Bench Daddy Vs. SlingShot: The Ultimate Differences

If you’ve ever dabbled in powerlifting or weight training, you’ve probably heard of the Bench Daddy and the SlingShot, two unusual devices intended to help you execute the bench press better.

Which of these products should you choose, even if lifters have embraced each of them to a great extent?

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Bench Daddy and SlingShot, comparing and contrasting these popular bench press aids while answering some frequently asked questions.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureBench DaddySlingShot
InventorMike WomackMark Bell
PurposeImprove bench press performanceImprove bench press performance
DesignThick, elastic bandElastic band
Resistance LevelsLimited varietyMultiple levels available
Usable ExercisesPrimarily flat bench pressFlat bench press, incline bench press
PriceSlightly more affordableSlightly more expensive
Target UsersLifters focusing on bench pressLifters with various strength goals
Ease of UseSimple design, easy to useRequires some trial and error to find the right resistance level
Effect on Bench PressIncreases strength, helps with sticking pointsIncreases strength, improves technique, helps with sticking points

The Stories Behind Bench Daddy and SlingShot

Bench Daddy

Let’s briefly examine the background of these two cutting-edge tools before getting into the details.

Bench Daddy was founded by Mike Womack, a world-class powerlifter and bench press specialist.

Mike wanted to create a tool that could help lifters break through plateaus and improve their overall performance on the bench.

Conversely, the SlingShot was created by Mark Bell, a well-known powerlifter, businessman, and presenter of the well-liked fitness podcast “Mark Bell’s Power Project.”

The SlingShot was designed by Mark to help lifters maintain good form and technique during the bench press, reducing the risk of injury while enhancing performance.

How Bench Daddy and SlingShot Work?

The Bench Daddy and SlingShot both work on the same basic principle: providing assistance during the bench press to help lifters maintain proper form and train with heavier weights.

They are both essentially elastic bands worn across the chest, which stretch when you lower the bar and provide assistance as you press it back up.

Bench Daddy

It is a thick, elastic band that fits around your chest and arms, offering support during the bench press. It’s designed to help lifters push through sticking points and increase their overall strength.

The Bench Daddy provides assistance by stretching across your chest when you lower the bar, then springing back into shape as you press up, giving you that extra push when you need it most.



The SlingShot is a similar device, also made from elastic material and worn around the chest and arms.

It functions in the same way as the Bench Daddy, providing assistance during the bench press by stretching and recoiling.

The key difference between the two is that the SlingShot is available in various levels of resistance, catering to lifters with different strength levels and training goals.

Pros and Cons of Bench Daddy and SlingShot

After understanding how these products function, let’s compare their merits and downsides.

Bench Daddy


  1. Designed by a world-class powerlifter and bench press specialist
  2. Helps lifters push through plateaus and increase overall strength
  3. Simple and easy to use


  1. Limited variety in resistance levels
  2. May not be suitable for all lifters due to its one-size-fits-most design



  1. Invented by a respected powerlifter and entrepreneur
  2. Offers multiple levels of resistance to suit different lifters and goals
  3. Can be used for various exercises, including incline bench press


  1. May require some trial and error to find the right level of resistance for your needs
  2. Slightly more expensive than Bench Daddy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the Sling Shot really help your bench?

Yes, the SlingShot can help improve your bench press by providing assistance during the lift, allowing you to train with heavier weights and maintain proper form. By maintaining support for your chest and shoulders throughout the exercise, it also helps to lower the chance of injury.

What does a bench daddy do?

A Bench Daddy is a bench press assistance tool designed to help lifters push through sticking points and increase their overall strength. By providing support and assistance during the bench press, Bench Daddy helps you maintain proper form, enabling you to train with heavier weights and improve your performance.

How much weight does a bench daddy add?

The amount of assistance provided by a Bench Daddy varies depending on the individual lifter and their technique. In most cases, it can assist lifters in adding 10% to 25% more weight to their bench press. Remember that utilizing a Bench Daddy is primarily intended to increase your strength and technique, not only to lift larger weights.

When should you use Sling Shot for bench?

The SlingShot can be used during your regular bench press workouts to help you train with heavier weights, maintain proper form, and reduce the risk of injury. It’s particularly helpful for lifters who struggle with sticking points or want to focus on improving their technique. You can also use the SlingShot during warm-up sets or as a part of your accessory work to help build muscle and strength.

Can you use the Sling Shot on incline bench?

Yes, you can use the SlingShot on incline bench press exercises. The SlingShot provides assistance and support in the same way it does for the flat bench press, helping you maintain proper form, train with heavier weights, and reduce the risk of injury.

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The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing between the Bench Daddy and the SlingShot, it ultimately depends on your personal preferences and goals. Both tools can help you improve your bench press performance and support your training journey.

The Bench Daddy could be a better option for you if you like a straightforward, simple-to-use design and are solely interested in boosting your bench press strength.

The SlingShot is a versatile tool and great for incline bench press and other exercises since it has several resistance levels.

In either case, both Bench Daddy and SlingShot have proven to be effective tools in helping lifters break through plateaus, maintain proper form, and train with heavier weights.

You’re setting yourself up for success on your weightlifting adventure by including one of these bench press aids into your training regimen.

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