture wicking. The rubber outsoles are comparable between the two brands, offering non-slip traction.

Calzuro’s lightweight build gives them an advantage for extended wear and mobility. Birkenstocks are average in weight, making them less ideal for all-day wear for jobs where you’re on your feet.

For those wanting clogs primarily for casual wear, Birkenstock’s natural materials like cork make them more appealing. But in workplace and medical settings, Calzuro’s synthetic materials allow them to meet safety and hygiene regulations.

  • Sizing and Fit

Both models are roomy through the toe box area, but Calzuro runs slightly narrower through the heel and midfoot.

Birkenstocks come in traditional narrow and regular width options to accommodate different foot shapes. Their unisex sizing gives a wider range of sizes that fit both men and women.

Calzuro offers gender-specific sizing in more half-size options for a tailored fit. Their heel strap also gives a more adjustable and secure fit.

Trying on different widths and sizes is recommended to get an optimal fit, especially for Birkenstocks since the cork will mold specifically to your foot contours.

Those with wide feet may find Calzuro too narrow, while Birkenstocks cater better to wide widths. People with narrow or petite feet can find a better fit more easily in Calzuro’s half sizes and female-specific options.

  • Arch Support
Birkenstock Clogs
Birkenstock Clogs

If you need substantial arch support from your clogs, Birkenstock is the clear winner.

Their signature contoured footbed is molded with a raised arch area to cradle the instep and support the medial longitudinal arch.

Calzuro clogs provide moderate arch support that follows the foot’s curves, but not the specialized comfort of Birkenstocks’ molded arch.

For high arches and those who stand or walk all day, Birkenstock’s superior arch support helps alleviate and prevent foot pain.

Their deep heel cup also stabilizes the foot better than Calzuro’s minimal heel cradle.

However, some find Birkenstock’s arch bump uncomfortable or needing a break-in period. Calzuro offers arch support that’s adequate for casual use rather than all-day wear.

  • Style Variety

Calzuro clogs come in both open-back and closed-toe styles suitable for casual and professional settings.

Birkenstocks are primarily open-back slip-on sandal styles. While they do make closed-toe clogs, their selection is limited compared to Calzuro.

So if you need closed-toe clogs for work or want the option to wear clogs year-round, Calzuro is the better choice.

Birkenstocks edge out in offering more unisex styles, while Calzuro has mostly gender-specific models. For office and medical occupations, Calzuro’s broad range of enclosed clogs in both men’s and women’s sizes is a distinct advantage.

  • Durability and Break-In Time

The main durability difference stems from the break-in period. Birkenstocks require 1-2 weeks of regular wear for the cork to soften and mold to your feet.

Calzuro clogs are ready to wear comfortably right out of the box, with no break-in needed.

Once broken in, Birkenstocks form outstanding longevity and hold their shape for years. Prior to being broken in, discomfort is common when wearing brand new Birkenstocks.

Calzuro’s foam construction means they’re flexible and bouncy when brand new. They won’t develop the custom molding of Birkenstocks over time though.

So Birkenstocks ultimately win for durability, while Calzuro are lighter-weight and ready to wear immediately. Keep the break-in period in mind if choosing Birkenstocks.

  • Cost and Value Comparison

Birkenstocks are priced at a premium, usually between $100-$150 per pair. Their natural materials and German craftsmanship command the higher price tag.

Calzuro clogs cost $40-$90 on average, making them the budget-friendly choice. But they still offer plenty of comfort features.

Both represent a long-term investment in foot health versus cheap foam or plastic clogs. Ultimately, Birkenstocks offer superior arch support and potentially better value if you’ll wear them frequently.

Infrequent wearers or those wanting closed-toe options are better off choosing quality Calzuro clogs that are cheaper in price.

Calzuro Clogs Overview

Calzuro Clogs

Calzuro is an Italian brand that has specialized in clogs and other professional footwear since 1946.

Their clogs are made using lightweight EVA foam or polyurethane materials to create a rigid, supportive structure.

The contoured footbed is designed to follow the natural shape of the foot, with built-in arch support and moderate heel cup.

The toe box area is rounded but not overly spacious.

Calzuro clogs come in both open and closed-toe styles, with the option of a heel strap for a more secure fit. Popular models include the Classico, Infermiere, and Savio.

The outsoles are made from slip-resistant rubber and some styles offer optional ventilation ports in the sole for added breathability. Sizes range from men’s 4 up to 13 and women’s 5 up to 11 in both whole and half sizes.

Overall, Calzuro clogs are known for their:


  • Lightweight, flexible construction
  • Contoured, supportive footbed
  • Non-slip outsoles
  • Roomy toe box
  • Professional closed-toe options
  • Available in many whole and half sizes
  • No break-in period required


  • Not as breathable as cork footbed
  • Limited arch support
  • Narrow heel may irritate some feet
  • Not ideal for high activity levels

Birkenstock Clogs Overview

Birkenstock Clogs for Professionals
Birkenstock Clogs for Professionals

Birkenstock is a German company with nearly 250 years of experience making orthopedic shoes and sandals.

Their clogs feature the signature contoured cork footbed design that molds to the foot over time.

The suede-lined raised arch provides pronounced support, and the deep heel cup cradles the heel.

The front section is fairly roomy through the toes.

Birkenstock clogs come primarily in open-back slip-on styles, often with an optional back strap. The most popular models are the Boston, London, and Zurich.

The outer soles contain either natural rubber or EVA for shock absorption. Sizes are unisex and available in narrow and regular widths.

In summary, Birkenstocks are revered for:


  • Conforming cork footbed
  • Excellent arch support
  • Deep heel cup for stability
  • Roomy toe box
  • Natural materials breathe well
  • Develop a custom fit over time
  • High quality and durability


  • Required break-in period
  • Limited style selection
  • Open-back can feel insecure
  • Heavy compared to other clogs
  • Expensive price point

Which One To Pick?

In summary, Birkenstock and Calzuro are both excellent clog brands loved by millions worldwide. Choosing between them depends largely on your foot type, use cases, and budget.

Calzuro Clogs

Birkenstocks are unmatched for anatomical arch support, but they have a break-in period and primarily open-back styles.

Their deep heel cup also provides excellent stability.

Calzuro is better for narrower feet, anyone wanting closed-toe options, and immediate out-of-box comfort.

Their traction outsoles make them ideal for workplace use.

For casual wear, Birkenstocks are worth the investment for their conforming fit and premium cork bed. Professionals on their feet all day would benefit from Calzuro’s instant comfort, lower weight, and safety features.

Hopefully this comprehensive comparison helped highlight the ideal situations for choosing each brand. Give your feet the comfort they deserve with high quality clogs matched to your needs and preferences. Your arches and soles will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What sandals are better than Birkenstock?

While Birkenstocks are very popular and high quality, some alternatives can be better depending on your needs:
1. Oofos and Vionics have excellent arch support for foot pain issues.
2. Chacos and Tevas are more rugged and waterproof for outdoor use.
3. Danskos have enclosed toes and non-slip soles for workplace safety.
4. Crocs are more affordable and disposable.
So alternatives like Oofos and Dansko can surpass Birkenstocks for certain activities, foot types, and environments. But for overall comfort and foot-conforming support, Birkenstocks remain hard to beat once broken in.

What is a cheap alternative to Birkenstocks clogs?

Some more budget-friendly clog options that mimic Birkenstocks’ comfort include:
1. Calzuro: Similar Italian-made clogs under $100.
2. Sanita: Made with latex foam and rubber sole at around $50-$80.
3. Skechers Work: Memory foam clog in a slip-resistant design for under $50.
While not exactly the same as Birkenstocks’ custom-molded cork, these clogs offer adequate cushion and support at lower price points.

Why do podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks?

Podiatrists often recommend Birkenstocks because they provide excellent arch support, promote proper foot alignment, and have a deep heel cup for stability.
Features podiatrists look for include:
1. Molded, contoured footbed
2. Raised arch support
3. Room for toe splay
4. Shock-absorbing sole
5.Cradled heel
6. Straps for adjustability
Birkenstocks contain all these qualities to properly support the foot biomechanics. The molded footbed also helps reduce pressure on sore spots like bunions and hammertoes.

Are Calzuro clogs good for wide feet?

Calzuro clogs do run a bit narrower through the midfoot and heel, so they may not provide enough room for truly wide feet.
Birkenstocks would likely be a better choice for wide feet because they come in both narrow and regular widths. Brands like Dansko, Oofos, and Vionic also cater well to wide sizes.
If you have wide feet, looking for clogs offering wides sizes is ideal for getting a comfortable fit. But some with just slightly wide feet may find regular Calzuros roomy enough if sized up.

Wrapping Up

We hope this comprehensive exploration of Calzuro versus Birkenstock clogs makes choosing the right pair for your needs effortless. Keep in mind key factors like foot width, arch type, use cases, style preferences, and budget when deciding between these two high-quality clog makers.

Both Calzuro and Birkenstock offer excellent comfort, support and durability that makes them worth the investment over flimsy foam clogs. Whichever brand you choose, take your time to find the perfect fit for all-day comfort.

Happy clog shopping! May your feet stay happy and healthy for years to come.

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